Monday, 9 September 2013

Legs Out, Boots On And Handbags At Dawn

It's most unlike me but I've had my legs out twice in a row.
I'd better share over at Patti's for Visible Monday.

I was dying to give this Jean Allen culotte dress a whirl since I bought it from a fellow seller at last week's vintage & collectables fair. 

After a week of pottering around in the garden I'd managed to collect innumerable scratches, cuts and bruises and, to top it off nicely, I got stung by a wasp & ended up a hideously inflamed leg but, faced with a colour this glorious, I can't imagine anyone noticed my skanky injuries.

Talking of vintage fairs, I couldn't resist snapping up this incredible printed dress from my friends, Claire and Maisie's stall on Saturday. It's 1970s dead-stock from Greece. The elastic had perished after forty years of being hidden away in a stock room but it only took an hour to unpick the seams, replace the offending elastic and restore it to it's former glory.

I know, I know, boots! Needs must when it's pissing down! I'm hoping I'll be back in flip flops before too long. I keep reading posts by bloggers waxing lyrical about Autumnal dressing but they can feck right off, there's no way I'm wearing coats and tights just yet, we've got at least 6 months of being miserably confined in layers, as always I'll be the last woman dressed like it's still high Summer in December.

Look at what else I came back with (just as well I managed to sell some stock or they'd be no room in the house for me). My friend Maria noticed my house was lacking a knitted loo roll dolly when she came round to help out with the photo shoot back in June and thoughtfully bought one for me. The downstairs loo looks that much classier now.

As if three months of hand-painting Ebbie wasn't enough, Jon's been on a mission to pimp up everything he can lay his mitts on. First off was this old leather Kelly bag that's been at the bottom of the bag pile in my stock room for ages.....

...followed by two more!

1970s cotton Bandit Sauvage midi dress (Maisie's Closet Vintage) worn with a heap of gypsy & tribal jewellery and River Island stack heeled leather boots (£2, Sally Army)

1960s slub silk culotte dress (£15, Elephant vintage fair), orange platforms (Queen of NZ, Helga), 1960s Lucite chain belt (25p, car boot sale)

We're on a mission to get the website updated and the stock reorganised (I might be a winter-hater but my customers want coats, dresses with sleeves, jumpers and vintage boots) so the house looks more like a jumble sale than usual. I'm woefully behind with blog reading, responding to comments and replying to emails, I was hoping for a mega catch-up this afternoon but the slave driver I live with is cracking the whip and I have to do some more sorting before I can sit down and catch up.

See you soon (I hope!).


  1. That color on you Good God woman you look incredible! Poor thing getting stung by a wasp, Peetee did yesterday too, poor guy didn't move all night! I love the dress from Greece looks nice and airy:). I'm with you too on holding out on pulling out those coats, there will be plenty of time for that.

    The bags that Jon painted look killer! He is just as creative as you my dear! Can't wait to see the shop all stocked again, hope this weekend was fabulous!

    Love you!xxxxxxxoooooooo

  2. I hate wasps in the autumn .. they are a big pain in the ars !
    You look as loevely as you always do and the bags are fab !

  3. You have the best jewellery! I used to have that type of dolly when I was little. The printed 1970s cotton Bandit Sauvage dress is my favourite! Only you could make a culotte dress so chic! Enjoy the week and catching up. xx/M

  4. Wasp stings are nasty and unfortunately wasps seem to get more aggressive this time of year. Sorry to read you got stung. Your replacing of elastic is a wonderful talent and one I've not learned. I have to hang my head when I think back to the dozens of beautiful vintage briefs with lace insets that I tossed out because the elastic was shot. Your vintage culotte dress and print dress both look lovely. Your website, Kinky Melon's Retro Boutique has a nice look. Good luck with your sorting!

  5. I absolutely love love LOVE that lub silk culotte dress!!! amazing colour, I want it ;) But its perfect for you and your dark hair.

  6. Oh OUCH! Poor you. I had a bee sting this summer, walking barefoot on clover and that was bad enough. Wasps are much worse.
    The 'new' brown dress is divine and very autumnal whether you like it or not!
    Your house is like a jumble sale? Mine looks like a mad book hoarding hoarder lives here as the books are everywhere. I'm meant to be painting the bookcase but a certain unexpected visitor has put a stop to that.

  7. That Jon, he's a dab hand at painting, but oh he's got a puritan work ethic going on! You need a sit down at the computer with a cup of tea (in your Freckleface mug - it tastes best out of one, I've decided!)
    I love that culotte dress, what a great colour, and silk too, gorgeous. Blue and orange together are just joyous, aren't they? Fabulous belt and shoes and spiky orange bracelet too.
    Bandit sauvage? That print is brilliant! And despite the fact that you don't want to be wearing them, I am envying your tan boots very much. I'm on a mission to find some that a)fit and b)I can afford.
    Good to see your toilet roll lady is dressed for the chilly weather.
    Good luck with your sorting out for the website. Would some rum help?
    Love you! xxxxx

  8. Summer is ending but I must confess that I missed stockings and hats, so I'm on my way to enjoy next fall's wardrobe!!! And with boots like yours I can go through rain and snow with a huge smile painted on my face!!!
    That Jean Allen dress looks amazing on you and the color suits you perfectly, how beautiful!!!
    I have a crush on the 'Bandit sauvage'
    dress too, one of the best frock I've ever seen!!
    Jon's bags are fabulous too, I adore the deers one!!
    Love xxxxxx

  9. Your legs show beautifully on those shoes.

  10. Don't worry about gettin' round to me, Hon. I have enough fun for both of us just checking you out :)

    The blue is a great color for you - and if you hadn't called attention to your legs, I wouldn't have noticed anything amiss ...

    I like Jon's purse/bag enhancements! I can imagine they'll be quite the rage.

    And how fine the loo looks now!

  11. The sun was out today if only for awhile, so hang on in there, winters not here yet

  12. That culotte is just smashing on you!!The color, the style is fabulous!
    And the deadstock dress is amazing--what a cool print!!
    Looks like KinyMelon will be sharing some Jon's awesome customized goodies!!

  13. THAT loo roll holder - brilliant (I'm wishing now that I'd rescued the candy pink loo roll dolly from my great grandma's house before it got boxed up for a jumble sale).
    And Jon is really on to something with the paint-embellished handbags. I particularly like the headphones one.
    Legs in, legs out, legs in boots, in platforms, in flip flops - makes no difference, you always look fabulous.

  14. Snap ... I've been wasp stung too!
    Love the gorgeous colour of the culotte dress and the print design on the other one is amazing.
    Painting vintage bags is an inspired idea ... love them.
    I've got my legs out today and will be holding the boots off for a while yet ...
    M x

  15. I was talking about loo roll dollys with another blogger recently - I loved them as a child, but never see them any more!
    (until now that is)

    LOVE your outfits as always - and your jewellery is perfect!

    Loving the creatively upcycled handbags too.

    I must confess - I am one of those Autumn-loving coat wearers - sorry xx

  16. That blue culotte is real pretty, i like how mixed the colors, orange and blue perfect!
    The bandit sauvage dress is quite a find-

    I hate winter, fall is ok, but hate winter, not looking forward to it - Hopefully we might escape a week down south in the winter -

    About the slut in plaid, i posted an example on Facebook;)

    Have a great day


    Ariane x

  17. I am feeling me some culotte dress love! Gorgeous, you look gorgeous! Can't believe it was only £15. Silk? What on earth? And your legs don't look too manky neither.

    Hahahaha! They can f*ck right off! Ha. I'm with you. I am saying on almost repeat to anyone who will listen, 'it's still summer, it's still summer'.

    Oh for a toilet dolly! The last word in vintage elegance. And get you with a downstairs loo we didn't even know you had. Where on earth is that? Do you have secret rooms? Jon's artwork made me chuckle. Is than an OBD I see before me?

    My life seems to be whizzing by, I feel like I'm batch-processing everything. Emails one day, fb another, blogs the next. Stop the world, I'm getting dizzy! xxxxxxxx

  18. I love your new dresses and love dress and boots combination. Which is why I am a wax lyrical autumn/winter lover. I like being able to bundle up. Though not quite there with that yet.

    ouch with the bee sting my youngest had her first experience with a miserable wasp the other week. That was a loud few hours. Horrible things.

    What cool bags I can see that catching on!

    P x

  19. Wow, you could definitely sell those Jon purses on Kinky Melon! Too cool! Love the Bandit Sauvage dress :)

  20. hehe! I'm after a coat! big sizes for my big rack and everything else!! you look gorgeous in both outfits, both are just melty fabulous! I do like a classy bathroom myself, I'm starting a leopard fiesta in the upstairs one (very slowly tho, there is a man in the house) x x think Jon's on to something there, top idea x x

  21. Hi Vix-wow, the Greek Bandit Sauvage dress is awesome, I really love the print and the pimped up bag is the perfect partner for it!! Adore your Jean Allen culotte dress too, it's a lovely colour and suits you well! xxx

  22. I'm with you on the autumn thang. Cba with it. I don't want to be wearing tights and boots and jumpers and coats godammit. Love the blue on you. The felt dolly is exquisite. I've always wanted a poodle one. Xx

  23. What a great color the first outfit is!! And the second dress reminds me of wonderful late 1930s early 40s dresses, but this one is even more fun because of the print! Oh, and I love the personal touches on the handbags - so unusual.

    Take care,

  24. My gloeious queen Vix, your are not even afraid of the weather. How fabulous is that?
    Loving and wanting every single thing, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  25. Fabulous with legs out, gorgeous Vix! And a super-fabulous new dress from your mates too. Bring on the boots, I say : > Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  26. That colour is stunning on you, what a great find.

  27. LEGS!! Phwoar...
    Love the frocks..that pattern is lush. I can't wait to get me boots back out. It's a bit damp and I feel the need to ditch the sandals now. I'm also feeling a bit tweedy for some reason!
    Jon's bags are the mutts could sell those all day.
    See you in a bit!
    Loves ya

  28. Whilst I've been keeping up with blog reading, keeping up with commenting with such sketchy internet coverage is a whole other matter. I love your blue cullote dress and Jon's pimped up bags are fantastic. He's so creative. Moving North has been like parachuting straight into Autumn. I've already donned coats and hats and all the short wearing locals can spot me as a Southern softy a mile off. Xx

  29. Amor,
    You look ravishing in turquoise cullote dress.You got the best stems!I do love winter ,but wont stop me from wearing bright summer Jon's creations especially the deer bag.I been wanting a toilet mona as my Mama used to have them all over the house. That gorgeous bandit dress suits your bandida side.


  30. Baahahaha, go Krista!
    WOWZA,baby, this electric turquoise blue is divoon on you! Shows off that tan beautifully, and you've pimped it up nicely with that awesome belt and those bloody fabularse orange shoes!!! I still dream about them, dammit.......!!!
    Gawd, and then you blow me away with that sweet AS Bandit Sauvage (ha!) frock! YUM! The boots totally rock, and one can still be Summery in boots...
    Yeah, what is all this shite about Autumn?! It's just the beginning of the end , really. I think Spring is far more romantic and whimsy filled, you know, lambies and daffies and all that.
    Nice pimpifying by our Jon! Crikey, look out, he'll be all over the house! The spray paint designs really to jazz up an old handbga...hmmm, I see a new line of merch here!!!
    Rock the hell ON!
    Love Helga xxxXXXxxx

  31. O, bugger about the wasp-OW.

  32. Two fabulous outfits... you look gorgeous in both! Boo to autumn and winter days ahead :-(
    Jon is a man of many talents :-)

  33. Oh no ... The wasp bite must have hurt :(

    I'm with you as far as being all ready and eager to dress for fall goes. That notion can feck off, you're right.

    The two dresses are lovely on you, particularly the turquoise. What a gorgeous colour.

  34. Worst part of summer/autumn is wasps.
    I admire your resolve to keep the layers off - I was back in tights today.

  35. dozy bastard wasps. That blue culotte suit looks bloody amazing! That's Helga blue that is. I really love those bags! It could be a new business venture for Jon. That brown dress looks so soft and pretty, a hint of Autumn but we don't need to be wearing tights and heavy fabrics just yet. Boots are a must though!

  36. The blue and the red and your hair....

  37. so good to see you after my summer break...adore the orange platforms very autumnal......fabulous as ever!!x

  38. You look glorious in that blue culotte dress and that brown number is a real cutey. You find just the BEST goodies! And your house really did need that dolly roll cover, an essential for the well-dressed, vintage bathroom. ;)

    WOW! on did a stand-up job on those purses. Nice work!

    Sorry to hear about your legs, darlin', nasty wasp sting and all. I usually take a real hit on my upper legs after doing a flea market. Lacking upper body strength, I make up for it with my legs, using them to lift tables, containers, etc. and end up dotted with bruises for a week. Hope your beautiful stems are well on the mend.

    Hang in there with summer 'til the end, girl! You sure wouldn't have a problem where I live. September can be a real bitch with the heat. We spent Saturday morning walking the entire length of the Laguna Beach shoreline and back and worked up quite a sweat.

    Take care!

  39. As I know from my shoe-painting--once you start painting things, you can't stop. Looks like Jon is on a roll with those bags. I see a new line of vintage bags coming from Kinky Melon soon.
    Wow to that Bandit Sauvage dress. It's even better that the print is sideways on the skirt.
    I have a very similar Lucite belt but it keeps falling apart when I wear it.
    The orange shoes and the blue culotte dress are a fabulous combo.

  40. Vix is flashing her gams!! The culotte dress is gorgeous, especially with the orange-red platforms and multi-coloured belt. I am not looking forward to winter, but I am getting tired of wearing the same 6 things every week to work.

    I think it is an excellent idea for you and Jon to add a line of customized-by-Jon handbags to your stock. I love the one with the green headphones. What kind of paint did he use - is it just regular spray paint?

  41. I would have liked a close up shot just of your wrists and hands in the blue culotte dress to show off all the fabulousness.

    I couldn't agree more about not wanting summer to end. This year especially it seems like I saw none of it. It is depressing. Looking at you in your colourful frock though has put a smile on my face : )

    I looked up those books you mentioned...I'm going to check out A Suitable Boy...although I will need to apparently make lots of time for it. 1349 pages??? Wow. When I have a really good book though I never want it to end, so I guess that'll be perfect.


  42. What an amazing blue and I can see why you took this beauty home from the fair. No injuries are in sight from here! And I adore the print on the 70's midi dress.

    I noticed the Kelley bag immediately, so Jon's art is truly a stand out!

  43. Oooo, that blue dress is stunning on you - especially with that belt and those shoes. And I have to say that Jon is a genius at pimping handbags. I love those headphones on there. WOW.

  44. Love both dresses! The first one has such a beautiful colour and the belt is a stunning accessory. And what I like about the second dress is, of course, its unique Bandit Sauvage print! Gorgeous, as always!

  45. love that Blue outfit! Shouldnt the naughty wasps be on retreat right now?

    I really love that brown dress too! Awesome find!

  46. I just love the blue culotte dress, such a gorgeous colour! x

  47. You have lovely legs you should always have them on display. That 1st outfit is so pretty and you know I am going to say I love those boots just so much x

  48. Yay to you showing your gorgeous pins off in the amazing blue culotte dress, but booo to the wasp sting you poor thing and to the end of summer! I'm with you in wanting to prolong it as long as I can without catching a chill.

    p.s. how clever is Jon, those bags he decorated look fabulous!

  49. Culotte dress is fabulous on you, it glows with your eyes. Skanky injuries... CRACK UP! That brown dress is perfect with those boots and bird bag! How I miss the 70's and especially seeing that knitted TP dolly on the comode! xoxox

  50. Que bonitos los bolsos!!

  51. Cute blue dress and i like the work Jon has done to your handbags - very cool and original :D

    Sal x

  52. Oh and I'm asking you a question on my newest blog - when ive uploaded it that is ;P

    Sal x

  53. I love the bright colour in the first dress and Jon's painting on those bags looks so cool! I can't believe the A/W type fashions are already in stock...the Summer always goes too quickly. - Tasha xxx

  54. Yes, Ma'am ... legs! As the meme says: "U haz um!" Very mod of you in the blue, and Prairie with attitude in brown with boots. Tall girls have all the fun!

  55. Dressing up like summer is always around is the way to be!
    I miss a month and a half of posting and come back to find as gorgeous as ever in this blue Jean Allen culotte dress!
    Loving Jon's work and the fact that as a good British citizen you do take gardening serious!!!

  56. You look gorgeous in this shade of blue and the lucite belt and orange platforms are perfect with it. Seems a bit strange not seeing you in prints though. A wild bandit sounds madly exciting, if you find one send him my way will you? Another lovely frock.... and fab boots. Why are bloggers waxing lyrical about autumn this year, it's getting on my one mentions the fucking spiders do they?

  57. That patterned dress is gorgeous, Vix! x

  58. Oh Vix - sometimes you are just too amazing. That blue culotte dress, adorable. I have been thinking of making a culotte skirt for a while as I rather love the idea of cycling in summer, but SHORTS? I'll never wear them. But then that other dress from Greece? Its amazing - I am SUCH a sucker for an amazing novelty print. Everything should be novelty print - all of the TIME. Also those stenciled bags are ROCKING! I need to check out kinky melons ASAP:D

  59. Hiya Vix

    I just wanted to say thanks a lot for your comment re which dress to choose I removed the post as I saw a dress on there I had to have so have chosen that one. I will post on my blog soon. Thanks a lot though for giving me your opinion. xx

  60. Legs and dunny roll dolls - two (three?) of my favourite things!

    In the immortal words of ZZ Top 'She's got legs, and she knows how to use them (for gardening)" and "She's got hair down to her fanny" which obviously means something different to the yanks than it does to us commonwealth types!

  61. Oooh, love that midi dress, you're right, that pattern is amazing and that culotte dress is a beaut. It reminds me of a bright pink one that my mum used to wear when I was a kid.

    Had to laugh when I read that Jon's running riot with his painting roller! I'll have to leave the Morris outside yours with a note 'Paint me too please!' under the wiper!xxx

  62. You look gorgeous in blue well you look gorgeous in everything you wear but I like the blue on you. I am the same with your with regards to tights and boots I had to wear both on the dog walk on Sunday I felt suffocated and after the walk I soon whipped the tights off. But it is getting bloody chilly now. Good luck with sorting all your stock out. Hugs dee xxxx

  63. You look fab, love the kingfisher bag!!
    Twiggy x

  64. OOOOH that stunning culotte dress is GLORIOUS - and you are beautiful in it - the COLOUR is exquisite and I absolutely LOOOOOVE it with those fab shoes and belt. Jon's artwork is fantastic - the bags looks brilliant!

    Love you more than loo paper dollies!

    Sarah xxx

  65. Those purses are fantastic!!!!

  66. great brown dress and loo lady! (no you, the dolly) x

  67. Vix you look super in that shade of blue! I'm not feeling ready for Autumn at all either but boy is the weather being awful!

  68. I have such a thing for lace-up boots.

  69. No, I am more behind, you've written 3 lovely posts since I last got to look at blogs!

    Ouchie for the wasp sting, I had one on my thumb once and it blew up like a comedy hand. Bastard wasps.

    But despite that, you are looking lovely and the bandit sauvage dress is my favourite. Just perfect.

    I am one of those chilly time who is looking firward to A/W clothes! Xxx

  70. Oh my FECK!!!! You are putting Jon's bags in the shop right? Yes? Please? Begging???? I actually fricking NEED one today. Yes. Today. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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