Monday 4 November 2013

Invisible? You Can't Blinkin' Miss Me!

I'd followed Patti's blog for ages before I finally took part in Visible Monday.

It wasn't through shyness, it was simply because I felt a bit of a fraud. I've just never considered myself invisible and it's not because I have a massive head & fancy myself rotten.  As a kid my orthodontic braces and eczema marked me out as different and, throughout my 20s and 30s, it was my unorthodox way of dressing and my terrible limp. Even in my 40s I can't leave the house without someone passing comment, be it a sweet old dear in a charity shop or Ray from over the road telling me my skirt's too bloody short.

Let's face it, no-ones invisible. Even if you make absolutely no effort with your appearance, you're still seen, it's just that people will mutter she's let herself go under their breath rather than come over and pay you a compliment.

Say hello to Jayne. She made a special journey to the vintage fair in Warwick yesterday to meet me. She says that since discovering my blog she's put her jeans away, bought a new wardrobe entirely from charity shops and feels like a totally new woman. Doesn't she look fab?

1960s Angela Gore, London mini worn with my 1960s cranberry suede Go-Go boots (Kerrang K-boot sale, 2011), Nordiska suede belt (the 20p man), gormless expression (all my own)
Being noticed and self-promotion isn't what Visible Monday is about. Unlike those trashy magazines who grow rich from slagging off other women and feeding off their insecurities by promoting expensive products and airbrushed perfection, Visible Monday encourages others through positivity and kind words. It doesn't matter if your wardrobe's 40 years out of date (like mine) or you've a few wrinkles & your roots need doing, everyone is welcome.

High 50 UK gave Patti a well-deserved write-up today and mentioned me, hilariously choosing Curtise (currently internet-less, much to her frustration) and Tania's comments (as well as Mondoagogo's) to highlight the supportiveness of the wonderful world of blogland.

You might have spotted that I'm working my way through my bag of bargain Baklash frocks. Yesterday was the turn of the ruffled California "The look you love" maxi and it brought good luck too ,we had a fantastic day at the fair.

See you soon!

Updated to link to Bella and her Shoe Shine.


  1. I love your no nonsense advice and what an inspiration you are to your blog follower.
    Keep on being visible and inspiring.

  2. Oh Vix you look stunning in the mini dress and those amazing boots. A vision of vintage fabulousness.
    I get so sad when I see so many beautiful ladies wearing what I call wall-paper clothing......they just fad away, into the background. Here in NZ so many people wear all black....a sea of's like a so boring and depressing.
    Visible always fantastic....I have never commented but always have a peek.
    Yay to being always Visible.......and looking gorgeous.
    Love v

  3. You look absolutely fabulous :) I do admire your blogging friend as well, way to go!

  4. I love that Jayne was so positively inspired by your blog, Vix, though I'm not at all surprised. Visible Monday is the antithesis to anything I'd consider "fashiony", thankfully. It's a wonderful forum of self-expression and encouragement and I love meeting new peeps through it. Hey, I'd better participate this week! Love your frock and your mini-dress - that latter made me think "medieval" for some reason.
    P.s. Does your neighbour really tell you your skirt is too short?

  5. Those ruffles the sleeves and with those boots! I'm gushing! If these are two of the new frocks you bagged at the last bloggy meet up I'm even more jealous! You stick out because you do you so dam well! This outfit is a perfect example at just how unique and beautiful you are! I love that you have touched Jayne in such a way that she is now a happier person, it really doesn't get much better than that!

    I'm not surprised you had another great day selling your stall always looks so inviting! The picture of you and Jon is super sweet. I just adore you both! Can't wait to speak this week.

  6. You so don't have a massive head - you are tiny tho, funny I always thought you were quite tall, until yesterday :) I have completely let myself become invisible in the last few years those extra pounds (ok, stones) plus coming last in the queue for my attention after kids, guests and husband hasn't helped - no excuse now, no more guests. So now need to lose the pounds (yes, stones) and be me again. You are a total inspiration xxxx

  7. Well I am actually blushing! Thank you for your kind words - and for the amazing clothes you sold us, they are wonderful quality and absolutely gorgeous! If you fancy coming to Cov sometime, your Wetherspoons lunch will be on me! I'm free most Thursdays and Fridays, and our museum has a great vintage clothes exhibition until 5th January. I love what you are wearing today, and can I say to rasmbisilodge that you can start being you again right now - don't wait until you lose the weight. I have weight to lose, but I'm having fun and changing my style while I lose it! I bless the day I stumbled across this life-changing blog! xxx

  8. YAY! Another convert to the no jeans cause :D
    You look fantastic as always! I love those gogo boots, they're amazing!

  9. salut for jayne!
    last year i got my mother to put away her jeans too - by sewing her some skirts and dresses. everytime she´s calling me she tells my how much fun she have wearing a exclusive wardrobe :-)
    clothes are more than not being naked........

  10. Totally agree, no one is invisible and I agree with you and Patti that magazines sometimes really promote fake beauty and a fake kind of perfection.

  11. You are truly an inspiration! My biggest problem is that it's hard to stand out without the world seeing my massive set of boobs. I will forever struggle with how to be visible without being self conscious about my chest. It's a real challenge but your blog has gotten me to loosen up a bit. That doesn't mean I don't have a long way to go!

  12. You are truly an inspiration! My biggest problem is that it's hard to stand out without the world seeing my massive set of boobs. I will forever struggle with how to be visible without being self conscious about my chest. It's a real challenge but your blog has gotten me to loosen up a bit. That doesn't mean I don't have a long way to go!

  13. Ray can shove it up his arse! Too short?! Not short enough, according to G, my eternal fount of wisdom and lechery.
    YAY JAYNE!! Rock the hell ON, baby!
    Love this prim little Baklash number, and those frigging BOOTS are making me sick with envy and lust!! Or is that you?! Both, I expect. I'm having palpitations now....
    You are so right, people notice when you look like shite, they notice when you look amazing. Might as well go for the latter and blow their tiny frigging minds!
    Love Helga xxxXXXxxx

  14. Yay for bloggers like you, inspiring women like Jayne to find their inner Vix and be all the happier for it! Good for you Jayne!

    No, doll, you could never be invisible, but like you said, it's not because of a conscious effort on your part, it's because your personality and style are larger than life (at least compared to most people). I think Patti's Visible Monday is a great idea, but I've given up trying to get my shit together to participate when I have to go back to work on Mondays!

  15. You're looking as beautiful as always. Those boots. Those boots are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!!!

  16. Inspiring us all you are ! I have done some fine fun shopping at the thrifts lately with your inspiration in my noggin. My Mr says I look ravishingly and colorful lately, I said "Thank Vix"
    Speaking of ravishing you two in that last pic , your a lovely pair ,you two.
    I may just have to do a special display bloggie of my new layers ~ course I have to put my signature twist on it ...meaning there will be animals involved (you should know me by now) !

  17. Firstly, Big shout out to Jayne. Yay Jayne, good to have you on the team!

    Secondly "Unlike those trashy magazines who grow rich from slagging off other women and feeding off their insecurities by promoting expensive products and airbrushed perfection"
    You are so, so, so right.

  18. You look fabulous Vix. I just love your inspiring words, I wish more people would take a leaf out of your book xx

  19. Hi there! Love both your featured dresses today and those boots rock, they're so gorgeous! xx

  20. AMEN Sister!
    I have seen the article high 50 UK!
    Isn't great and you are my lovely the ideal ambassador!


  21. You and Jayne both look more-than-fab - you look authentic and happy and very cool. Thanks so much for your kind words, and for participating in Visible Monday. You're right, no air-brushing there! : > xoxo

  22. Completely agree, Patti has done a wonderful thing and no woman is invisible. Thought it was hilarious that High 50 said that I'm a bit young! I'll be joining the 5-0 brigade at the end of this year x

  23. aaaaaaaaaaah, these two-tone boots are too die for!
    ... going back to unpack moving boxes ...

  24. Stunning outfits, Vix!

    Jayne sounds like a total sweetheart! She's feeling free, looking good and having a great time! Isn't that what we all strive for? AsI keep sayin', you need your own television show with stories like this! ;)

    Hooray for our wonderful Patti and all the participants of Visible Monday!


  25. You're a inspiration Vix! xx

  26. Woohoo! Glad to hear you had a fantastic day :-) You looked lovely in the maxi, really pretty dress.
    LOVING those bloody-gorgeous red boots! I have tree-trunk calves, can't do the bloomin' things up lol. You look gorgeous in them anyway! I totally get Jayne and how you've influenced her. You've helped me through some bits recently just by your blog so all I can say is keep bloggin' Vix, you're looking tremendous and doing a tremendous jobs with others too xxx

  27. You're gorgeous in that dress, but of course you always are. You are such an inspiration, with your cheerful attitude and unique and always cool and interesting clothing choices. Those boots are amazing!

  28. I'm just catching up with my favourite blogs now I have internet again. Great to see you looking fabulous as ever. Xx

  29. Gasp, those boots! Amazing.
    I happened to watch one of those stupid reality tv shows on how to dress (or rather, how not to dress) and was just sickened by conformity and rules espoused. So sad.
    You're an inspiration to many, when I stumbled on your and Curtise's blog almost 2 years ago, I, like so many others was inspired to re-launch my love of vintage that I had abandoned for several decades.
    Your mini dress does look vaguely medieval!

  30. Jayne looks FANTASTIC!!

    And you are totally rocking that mini and fab boots!! This is an awesome post, BTW--you nailed everything I am thinking!!

    I love that you are YOU-unique and fabulous. If I could get away with being more "out there" at work without getting written up I would so dress more like you, Curtise, Helga and Sarah.

  31. Love this post and Gawd I LOVE this outfit on you! Especially the boots!
    See what a wonderful inspiration you are to others? I love that Jayne starting dressing up after reading your blog. I've told you before and I'll tell you again - I always repeat your little mantra now before I get dressed about a day without dressing up being a day wasted! xx

  32. oh boy i love this! love that you all got mentioned, love that Jayne brought a new wardrobe and is having fun, love those boots...ooooo how i love your dresses, your smile, that last picture, that you had a great day! Love it x

  33. Love your mini dress's got sleeves! Have to concur with many of these comments, it was you that made me think about the way I dressed and altho not fab, I hope I'm not drab now.
    So glad you did well at the fair and how marvellous to meet Jayne. Can just imagine your replies to

  34. Really liking this outfit Vix and I spotted the maxi dress in your other post and thought it was fab and it looks even better on :)

    Sal xx

  35. Ahhh those boots!!!! You have the best boot collection ever! I love how dressing in vintage makes me feel less invisible. Although the side-eye can take a bit of getting used to. Xx

  36. Hello Vix I love your blog and words of wisdom. Because of you I'm finding designer labels less desirable and actually spent a day thrifting. You have inspired me in so many ways!

  37. What an inspirational post. I have always had my own style and never liked to fade into the background but I do know it is hard for some women and the constant bombardment of so called 'perfectness' in mags and on TV don't make this easy for some less confident women.
    Your boots are fab ... and I'm not at all surprised you had a good day at the fair. M x

  38. What a great post Vix. Too true who wants to be invisible? Be who you are and be happy is my motto.

    X x

  39. Go Jayne! she looks awesome! reading this made me super chuffed! and it's how important I think blogs are to us, you know you inspired me too! hurrah!
    Love the Victorian-esque dress with those spectacular boots and your gorgeous romantic maxi, chuffed you both had a good day at the fair too!
    x x x

  40. I love seeing your fair pictures.
    I am so in love with those boots you're wearing. Great Colour!

    Have a lovey day xx

  41. I think it's just great there are bloggers who are so incredibly positive and inspiring in a very real and and inclusive way - yours and Patti's being among my all time favourites. Glad you had such a good day at the fair. Jayne looks wonderful! I love that photo of you and Jon! xx

  42. I love the Victorian lace up boots but since we walk bare footed in the house (thanks to the light colored carpets), I always think twice about buying them.. Lovely as always!


  43. Well this entire post is awesome. Vix you look ace, Jayne you're rocking it and you know what? Since reading this blog I've been a lot more confident in my clothing choices. My taste is my taste and I now realise not only can I not change it - I don't want to- thanks V xxx

  44. Back online, wheeeeee!
    Nope, you're certainly never invisible, darling, but it's as much to do with your smile and the positivity and good humour you radiate as your clothes! How fabulous that Patti and Vis Monday got a great write-up, and that you got a special mention - as you should! I'm laughing at the fact they picked my comment including the word arse - typical! You ARE inspiring, to lovely Jayne, and to many of us, myself included.

    Oh I do adore your Angela Gore (that rhymes), especially with those killer boots (and legs - bet Ray loves it when you wear a mini really!) The California dress was made for you - can't believe we missed it first time round!
    Well done, you did great at Warwick, but it's not all about business, is it? You spread the love, Vix, and that's why you're special. xxxxx

  45. So true that you are undoubtably the least invisible gal I know…and one of the most opinionated! ( I love that!)

    It must be awesome having someone stop by your booth saying that you've inspired them like that. You must be bursting with pride : )

    Those boots are killer.


  46. Wow you have been busy!

    You girls really did bag a bargain at the weekend. Can't believe that you were able to fill a bag for a tenner. You must have thought it was your birthday!

    Loving the dresses. The long one is just gorgeous. But love the shorter dress with the cute green tights and red boots!

    Well done on the mention and quite right too.

    P x

  47. Jayne is a star, and so are you! You look amazing in the Baklash dresses, but as Curtise says, it's not about how you look, it's your lovely personality that shines through.
    Can't wait for 29th!

    Annie xxx

  48. i love that you were living in the moment instead of fussing over camera's and blog stories. that's great!

  49. Gorgeous post as usual,thank-you, Vix!


  50. I know you are ourt there and proud of being what you are.
    I never felt invisible either, lol.
    Loving your dress, and everything about you.

  51. Thanks for being such a great inspiration!X

  52. Invisible..not you gorgeous and it has as much to to with you as a fabulous person as your magnificent frockery. You look stunning in both dresses.
    I think you should be available on the'd do everyone the world of good. You are a bloody inspiration for sure. Jayne looks fab..good on her.
    Loves ya!

  53. oh yes, your skirt is bloody too short and I love it! and love to receive this kind of comments, it means I'm in the good way too!
    And love to read about that lady who enjoys a new wardrobe and a great attitude thanks to discovering your blog!!, that's a wonderful lady!
    Of course, you're gorgeous and love your booties indeed!

  54. That's such a lovely message; that women use blogs to support and encourage one another to feel good about themselves. Really, what could be better? Maybe the only thing is seeing the evidence of that in lovely Jayne who made a special trip to meet you. I think that is wonderful. Hello Jayne! :)

    I love the look of that maxi! It's just so beautiful and fits you to perfection. I know we were gushing over it at the time. I just couldn't believe it appeared out of nowhere after we had scoured every rack for nearly two hours!

    We've got to hear more about Ray. Funnily enough I thought that Angela Gore was a top in the shop! Ha! He must LOVE living opposite to you and getting a daily shot of hotness! xxxxxx

  55. I don't think I could be invisible even if I tried to, lol ... and who wants that, anyway! You look marvellous in the printed frock, I LOVE that belt! xx

  56. Grand post, completely right. What a wonderful thing to know; that your blog helped a stranger's life change for the better. So many of us go through life without that kind of success. You have a positive effect every time you post, I know.
    About being seen: we all want that, whether we know it or not. Seen as in understood, acknowledged. Patti's is great for that ... not just passing in the street, but thoughtful pictures and thoughtful words that can allow us to make our messages clear. And gain insight, if we're lucky.
    Back to the important stuff: your divine outfit. Gorgeous, gorgeous look on you, Vix. A pleasure to see.

  57. I love your maxi dress! Also love that Jayne has put away her jeans and bought an entire charity shop wardrobe. What an inspiration you are.

  58. Unfortunately there are many invisibles in the city. People just blend in & if you see one you think you've seen them again as they all wear the same damn things! Even the so-called fashion forward have their "uniforms". No individuality, boring! You my gorgeous friend shall never be one of those! Keep shining that beacon, you've inspired so many! Great job selling! May you do much more! So wish we had these venues here, kind of sad, when there really is a need for low-cost, fun events like those you do! Love the dress, you & Jon always look so gorgeous together! XXX

  59. Love your dresses, I admire the fact that vintage to you isn't just a fad and your lifestyle truly reflects your beliefs...Have you decided when you're going to India? x

  60. Work on the basis that if they are talking about you, they are leaving some other b*gger alone!!

    Have had to develop a very 'whatever' attitude this year - small town joy!

  61. I've just watched the video of the meet-up on Serena's blog and I can't wait to see you wearing your latest finds, the dress featured in this post is amazing!! You are always so inspiring and it's great that you are the muse for so many women, let's start an anti-jeans riot!!
    Love xxxxx

  62. This is why I love you Vix, you're so supportive and original and highlight the need to just be yourself and enjoy clothes and life. Thank you for the lovely comment too, I love dressing up for Halloween! Those boots are also amazing!

  63. You look stellar usual. You seem to be part of the constellation that keeps our orbit in balance.
    What really excites me here is Jayne. Awesome! I've had that happen once and I think I internalized that great feeling.
    And I'm cheering for the coverage of Patti and all these wonderful women. I did feel invisible for a few Lost Years(!) so after following her for a while I finally got the courage to post.

  64. Fantastic! I love your positive and uplifting write ups Vix! and those boots are most excellent :)

  65. I love the picture of you and Jayne. How wonderful that she found you and was inspired to embrace her inner fashionista. I love her coat!! That's when you REALLY know you're on the right path, when the ripple effect of good energy comes back to you.

    Love you. Congrats on your mention. I thought it was a wonderful article and Patti has really built something, hasn't she? XXOO

  66. I will say it again Vix ... I just love you ... and your spirited enthusiasm for life! I am inspired by each and every visit to your space!


  67. You described Patti and Visible Monday perfectly.. She sets the tone and I love the supportive and fun gathering! Congratulations on the High 50 UK mention. To have met you is a gift that keeps on giving!

    And your boots are marvelous!

  68. Bless Jayne and bless you, your never be invisible your to gorgeous inside and out, dee xxx

  69. THOSE BOOTS!! MY GOSH!!! Yo just keep getting more awesome... awesomer? most awsomest? Oh, hell, you know what I mean.

  70. I am so glad the article picked you out Vix (and a comment from Curtise referring to your bum, hee hee). You summed up the community spirit and celebratory nature of Visible Monday. Not to drive up traffic, but to enjoy each others worlds and outfits! Xxx

  71. I love that you just say it is like it is Vix! Also those boots are amazing!

  72. Love the boots!And Ray from over the road should shut his trap! LOL!

  73. I heart you sooo much it hurts my teeth. Can't explain. But it does. In a good way.

    You just being you- remind me how it's done. And by done, I mean done right. BE YOURSELF, be KIND. BE HONEST, and be ethical, sustainable and original. You are the real deal- I drink up your gorgeous face and style, and savor every word- always wisdom put in easy to digest and very enjoyable ways. Love those shoes too- if you are a UK size 5, and ready to depart from them let me know. I would treasure them like a dragon sitting on her nest.

    Thank you for linking up to Shoe Shine. You are indeed a super star.

  74. I love that reading your blog inspired Jayne to ditch the jeans and be more adventurous, and she looks great!

    Love the mini dress.


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