Saturday 28 November 2009

My First Award!

A big belated thank you to the lovely daisychaindream , virtual friend and blogger extraordinaire, who very kindly sent me my very first blog award and tagged me.

1.Where is your mobile phone right now? Under a cushion disguising the pesistent voicemail bleep.

2.Your hair? Ebony, courtesy of Boots.

3.Your father: Once attempted to sail single-handedly around the world but got shipwrecked off the Cape of Good Hope.

4.Favourite Food: South Indian Vegetarian.

5.Last night: Was cold enough to light a real fire.

6.Favourite drink: Havana Club rum with cola, ice and a slice of lime.

7.What room are you in? My work room.

8.Hobby: Yoga, Pilates, travel, socialising, reading, searching for the old and bizzare in second-hand shops, jumble sales and car boots.

9.Fear: Spiders

10.Where were you last night? At home.

11.Something that you aren’t: Ordinary.

12.Muffins: Feta, olive and thyme.

13.Wish List item: An end to poverty, ignorance and prejudice, peacock eyelashes and an original Ossie Clarke dress.

14.Where did you grow up? In the same town as Meera Syal, Noddy Holder, Robert Plant and Jerome K Jerome.
15.What are you wearing? A vintage swallow print wrap.

16.Your pets: Three cats and a tortoise.

17.Friends: Essential.

18.Sometimes you’re not wearing: Anything appropriate.

19.Favorite Shop: Second-hand shops and TopShop

20. Favourite Colour: Turquoise

21.Last time you laughed: I'm always laughing.

22.Your best friend: My partner of 18 years, Jon.

23.Place you go over and over: Arambol, Goa

24.Person who emails you regularly: An American trying to sell me Viagra.

25.Favorite place to eat: The beach.


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  1. Oh my goodness, I need to do this too! Sorry Daisy, I've been so busy I forgot your kind award. Am away to do it now!

  2. Amazing answers,

    those muffins sound YUM. I need to experiment and bake some savoury ones


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