Monday, 4 August 2014

Take Me To The River

Wearing: 1960s Jean Allen silk maxi (Vintage Village @ Stockport), Huge 1980s sunglasses (Kiki & Honey's Vintage Fair), Massive earrings (Walsall Market, £2)

I'm not sure if you'll sell much but you'll definitely have a brilliant time is how Steph, the organiser of Brookestock sold her charity fundraising festival to us. 

 Situated on the banks of the River Severn in the grounds of a Fifteenth Century inn & overlooked by the magnificent Norman-built Tewkesbury Abbey, we figured that even if nobody bought our vintage wares all weekend, camping in the countryside would be a welcome break from the madness of the last couple of months.

The Lower Lode Inn

Talk about a prime spot, our pitch was right on the riverbank.

Wearing: 1970s embroidered shirt (Kinky Melon's stockroom)

All set up and ready to rock and roll. We took the Gala tent along with the full compliment of stock regardless of whether we'd sell very much, we've learnt that Kinky's pitch makes for a cool photo opportunity for festival goers.

The hourly ferry to Tewkesbury.

The picturesque camp site.

Wearing: Reworked 1990s leather-trimmed crochet vest (part of giveaway in Style Eyes competition, 2012), Lamani gypsy pendant (India), Jungle print maxi (handmade by me)
Less than 24 hours earlier this jungle print maxi skirt had been a pair of curtains on a stall at the car boot sale - I couldn't resist running up something new for the weekend before we set off. 

Wearing: Vintage St Michael cardi (Borrowed from the Kinky Melon rails), knackered Converse (bought second-hand, 5 years ago), Cord trilby (donated by a friend)

After we'd closed for the day we'd grab a couple of cans and set off through the corn fields for a leisurely ramble along the canal tow path.

Wearing: Vintage Hawaiian maxi (from Krista-licious), Tooled leather belt (Pinched from the Kinky Melon stock room)

Making money takes a back seat with sunsets as magnificent as this.

Our pitch was perfectly situated to catch a few live acts.

..and to admire both the swanky boats and the wildlife.

Sharing the remains of our toast to the birds at 8am this morning.

Despite her misgivings, the festival folk of Brookestock and the diners at the Lower Lode took a healthy interest in Kinky's stock and made a pleasing number of purchases(enabling us to give a decent donation to the Air Ambulance charity and to treat ourselves to dinner in the pub).

Customers included Steph herself, the stunning redhead sporting Kinky's speciality, an amazing lace sleeved 1970s maxi. Diane wore her vintage caftan & St Michael scarf immediately as did the chap sporting the groovy '70s King's Road shirt. I wish I'd taken more photos of happy buyers - it makes us ridiculously excited seeing our stock finding fabulous new homes.

Wearing: Diesel shirt (Car Boot sale, 2003), vintage Levi Panatellas (Flea market, Goa)
Jon's rested, relaxed and ready to celebrate his birthday tomorrow.

Me, I've got 154 blog posts to read, his presents to wrap and a heap of washing to deal with. 
See you soon.

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  1. What a gorgeous spot by the river - that first maxi dress is fab!

  2. canned gin and diet tonic! Great idea!

    Happy Birthday, Jon!

  3. What a fabulous weekend. I love Tewkesbury, and I'm so jealous because we should have been camping this week, but have had to cancel because of house moving shenanigans, boooo! Xxx

  4. Your work always looks like holiday, but I bet it isn't! Love your looks, doll!


  5. Happy BDay to Jon. That looks like a lovely peaceful place to do a weekend of selling. Cheers!

  6. You have the loveliest collection of vintage maxi dresses I've ever seen!

  7. What a wonderful skirt you made. The high waistband is really flattering. Far too good for curtains.
    I'm glad the weekend wasn't all hard work, it sounds very relaxing. Happy birthday to Jon for tomorrow. xxx

  8. Oh how beautiful you look! You really are a vision dear Vix! i love your jungle skirt- tis really cheeky! Hope despite the potential lack of sales that you did well anyway! it loooks wonderful!x

  9. Oh, I think I would love it there! And the jungle print skirt is just amazing! :)

  10. Happy birthday to Jon!
    Of all your venues, this may be my favorite! What an amazing setting.
    Love the curtain re-do -- well, ALL the outfits you wear in this post actually.

  11. OH MY GOD!!!!! Are you kidding me???? This is where you got to set up shop! I wish I was there!I love it!!!!! You guys look like you are on vacation and the fact that you actually sold a bit too is AWESOME!!!!! You look killer is everything but the animal print maxi has me spinning it's crazy GOOD!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Jon!!!! What are you guys gonna do??? Can you please just tell him how happy I am he is now a regular feature on your blog. Jon has such sweet style too!

  12. thats a rough life you lead, ha ha, NOT!!! What an amazing spot, seems to me your whole summer has been one adventure after another! You will be so surprised to hear this, a friend of mine just came back from a tip to England, while there she saw you set up at one of your venues, she hears me speak of you ( all good stuff), she said you were having a quiet moment and didn't want to intrude to ask for you autograph, lol, she didn't want to take a photo, she thought it might be intrusive, she said your shop was sooooo busy!!

  13. that silk maxi from the first pic is a stunner!!!
    and your camp side looks fantastic - envy!
    i would have been very surprised if you had not sold something - so great as your goods are.
    happy birthday to jon!

  14. Ooooh I've been there. I've had my dinner in the Lower Lode in a few times. Not in a while though, but isn't it a lovely part of the world. And don't you look fecking fab? Maxilicious.
    Glad you had a great time.
    Happy birthday to Jon.
    Loves ya.

  15. Firstly happy birthday to Jon. Secondly, those curtains were my lovely daughter Margaret's first curtains. I do associate them with a crying baby I had no idea what to do with but now she is a 38 year old Osteopath who does not seem to have suffered overly!

  16. That looks like a rather lovely spot. Your new jungle skirt is ace.

  17. Oh, I want a Gin $ Diet Tonic! What a lovely spot. Love that first maxi dress, you look gorgeous!

  18. what a beautiful beautiful country you live in. the camping looks so lush there! i'm so used to dry deserts. you and jon look positively radiant. x

  19. This place looks relaxing but I'm glad you were able to sell too. I understand why people want their photos taken at your site, and no doubt with you and Jon as well! Your new curtain maxi is, gulp, outstanding!! Bare legs under maxis, bare feet, long green grass and a few cool drinks, heaven.

  20. What an idyllic setting! I love the jungle print maxi. Every time I read your blog I'm inspired to start sewing more things. Enabler!

  21. Oh! How I love your maxis Vix!! Specially can't my eyes off the jungle maxi skirt! <3

    Heartfelt Birthday Wishes to Jon! Enjoy the day, you guys! :)

  22. What a beatiful place - again ! You are having such great spots ! You look absolutley smashing in that Krista maxi !
    happy b -to Jon !

  23. wouuu, this is one of the most fabulous posts I've ever seen!!, landscapes and music, a pretty background for your fabulous maxis and your colorful style!. Love your new curtain-sewing work of art!, and your smile is even more cute than usual!!
    Delightful post!!
    thanks for sharing!

  24. Happy Birthday to Jon! Looks like a lovely weekend! I absolutely love your new curtain couture skirt and crop top combo! Have a great night xx

  25. Oh, the swan - so pretty and graceful. And I love to feed the ducks too. Your curtain creation is fabulous and you and Jon both look like so much fun. Happy birthday to him. xox

  26. Happy birthday Jon! Looks like a great weekend. Probably would've been horrendous if it rained so I'm pleased it stayed so nice. You two are so fortunate to have such great 'jobs'.


  27. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love your jungle skirt.

    It all looks so idyllic, a perfect weekend.

  28. What a wonderful location for a festival! Such a beautiful setting, and your lovely photos show it off to perfection - of course the glorious weather helps!
    As always, your choice of outfits for the weekend reflect you and Kinky Melon to a tee - the Jean Allen maxi is a stunner, love the Kristalicious Hawaiian dress, and your jumgle-tastic skirt is too amazing for words, so I'll just say roooaaarr!
    Loving those sleeves on the maxi Steph bought. And happy birthday to Jon, the coolest of vintage-loving dudes! Wrap his pressies and leave the washing, that's my advice!
    Love ya! xxxxx

  29. Happiest of birthdays to Jon.
    What a wonderful location for a festival, such pretty scenery. I would of found it most relaxing. Your curtain skirt is AMAZING I love the colours the kiddy print, love it all. I'd go crazy for it.

  30. It just doesn't get much better than that :-)
    A very happy birthday to Jon - he's getting more dapper each year!

  31. What a fantastic place, both of you looked great in all the outfits. Gin and tonic in a can - best invention ever.

  32. This weekend seems to have a more relaxed, laid back sort of vibe ... just my speed really. It's a gorgeous location ... and it looks as though the weather played nice.
    Happy Birthday to Jon ... hope he has a good one :0)

  33. Hello my favorite couple! And Happy Birthday to wonderful Jon!! You two look fun and stylish and happy as ever - and oh the legendary majestic and cozy English countryside! You did get the best spot, right by the riverbank. Love the first dress especially - you look such a true princess from a picture book, complete with the amazing earrings. The you-made maxi skirt won over my heart as well! Fun fun fun to see all the monkeys peaking out of it! And the Krista-licious dress - oh so purrrfect for Summer and for floral Share-in-Style too! Glad to see you guys rock-n-rolling as always, happy rest of Summer to you and lots of love! xxxx

  34. You two sure know how to travel the land. Love your handmade jungle skirt, the high waist, big flare, bright playful colors.
    I've recently discovered Crispin dry cider and can't get enough of it! You can probably get it much cheaper where you are since it's English.

    Well, I better let you go read all those blog postings! Thank you for your generous comments on my blog Vix!

  35. O, gawd, what a wonderful setting!!!
    And that darling inn! It's all straight from the myriad of English tele shows I watch!!! Gloriarse!
    There was no WAY in hell you could have a bad time, even if you sold nothing, but I am pleased that you did make a bit of a killing! But of COURSE! And looking foxy fabularse in doing so! Divoon!
    Love Helga XXX

  36. You are so lovely in all these maxis, what a perfect setting , you and Jon just a-glow among the dear birds! Even better that sales were brisk. Cheers and HBD to Jon! xoxo

  37. I would take you anywhere if you were wearing that Jean Allen Maxi dress! What a beautiful place, and your photos do it justice. Even if you hadn't sold anything, I think it would have been worth it for the scenery.

    Please pass along my wishes for a fabulously entertaining birthday to Jon. Have fun!

  38. Beautiful setting with gorgeous people. Love the photo of you and Jon looking radiant and happy. Your new jungle print maxi is divine!

    Thank you for sharing your hair flower with Hat Attack!

  39. What a place! So very gorgeous, as are you in each of the outfits you wore over the weekend. And Jon's not looking too shabby either in his dapper choices ... I love the embroidered shirt on him.

    Wishing you a great week, my friend, and happy birthday to your good man. xo

  40. What an enchanted landscape! Your brightly colored maxis appear appropriately medieval in that surreal light.

    Happy birthday wishes to Jon! It's good you two enjoyed a pre-natal day celebration at that nice pub.

  41. So many comments already...of course! Just wanted to say although I appreciate your sojourns into my little world, especially when I know you have oodles of others to catchup with, please don't feel obliged.
    Your wonderful smile and Jon's and your insouciant style shine forth!
    I love how you just had to make something before you left! :-D
    XO JJ

  42. Looks like a lovely weekend!! Thanks for taking me along. :-) You look gorgeous, and I always love seeing shots of you and Jon together. Your customer pis are great too.

    Have a wonderful week. XXXOO

  43. What a beautiful spot to pitch up. Glad you had such a great time. And its no surprise your customers love Kinkys wears.

    Hope Jon has a great birthday tomorrow.

    X x

  44. Lookin beautiful in the silk maxi vix!There's nothing like the countryside. What a glorious place, reminds me of when we were visitng Bath for the first time. /M xx

  45. What a gorgeous place to spend a weekend. I'm drooling over the beautiful countryside & the Kinky Mellon stock. Your frock selection is simply fabularse. xx

  46. Another fabulous part of your gorgeous country! Love all the photos and if I ever get to travel it is England I am going to go to!

  47. Aww, you two look fabulous! Many happy returns to Jon on his special day :)

    What a gorgeous place, you clearly had a great time, with good sales and all for a worthy cause xx

  48. Hello Vix,

    What a perfect spot for rest, relaxation and retailing. A wonderful combination.

    You always look the part no matter what the weather or the situation and you seem to have a permanent smile which is so delightful. Whatever, you do bring joy and energy wherever you go.

    We are delighted for you that sales were healthy as well as your having a good time. Your first outfit is wonderful. The colours and the material look so chic and the fit looks perfect. Your bangles remind us of Nancy Cunard.......

  49. What a lovely place to set up shop! You look beautiful in your outfits. Hope you have a great week and Jon has an enjoyable birthday x

  50. Okay, so how do you look bad in a fit and flare? You can't. Gorgeous dress on you ... much better than on it's previous wearer! Lovely you, as always. And it is pretty to begin with, but beautiful once you put it on.
    Great photos of you kids in a pretty place. Glad to hear it was a decent weekend, that the weather was fine and that you had fun and made some money. We know ... like you, we're a weekend business.
    Please tell Jon he's a younger style icon to an old guy across the pond. Looking good, Jon. And Happy Belated Birthday from both of us!

  51. You were only just up the road from us! I should have popped up to say 'Hi' - perhaps next time :-) Your maxi skirt is gorgeous, I just love that animal design, its so funkylicious! Hope Jon's having a great birthday - he shares it with Monkeychild! xxx

  52. Wow what a beautiful way to end a working day Vix! Love your photographs too.

  53. You are always magical, my dear Vix
    Happy Birthday Jon having a beer to your health.

  54. The combination of pretty pink and blue of your Jean Allen 1960s silk maxi is pretty and the floral print on your vintage hawaiian maxi is gorgeous! That spot along the banks of the Severn River in the second photo looks like it would be a nice spot for a swim. Judging from the boats tied up at the riverbank (near the Lower Lode Inn?) the waters are navigable and a nice spot to visit. It looks like corn is in season there as it is here (yummy). Your blue eyeshadow is pretty. It's good to read that some of Kinky Mellon's stock found nice new homes with appreciative buyers. Happy Birthday to Jon!

  55. You are just gorgeous! gorgeous! every blooming outfit is beautiful and your curtain skirt is totally awesome! what a spot to pitch on? utterly brilliant and another gorgeous weekend, with drinks, yes please! Happy Birthday Jon! x x x

  56. Woo! So much win in one post! And the jungle skirt? Perfect. Just absolutely perfect!

  57. Now I see why you went regardless of whether you sold or not. It's just beautiful there, the kind of place that revives you. Lovely that you got to go out for tea instead of working 'til you drop. I so love that beautiful Jean Allan dress, the shape is beautiful, and that hawaiian maxi is lovely too, is it new to you? That skirt is great! We had jungle curtains as kids and I used to spend hours finding all the animals. Smile politely at my anecdote, Vix!!! :D happy birthday to Jon, Happy birthday to Jon... Xxxxx

  58. Lovely site! I would be pretty happy to just have been there too. Music or not. It's good to have a relaxing festival in between all the nutters ones

  59. A divine looking pitch and event - only enhanced by your fabulous array of outfits (the first silk maxi especially: WHAT a delicious find). Everyone needs a Vix style outfit to waft along the banks of the River Severn in.

  60. What a gorgeous, gorgeous location! How lovely to have your (fabulous) stall right next to the river. Great outfits throughout your time there, I particularly adore the first one: beautiful (EEEEH, SILK) maxi and I love the way you colour coordinated it with your earrings, eyeshadow, nail polish and lipstick.

  61. What a great campsite! I just love the jungle print skirt!

  62. What a gorgeous spot to set up!! That view is just beautiful. Love that magnificent skirt you rustled up, the fabric is fab (especially love the elephant!) XX

  63. This looks like an idyllic summertime event! I imagine people sitting on picnic mats, drinking ice tea and chilling out to good tunes. I want to be there. You look lovely in all these photos Vix - but as you well know I'm a huge fan of novelty prints and handmade so your maxi skirt is a total WIN in my mind!

  64. I was drooling over the stunning silk maxi in the first pic but then I saw the can of pre-mixed gin and diet tonic and I am most put out that we don't have that here!

    It looks like a lovely weekend and I'm glad it went well. Happy birthday to John!

  65. That looks such a relaxing place to spend a few days. I'm not surprised your customers want don their purchases immediately!
    Happy Birthday to Jon

  66. There's a vintage shop in Nashville called Fanny's (and that's perfectly innocent here in the States) that hosts vintage clothiers in a big sidewalk sale once a month during the Summer. It's so much fun to shop those little outdoor racks. I'm glad you did well.
    I love all of your looks, and the DIY skirt is so inventive, but that Jean Allen silk maxi is TDF!


  67. That Jean Allen maxi is stunning!! What a gorgeous place to have a festival!


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