Tuesday, 1 December 2015

They Think It's All Over...

...it is now! 

After 36 vintage fairs, ten festivals and two car boot sales we've unpacked the van, reassembled the rails and rehung Kinky's stock for the final time this year. 

(The vintage fair season never really finishes but we're definitely done for 2015!)

Last weekend took us to Lancashire and South Wales, we spent 9 hours travelling and eighteen hours setting up, selling and packing away. We only saw the bedroom and bathroom of Saturday night's hotel as we'd collapsed into bed within minutes of arriving, with not even the lure of an ice cold beer in the bar tempting us out.

The weekend didn't start well. On Friday morning I fractured a tooth on my Bran Flakes (but my fab dentist managed to rebuild it within the hour - the NHS rocks!) and dropped a glass poodle on my big toe. I had to reconsider the work outfits I'd packed earlier as I couldn't get my boots on.

Ready to roll at the Village Haul 
Saturday passed pretty much without incident but on Sunday morning a dress rail collapsed on my hand, cutting it quite badly. There was talk of a trip to A&E but I soldiered on one-handed with an industrial-sized dressing and a gallon of anti-bac hand wash. When we were packing up to leave Jon fell backwards out of the van, cutting his elbow and spraining an ankle. What a pair! Just as well we've finished for the year, we're good for nothing.

Kicking off at Cardiff

I hadn't worn my 1970s lurex catsuit (20p from a jumble sale back in 2011) for a couple of years, I'm not quite sure why, it got lots of love and several requests for photos in Cardiff.

Luckily the injury didn't affect my pint holding hand. We managed to drag our sorry carcasses to Wetherspoons yesterday for an eight hour beer, Porn Star Martini and vegetarian bangers and mash blow-out.

 On the way out of the door yesterday the postman handed me a parcel containing this wool beauty I'd won on eBay for 99p last week.

Wearing: Nepalese wool poncho, 1970s star print maxi dress (present from a friend), tribal pendant and tapestry platforms (car boot sale). God, my roots urgently need doing, I'll have to ask Jon nicely!

I've dithered about buying a Nepali blanket every time I've visited India but ,after 25 trips, I've still not got around to it. Someone has kindly made this one into a poncho so I'll be wearing it on my next flight, which hopefully won't be too long, it's only 1st December and I'm already fed up with the endless photos of Xmas trees, tinsel and advent calendars. I've never been more desperate to escape.

I'm linking to Patti's Visible Monday then I'm off to catch up with all I've missed in Blogland (I do hope its not full of Xmas stuff or I'll have to switch off the PC and go back down to the pub).

See you soon!


  1. Watch your wounds-hopefully you both heal well and quickly. You deserve some good rest now. Do you sell local in the non fair season?

  2. Wishing the both of you speedy recoveries from your unfortunate injuries. You've had quite the season and are deserving of rest!

    The Nepalese wool poncho is amazing. Love the color and the flair with which you wear this beauty. And the 70's lurex catsuit. There are no words!

  3. Blimey think these incidents where telling you both that enough is enough and its time to slow down and have some quality you time. Love your poncho. Enjoy the rest now and the lay ins in the mornings :-) And hope its not long until your on that flight to India, Hugs dee xxx

  4. you guys are something else. I was feed up with all the Christmas photos clogging up my Facebook feed the day after Thanksgiving. Too early people. Geez with all the success you've been having this year, you can stay in a fancy place in India.....haha.

  5. Sorry to hear about all the injuries, Vix - and I'm totally with you on the whole Christmas humbug thing - I hate it all with a passion as well! x

  6. Accidents happen for no reason, but also when we are very tired.
    I am glad to know that you survive. For us Christmas is just another reason to get together and enjoy each others company.
    Tons of love

  7. "Survived" the last sale of the season is definitely the word of the day :) I love that poncho, beautiful wool. I saw one of those blankets a couple of weeks ago at a Fair Trade craft fair. So beautiful and surprisingly soft to the touch. Take care, heal up and stay out of the shops, and keep the tv off - pretty much the only way to avoid all the Christmas crap(apologies but I love it - the lights keep the dreariness away from our wet winter)

  8. I feel for you both, what a weekend. Sorry we won't see you at Stockport but given the option I would be preparing for a fab trip to India.
    I'm proper bah humbug about Christmas no matter how hard I try to rouse myself. Left to Philip it wouldn't happen anyway. I'm real Jekyll n Hyde. Nice me says oh yes it's great and nasty me says bollocks to it all. Shush don't tell anyone I said that.
    I've got a great urge to rebel xxxxx

  9. Its sound like something from a comedy sketch but i bet it wasn't funny , I hope you have a well earned rest xxx

  10. Goodness ... hope you are both fully recovered and refreshed now. Time for a well earned break! M x

  11. hope you'll both get the best advantage from a brake from fairs etc

    everything looks so pretty and I'm not talking about items only - the way it's all organized is very pretty!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  12. No xmas shit on my blog love! Nothing much at all actually....
    I can't be doing with it either and as I'm working at crack of sparrow on Boxing Day I'm giving it a wide berth. The only concession I've made is cards as I'm expected to send hand made.
    With all your injuries, it deffo sounds like the two of you need a bloody good rest, so get yourselves online and book those tickets.
    Ace new poncho, warm and gorgeous cheerful colour...what's not to love?

  13. I hate it when they put Christmas decorations on too early...that makes me want to espace too. I love Christmas but in moderate doses.

    One of your lines made me laugh: " Luckily the injury didn't affect my pint holding hand". That one was funny:) These odd injuries are the words, I fractured by front teeth while drinking tea from an ordinary glass bottle a few months ago...so annoying when something like that happens.

    I do like that red poncho/blanket! Red suits you perfectly.....

    and you're so smoking hot in that cat suit!wow!

  14. Um, best you don't look at my blog until end of January then, as I've already started with festive related posts and intend to keep doing them until looooong after Christmas is over! I missed out last year with being ill, so this year is extra festiveness for me!! Woo!! I love it.

    I really hope that's the last of the injuries, that's such a string of bad luck! I hope they're all healing up okay. I cut my ankle in a forest photo shoot last weekend, the perils of being a blogger eh?

    Gorgeous poncho xx

  15. Hope you and Jon get better soon! that poncho looks awesome (and maybe a must wear when you are visting India). You look lovely as always.

  16. Goodness you two have been through the wars! Wishing you a speedy recovery from your injuries xxx

  17. Sometimes it's all about troubles, sorry you've had injured!, that kind of things always happens when you're almost ready to complete your job (or ready to embrace a new period in your life)
    But you're looking fabulous and love particularly that lurex catsuit, wouu, you rock!!!! Loving your purple maxi too (as I'm a purple huge fan!), and that blanket-poncho, which is a cheery piece, and very useful when travelling for sure!

  18. Oh dear, you two could be in a movie - except you really got hurt! So sorry, hope you both mend quickly. Love your new-to-you blanket wrap, it's gorgeous. xox


  19. 'Dropped a glass poodle on my toe' sounds like the ultimate in vintage injuries. Though the cut on your hand sounds nasty, I hope that's healing nicely now.

    I look forward to hearing about your Indian adventures - it's jolly nice of you to share your trips with us!

  20. Yikes! I do find that when you are exhausted that is when accidents happen. Loading and unloading seems to be the worst time for injuries. If it is any consolation you both look marvellous!

    That cat suit is GORGEOUS! You look like a movie star!

    Jon's eclectic outfits always inspire.

    I broke my arm once when packing up to leave from a show. Tripped on a box on the floor while holding another 45 lb box in my arms. The floor was cement. It wasn't good. Right when all you want to do it get home.

    I hope you both mend up well and start to enjoy your well deserved break.


  21. Gosh, talk about 'it doesn't just rain, it pours', or however it goes. you two have been in the wars. Deffo a good long break on those sun-drenched beaches of Goa, is what a doctor would order! Meanwhile, a good dose of Arnica to help with your bruises might help.
    I am a bit of a sucker for Christmas, but, oh, it seems to start earlier and earlier. Madness! Yep, can see the reason why you can't wait to get away!
    Would be nice if we could get to meet up before you go. I can hear the Gluhwein calling!!

  22. Oh my goodness ... I'm sorry to hear about your various mishaps. Hope you're both feeling back in tip top shape quickly.

    You must feel quite relieved to have a break from all your hard work this year. You're looking good, that's for sure. I love your jumpsuit and am amazed you found it for such a ridiculous price! Good one! xo

  23. You've got a lovely smile :o) Guide to not stressing out in the run up to Christmas on my blog.

  24. Don't worry, it's a Christmas-free zone over at mine, and likely to stay that way until, ooh, about Christmas Eve!
    Blimey, what a weekend! If you were that way inclined, you might think the universe was telling you it's time for a break! Hope all the injuries are healing well, a day in Spoons was bound to be therapeutic, I'm sure.
    Your lurex cat suit is a thing of fabulosity, as is your purple velvet maxi - I'm glad to see you and Jon finishing the year looking as gorgeous as ever. And as for your Nepalese poncho for 99p - well, it restores your faith in EBay, how fab!
    Now, put your feet up, and book those flights - you deserve a bastard massive holiday! Love you! xxxx

  25. Feck me. Thta's the gods of Vintage Selling saying have a breather that is! Hope you're both feeling better now especially after a Spoons sesh.
    Love the catsuit! No wonder it went down well in Cardiff...they love a bit of lurex paritcular;y if it's on someone as lovely as yerself.
    So, time to book the flights and feck this forced festive bollocks. I'm not playing until Christmas Eve when I have finished my shift and can have a rest!
    Loves ya!

  26. Well done, sounds like you've both been working hard. Enjoy the rest and plan your next trip to India

  27. autsch!
    typical sign of being really tired! thankfully nothing more serious happend!!
    the nepali poncho is soo gorgeous - and yes - if you are knackered wear red! :-)

  28. Oh dear, it sounds like you had a very accident prone weekend. Hope you both recover quickly and get your mojos back!

    I love the purple dress and the wool poncho. You look beautiful in both of them and I bet the poncho is lovely and warm.

    I think I have a vintage velvet coat. I bought it last year in a charity shop, wore it for the first time on Sunday night and thought the label looked rather old fashioned. I just need to research the make and the label. If it is I'll be very excited - it will be my first vintage buy!



  29. Best avoid my blog then- I'm sharing my nostalgic vintage Advent calendar from 62 years ago! And I'll be doing something every day! BUT, trying to do some artwork too!
    OUCH re all your mishaps- NOT good!
    The poncho is beautiful! xxx

  30. Oh dear!! Your bodies were saying "we're done for the year" but you soldiered on. Hope you are both healing well and relaxing!
    That catsuit is purrr-fect, and I adore that poncho.

  31. Oh Vix, my little Baby Doll. Sometimes I see the amount of comments you have on a post and I think, "Connie. Don't comment. Don't bother her. She has enough on her plate." And you most certainly do!!! How you and Jon can continue to look like rock stars while the shit is falling all around I do not know. Impressive to say the least. I always think of you two when I think of a wonderful life-style...bandages and all. Anyhoo, I'm wishing you a most restful December (And heck yeah. Enough of this jingle bell stuff. Bah Humbug) I mean it!!!! Kick back! You've earned it.

  32. You two are a right pair alright! Tis a sign to put your feet up and kick back for a while. Do you not do Xmas? I put up my tree and decorate it quite untraditional and that is it, apart from exchanging gifts in my immediate family of four. I have about three of those Nepalese blankets, so light and so warm, mine have been thrashed and still going strong.

  33. Ouch and what are two car boots and love the color of your yule ornaments, mostly the blue.

    Coffee is on

  34. Hope you both heal quickly! Bet you're glad you can take a break now. That pantsuit looks so wonderful on you!

  35. Loving the poncho which will be so wonderful on the plane to snuggle in and when recovering from a sore hand and toe and tooth!
    Gold lurex pantsuit...has your name all over it.
    Rock on India. Seriously, congrats on finishing your calendar of events. Xo Jazzy Jack

  36. You have had some lucky escapes there this weekend, hope you both heal quickly - a sign that it is time to slow down and really relax - hope you can get yourselves off to Goa for a break. The poncho is a bargain of the century and I would love to have a lurex cat suit like yours it's a classic. Betty x

  37. Superb outfits! The lurex catsuit, purr purr! Purple gown and a wool poncho. Stunning, all of them. The positive force-field of your fantastic vibes no doubt prevented more serious injury. Clearly you both need a holiday. Soon, soon!

  38. that sparkly catsuit! holy smokes vix. gorgeous! x

  39. damn had hoped you might be doing the fair i saw was on in Clapham soon.... another time.... hope hand is healing, the catsuit looks fab!!x

  40. Your 'accidents' are definitely a sign that it is time to have a rest! No Christmas cheer around these parts either, especially as I've got to work on Christmas Day and Boxing Day - so I'm trying to ignore it and pretend it doesn't exist. x

  41. great as usual :)


  42. Luckily I'm not alone, I am tired of seeing Christmas every day for over a month ... It should not be on December 25 ?! However, I'm sorry for your accident, the important thing is that we can solve .. often unlucky day come to us, I know! Monday we were stuck in a traffic circle with the car, with the Italian average behind us honked and pulled ... damn luck! And then I lost a dear friend, and this is the saddest thing, even though she was in great pain .. I also want to get away from here! Fortunately there are cats, good food and your photos! This lurex suit is perfectly for you, you're a star!


  43. Glad you're finished for the year - before anything worse happens! (I adore the cat suit, by the way...)
    Not doin' too much in the decorating dept. here - though I did post a couple of photos of wreaths, one made of the handprints of our youngest daughter years and years ago...

    There will be no tree here this year. I'll just get my "thrills" secondhand.

    Carry on.

  44. So happy to read your latest blog. Hilarious as always. I must say in this sometimes very crazy and sad world it's reassuring to read your posts and escape for a bit of fun.

  45. Oh Vix sounds like you both had a rough go of it - but now its over! You deserve a break xo

  46. Forgive me, Vix, I giggled when I read "...dropped a glass poodle on my toe." I've had both my big toes to the podiatrist this year, and I've sat there in the waiting room contemplating their lack of blue Barry M. (*Vix would never appear in public looking this drab...*)

    This year you and Jon have run hard and fast, carrying heavy burdens on your hearts and bodies. Bless your brave smiles for the public and the camera! Now arrange for the cat-and-tortoise sitter, batten down the hatches at the cottage, and make reservations to fly away to warmth and sunshine, far, far way. Nothing like salt water to wash away pains!

  47. Hope you are both better soon! Sounds like an eventful time, but amazing to haev done so many fairs, you must have worked really hard, I can imagine you have done a lot of carrying clotheS! Loving the lurex, perfect for adding a bit of Christmas sparkle!

  48. Goodness me, the rolecall of injuries between the two of you was a definite underlining that it was the end of this years run wasn't it?!

    I'm going to have to confess that I'm actually s festive spirit of sorts this year... but it's my birthday season as well as Chrimbo and I'm filling my flat with winter plants & delicious smells like orange & rosemary and there's is absolutely no tinsel to be seen ;)

    It could just be that I'm looking forward to being off work of course!

  49. I actually do love Christmas, but it seems that people decorate and start everything earlier each year, plus the holiday music in November is too much for me. You look lovely, the wool poncho is gorgeous. x

  50. So sorry to hear about all the injuries!! Definitely sounds like time to take a well-deserved break. I'm happy you'll be able to head off again to your "happy place". :-)

    Your blog is definitely one of my happy places and I'm going to create more time to visit you and a handful of others. As always, I think you look beautiful. That poncho is fabulous and the color is so cheery!! Made my day.

    Love you lots!!!!!!!!

  51. Collapse in a heap, you've definitely earned it!

  52. Hell's teeth, what have you been doing to yourselves?! Yep, definitely time to get off the hamster wheel for a bit. It's been a full-on year with work and of course everything that happened with your dad.
    You look pretty damn fine in your 20p lurex catsuit, I adore the purple velvet maxi and the red poncho is a cosy joy to behold. Xxxx


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