Sunday 29 November 2009

Everyone's Got the Blues On Sunday

With yet another wet and miserable sunday threatening, a thumping head and no chance of a car boot sale something had to be done to brighten my mood. I decided to rifle through my fabric stash and set to work on revamping a couple of ugly pieces of furniture liberated from a skip.

The office chair started life in that depressingly corporate shade of blue but took on a whole new and funky persona with the addition of a 1950's curtain and a pillowcase my parents received as a part of bedding set for a wedding present in 1966. The excess curtain fabric fitted the 1970's dressing table stool perfectly.

The result? Two cheerful pieces of furniture, an improved mood and no spend required.


  1. Great job! I have lots of leftover fabric here and make my won curtains too.

  2. I love it, Vix - well done :)
    I'm currently in the process of repainting a trolley I was donated via Freecycle (it's in the back of most of my outfit pics, in all it's base-coated glory, but this weekend I managed to finish the wheels, so next job is the backgrond colour..Making use of that furniture paintign book !!

  3. love the retro footstool and chair- can I ask how did you do it?

  4. Cheers for the comments!

    With the footstool I cut out a circle of fabric allowing a 6in hem. I zig-zagged the edges and hammered the fabric into place using panel pins.

    I unscrewed the seat and backrest from the office chair and did with the seat as I did the stool, cutting out an oblong of fabric with a 6in seam allowance. The backrest was popped into the pillowcase and I folded it over until there was no fabric overhang, stapled the outer edges and replaced in position.


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