Monday, 2 November 2009

Om Shanti

Every monday starts with a two hour Dru yoga class.

I love yoga and have practiced it in various forms for over ten years. I'm no expert, a total hip replacement makes some postures tricky but yoga isn't competitive, it's what your body is willing to do and over time you find flexibility and agility become easier.

I adore the way yoga makes me feel, mind and body working in total harmony, thoughts and worries are forgotten whilst my body becomes an obedient servant, twisting and balancing and at one with mother nature. After a session I'm totally relaxed, my mind focussed and I'm ready to face whatever challenges the week ahead throws at me.

What do I wear? I stock up on silk hareem pants on each trip to India (made from recycled sarees) which are feminine, comfortable and cool. I stick on a jewelled bindi to focus my third eye (gyananakashu) and wear one of my Hindi devotional pendants. The hobo bags (picked up from street markets) are ideal for carrying my yoga blocks, blankets, woolly socks and water.

1 comment:

  1. Oh I love the pendants.

    I really need to get back in to yoga


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