Tuesday 19 February 2013

Art, Wardrobe Disarray and A Tutorial

Effortless dressing? I wish! I'm doing a photo shoot tomorrow with the local press to promote the St Patrick's Day vintage fair. I haven't a frickin' clue what to wear (but it must to be green) and the wardrobe is in complete chaos.

 I've been turned into more art, here's the original outfit. This beautiful piece is by my friend Valerie and arrived in the post this morning. I need to find a fabulous frame to do her justice.

I've made another patchwork shade today and took a few photos of the process if you fancy having a go yourself. It's dead easy and if I can do it, it must be.

Here's what you'll need:

  1. Colourful, patterned fabric cut into a couple of sizes. I used a coaster & a video cassette case as a template.
  2. Decorator's PVA (or similar, clear drying, multi-purpose glue), decanted into a jug and a brush.
  3. A lampshade (free from dust with any trims removed), newspaper & some pegs.

1. Slap a generous amount of glue directly to the shade, a section at a time.
2. Apply the first patch at an angle, fold any excess fabric over the frame. Thoroughly cover the patch with glue.
3. Peg the folded over section of the patch into place.
4. Repeat the process, overlap each piece as you go. Make sure there's enough fabric to fold over the frame to ensure a neat finish.
5. Peg any patch which overhangs the base.
6. When shade is completely covered secure it to the lamp base (with some newspaper underneath to catch any drips of glue) and leave to dry for around 12 hours.

(Don't worry about it looking drab and dull , it'll be transformed once dry).

When the shade is completely dry remove the pegs and trim any excess fabric from the inside. A funky pom-pom trim isn't essential but makes all the difference.


Linking to Lakota's Ta-Dah Tuesday.

Kimono given to Jon by a fan during a tour of Japan in 1990

Right then, back to the task in hand.

See you soon.

PS The internet connection is up and running & super fast! Hooray for technology.


  1. Love that shade! Oooh might try it! :)

  2. Oooh what fun! I don't know about chaos...you should see the state of mine, looks like a cats gone mad in it. Mind you she probably has.
    That drawing of you is so sweet...it is you for sure.
    I'm very taken with the shade, I might have to have a go.

  3. I love your shade. Did you make the cushion cover and curtains too? They are also pretty fabulous! xx

  4. Vix, those shades are just fab ! I'm definately going to make one or two. I looked on Ebay and found multi-coloured pom-poms very cheap as well.
    Looking forward to seeing your green outfit, I know I'll love it as it is my fave colour !

  5. Scoot on over I wanna dig around in that closet of yours!!!! I really do love the picture Valerie did of you, it's alomst as good as the real thing. How fun a St. Patti's day photo shoot, you will find just the perfect frock that I have no doubt, you might even find 5 perfect frocks! I have to try this lampshade I really love how it turned out and I bet with the light on it really looks ace!

    It was so so so nice seeing your pretty face yesterday! I already miss you!!!

  6. Good old PVA!! Thanks for the tutorial pretty sure I will be giving that a go. Love your wardrobe!

  7. Two posts in two days, what a treat!

    I can see you've got your hand on that beautiful velvet maxi in the first photo. You've got so much choice! I wouldn't be able to make a decision to save my life. Looking forward to seeing you in print again. You must make the nationals soon surely?

    That funky multi-coloured pom-pom trim is the business and your shades are super cool. xxxx

  8. The lampshade is lovely: looks fun to do too. I think I'll give it a go.
    Your wardrobe looks gorgeous; I'm sure you'll find something fab to wear.

  9. OK, I am so going to do this. Old lampshades aren't something I tend to look out for when I'm thrifting but I am determined to find at least 2 to do this with. One will look great as a statement piece in the hallway. Woop, I'm all excited now. Thank you as ever for the inspiration! xxxx

  10. Oh and by the way, your friend Valerie is very talented. I've just taken a look at her site. The pic of you is fab xxx

  11. Awesome artwork of you!!
    Your closet looks amazing!!!I'm sure you'll come up with several cool outfits!!!
    I am so doing patchwork shades for the bedroom!!!

  12. I love how a simple change to a lamp shade can change the entire look. Thanks for the inspiration. The design I drew on my current lampshade in my living room is in need of a cover up/re-do.
    Love this peek into your luscious wardrobe with all its sleek, silky, colorful, hippiecool fabrics.

  13. Another stunning lampshade. Your wardrobe looks like its just waiting to be delved into, such array of colours.fabulous

  14. brilliant - thanks for the how-to (with pictures, I always need pictures!) xoxoxoxo

  15. I do love those patchwork lamps, there's definitely room for more lamps in my house, especially given Peter broke one of our bankers lamps last week. Look forward to seeing your St. Paddy's day outfit. Xx

  16. Congratulations in advance on your photoshoot promoting the St. Patrick's Day Vintage Fair. I'm sure your outfit will be lovely. What a fascinating tutorial. Your swatches of colourful patterned fabric and talent yielded a gorgeous patchwork shade.

  17. Thanks for the tutorial I am so going to try that out I have a few very bland lamp shades :) Beautiful art as well that will look very nice framed ~Love Heather

  18. I wish I could get my han in that wardrobe of yours, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Great art.
    I am sure you will pull some shw stopper outfit for tomorrow.

  19. Ooh, I can't wait to see the photos!!!
    The tutorial is great, it's a very good idea to spruce up an old lamp :P

  20. love the lampshade! good luck with picking clothes!

  21. The shades are fab and thanks for sharing your skills' , your wardrobe is a Place that i want to visit! I'm shore that you are gonna look fab tomorrow!

  22. Muy bonita la lámpara!!!

  23. First of all: How beautiful you are in that Kimono?
    And how much I'd love to live in your closet?
    I can't quantify both the answers!
    Valerie's art perfectly capture your amazing outfit and your super cute panda bag, great work!
    Thank you for the great tutorial because I have a similar lamp and it has been years since I decided to pimp it and never done it!
    I hope procrastination will end (sooner or later)!
    Lots of love

  24. Smarty pants!!! Supe styley, and super easy! Just the way we like it....you've been immortalised again!!! Huzzah, it's marvellous!
    Oooo, having your pic taken is actually as stressful as it is flattering! I have no doubt you'll find something magnificent to dazzle 'em in.How I would love to rummage in that wardrobe of yours!!!!!!!
    Love Helga xxxXXXxxx

  25. That's super cool! I can see those selling at a vintage fair too - you should make some more.

    And I have every faith in you finding something suitably green and glamorous, given that you even look gorgeous in your dressing gown!

    Thanks for linking up lovely.

  26. Love that idea - thats one stored for the future :)

  27. really a lovely kimono, your hubby has really great fans!

  28. that drawing of you is amazing! xx

  29. Your wardrobe looks like a beautiful art collection! It would be so much fun to spend hours going through all those lovely dresses. Great tutorial! XXX

  30. Oh my, that lampshade looks incredible! It looks like it would be so much more complicated to make. Now that I know it isn't, I'll definitely be giving it a go!
    Thanks for sharing :)
    Also, I would gladly give my entire student loan for your wardrobe. Sartorial envy doesn't even begin to cover it.
    Betti xx

  31. Definitely going to try and DIY my own fancy patchwork lamp! It looks amazing! Good luck for your shoot, it sounds like fun :)
    Rachelle x

  32. You're so talented! The lampshade is great. You must have creative thoughts going on 24/7.

  33. Look at you, a dab hand with the PVA as well as the sewing-based patchwork!
    Ooh, a photo shoot for Walsall's own supermodel, how exciting! You'll pick just the right thing, you have a knack! Make sure you show us the result.
    Valerie's picture of you is beautiful, you are quite the artist's muse, love! (I know, I read your comment over at Tania's about your modelling past!)
    Have a lovely evening, you can relax once you've sorted your outfit! xxxx

  34. First I have to say how much I love the black kimono you're wearing - A fringe benefit of having a rock star husband!

    You are inspiring art all over the place, and you are making it as well! Love the super fun lampshade.

    Glad to hear your internet connection is back up and running -perhaps we can try to schedule another skype date?

  35. Absolutely love it!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  36. Ok ok that is a DIY I might be able to handle-- bookmarked for future project!! The art is very cool. Oh man, picking something for a photo-shoot-- what did Frocktasia say, a Mongolian Clusterfuck?? That's what my room would would look like trying to decide!
    The vintage fair sounds so fun
    Becky :)

  37. I'd be hopeless at patchwork - wouldn't have the patience! I would love a rummage in your wardrobe though - it looks like divine chaos! I can't wait to see your St Patrick's Day outfit.

  38. ANd from one Kimono-lover to another: So very beautiful!

  39. I was just wondering yesterday how you made that lamp shade, because I thought to myself, 'I need one of those in my home!' Love your colourful wardrobe, you always look so lovely :)

  40. glad you've not problems with internet connection!, and so great tutorial, easy and funny to make!
    love your computer corner and how you've decorated it with that colorful patchwork curtains!
    And your wardrobe seems a heavenly color paradise!

  41. effortless dressing in this town means sweats and flip flops...yuck.

  42. vix that painting or drawing is fabulous. how awesome is that? what talent! i love how you live so colorfully. you truly inspire me.


  43. Great tutorial! I love the lampshades (AND that floral Jane Austen looking dress on the left!)

  44. Vix, the painting is as gorgeous as you!
    Great job on the lamp and I love seeing your closet!
    Please do a post about Jon music career (I'm sorry if you already did one and I miss it).

  45. Is it possible to catch diseases over the super-fast intawebz? Because I'm coming out in a psychological rash called patch-itis and it started about oh ... four seconds ago? There is never, ever enough patchwork. Never, never, never. Sigh - I think I'll just give in to the symptoms and when I run out of stuff I'll patchwork myself. It won't be long before we'll be able to visit a Vixcita art exhibition and I'll be first in the queue! Can't wait to see the Paddy's Day outfit! xoxoxox

  46. AHA! I get it now. Thanks for sharing how to do the patchwork lamp shade! I so ready to get on that project now it hurts.

  47. I seriously love that lamp shade!! Want one for myself now haha :)

  48. I love the last pic of you with your hair to the side....very sexy! That purple frock caught my eye right away...have you worn that yet on the blog? If so please send me the link as I would love to see you in it!


  49. Holy arsebiscuit - that lamp shade is frickin AMAZING!!! I absolutely love it. And I can't wait to see what you choose for your story - you'll be EXQUISITE no matter what!

    Love you more than patchwork!

    Sarah xxx

  50. Hi there! You will look gorgeous whatever you choose to wear! The lampshade tutorial is great too, it seems easier to do than what I thought and looks totally fabulous when it's done! xxx

  51. Good luck with the press and everything today, I'm certain you will wow them with your outfit and style. xxoo/Madison

  52. I love that portrait! The tutorial is great, I love patchwork and still have the patch work cushion from my sewing project at school. In those days we had to use paper templates and sew them together by hand - your method is way quicker!

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. Stunning painting and very elegant kimono *_*

  55. Wow look at your wardrobe, an explosion of colour, I'm sure you found something suitably Paddy's Day to wear. Do show us the pics of you modelling it. Another fantastic lampshade, you make it look so easy.
    How lovely to be immortalised in art, you'll be running out of wall space at this rate.

  56. I wonder what you will wear ? you will have to show us!
    Love those lamp shades so original, you should sell them along with the curtains you make - it's so orginal
    Have you ever tought about it?

    Have a good one
    Snow storm in Montreal, when will it end i tell you!

    Ariane xxxxx

  57. What a lovely picture of you bless your friend it must warm your heart when people take the time to draw you and that your their inspiration :-) Good luck with the photoshoot cant wait to see what you wear. Have fun and im glad the internet is working for you. dee xxx

  58. Queen of patchwork! The lamp shade is such a great idea - have to try this, too. xo

  59. wow, what an amazing purposes!
    simply loving them. i hope youll like my blog as i love your ones!

    definitely keep like this, and i hope we could follow each other to stay in touch!
    wish you the best!!


  60. Great idea for a lamp shade. Your wardrobe looks stuffed, don't know if I could cope with that many clothes. I've beeen wearing the same ones all winter, ha ha.

  61. Oh your wardrobe contents look divine...
    Daisy j

  62. look at you lounging around like a Hollywood Star giving us a glimpse into your exotic lifestyle. I would love a rummage through your closet... ooh er.... It would be GBH with colour. Love the lampshade, will keep that tutorial stored away in my brain as it could work on other things than lampshades. xxxx

  63. LOVE IT!!! I hate the color of the eco bulbs, so I've been wanting to warm up some shades. this is the perfect technique. Have fun at your photo shoot!!!

  64. I love that shade! You are so creative!!


  65. Thanks for the tutorial! I can't wait to find the perfect lampshade to try it out!


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