Friday, 3 April 2015

Your Carriage Awaits, Milady!

What on earth am I doing, hanging around a railway station on a wet Friday morning in marabou feathers and 6" platforms?

I warn you now, this is an image heavy post so do feel free to scroll down and say nice shoes if you're short of time (50p from a car boot sale a couple of years ago if you're wondering).

Welcome to the wonderful Chasewater Railway Museum in Staffordshire. Shockingly, despite it being a mere 7 miles from Walsall, I'd never visited until today.

 Even in the rain it's fantastic. 

Wearing: Vintage velvet jacket, skinny jeans, early 70s cherry red Docs, Tootal scarf, vintage waistcoat

Wearing: 1970s wool maxi and matching marabou trimmed cape (Xmas present from dear G&T of Baboushka Vintage)

So what was I doing hanging around a railway platform? Only opening a shop!

This is Mabel's Vintage Carriage, a joint venture between Kinky's friends & fellow traders Pumpkins Vintage & Jam Sponge and Mustard Designs, a glorious emporium packed to the rafters with vintage china, pre-loved homewares, French-inspired up-cycled furniture, handmade soft furnishings and gifts made from retro fabrics.

As Walsall's unofficial, bargain-basement, vintage vixen I was bowled over when they asked me to cut the ribbon and garble a few welcoming words to the crowd who'd braved the inclement weather.

A snip and a smile and we're open.

Let the shopping commence!

This is the interior, which has taken weeks to get this pretty. At IndieTracks, the music festival held at the Midland Railway Museum in Derbyshire, Gilbert, our trade tent and us are absolutely filthy with smoke, diesel & coal dust after a just weekend spent on the sidings.

I bet there isn't at least one thing you want to buy. 

I left with a vintage dressmaking pattern and a psychedelic toilet from a 1970s dolls house. 

Liz was thrilled to find a 1960s copy of her favourite ever Enid Blyton book, The Magic Faraway Tree.

The prices are exceptionally good, too. Dressmaking patterns start at 50p, I spotted a wooden cantilevered sewing box for £12 and a gorgeous 1950s patent leather Kelly bag for £15 

Loads of us vintage lovin' girls like a steam railway but often when we visit there's nothing other than old train magazines, souvenir tee shirts and scale models to buy. At Mabel's you can take home a pretty memento of your day out. 

Schmoozing and boozing with the gang.

Dawn's groovy customised 1960s sweater is from Babouskha Vintage

Liz in vintage St Michael, Gail rocking the leopard print.

Meg in a fab 1950s chiffon blouse

Loving Helen's dress!

Liz made Al's waistcoat.

You can visit Mabel at Chasewater, Platform 1 Brownhills West Station
Pool Lane (Off the A5), Burntwood, Staffs WS8 7NL
Open weekends & Bank Holidays

Shop officially opened, Cava drunk and purchases made it was time to take our own vintage carriage back home.

We're trading HERE in beautiful Bridgnorth in Shropshire tomorrow. Come and see us if you can.

Have a fab long weekend!

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  1. Fabulous darling!You are like the queen only much better.
    It does look like a wonderful place to have a nose about.
    Yup, I can see several things I'd have bought and I too probably would have gone for the dolls house toilet for the Shelf of Shit. Quite apt.
    Have a great long weekend and happy trading tomorrow.
    Loves ya.

  2. What a cute store! Perfect home for vintage treasures!

  3. nice shoes, ha ha, just kidding!!

    What a wonderful shop, its filled with treasures!Best wishes on their future!
    The train station is like a step back in time, beautifully kept up.
    Everyone looks great and I love the dresses, the men look great in their waist coats, wish men would dress like that around here!

  4. This railway museum has such old world charm! <3

  5. Hello Vix,

    This was all most intriguing.

    First we have, to our shame, never heard of Chasewater and its vintage railway station. It is all rather reminiscent of the Bewdley Railway,which we know well, and how wonderful it for you to have it practically on your doorstep. As you say, such places are generally filled with male railway geeks who drag along their female partners to gawp at signal boxes and undercarriages. How fabulous it is that Mabel's now offers an alternative interest. And, what a treasure chest it is!

    So many things to comment upon but we love the Cornish ware particularly and it is all so beautifully presented. You were the perfect choice to cut the ribbon and done with such style!

    Everyone certainly dressed for the occasion which must have added a great lift to the event even if the rain did its best to dampen spirits. We wish Mabel's well and all who shop in her!

  6. Such lovely colours, shapes, graphics, vintage, fashion everywhere! Your matching marabou cape totally knocks me over. You are a stunning ribbon-cutter!

  7. What a neat little shop! But now you have to share your groovy toy toilet in one of your next posts :)

  8. That looks a splendid place to visit! So nice you all supported the new shop. Yore right, it is the perfect shop for such a place. X

  9. such a pretty cute shop, and so lovely that you were invited to cut the ribbon, looking so fabulous, you're a Star!, and everybody looked so gorgeous!, pretty ladies and handsome chaps!!
    Would love to watch everything in person!

  10. A wonderful place I would love to visit , and have a good look round .have a good Easter Vix xxx

  11. Your shoes are fab, as is the rest of your outfit, I do love those colours together. That's another place going on the to visit list as well, looks fascinating! I await pics of the psychedelic loo with baited breath!

  12. Who better to open this groovy shop. I saw several things I would buy so I think they will do well.

  13. Is that really your car? I am envious! I spend all day arranging breakdown recovery for everyday vehicles and only now and again come across gems like this (when I do I get really excited!) - you are so lucky to have such a beautiful car!!! The railway sidings shop is a great idea - good luck to everyone there. Despite the rain you looked pretty and stylish as always. Betty

  14. What an adorable house of treasures.

    You two are looking very much like the celebrities that you are.

    I've decided that I want to be you when I grow up.


  15. Such a cute store ! And fab people !

  16. What a fab day out. I think we need to move nearer.
    I love Helen and Liz's outfits and your car is the business. We used to have a mustang in our courting days with a soft top. Wish we still had it now.
    That's a lovely pic of you both.
    Lynn xxx

  17. How fabulous, you're the local celeb! What a lovely little shop in a great location, and yes, you're right, I can see a few bits and bobs which have taken my fancy. You for one, resplendent in that fabulous print maxi and cape! Jon's rocking the velvet, and I am drooling over Liz's coat dress too.
    The ticket office is wonderful, and who doesn't love a steam train?
    Good luck with the fair tomorrow; are we on for The Voice final? I'll be there, wine in hand! Love you! xxxxxx

  18. What an adorable shop! And, I love vintage trains, my hubby proposed to me on one :) You are getting so famous now, next you'll be having tea with the Queen! You both look fab, love Jon's velvet coat! :)

  19. The shop looks so pretty ... I'd love to go for a browse and no doubt a buy.
    It's absolutely confirmed now ... you are a fully fledged celebrity with magazine spreads and ribbon cutting duties :0)
    PS. nice shoes

  20. What an enchanting place! And you and Jon look super-fabulous for a ribbon-cutting. xox

  21. Everybody looks fantastic!!! Cutest little shop ever!

  22. That's one of my favourite Jon ensembles and your dress is one of my favourites on you too! There is just something about old trains isn't there? What a fun little shop that is! Those toys all look awfully familiar-a blast from the past, as they say. xoxo

  23. What a marvellous place for a vintage shop. Looks great

  24. How exciting, I've always wanted to cut a ribbon or smash a champagne bottle or something to mark an opening! I guess I'll have to work harder at being a local celeb, more maribou for daywear perhaps.

    Lovely shoes! x

  25. The matching cape with marabou certainly elevates the level of elegance of that lovely blue maxi! So does the serene suavity of your escort -- do wish more men would make the effort (although Jon has the taste not to seem to be trying too hard).

    Your friends have a charming shop in a fascinating location. I'd enjoy having the shop itself in my back yard for a summer house, especially if it came with that crystal decanter I spy in their stock.

  26. Vintage shopping and steam railways - you can't get better than that, especially with your friends' fabulous shop and its location. You make the perfect ribbon cutter too with your marabou and lush blue dress.

    Great photo of Jon and Ebby - nice to see the old girl in all her blue glory. Actually its just occurred to me that you and Ebby were very well colour co-ordinated for the day! xxx

  27. fabulous shop, folks and railroad museum!!!!
    and you look so unbelievable glamorous snipping the ribbon!!!!!! applause!!!! great easter sales for kinky melon!! xxxx

  28. There is definitely something about steam railways. You are the vintage celeb of choice! The fellas look very dapper. x

  29. What a cute little place full of vintage wonders! You and John look fabulous as well as all those women in pretty clothes. The museum looks worth visiting.

  30. Lovely pictures! I love to phtograph trains and railways, so inspiring =)

  31. What a lovely place, reckon I could spend a few quid there. We've got another steam railway down the road but there's no vintage shop or Bric-a-brac, they are missing a trick in my opinion. You look wonderfully glam as ever, Liz looks gorgeous too. Great what you did to Ebbie's number plate...howdya do that then? xxx

  32. OMG, Vix - that cape! Those shoes!

    I want to live in that carriage - can I!? Pretty please with sugar on top?


  33. Ah that's so cool. If I lived closer I would definitely visit. Love your frock x

  34. what a cool idea. And yes, "Nice shoes" I said.

  35. Oh the photos of colorful trains and you and Jon are awesome! Rain is rather romantic in such a unique setting. Love your maxi with the cape - you look whimsical and elegant, and intriguing, like a character from a book! Sounds like you had a lovely event, and the shop looks adorable - I'm wishing the owners a great success! xxx

  36. Mabel's Vintage Carriage is sooo cute - it reminds me of a little vintage shop housed in a trailer I saw last summer. I'm glad the rain didn't deter shoppers from the Grand Opening.

    Lots of good trainspotting!

  37. I LOVE the little shop! So awesome you officially welcomed it into the world! Oh, and um... nice shoes.

  38. That might be the cutest little shop I've ever laid eyes on! That an interesting and unique location for it.

    You and your friends all look awesome, as does your cool ride.

  39. I love this post, to start with I thought it was just going to be about a rail museum, which I LOVE! But a week vintage shop in a train museum is inspired!! I hope business goes really well and I'd love to have a peak at those one pound patterns xo

  40. Jon should really owned that car! Perfect match.

  41. Definitely my kind of place! Oh if only Mabel was closer to me! The museum looks so colourful too. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

  42. oh wow! How cool is that? You are truly a celeb now. And that dress with cape and feathers, oh my. And Jon is looking too cool too. oh dear.

  43. Most cozy little shop ever packed with lovely things. And with you to cut the ribbon I envision stellar success. How cool that you were asked to perform this VIP function.

  44. What a fab looking little shop! When I was a kid, my friend had a railway carriage as a summer house. How cool is that?
    You look incredible in your posh frock and were the perfect person to cut the ribbon! xxx

  45. As a ribbon cutter you are smashing! I love the background, with you in you marabou feathers and platforms. The photo of the two of you should be framed! But most photos of the two of you are of that quality. Mabel's Vintage Carriage looks like a great place to shop!

  46. What an incredible place! All things vintage - home stuff, clothes and transportation! Your cape and dress outfit is fabulous, and the magenta tights really bring focus to the really nice shoes :-)

  47. What a lovely little shop and how cool that they asked you to open it! I just love the dress and cape that you're wearing - you look fab as always x

  48. A very dangerous shop!
    You did a wonderful job bringing some glam to the opening. And sharing on your blog is great advertising!
    What a good looking couple you and Jon are :-) xo Jazzy Jack

  49. What an amazing vintage shop, will definitely try and pop in if I am over that way. Loving that you are glamming up a wet Friday morning with such a fabulous dress.

  50. Ooh, that blue glass dressing table set is most covetable. You're right, it is good that there's more to buy than the usual railway souvenirs - I always end up with fridge magnets!

    You look very glamorous for the opening. And yes, nice shoes!

  51. That is amazing!!! Oh and nice shoes Vix!

  52. Wow, so much in this post.. Nice shoes, haha good one Vix. Well firstly, the trim on your capelet is gorgeous. What an honour you got to cut the ribbon to this charming shop. x

  53. ha ha made me laugh with you google experience with 'how to wear jumpsuit over 40'. I don't believe there should be any rules when it comes to age and clothes whatsoever. My mother wears mostly skinny jeans and biker boots now and if I remember well her style in her twenties was often conservative...though I always admired the long maxi skirts she used to rock occasionally!...if it works wear it....

    you are so skilled to have made that amazing jumpsuit from curtains...I love that! and heavy accessorizing is always a plus in my book:)

    Jacob looks adorable (the turtle if I remember his name correctly).

    ...and how lovely you cut the ribbon for that shop!

  54. I reckon this migt be the first of many occasions when the Queen of Vintage is asked to open a venue, most fitting. You look so cute in that photo when you are just about to cut the ribbon :) i think this is the perfect outfit for the occasion with that maribou trimmed capelet, very regal. It's always lovely to see you out and about with your friends. We haven't seen the Lizzes for ages! Bet Ebbie liked being in all this vintage transport company. Xxxxxx

  55. I love visiting railways (well not so much the modern ones!) and this little gem of a shop looks perfect for a browse! xxx

  56. ooh both yours and Liz'S dresses are fantastic! I love this idea! My dad was and still is a train fanatic and im sure if something like this existed when i was small i wouldn't have been so bored out of my mind at train shows when i was younger. it makes so much sense. Steam train lovers are fans of the past, why not have a shop with vintage trinkets? GENIUS!


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