Tuesday, 3 November 2009


With my bottle black hair, huge earrings and my tangerine lipstick, I'd rather be noticed for looking trashy than not be noticed at all.
The late, great Diana Vreeland once said "Never fear being vulgar, just boring."
As the days get shorter and darker so my wardrobe gets brighter and more outlandish.

Be brave, remember that part of stylishness is charm. Wearing something that makes you feel fabulous, however crazy, instantly empowers you, gives you confidence, transcends any body complexes and sets you apart from the fashion pack.

A few of my favourite trashy buys include my 1960's faux leopard coat, a black leather Alexander McQueen bra, a huge collection of unsuitably high-heeled shoes and oversized earrings all found for less than a fiver.


  1. omg I love that faux leopard coat SO much.

  2. Ain't it just the cutest thing ever? Nearly passed out with pleasure when I found it! xx

  3. I love the leopard too! I've been umming and aahhing over faux fur coats for a while. I spotted a few at the last carboot but wasn't quite sure. This one has totally won me over - now I NEED one! Will keep my eye out at this week's carboot. :) xx

  4. Good luck! This one's an "ASTRAKA" - one of the first fake fur labels in the 1960's, find that label and you can guarantee great quality! xxx


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