Friday, 11 October 2013

Treasures From The Attic

The bulging suitcase my friend unearthed from his Dad's attic proved rather interesting.

Lurking within were clothes that hadn't seen the light of day for over forty years, including his Mum's sage green, 1930s-inspired Bernshaw, London two piece and her silver suede & sheepskin jacket, a much sought after replacement for a tan one I wore to death during the 1990s.

Today's hair-style was inspired by my past (and kept my ears deliciously warm).

Me, six years old, in 1972

My Mum had a dread of us looking ordinary so I spent most of my school days sporting outlandish hairdos. Was I bullied? My classmates might have tried to single me out but I wasn't bothered, as Mum always said, better to be noticed for being different than to be overlooked for being the same as everyone else.

After 31 years things haven't changed, I'm still happier being odd than on-trend. 

Remember me mentioning having to go out to buy felt on Wednesday? 

I wanted to do something crafty with the bulging bag of broken jewellery, beads and sequins my friend, Sandy, generously gave me. Here's a nice and easy project you can get your teeth into on a quiet night in. A large glass of rum & coke is an optional extra.

You'll need:

Broken jewellery, sequins and beads
Needle and thread
2 x squares of craft felt (Around 80p a piece from craft shops & haberdashers)
Strong, all-purpose glue (U-HU is fine)
Eyelets (Optional)

Cut one piece of felt into a bib shape.
Arrange your bling until you find a layout you like.
Sew each piece of jewellery to the second piece of felt and then cut around the edges so the felt backing isn't visible from the front.
Glue each individually backed piece of jewellery to the bib.
Sew each piece into place to ensure they remain secure.
Sew ribbon to each end to fasten (I used eyelets).
Happy crafting!

We missed last night's Peaky Blinders so we're catching up later (accompanied by a roaring fire, a bottle of Lidl's finest white rum and a cat or two). For a woman who can't normally abide costume dramas I'm hooked. It's set in Birmingham, the cast talk like me, it's dark & violent with amazing costumes and Cillian Murphy, what's not to love?.

See you soon!


  1. Such gorgeous finds! You look lovely :)

    I adore the collar - such a great idea.

    Have a wonderful day xx

  2. Oh Vix - I'm honest: I prefer you so much more in colours, you are right with avoiding greys and beiges. Personally, I love wearing these colours, but you are too much of a crazy bird for these shades. Love you xx

  3. Wow! Such great finds! You look so fab!

  4. Ooh the jacket is lovely, bet it's pleased to see the daylight again. I had a plan to make a bib necklace with zips on it, after seeing one in the v&a shop - it's not happened yet!

  5. Ooh the jacket is lovely, bet it's pleased to see the daylight again. I had a plan to make a bib necklace with zips on it, after seeing one in the v&a shop - it's not happened yet!

  6. Ooh the jacket is lovely, bet it's pleased to see the daylight again. I had a plan to make a bib necklace with zips on it, after seeing one in the v&a shop - it's not happened yet!

  7. I was looking forward to seeing what was in the suitcase, and I'm not disappointed! On my monitor, the Bernshaw two piece looks more yellow/chartreuse than sage, but no matter, it's a fantastic fit, and those sleeves are beautiful! That suede/sheepskin jacket is amazing, but really, Vix, where's your wolf fleece? You could probably get one at the same time as your granny pants in the Rag Market...
    I adore the 6 year old Vix with her mad hair and rebellious collar. Good for your mum for recognising that difference and individuality are to be applauded, not squashed.
    Fab hair, brilliant collar, you're a star!
    Enjoy your cosy night in, love!
    PS. At her request, I've just done Nina's hair is bundled-up bunches as a homage to you. She's got the Quirky Factor, that's for sure... xxxxx

  8. You are so lucky to be slender as you can carry off the outfits so well ( we missed PB last night as well so its catch up for us later as well :-)

  9. I love the dress - it is beautiful!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  10. Some lovely clothes you have there. Love the jacket really lovely, definitely my favourite one!

    Love the bib necklace and looks so lovely on you too.

    We are enjoying Peeky Blinders too, though I seem to have way to much fun changing the name. Pesky Binliners seems to be a favourite! It is good though, though I reckon the makers of the programme wished it was set in the sixties judging by the flavour of the music though! lol.

    Have a fab weekend.

    P x

  11. Amazing finds and I LOVE your crafty collar - looks fab!

  12. The two piece shows your figure off to perfection! What a great gift. I wonder what other cool stuff was in the case?
    The school photo is so cute. Your mother would be very proud of you now, that's for sure.
    Have a cosy night in and a lovely weekend. xxx

  13. Oh Vix, that suit is gorgeous and suits your figure to a T! The sheepskin is lovely too and perfect for this time of year, it's windy as heck my end! It's lovely they are being used again, they're too nice to be hidden away!

    Hows Stephen Squirrel, hope he's back to his old self!

    Wore the Dollyrockers last night! I felt like a star! Made sure I didn't have 'dress tucked in knickers' incidents either so I even managed to stay 'dignified' haha which is a rarity! It's Tre Magnifique!

    Haven't heard of Peaky Blinders so will definitely have to check that out, I'm a period drama nut and if it's got Cillian Murphy in, well...! haha! hope you had a good evening!

  14. Amor,
    Your such an elegant beauty.check that suede/sheepskin coat out! love your hair. I wear my hair like that before bed, makes my waves last longer.
    You were such a styling cutey.That gem collar is amazing.Have a great cosy night.


  15. WOW!! Your hair looks incredible like that. LOVE it.
    Also that outfit definitely doesn't belong in a case somewhere, what a find.
    Clever thing with the collar, great idea for broken gems. xx

  16. Way cool! And it's incredible that the original owner of the suit case was the same size as you are.

  17. The suit is FABTASTIC!! and the silver jacket is just stunning!! can't wait to see what other treasures were in nthe suitcase!!
    you were adorable as a wee one!!

    Your DIY bib is fantastic--and giving me IDEAS on what to do with the load of broken bling I have!!
    Have a fantastic weekend!!

  18. Hair looked great then and looks great now. And love the jacket on you.

  19. O Vix I adore your philosophy your Mum was so right in her attitude! That suit looks made for you!

  20. Ohhhhh whatl loveliness hiding away in that sutucase, I bet there was a little gasp when you picked it out to have a look. Fits you perfectly, fancy that and coat is lovely.

    I just love six year old Vix, what a trendsetter. I old have loved my hair styled like that, at that age. It might of helped hide my chronically sticky outty ears back then and stop the teasing.

    What a genius idea with the collar and broken jewellery. X

  21. Hi there! What a wonderful jacket and 2 piece, they so deserve to be worn and loved again and you look fabulous! Have a great weekend! Xxx

  22. treasure! so exciting to find such amazing pieces, the two piece is fabulous, the sleeves and the cut are so beautiful, and your inspired hair is gorgeous, what a cutie you were at 6, your Mum is fab and right about individuality -
    the felt necklace is a blinking good idea, you are like an Egyptian queen, enjoy your rum and have a bloody good weekend!! x x

  23. That Bernshaw outfit is beautiful.
    Love your bejewelled bib.
    Hoping pussycat is getting his mieow back?
    Z xx

  24. Wow that outfit is so pretty and it fits you perfectly. Your body is rockin'!

    Your Mom sounds very cool.

    Have a great weekend.


  25. I love the outfit and hair, very sophisticated. What a great attic find.

  26. I love this necklace you made and you use felt! that's great, so cheap here - I too have a lot of jewelery all over the place - or you could use other material -

    This 2 piece you are wearing is just marvelous on you

    Happy weekend to you

    Ariane xo

  27. How very sublime! You are looking quite Biba-esque today, my lovely! What a stunningly slinky outfit! Oooo, and I love the coat! YAY for mysterious bulging suitcases in the attic! I can't wait to see what else you found!
    The bib is stupendous! Fecking glamtasmic! Great way to use broken jewellery; I've got quite the broken pile myself. Can't resist picking it up!
    Love Helga xxxXXXxxx

  28. You look stunning. What a beautiful colour. Fabulous hairstyle.

  29. Gorgeous jacket! And I bloody love the 6 year old you. The expression on that little face is priceless!

  30. How is it that your friend's suitcase revealed such a stunning dress that fits you perfectly? You have the best luck when it comes to vintage finds.
    You look like a Hollywood diva in that outfit.
    Too bad you had to wear school uniforms. I would have loved to see what you wore in your 'free time' at that age.
    Great use for broken jewelry, love the Egyptian bib!

  31. I love Cillian Murphy!

    You look stunning in your new pieces and they fit you like a glove! Pastel colors look great on you. I loved pastels when I had black hair - it was a nice contrast. And what a cutie you were at 6!
    I might have some bling to use for something like that. Thank you for sharing the idea!


  32. I forgot to add: your mom was an incredible role model!

  33. Wow, how wonderful to unearth clothing of your Mum's that you remember her wearing - and then be able to wear it to boot! You look amazing in everything. And your hair is like Princess Leia, but better. :) Fun DIY project too. I tried to make one of those collars at a media event in TO. Thank God I had some vino before as I'm the least craftiest person in the bunch, so it helped me get through and have a laugh ... As it was it didn't turn out so badly.... Xoxo

  34. Your mother must have been one amazing woman, so glad you are like her and loved her. What fantastic finds and perfect fit. She ill be so proud of you!!

  35. your crafted collar is beautiful,it works so well! x

  36. you were an adorable little girl vix. what happened? just kidding. my mother chopped all us girls hair off into the popular pixie cut so she didn't have to comb out our knots. no wonder i'm so screwed up.

    seriously cool stuff in that suitcase!

  37. love the clothes, so stylish , love peaky blinders too, really upset that its the last one next week , i dont usually like period drama either but this one is different, fantastic acting and like you say costumes beautiful xxx

  38. wow, gorgeous vintage pieces - and you look gorgeous wearing them! Love your new felt crafted necklace too. xox

  39. Love the jacket and that people's attics can hold such treasures...The bib necklace is such a great idea! x

  40. Oh little Vix. So cute! Rocking collars and fab hair your whole entire life. What great advice from your mom.<3 So how is it that so many things fit you perfectly? Just one of your many talents I'm sure.

  41. Such lovely togs you got there! Pure elegance. And the hair....LOVE!!! What a cute little whippersnapper you were! And are!!!!
    ; )

  42. I think the 2 piece might be one of my favorite looks on you...especially with your hair-do. That outfit was waiting for the right person and that is you! Adorable 6 year photo. A true beauty like yourself can have blonde or dark hair. Not many can pull that off. XXX

  43. Oh how wonderful to unearth such treasures! That old school photo is adorable. I remember always being a bit of an "odd" one out at school too. I think its mostly because my Dad didn't give a s**t about what anyone else thought of him, definitely a trait of inherited. Love the old school photo and that DIY is awesome, isn't it just fabulous to re-purpose old treasures?

  44. Love it that you knew who you were at six !
    I did too , I was Pipi Longstockings :)
    You just fabulous !!

  45. That dress is gorgeous and fits you so well. I love the expression on six-year-old you's face and the half-popped collar.

  46. Some great, vintage glam here, Vix! Your neckpiece is brilliant!

    And what an adorable kid your were too!

  47. Oh Vix that jacket is heaven, what a super nice find!!! Lucky you to always get such treasures. Love your hairstyle and that pic of you as a 6yo too!!! Cutie pie!
    Pretty diy, if i had that much jewels i'd make one too.
    Have a fab saturday! XX Tani

  48. You will always be on trend because you are unique, my dear Queen.
    Love, love, love

  49. I would have loved knowing your mum! "Better to be noticed for being different than to be overlooked for being the same as everyone else" is a great motto.

    Any more "mum-isms"?

    And re. your prior post, Yes! Green IS a beautiful color!

  50. You exude class in the sage green two piece, with your hair inspired by the fabulous photo of you at the adorable age of six. The silver jacket is a beauty.

    Your Mum's words are touching! How special to be encouraged to revel in your individuality at an early age. By the looks of you gorgeous neck piece, your creativity is endless!

  51. like like like♥♥♥
    greetings from germany

  52. I'm looking forward to seeing that jacket a lot!! It's amazing. How wonderful to be handed a bag of goodies like that! I had to smile when I saw your picture at 6. Not only the hair, but the rakish angle of your collar and loosened tie. Struck me as very stylishly undone. Your craft project is divine and has me imagining all sort of things.

    I think I have to try to find the show you're talking about. I think I'd be hooked. XXXXOOOO

  53. If I had seen your six-year-old self when I was that age, I would have wanted to be friends! My hair was a short pixie cut that you couldn't do anything fun with so I would have envied your poufy side-ponies.

    I have been thinking about getting some felt to see what I can make with it, and your collar has provided more food for thought. I do like the jacket, but the colour of the dress seems rather un-Vix like (that's just my opinion)

  54. It's like my favourite type of historical detective novel - treasures in the attic! And what treasures. Both are spectacular, but the furry coat is my absolute fave.

    The 6 year is very recognisably you, if that makes sense. The buns are great, but my eye was drawn to your stylin' collar and gorgeous green eyes. Good on your Mum for encouraging creativity. Xxx

  55. P.s I had to google Peaky Blinders, this is what happens when you don't have a tv! Is it scary? I am bad at watching scary things. Young Montalbano - fine. Things like 24 - too scary ! Xxx

  56. Oooh, I love that jacket, I've always wanted one like that but never justified the cost! The necklace is a super idea! X

  57. How cool that your friend gave you an old full suitcase from his dad's attic! Must have been so fun to look through, and the outfit you found is perfect on you. It couldn't have been a better fit.

    I love your idea for repurposing broken bits of jewellery!

  58. you find a real treasure!
    this dress is big opera! what a beautiful thing.

    this kind of jackets i wore to dead too in the 90´s, i still have a (now to small) coat - cant give them away - to much memories.......

  59. Ah the glamour, the intruige! You look a total knock out in that gorgeous fur coat and the sage green number looks soooooo very Ossie Clark I am drooling. LOVE the Princess Leia buns sweetheart!

  60. You're so lucky! And everything fits like a dream, gorgeous!

    I love your bib necklace, it's a wonderful idea!

    Have a lovely weekend :)

  61. You look beautiful in that outfit.

  62. Wow ... what a couple of lucky finds and they fit like they were tailor made for you.
    Love the hair too ... gorgeous ... and practical ... it's a win win ;0)

  63. Fabulous! I've always dreamed of opening a suitcase at random and finding a treasure trove of vintage! Love the craft idea too! so much vintage jewelry, my eyes are so facinated

  64. Treasures indeed, that jacket is marvellous! I love the crafty bit too, great result! xx/Madison

  65. i looooove green on you! oh gosh how adorable you was as 6 year old;) lovin the hairstyle! and also the suede jacket is a dream!

  66. Your dad's mums sage green 1930s inspired Bernshaw London two piece looks beautiful and the fabric looks like it must feel exquisite. How wonderful that those treasures are seeing the light of day again.

  67. Shhhh Vix I am meant to be cleaning the house which is in such a bloody mess.....and pretty empty to....Trouser thinks we have moved's all in the shop.'s so lovely to have a wee catch up with you.....I have missed popping into blogland....thanks for the fantastic comments on the shop......I am so tried......these old feet are not used to it. Oh I love the photo of you when you were a little poppet.......gosh your mum must have been one amazing lady......the sort of person you feel so blessed to meet......a lot like meeting you I could imagine. Sending a big squirrel v

  68. ADORE the felt necklace! I have been wanting to do something like this for a while; thanks for the tutorial! xoxo

  69. your choker rocks! LOVE x
    Natalie Off Duty

  70. I love the photo of you when you were little, such style. And you suit your hair like that now too, not many people can get away with saying that. No doubt with these dark mornings and winter fast approaching you are planning a trip to India very soon.

  71. Just when I think you can't look more fabulous - you do! Beautiful hair and outfit Vix - love it all! xx

  72. Oooh that sage two piece outfit is AMAZING on you! And I love the beautiful green accessories.

    Your crafted fab bib necklace thing is GORGEOUS. You are bloody gorgeous.

    Love you more than YOUR HAIR DO.

    Sarah xxx

  73. This picture of you and those signature can I call them that? Signature pigtail bobs makes me so happy. The wee you and the grown up you are both too sweet for words! This dress is so elegant and the jacket a perfect pairing, what treasure you always come across, you attract it because you are so beautiful!

  74. This picture of you and your signature pigtails can I call them that, well I am, are so stinking sweet! This elegant dress and beautiful fur need your playful pigtails to make this outfit you! I love that people save stuff for you, because you bring them life again.

    I love the collar to death and wish I had the bits to give it a try. Your creativity knows no bounds!

  75. Hehehe 6 year old you is sooooo CUTE! And I love your hair in that pic. I used to wear a bun on each side of my head in school. Most of the other girls were too princessy and prissy for that look. lol

  76. Awwwww, Vix, look at little baby YOU!!! So adorable!! I love your hair, and I love that you still put it in buns on the sides. I love that on you!


  77. I don't agree with the comments about the colours ... I think u look just as beautiful in muted tones! Love that jacket! And I also like the dress you are wearing in the close up jewellery pics :)

    Sal xx

  78. Love this outfit on you - the dress and jacket are just gorgeous.

  79. Aw look at that cute wee face! Loving the crafting, what a cool idea :)

  80. Working my way backwards through your posts to catch up! I actually think you look stunning in this! I love these shades of silver and yellow on you. Sure they are more muted than your usual choices but you are lucky to have the colouring and the figure to pull them off as well as your usual brights. Variety is the spice of life! Hope you get more wear out of these beauties.


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