Tuesday, 8 September 2015

On The Road Again

We've been to the End of the Road before and loved it (see HERE and HERE) but, as a big established festival, never really expected to hear anything when we applied to trade. Imagine my joy when not only did they accept our application but, when we arrived on site on Wednesday morning, our pitch not only came with electrical hook-up and traders' toilets but was directly opposite the main stage. 

Giddy with excitement we introduced ourselves to our neighbours and set up shop.

After a long drive down to Dorset and a seven hour set up we cracked open a couple of beers, steamed some couscous, grilled some haloumi and collapsed into bed indecently early.

There's something magical about a festival site before the public arrive. We got up early on Thursday to explore the gorgeous Victorian gardens, the lush greenery and to admire the peacocks before scrubbing up and opening for business at 2pm.

JON: 1950s wool trousers, vintage Austin Reed waistcoat, Turnbull & Asser shirt, vintage DMs. ME: Vintage corset top & patchwork maxi

Trade on the first day of a festival can be a bit hit and miss but at the End of the Road business was brisk and we still had customers at midnight.

And I finally sold THAT maxi to a very cool chick.

The following morning we rolled up the doors to discover a cluster of shoppers already waiting to come in.

JON: 1970s safari jacket, skinnied-up vintage Gabicci trousers, Tootal scarf, vintage desert boots  ME: vintage star print maxi & 1970s majorette's jacket

The weather was unseasonably cold (aka bastard freezing) and our fake furs and vintage knitwear were snapped up.

As well as flamboyant maxis and menswear galore.

Erling's entire outfit - purple cord bellbottoms, 1960s suede jacket and embroidered orange dress shirt - was entirely shopped from the Kinky Melon rails. Doesn't he look groovy?

It wasn't all work, work, work. My gorgeous mate, Adele, a fellow Judy's trader, also had a pitch so we got to hang out together and yes, I am wearing a massive sheepskin hat and mittens. It really was freezing!

ME: Vintage 1960s metallic crochet wedding dress  JON: Vintage skinnied-up trousers, Rackhams blazer, 1960s waistcoat, red leather brogues and St Michael shirt

Day three (Saturday) started off sunny but by lunchtime we were kitted out in thermal undies and winter coats. My vintage St Michael thermal vest is seen peeking out of my maxi dress here (attractive...not!)

 After yet another brisk day's trading we took an executive decision and closed at 11pm, we saw the amazing Sleaford Mods in the Big Top and then spent a couple of hours down at the woodland disco. It was so cold when we got back to the van at 3am we went to bed fully dressed.

Sunday brought glorious sunshine, the thermals came off and the sandals and sun cream went on.

ME: Alexander Clare psychedelic maxi  JON: Birkenstocks, Turnbull & Asser shirt, skinnied-up trousers, vintage waistcoat, Vintage 1960s sunglasses
Jon finally got a chance to wander further than the traders' toilets for the first time since Thursday morning so he took the camera and took a few photos.

Trading at End of the Road rocked, we loved it and I think the punters loved us. This sweet little note was delivered to our tent by the on-site festival postman on Sunday morning.

We're back at Vintage Village at Stockport this Sunday and then its our final festival of the season the following weekend. Time to get Gilbert unpacked and to go vintage shopping, our stockroom is looking worryingly empty!


  1. Haha, the weather there is amazing: one day you wear a sheepskin hat and a coat and then another day a sleeveless dress is on! Love the knitted dress you wearing on one of the photos, what a beauty!

  2. You've got to love the weather we get - one minute freezing, the next roasting and then back again.

    Lots of lovely pics - I spy that jacket from your last post which looks fab teamed with a maxi!

    What a lovely note that was pinned to your stall too :)


    PS Love the sign that says 'get kinky!' :p

  3. Vix this is a fabulous post , interesting read great pictures and of course you both looked wonderful in your clothes ! have a good week xxx


  4. My dear, clothes you wear are all amazing, you create a breathtaking world to me! Thank you! I see you've even worn the jacket from majorete!
    This festival conquered me, just for the stage! It is beautiful and green! And now I'm struggling in everyday life after a two-day trip (we were at the festival of the mind), and I'd love a glass of homemade lemonade!



  5. Another amazing festival with you two putting the icing on a festival cake by being there with your goodies. Love your life and adventures so much, you are living your dream!

  6. One day sunshine one day blasted cold Yep can only mean one thing England :-) This british weather of ours is nuts I love the seasons but I hate the weather here. The festival looked amazing and the grounds just as much. And you and Jon just look wonderful, fresh and gorgeous as ever. Good to hear you sold well and what a lovely note that's so sweet and makes it all worth while :-) Happy stock hunting, dee xx

  7. You are so good Vix, as I was reading I was part of the whole event, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  8. Gorgeous wander through your world!
    Love Jon's furry jacket and your fur hat. The majorette jacket looked well as well.
    Nice to see you can do dorky too with the thermal showing...makes you human :-)
    Have a lovely end of festival season. Xo Jazzy Jack

  9. It is another world-we just don't get the mix of music, food, and shopping like this. I am exhausted reading your posts. Love the crochet wedding dress.

  10. I'm SO un-surprised by your fabulous reception and success! Of course, your placement couldn't have been better, but you two are your own best advertisement ♥

  11. Oh, how I would love to browse through all of your vintage goods! And you both looked so fabulous! I'm hoping that the thrift stores here will have more vintage clothes now that we are getting close to Halloween.

  12. Sounds like a fab show! I'm so glad that despite the weather it was a big success.

    You are both looking great!


  13. No surprise about the weather - it's all over the shop, but you both know how to cope in great style with the vagaries of a British autumn! Loving all the outfits (thermal vest or no thermal vest!), your stall looks as fab as ever, and of COURSE the End of the Roaders loved you - who wouldn't?
    Cool traders, happy customers (I thought Erling was Jeremy Corbyn at first glance), a wonderful pitch, fabulous sights and sounds - yes, your job is hard work but it has its benefits!
    I'm working Sunday but I'll have to find out when you'll next be at Stockport, I'm dying to pop across the Pennines for a rummage and a chat.
    Good luck with the restock - love you! xxxxx

  14. Hello Vix: I love that photo of Jon you took and we can see you in the mirror! And the guy with the purple pants - fantastic! And with tons of layers or not, you both look great!
    I need a new pair of boots and was drooling over your selection, and that crocheted poncho!!! I should try my hand at making one but my crochet skills aren't that great.
    I clicked on the links because I wasn't following you when you were there before and I wonder if they still have that cool library set up.

    So happy that the festival was so fun and good for business! Whoot! xo

  15. SO much joy in the pictire where you were a psychedelic maxi and Jon sits in a chair. You look so healthy and ... I dont know the correct word but maybe I mean "life-affirming".

  16. an empty stockroom? Man, you'll be "forced" to go car booting and thrifting. Lucky you!

  17. What a happy post! You and Jon = gorgeous as ever, and congrats on the good sales. What does "cold" feel like? xox

  18. Just did Kustom Kulture got everything unpacked and washed and my daughter says " Do you fancy doing the ALchemy Festival its only down the road we could take all the kids " AAAARRRGGGGHHHHHH what she actually means is your far better at the tent up and keeping people fed and warm side of things plus you would look after all the kids . Decisions Decisions ?

  19. Sigh!! I wish I can go visit at least ONE of these fun fairs one day!

  20. end of the road festival was amazing,, you live the life you two do, thats for sure!! Wonderful!!
    Looks like the hard work of setting up was much appreciated as always,, the fairs are such fun, wish we had something like that here,, Canada copies so much from England I'm surprised they don't copy the fairs, well, maybe they do down south of us we are so isolated up here,,

  21. What fun! After all the hard work that is. So nice you carry a huge closet with you so you can adapt to any change in weather. A good selling point too, as well as you and Jon dressed to the nines.

  22. I guess it always pays to bring lots of warm clothing goodies to those late summer festivals:)

  23. Everyone looks so happy! Great pix and fabulous outfits throughout. Those pesky thermals ought to have lower necklines, I've fallen foul of them too but they are so necessary during our winter (autumn)....I even had a hot water bottle this morning when I came in from night shift!
    Erling looks like a cool dude and his Kinky outfit is fantastic, no wonder he looks so pleased and no wonder you were well received at End of the Road, always lovely to hear good feedback and be appreciated. xxx

  24. I simply adore that crocheted wedding dress.
    I also love your insights into festival culture. x

  25. what a fabulous location and first class positioning! Bet it was noisy right in front of the stage. Think you deserve a few days rest after all that hard work. Betty

  26. Our weather is so crazy - we'll all be going down with colds next, with the temperature swings from hot to cold. Glad to hear your rails are empty = means your business is a great success, and well deserved too! x

  27. The End of the Road seems like a place Douglas Adams would go. And the fact that there are peacocks makes it perfect! If I were a man I would dress every day in clothes like the top pic of Jon-the wool trousers and waistcoat. I'd wear brogues and roll my sleeves up and give everyone that same cocky look. If I were Vix I would wear that crochet dress once a week at least. Since I am neither a man nor Vix, I will just have to live vicariously. Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  28. That crochet dress is so beautiful on you! Your adventures always bring back the memories of my festival days. Happy end of the season and continuing success to you guys!

  29. Yay, another grand success! I remember this particular festival, it's cearly a winner for you lovelies, in more ways than one!
    You both ooked fecking amazing, no wonder the customores come a calling! A bloody good advertisment is what you pair are!
    XXXXXLove Helga

  30. That looks like such a great festival.
    The guy in the purple bell bottoms is rocking those and I love you crochet maxi - it's perfect! xxx

  31. Lots of work, lots of fun, and lots of appreciative customers. It's the best! How cool is it that a customer left you a note.
    I agree with everyone else - you and Jon are your own best advertising. The man in head-to-toe Kinky Melon, oo-wee, groovy, man.
    May the thrifting gods smile upon you during your restocking crusade.

  32. Looks wonderful it amazing what one will find out in about. I do in home care and I took my client shopping at a thrift store. I got my self two skirts, a blouse, and scarf.
    I'm hoping to have photos in a few days on my blog.

    I do genealogy and found some photos of my great grandfather sibling. I find there style of clothing interesting....http://peppylady.blogspot.com/2015/09/no-crocus-in-fall-for-me.html....and....I thought I post a photo of anther set of sibling for some reason I didn't or I can't find it.
    Coffee is on

  33. success on the whole front!!!
    great fun and business and you and jon look sharp and awesome in every pic!!!
    love the sheepskin hat! you and adele look like stepped out of a eastern european gipsy wagon :-)

  34. Great clothes, people, food and weather!

  35. End of the Road sound fabulous. I am really glad that you were so busy. it is events like this that make trading worthwhile. You both look very stylish and it was nice that the sun came out. I think that we are definitely on the way into Autumn now. I am in love with Erling's purple bell bottoms. I had blue flowery and lime green 0ones like that and oft lament their passing. That psychedelic maxi is the bizz. Your majorettes jacket is lovely with that dress. Xx

  36. If anyone can make the thermal vest a fashion statement it's you! x x

  37. Only on you, dear Vix, would the maxi, the majorette jacket and the enormous white fur topper appear quite the most sensible ensemble for the situation! One envies you and Jon, your "normal"!

    I'd have enjoyed buying that muted mohairish cape from Kinky Melon, noshing at the Indiana Street Food booth, and meeting Erling.

  38. It's been so freakin' hot here for the past couple of weeks that your cooler weather sounds quite appealing. Not to say that I want to rush summer away, but a happy medium, heat wise, would be nice! The festival sounds like it was excellent. I'll miss "that" maxi on you but am glad to hear it found a good home. Oh, and peacocks! We only ever see them in the zoo and I never go there so never see them. Must have been quite a sight in person.

  39. I'd wished that you had been in London or Brighton this weekend, but cearly you did get other people happy and as a couple you seem to be more beautiful and more Beautiful ...

  40. A grand event! You and Jon look fabulous in your "kinky" attire. You must have been the stars of the festival, which the appreciative hand written note confirms. The best of luck with with filling your near empty stockroom!

  41. I'm so glad you had a brilliant place!!! It sounds an incredible (if cold) occasion to be part of! You're looking beautiful and that majorette costume is brilliant!x

  42. You and Jon always look so Fab. You look like an angel in the killer patchwork skirt. And Jon is a regular fashion model. It is no wonder that people are beating a path to Kinky Melon. I worked at my local State Fair one year when I was a teen and I just loved getting there early in the morning when the air was fresh and it smelled like coffee and toast before the crowds arrived when it then started to smell like corn dogs and vomit. Ahhhhhh such memories....

  43. That looks brilliant - and hoorah for getting so many Kinky customers. You and Jon do model your clothes so well, it must encourage people to come in and browse.

  44. great to hear that they gave you a nice spot, that's always good. There seems to be a lot of people there....all fabulous and stylish people from the look of your pics. I love everything what you and Jon are wearing in this most but that metalic crochet wedding dress from the sixties has got to be my fav thing!!!!!

  45. End of the Road is my favourite! It's such a beautiful location and I love all the peacocks wandering around. You are so right though it gets FREEZING!! I was so sad not to go this year, my friends were playing for the first time and now I'm doubly sad because you were there! Never mind, hopefully next year! XX

  46. You two certainly do wear it well. No bags under the eyes or greasy hair to be seen. I love that picture of you pulling the rail out on the sunny day, all happy and barefooted. Jon is just so dapper and cool, no wonder they all wanted a piece of Kinky. You sure did work hard, but it sounds like it was worth it in every way. You look like a medieval princess in your velvet corset top, how romantic. Fancy Jeremy finding the time to visit you when he was so busy!! Xxxx

  47. Aww...that note really says it all!! Well done guys, you win at vintage and still keep at it with a smile on your face even when it is bastard freezing xo


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