Friday 20 November 2015

The Caped Crusader & Some Vintage Finds

I've found so much great vintage lately it's getting quite ridiculous. This is one of four capes (yes, four!) I've bought in the past week.  Updated to link to Judith's Hat Attack.

Wearing: Welsh tapestry cape, tribal print 1970s maxi and original leather platforms - all bought at Sutton Coldfield Vintage Fair.

Here's the second, a classic Welsh Wool tapestry number in a harder to find midi length. It's so cosy, like wearing a blanket. Perfect for the predicted zero temperatures we've got forecast for the weekend.

Clockwise from top left: Hendrix-inspired suede waistcoat; Suede blazer; Jaeger wool cardi; 1960s Farah jacket; Suede driving gloves; 1950s Doeskin waistcoat; 1970s Trench coat; English-made Tartan cap; 1950s Harris Tweed blazer; 1960s Philip Collier wool jacket; St Michael herringbone trilby; 1960s Leather lace ups; 1970s Dagger collar, novelty print shirt; Vinyl briefcase; St Michael blazer; 1970s Donkey jacket, Sears 1970s needlecord blazer.
It's the time of year when people are clearing out their houses in readiness for all the new tat they'll acquire over the festive season. There was a huge queue outside the Cash for Clothes hut this morning and a couple of the charity shops we visited had notices on the door refusing any further donations as their stockrooms were full. 

Clockwise from top left: Greek key print maxi skirt; embellished 1970s midi; 1960s Evans Outsize psychedelic shirt; Suede & leather jerkin; Simon Ellis maxi; Fred Bear fedora; Crimplene & lurex maxi; Cotton printed maxi; Dorothy Perkins evening blouse; Lolita-style 1970s midi; Chiffon sleeve 1970s midi; 1960s mini dress; David Conrad suede coat; Corsonia 1960s wool coat; 1960s Dermore of Mayfair velvet evening top.
It's a great time to be charity shopping. Most people are obsessed with Xmas shopping and, as the vast majority shudder at the thought of giving second hand gifts, it means the chazzas are quiet, eBay's dead and there's rich pickings for us. If we bought all the old stuff we saw we'd go bankrupt so (believe it or not) we exercise restraint - we pick the best and leave the rest. After all, not all vintage is good vintage.

Of course, most of what we buy is for Kinky Melon. My own clothes still fit into a couple of wardrobes, with the out-of-season stuff (halternecks, floaty skirts, gauzy cotton & silk maxis and bikinis) packed away in suitcases ready for India and for next Summer. I don't try on our stock purchases, they're washed, repaired if necessary, tagged and hung on the shop rails out of temptation's way. Every £5 spent on me is one fewer night's accommodation in an Indian B&B.

 I spotted this embroidered & tasselled wool cloak (number 3!) on another Judy's trader's stall in Liverpool last week. Luckily she'd taken a fancy to some 1970s silver crochet bellbottoms on our stall so we did a swap. Not sure if it's Moroccan or Afghani but I love it.

Another trader had saved this caped catsuit especially for me and, as she sells her stuff at bargain basement prices, it would have been daft not to buy it. It has a blue ILGWU label inside which means it was made between 1964 - 1973 (judging by the fabric and the style, definitely '70s).

Just in case you're wondering I bought THIS black velvet capelet (number 4!) when I was out with Curtise & Tania last Thursday.

Mexican wool cape (Sutton Coldfield Vintage Fair) worn with City Swingers 1970s moss crepe maxi (British Heart Foundation), sheepskin hat (Salvation Army, years ago) and 1960s lace-up go-go boots.
Jon tells me that we've got to leave at 5.30am for Bristol tomorrow morning so I'd better get myself & my outfit ready for a 4.45am alarm call. No drinking or shenanigans for us. That'll have to wait till Monday.

See you soon!


  1. Some great finds there , Your wardrobe looks so colourful , Love the welsh cape its beautiful xxx

  2. You look mighty fine in your red outfit, it suits you.
    We've had a mixed vintage shopping adventure up Portebello Road today. The vintage market was very poor and expensive. Dapper Chap snapped up a Max Evans overcoat and a scarf £35 (he looks gorgeous in it). My super buys were Hobbs coat and trousers £30, not vintage but fab.
    Off to spitalfields tomorrow.
    The Dusty Springfield theatre show was mesmerising. Have I already told you that heehee
    Hope the weekend goes well for you xxx

  3. Vix, I just LOVE that gorgeous red Mexican poncho...just the thing to brighten up a glum November day and to keep the frost at bay. Loving the black tasselled number also and bet the Welsh tapestry will sell quick smart!
    I am certainly not obsessed by xmas and there will be no tat crossing my threshold I'll have you know! Hah! I'm looking forward to a vintage hunting day myself next week.
    Not envying you getting up at 0445 tomorrow, it's going to be cold so wear your thermal drawers love. xxxx

  4. ohhhh, I've been hit by your fabulous first pic, you look so pretty in red!!, such an amazing cape, lovely pattern! and it looks cozy!. You look like a gorgeous russian lady, even if the cape is mexican!
    And there's an overload of fabulousness!, so many vintage pieces, beautiful prints and fav colors! That tapestry cape looks awesome, and I'm loving the embroidered piece too!, glad you've got them!
    Wish you have a nice & cozy weekend, with lots of fun selling and working hard!

  5. You truly are the caped vintage crusader! Like Fi, I am in love with the folksy red poncho, I adore the longer length and vibrant colour. And you can't beat a bit of quality Welsh tapestry, that cape's a real beauty.
    I agree with the clear out frenzy at this time of year, more so than in January actually. Our shop is inundated with donations at the moment, big multiple bag loads which are clearly the sign of a proper overhaul of someone's house. We had a bumper load from a lady's elderly uncle, with some great tweed jackets, hats, ties and shoes (all snaffled for the vintage shop!) As always you find amazing stock - I know, I've seen you in action! - and I recognise a few pieces from our day out! I'm so glad you went back for that fab red coat.
    Ooh, the cat suit is wonderful, can't wait to see you rocking that one. And I love love love the hat - you'll need it in these windy conditions!
    Have a great day tomorrow; if you're back in time, I'll be on my sofa ready for a text fest. Love you! xxxx

  6. Great capes and it looks like you have been picking up a lot of great vintage mens clothing too. If more people gifted second hand items the world would be a better place instead of everything new at Christmas

  7. Then to bed early tonight ?! I too would like, but someone wants to go to a concert at a local sad! heheh I do not feel! Think of the good things .. This Mexican cape is beautiful. When I saw it I thought of the fairy tales of the good old Russia! but also Mexico's okay! ehehhe
    The other two capes are original and fascinating, good purchases! Good adventures of the weekend!


  8. Glad to hear you've been finding lots of great items. You'll definitely need your thermals tomorrow! I've been up at 5.15am the last 7 days, so you have my sympathy. xx

  9. Oooh, gorgeous gorgeous capes dear Vix, you look truly a vision in that bright red. I'm also adoring the sheepskin hat too!! You look Amazing. You've done v well at the Chazzers. My local chazzers have NOT been good recently, very little of interest for me sadly and definitely no capes!! Sad, sad....
    P.S. thanks for the vote!

  10. Lurve tha red poncho and I can never resisist a Welsh tapestry cape.
    The catsuit is fabulous.
    Have fun tomorrow and make sure you have your Damart thermals on for 'tis going to be freezing!
    Loves ya.

  11. That comes to show what a good eye you have, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh nothing I love more than a second hand Chritmas present.
    Are you spending Chritmas in India?

  12. What a glorious shot in the red and black! You look like you came off a hippie Dr. Zhivago. Stunning!

    You seriously scored.

    I spotted a bunch of capes I could have taken home yesterday from some vintage stores. Everyone seems to have finally caught up with your brilliant 1970's styling. I saw it everywhere. I kept saying to my husband, "Yep...looks like something Vix would wear. "

    All the very best at the show this weekend.


  13. The red outfit is just awesome! :) xx

  14. You're just the coolest Vix - that cape is awesome and I love the colour! - Tasha

  15. Wonderful capes - all of them and looking fabulous on you! I didn't see a black velvet capelet though, only the lovely red and white one - am I missing something? Have a fab and lucrative weekend.

  16. I have a thing for capes too, but I think I only have two at the moment. The long Afghani one is a stunner, and the red one looks wonderful with your black furry hat!

    You've become so disciplined that you can buy things for the shop and not get distracted trying on things for yourself - I admire you for that. Have a productive and prosperous weekend (more money for India!).

  17. i splurged on my sisters weekend and bought a brown and black plaid cotton/wool blend cowl neck poncho but it doesn't look nearly as fine as your finds. I know I will get years of wear form it, and then years later as a sort of blanket at home(I never get rid of my "finds", but I might have buyers remorse seeing your stock.

  18. my favorite "Black Friday" shopping adventure was going to the by-the-pound thrift store. It wasn't crowded, our fellow shoppers are friendly, we got tons of stuff. Why get malled? Sell tons and have a blast!

  19. Oh my. If you don't look gorgeous. I have to admit that I used to turn up my nose at cape wearers when I was in college. Too wiccan I thought. But you have completely won me over with your magical powers.

  20. The capes are all handsome -- but my eyes gleam green at the lushness of that sheepskin hat!

  21. Oh! That red poncho cape is glorious!! <3

  22. you could (and I think you should!) write a book on vintage clothing how to spot a good label! you look striking in red!

  23. You can't beat a good cape. Love the photos of your wardrobe, such a rainbow full of colours

  24. Some amazing finds Vix. Love cape number two x x

  25. I love the photos of your wardrobes bursting with colour and it is cape frenzy indeed. Your Welsh wool one is a gorgeous find and you'r right - its like wearing a big blanket out. My pink and purple one always gets admiring comments.

    Hope you and Jon have a great day trading in Brizzle xxx

  26. I thought you looked great in purple last post … you look even better in red!!

  27. Wow I don't know which one I like best! I wish I could find more amazing things like you do the down side of living somewhere that's all modern housing estates.

    I'm loving the green 70s mini dress, clearly I'm still going through my green phase!

    Have fun in Bristol. x

  28. Wow, such great finds! I love the red. And I can't wait to see you in the caped cat suit!

    I found some great vintage at the thrift store yesterday too. Mine was in my usual housewares category and included a gorgeous cotton vintage sheet. But there were also 2 other nice vintage sheets there, that I left behind, because one can only have and use so many of those. On my 'things to accomplish' list for next year is establishing an outlet to sell things, so I have reason to pick up all the excellent vintage housewares pieces I see! As I've mentioned before, in our thrift stores, great clothing finds are very far and few between, but there are still great items for the home to be found.

    Hope your weekend is a great one! xo

  29. That red cape is more than gorgeous. It is absolutely fabulous

  30. Great capes! They're all amazing. You will be nice and warm all winter.
    I would happily accept thrifted gifts but my family isn't that creative - I should direct them to your online store with a wish list.
    I hope you have a fun and successful weekend!

  31. You have the eye, Vix! And your own style is so stunning. You know what you love. Wonderful capes, and it the greek key maxi skirt in a waist size over 25"? Stay gorgeous,


  32. My oh my have you been lucky with the capes! I love the red one especially it looks excellent with your furry hat! Hope Bristol has been fun, 5.30 is an eyewateringly early start at least you have your capes to wrap up in! XX

  33. I'm determined to buy all Christmas pressies in charity shops this year - such fun searching. And I was very close to Off the Scales in Black Heath that you had recommended. Nice shop and a great selection of shoes - I got a fabulous Kaliko coat, not vintage but really lovely quality for £18 so I was well chuffed - thank you for the tip :)
    Your wardrobe looks so colourful and that red cape looks stunning on you.
    Have a great weekend's sales

  34. are you sure its mexican? it looks so norwegian in the emboidery (snow crystals?)
    i´m glad you found such gorgeous stuff! your costumers will not be disappointed in bristol!!!
    looove all your capes!! xxxx

  35. Wow what great finds! I am pretty sure I sit with my mouth open as I look at all the amazing items you find. You make it seem like it is found everywhere you turn but where I live it is so rare. I LOVE the welsh tapestry cape. I also love the way the red and black outfit and the great furry hat look on you. They suit you so well! I can picture you dressed as a flamenco dancer too but maybe not for winter! xoxo

  36. Love, love, LOVE the red cape and the hat, the whole look is a bit Russian fabulous. I bought a cape today from a charity shop, but it's not vintage, it's a wool Italian one, brand new with tags on for £3. I feel like Mrs Christmas in it! x

  37. You have such a good eye, and loving all your capes, perfect for you and your season. So is India on the cards again so you can escape your Winter? I do hope so, I really enjoy going on your Indian escapes.

  38. I love the Mexican wool cape, it looks so cozy for winter. I have had to stop myslef buying anymore vintage capes due to lack of space in my wardrobe but am definitely tempted!

  39. What great finds! These capes are amazing, even don't know which one I like more...after some thinking I guess it is the Mexican one, just not possible to resist that colour!

  40. Those capes are spectacular, especially the embroidered ones! I wish it was as easy to find vintage clothing here.

  41. Capes are beautiful - but I never wear them ... and their hard to sell. People try them on all the time (or ask question if it's online) but then they decide that a cape is not practical and don't purchase them.
    So, I'm very excited to see you rocking all those capes ... They look adorable and they deserve to be worn a lot!

  42. I am all over that black cape with the bold embroidery. So much vintage winnage in this post!

  43. I hope you had a good time in Bristol. Those capes look splendid, though with my bust I'd look like a mushroom in one. You are much more elegantly built and they suit you.

    Dunno if people are having clear-outs round my way; the stuff in the chazzas really hasn't been my cup of tea (lots of coats), though one did have a whole lot of tweed jackets for blokes. Maybe they'll get better after Christmas...

  44. That red cape must be one of the favourite things I have ever seen you wear. You look absolutely brilliant in all your capes. I love them, capes are great. I do have a modern waist length one but I think that it is probably not for me as it hangs in an odd way. If you ever get tired of that red one though..... :) Xx

  45. You suit a cape better than anyone I know. The red one is wonderful and I love the way you've styled it with the massive fur hat, it's a great look. I've been looking at red Mexican ponchos on and off for a couple of years now, it's only the price that stops me, tight wad that I am. The embroidered black one looks pretty special too, is it a keeper? I admire your willpower around your stock, I'd be wanting to try it all on, but you're right, it would be harder to sell. Those red leather platforms are rather spectacular, and you know we all want to see you in that cat suit! Xxxx

  46. I took a bunch of clothes to our local consignment store, not to make room for Christmas tatt - but because its change of season. But I do imagine you are right, I'm sure people clear out for Christmas. I love all the capes, but especially that embroidered one. Also that hat is so excellent!

  47. Popped by from Hat Attack.

    Come join my Countdown to Christmas blog hop! That red cape would fit right in.

  48. As a lover of capes, I adore this post and the beauties that you discovered. I'm unable to declare a favorite, but the sheepskin hat tops off the Mexican wool cape to perfection. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!


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