Monday 28 October 2013

Take A Walk On The Wild Side

I had to be at the doctor's at 8am this morning which, according to the BBC was right when St Jude, the storm currently battering the UK, was due to reach the Midlands. 

However, other than a bit of rain and an overnight power-cut, it was all a bit of a non-event and my wind-proofed hair and cosy layers for the 5 minute walk around the corner wasn't really necessary.

I wish I could blame the weather on the weirdness of my photos today, not sure what setting the camera was on but they look distinctly blurry. I must try reading the manual.

This was our pitch yesterday.

I rescued my repurposed trellis from the garden to make a display frame for the kitsch art badges Jon & I spent Saturday afternoon making.

My glamorous assistant.....

1960s catsuit (the divine Helga), ridiculous disco ball earrings (off the market), 1970s silver Ravel platforms (£3.95, Cancer UK, 2011), hair by Jon!
...and his boss!

Sales were great considering there weren't as many people through the doors as usual. There's a bagful of empty coat hangers and shoe trees, ready to be replenished ready for next Sunday's fair in Warwick (details HERE).

As I'm frantically saving for India, I tried my very best to avoid looking at everyone else's stalls but when a friend's daughter pointed out this amazing swimsuit I couldn't say no!

Another friend bought this fan for me. I do love a bit of Spanish tat.

And these 1971 & 1972 copies of Golden Hands a mate gave me will keep me happy for hours. I actually bought the rug on the cover of the magazine in the bottom right hand corner from a car boot sale in the Summer (HERE). I'd kill to own the crochet halter neck maxi in the middle of the top row, maybe if I wait long enough I'll find it secondhand.

Psychedelic 1970s velvet maxi (£10, Vintage shop, Spitalfields), 1970s suede jacket (from a friend's Dad's loft), striped top (50p, car boot sale, 2011), Patchwork bag (20p, jumble sale), earrings made by Tamera and pendant by Helga

Hope you had a fabulous weekend. I'm off to visit Dad, B&Q (massive DIY superstore) and then tackle the mountain of stock, still bagged up from last night...wish me luck on all three counts!

See you soon.


  1. I look forward to your posts, your storm proofed self looks just as amazing as always.

    I'm stealing some tips from your gorgeous stall (namely the repurposed frame)

    Have a lovely day and yes, good luck with all your days events :) x

  2. That Golden Hands pic looks like it would make a great placemat or fridge magnet.

    Besides a lot of loud wind, my neighbourhood looks much the same out of the windows, the trees didn't even lose any leaves! But there's a fallen tree in a local street, and I've just read on Twitter that three people have already died due to the storm. It reached 99mph where my friend lives.

    Your maxi skirt looks nice and cosy.

  3. Oh gosh, Kinky Melon is looking grander and more fab than ever, such a blissful success, when can I catch you on tour? It's lovely to hear of a trip to India soon. I've missed so much, I feel dreadful, but you are forever my inspiration, always.

    p.s I've really missed you Vix.

  4. I do wish you luck on all 3 counts! Hope all is well with Dad.

    Yes, I'm glad the storm wasn't as bad as forecast. Yesterday afternoon it was a bit keen, but our roof didn't hop off and that's what I always worry about.

    Have you got a Tina for sale as well as your Gerald Kelly? Glad you did so well, your stall as always looks great and I love you in that Helga catsuit with your up-do! Super sophisticated. That swimsuit is amazing! What a great buy. You do know that you have to model it for us don't you? Spanish tat is one of the joys of life and that's a pretty nifty fan Senorita Vixen! xxxxxx

  5. Good luck on all fronts! You certainly know how to ride out a storm...and still look glamorous, even if it didn't hit your area too badly (thank goodness!).
    Oooh, India on the horizon sounds good :-)

  6. We seem to have missed the worst of the storm too. Love the badges you made!

  7. Good luck for your day!You look great at 8 in the morning, I think St Jude saw you and has decided to go bugging less stylish and less fabulous people!The skirt and the striped shirt are my favourite!!
    Your stall looks amazing and I love the frame you made and all the weird art badges in it!!What a lovely idea!! Jon is always glamorous and it's great that he did your hair, you were so beautiful with that hairdo and the purple catsuit!! The swimsuit is wonderful too!
    Love you!

  8. Well you look ready to take non the storm and the doctors in style. Your pitch for the fair looked perfect and I love the badges. I couldn't see them too well at first, then thought a wall of badges of fabulous vintage blogging beauties would be glorious. I'm dying to find a fabulous swimsuit like yours and the many others you have. Summer is coming and it's already heating up and we intend of have many a weekend morning beach combing. My favourite op shop we're trying to giveaway a box full of Golden Hands books the other week.

  9. Gosh Vix, even prepared to brave a storm you look ravishing!

    Hope the India saving's going well, I know your pain since I am saving for our trip myself...Hope one day we could meet on the beach somewhere in India x

  10. Ooh you certainly couldn't turn that swimsuit down. Perfect!

  11. I love your hair like that ... It looks really cute and as you say is wind proof. Perfect!

    Your pitch (and assistant) look very good and I'm glad you ended up with empty hangars.

    Stay well in the bad weather my dear friend.

  12. That swimsuit was obviously made for you!

  13. Hope next week's pitch is a smashing success....Happy that dressing for the storm wasn't that necessary...

    And I think I've finally caught up with you. Your previous post brought a tear or two to my eyes. Kind of going through a similar circumstance to yours of 2010. (The blue dress IS gorgeous, by the way. A great color on you - but then, I can't think of a color you CAN'T wear! Is there one????)

  14. Love that swimsuit and good luck with all your missions today!


  15. I was right then , we were lucky enough to miss the storm, you're stall looked fab , really set out well , might see u at B & q, although at the moment can't decide to leave it until tomorrow or not yet xxx

  16. Your pitch looks amazing, very inviting. No doubt you will look stunning sT on an indian beach in your new swim suit and I am guessing if you can't find the dress in the photo you can make one.

  17. Don't you love vintage craft magazines? I too could spend hours with them. Love your weather-proofed hair and fab jacket, and congrats on a good weekend of sales. xox

  18. If the winds did get high, you could also just pile on the jewelery to keep from being blown away. Glad the storm was a non-event in your area.
    I don't know where you and Jon find the time to be making kitsch badges. You're a wonder woman.
    I have the whole set of those Golden Hands mags and they are so much fun. Don't know when I'll doing all that sewing and needlepoint, though.
    What great colors and print on that swimsuit!

  19. Lou Reed (RIP :-( ) would approve of your use of his song title with your wonderful outfit!

  20. Your stall looks fabulous! Wish I could have been there to have a browse. The storm hit London at about 6.45 this morning, I was hoping for a cheeky day off work but alas after closing my station for a while it was back up and running by 10 so I had to go in! x

  21. Hope all went well and your DOC appt. You and your fab assistant and stall looked great for the weekend , glad sales were up ! I am pulling for you for the return trip to India :)

  22. Love the swimmers and badges. I need the latter for my upcycled messenger bags!

    Hope your 3 missions were as successful as Jons styling of your hair. X

  23. So glad to hear the storm was just a tempest in a teacup - the news stories sounded pretty threatening.

    Your stall and your assistant look fabulous, as usual!

  24. St. Jude, the storm is named St. Jude? Lost cause,wasn't it?

    Glad to hear it petered out before it got to you.

  25. Ah St. Jude, our patron saint of hopeless cases! You look as beautiful as ever and I'm so glad you didn't resist that swim suit. It is fabulous!

  26. You will look fab in that swimsuit. It would have been the perfect attire for me for the downpour we had on the way to work this morning ... !
    Your last post was so poignant but how touching to dress up for her and make sure she still looked lovely. M x

  27. Love that swimsuit and you are gonna rock India in that!
    Glad the storm did'nt hit that hard on you .

  28. Errrr , sometimes i think were evil twins separated at birth . You got the skinny and the fashion sense . I got the lard and the beige and a whole set of Golden

  29. Be glad the storm was a non event. Several people down here were without power for hours. It was a bit of a non event for us too. I didn't let the cats out so they went a bit bonkers.
    Todays oufit is wonderful and I love the storm proof hair!
    Jealous of the B&Q trip! xxx

  30. totally impressed with your stall..looks so inviting :) & that swimsuit is too day so if you decide to give it away please think of me.

  31. I agree, that swimsuit is pretty cool! I love your coat too. Hope you stay warm and brave the cold! x

  32. Looks like a successful show. Seeing your booth makes me so sad I don't live closer. Looks like a great stash.

    That bathing suit is sweet!


  33. Very FUN outfit!

    Your stall looked great! Looking forward to seeing you rock that awesome bathing suit. You certainly couldn't leave that one behind.

    Your post title is a fitting tribute to Lou Reed; the "KIng of New York" as David Bowie called him. RIP. :(

  34. I like your Boy Scout approach if being prepared, even if you didn't really need to be, in the event. It hasn't been bad here at all, just a bit wet and windy. I love the Princess Leia buns and that maxi from your London trip is superb.
    You and Jon are just the dream team, a badge-making, hairdressing, vintage-selling duo of fabulousness! I always love to see your pitch, I think your displays get better and better each time. And your purple and silver cat suit is amazing!
    Yes, I do indeed wish you lots of luck with the day, hope your dad is doing OK. I've just spent hours gossiping with Trace over numerous cups of tea, it's been lovely! xxxxx

  35. glad the storm is not ruining your day!, you're looking gorgeous (as usual) and lovely colorful!!, and your psychedelic maxi is a dream!. And you and your assistant look über fabulous and glamorous!
    besos & spanish kitsch

  36. Hi there! So pleased to hear the storm bypassed you-you look fabulous and I so love your jacket and the vibrant maxi! Have a great week ahead xxx

  37. Looking fabulous and glamorous despire the storm. We are in Bude, Cornwall and I look like I have been dragged through a hedge backward my hair is everywhere!

  38. Looking fantastic for that time in the morning! I don't know how you do it girl!Your stall looks amazing XX

  39. Your set-up is just fantastic--i'm sure it pulls people in to buy all of your goodies. Plus how fabulous did you and Jon look??
    Those art pins look awesome!!

    You HAD to have that fabulous bathing suit. It's too wonderful to just swim in!!!

    The Golden Hands mags look interesting--I also adore old craft mags.
    Hope all went well at the Drs.!! you look stunning as always!

  40. Your booth looks amazing as you both do as well!! Hope it is a success and you or off to India soon ~Love Heather

  41. You are glamorous, even on your walk to your physician appointment. The velvet maxi is breathtaking! And I can see why you couldn't resist the vintage swimsuit.

    Best wishes on successful sales as you make your way to India!

  42. I always love looking at old golden hands magazines, they make me smile! Looking lovely in purple. Also I always find natural disasters aren't as bad as the media says they are!

  43. fab outfit! you are a funky Princess Leia! I hope you do find the crochet halterneck, you would look amazing in it. The pitch looks enticing, I would have rummaged for ever and how fab is it that Jon did your hair, he is truly multi-skilled! good score on the swimsuit too x x

  44. Empty hangers are always great after the sale!!!
    I love that gray coat on you! Pastels and jewel tones work wonderfully with your black hair and caramel colored skin.
    Amazing how you found the rug that is on the cover of a magazine, so maybe the halter dress is awaiting for you somewhere in a near future.
    Good luck with all three endeavors today, especially the mountains of stock :)


  45. Whatever the weather, you look marvelous, the hair is super-duper! You must have such skill & patience, half the time I struggle with a ponytail lol.
    Your pitch looks fantastic, really inviting and full of goodies!!
    Hope you and also your Dad are in as good a health as absolutely possible xx

  46. I love the jumpsuit.
    Good Luck with all your tasks. Love the homage to Lou.

  47. That's a fabulous silhouette Vix! Any fur tends to bulk me out too much but fur trim could be the answer :-) We were supposed to have a nice jolly adventure to the city today but of course the storm took care of that!
    Oh that crochet halter is divine, I am certain you'll find it one day.
    Hope you got through all well enough xx

  48. Of course you couldn't say no to that swimsuit ... it's gorgeous.
    Glad the storm wasn't too bad.

  49. I adore your hair like this and now every time you wear it this way I picture you as a tiny munchkin! That skirt is mad, I love it and i bet it's nice and warm too. Your pitch makes me scream it's as dam neat and funky and I think the badges you and Jon made are crazy good, represent YO!!!! I can see what that suit had to be yours, so fab and ready for India for sure. I hope your Dad, the doc and the DIY store all went well.

  50. Well I must say you look very fashionable for the impending storm! I just love that royal blue catsuit/maxi dress?...I call it, if it goes into your boutique lol!!

  51. We are suppose to get high winds and rain this maybe it's what is left of your storm
    Great pitch you had there, oh boy hours of shopping!
    Your pics are alright not blurry at all
    Jon is a genius with hair!

  52. Hello lovely look just gorgeous all layered up for the storm that wan't a storm.
    I am so pleased you bought the fantastic 70's swimsuit, it's a gem. India here you come.
    If I ever find a crochet halter-neck dress it would be in the next parcel on its way to you.
    Eeekkkk I always want to have a rummage in your amazing much treasure.
    Have a wonderful week......I have just snuck on to the computer.......I am meant to be hand-washing some stock.....oh to you V

  53. I appreciate your homage to Lou Reed with the title. RIP Lou. Vix I envy the fact that you can walk to so many places from your home, it sounds so quaint. Anywho, best of luck to you on all three counts!

  54. Glad to hear the weekend trade went well for you. Not that I am surprised you always have such fabulous stock!

    x x

  55. Ah! goldenhands! Ive got two of my mums Golden hands encyclopedia of crafts volumes. some really good and some really tragic craft in there.

    Oh how i wish i could pop over to the mother country to visit your shop and pick up some of your goodies! That swimsuit is perfect for you!

  56. Vix, oh your such a breath of fresh air! As a fellow Blackcountry wench (I get affectionately teased with this so hopefully you find it a cute nickname too),I adore the midlands themed posts. I always read your blog with a massive smile on my face so just HAD to say thank you for being a ray of cyber sunshine! Lots of love from a land locked surfer girl :)

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. Sorry, pressed the wrong thingy! I love your outfit and would love to meet you on Sunday. We've got friends staying for the weekend, and I'm wondering if I can persuade them to come with me! I would love to meet you and see all the lovely things you have on sale. I have become so much more adventurous in my clothes and in my charity shopping thanks to you! But I'm also a bit nervous, as last time I met a blogger (2years ago when I also had a blog) I felt she found me a disappointment, and she didn't mention meeting me in her blog, which put me off, sorry, this sounds really silly, ok, I'll just stop right there! I'll try and persuade my friends to come to Warwick! x

  59. I'm glad the storm turned out to be a non-event. I so love when you bun-ify your hair; it looks so cool on you! There's that delicious velvet maxi with the fabulous pattern - if you ever get tired of it....(not that it would fit me).

    YOur booth looks so tidy and organized! No wonder you did so well, with the two of you radiating awesomeness!

  60. Best of luck with it all! You look adorable all wrapped up and wintry in your storm ready outfit, and I can't get enough of your hair like that! Don't work too hard sweetheart.

  61. OMG, that swimsuit!!! EEEEEEEEEK! Frigging love it, and that Spanish tat fan is are those BADGES!!!! Feck me, they'll go like hotcakes!
    Bloody weather, the freezing wind here all weekend fecked me right off. O well. You looked GLORIARSE in that catsuit, I love it so much and you are OS queenly in it! the disco earring are pure perfection! Such a great stall, I just want to jump on in, and I totally would-I'd be the annoying customer that you can't get rid of!
    Love Helga xxxXXXxxx

  62. O, YES! Those wedges ARE the sister of yours! I am so glad I found them in my size at last, I love the colouring and the print. XXX

  63. You and your assistant look fabulous. I love Jon's shoes. Your hair looks great like that. The swimsuit is gorgeous. I can see why you couldn't resist it.

  64. I know the great fabric of your skirt - I just do not know from where - an aunt from West Germany in the 70's? a friend in the 90's?????

    the storm hit us on monday afternoon/evening, i was rockclimbing with friends. the crazy - warm! - wind made it special, but it was not dangerous at all. at night it was pretty noisy with all the not so tacked on things at this old house......

  65. I hope the doc appreciated your fab self walking into his surgery, bet he doesn't usually get so much colour and style in a month of Sundays.(Why am I assuming it's a man...? gender stereotypes?) Love this London Maxi and your wind-proof hair. You're looking equally as fabularse at the fair, Helga's catsuit is stunning on you. The storm was a non-event here too, I drove home from work during the worst of it, a few branches in the road and a flooded road, thank goodness.

  66. I still can't get over how awesome your fashion style is. I just can't wait to read your posts to see what you're wearing next - needless to say, I am NEVER disappointed!

  67. I just love the velvet maxi skirt, and I bet it's so cosy in the cold!

  68. sooo much funnnn....

  69. Your stall looked fantastic! You set things out beautifully. And what a glamorous assistant you have ;-)

    Love the swimsuit, definitely worth making an exception for.

    I am in the SW, but the only disruption here was rain and wind, and delayed trains. But not too bad xxx


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