Sunday, 2 December 2012

Out On The Weekend

It's not every day a well-known band comes to town, in fact it's been over 20 years since we saw legendary ravers, The Shamen, play the town hall so when one of my all-time faves, Reverend and The Makers, announced they were part of the line-up for Walsall's first ever Music Festival you can imagine my excitement.

As the town which spawned such musical legends as Judas Priest, Slade, (all but one of) The Charlatans, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Goldie and one-time resident Boy George, it's pitiful that we have to travel to Wolverhampton and Birmingham to see big names play. 

On Saturday night we got five bands for the price of one. The State of Things, Khaliq, Pint Shot Riot, Two 'n' Eight, Gary Nock and of course, The Rev. 

We bumped into fellow music-loving mate, Baz and his very cool sons. We went and saw Pulp play before they were even born.

Despite the near Arctic temperatures we had an absolute blast.

Helped by numerous visits to the bar.

Possibly too many visits! I'm linking to Patti's Visible Monday.

After the encore Jon McClure gestured for us stragglers to meet him by the main entrance and treated us to an acoustic set on the wall outside (much to the bemusement of the drinkers over the road in Yates).

What a night! Hopefully we won't have another 20 year wait.

This afternoon, to get into the mood for the two fairs we're doing next weekend, we've been to a vintage fair in Sutton Coldfield and I got to meet three fabulous bloggers, AmyFlorrie & Laura.

I wore the maxi I bought last weekend in Birmingham and it got lots of love.

We couldn't resist this insane pack of 1970s party invites for £2, the trouble is that I like them far too much to actually use them. 

Hope you had a fab weekend! 

I'm off to catch up with the million or so posts I'm behind on in blogland while Jon knocks up a pizza.


  1. You look like you're all having a wild time at the music festival and of course you look divine as always. How lovely to have a blogger meet up at the vintage fair, your poppy frock is absolutely stunning. Enjoy your pizza. x

  2. What a blast! I love outdoor music gigs, even though it was brass monkey weather last night. You and Jon both look cosy in your faux fur and leather though.

    I've heard lots of good things about the Sutton Vintage Fair, but I'm saving my money for Wolvo!

    Your maxi looks gorgeous. I agree about those party invites, I couldn't bear to use them. Have a good Sunday night xxx

  3. Music makes the world turn !
    Love the party invites !

  4. Dearest Vix,
    I waved to you as we went past Walsall on the megabus bound for Glasgow last Friday night ;)
    Looks like you guys had a great wee time at the gig. We are very lucky as we are well catered for music wise in London. Even our local boozer serves up live music three nights a week, open mike nights, tribute bands and new talent nights...sure beats the big screens with neverending football. If you venture to Camden or Islington you can even catch a known band for less than a tenner, haven't been out for ages though.
    Two fairs in one weekend, you are really going for it! Good for you, it will make the lounging on a sandy Goan beach feel so much sweeter :)
    Lot's of love,

  5. What a great night, you and Jon seem so happy, it really warms my heart especially after my "not so special" weekend, but it's my fault I should organize to go to some concerts more often!I couldn't wait to see you wearing the poppies dress and now that you are showing it to us it is even better than I imagined, the print colours are wonderful and so the tight waist line! I'd like to have one of those weird playsuits/dresses in the party card, the purple one is amazing!
    Lots of Love xxxx

  6. I wish I could have waved at you- how splendid you and Jon look- and it looks like a blast. xo..Bella Q

  7. What a fun night it sounds as though you had. The maxi withe fringing you were wearing is stunning and your hair looks so shiny and healthy too. It's so awesome to see performers you live so much especially with smaller or more intimate performances.

    Loving the second maxi also and the part invites are fabolous. I would use them, but I'd make sure I had the best themed party planned to make me feel as though it was worth the while using the invites.

  8. oh my so jealous here. your night looks absolutely fabulous. what fun! i love the pic of you after many trips to the bar. so cute! love the maxi too. why aren't we neighbors???

  9. Looks like a fabulous weekend. Can't beat a bit of live music. Xx

  10. I love the Rev! Looks like a blast. Good to see the encore livened up Walsall! x

  11. Looks like you guys had a blast.

    Thanks for telling me to just buy more storage. I need a kick in the head sometimes.

  12. Looks like you had a wonderful time! I would have loved to have seen the Shamen! Did you manage to get on stage?
    That Birmingham maxi deserves many outings, it's gorgeous!

  13. I knew it was you I saw at the music fest! and I agree it was a brilliant night, hopefully they start playing more music in walsall, clearly there are people that want it!

    I went to see reverend and the makers when they were in birmingham and they were just as amazing then! Jon also ran out of the 02 to do us a acoustic sesh so I have been lucky enough to experience it twice (and it was quite funny to see the clubbers in their mini skirts not knowing what the hell was going on)

    Glad you had a good time! see you around walsall! x

    much love

    Tanya @

  14. You clearly had a brilliant time! I remember seeing Pulp play Reading festival many many years ago, happy days...

    And you have the most wonderful wardrobe Vix, I have total dress envy. Looking beautiful as ever :)

  15. Wow! So glad you and Jon enjoyed the music festival. I'd no idea Walsall was such a rockin' hub.
    The poppy maxi was a stellar purchase -- it looks divine on you.
    Those party time invites are bizarre -- they're like someone's home snapshots.

  16. You look like you had such fun. Well, you always do, which is to be admired. Of course you look lovely, it's goes without saying, but actually it is worth saying! Enjoy your pizza! x

  17. It sounds like such a fab evening of music! Glad you had a blast, and todays maxi dress is a real treasure xxx

  18. How totally frigging awesome! Nothing like a good boozey night out,and looking fabularse to boot!
    And following that with a vintage fair is just my idea of heaven...I would have done the samew, only I could barely be arsed getting out of bed yesterday! Love what you wore to each event, and yay to meeting yet more lovely bloggers!
    Love Helga xxxXXXxxx

  19. I know its the same in Bristol you have to travel to see big names but when you think Bristol it like a major city....its pretty bad!

    Looks like you had fun x

  20. Fancy having such a fun night with live music in Walsall.

    X x

  21. Looks like a great night out. I love the candy coloured floral maxi you wore. It's nice to see bands in a more intimate setting, especially when they make the extra effort for the fans.

    Wow, the Shamen. What a blast from the past. I was OBSESSED with them when I was about 11 and the Boss Drum album came out. I was always so gutted that I was too young to go to their gigs and be a part of it all, although looking back, that was probably a good thing! I fancied Colin Angus like mad. Weird?

    I love those vintage party invitations. I wouldn't be able to use them either. Far too pretty xxx

  22. the festival looked like a BLAST and of course you looked STUNNING!!!!

    Love the poppies maxi!!

  23. I love a good gig!
    Those party invites are too good to use x

  24. Live music is one of the few things that keep us young. Some people say that having kids at a more mature age keeps us young but I disagree to that. It's definitely live music.

    You look especially beautiful in your new maxi dress!

  25. Oh, I love your party pictures. What fun it looks to have been! And (naturally) you two looked fantastic.

    Also love the vintage invitations! I have long collected paper goods such as vintage greeting cards, but have slowed right down now because I can never bring myself to using them, so really all I do is look at them and then store them away. But my allocated storage space is full, so it's either use some up, or stop collecting! In fact I just let an eBay auction pass me by this very afternoon, which I am mildly disturbed about but realize it had to happen. So, on that note, good luck using those pristine beauties :)


  26. You and Jon looked great, even more so because of the smiles on your faces! Nothing like live music in a great sized venue, I'm so glad you enjoyed yourselves and got a free serenade! XXX

  27. I love all the bright pictures in your collage up top, so pretty. What a killer night of music, drinking and I'm sure a little dancing. I love that you can tell in that one top shot he is looking RIGHT AT YOU! You look hot as ever and I'm sure the sight of you alone was keeping the whole place warm! You can see the buzz developing in this photos! Jon looked good too and I'm sure was happy you were him :)

    Those invitations are killing me, if that was made today both gals would probably look like hoochie mamas with daisy dukes and half shirts. 4 more days until your burfday:) I love you GIRL!!!!!

  28. Hello!

    Looked like a fab nigh there in your town!
    I am completly lost as far as the bands , i don't know them maybe a couple of names i should check them out
    Love the maxi you are wearing real cool
    Nice to meet other bloggers

    Take care

    Ariane xxx

  29. OMG BEST WEEKEND EVER!!!! Yay for rockin' bands, double yay for acoustic sets for the stragglers!!!

    You look incredible in both maxis - I LOVE the fur the fab bag, the earrings and the divine eye shadow with the first one. And the second is such an amazing print - you are a GODDESS!!!

    Love you more than rockstars! Sarah xxx

  30. Nothing better in this world than music & a maxi dress!

  31. Wow - what a night. Nothing like a private acoustic set.
    Those dresses on th einvites made me laugh. I think I had a brown crimpelene number like that for my 8th birthday.

  32. A festival at this time of year, looks really fin but sounds really cold! I went to see Pulp, years ago at Rock City, they were fantastic, I really ought to try and go and see more bands. We don't have any come to my local town so would have to go to Bristol. Hope you had a lovely weekend, your maxi dress looks fab.

  33. Looks like everyone had a great time at the music festival event, loved your blue maxi dress. Also loved the poppy maxi dress, especially as my daughters name is poppy, let me know if you ever want to sell it ;)

  34. You look fabulous with a few visits to the bar!!! What a great time you had.

  35. Oh the Charlatans, keep forgetting I still have "The Only One I Know"! Great band, great tunes.
    Oh and you look fabulous as always, I'm so so jealous of your coat. And I love your new maxi!
    Hope you had a fab weekend! xo

  36. Umm, can I be just a tiny bit jealous of EVERYTHING?? But especially of how many fairs you have in the UK!!

  37. I flippin' love The Rev! Great to see you having suh a fab time and that maxi deserves all the love it was given and more. It's a beaut.
    Loves ya!

  38. Love the dress you wore on your night out x

  39. What a weekend! It looks like you had a fabulous time at the Walsall's inaugural music festival - I'm sure it was the first of many, it sounds great.
    You and Jon always look amazing, coolest couple ever, hope the beers and the atmosphere kept you warm.
    Another fair, and another beautiful maxi - I was looking forward to seeing you in that beautiful frock from your trip to Brum, and it doesn't disappoint!
    Wonderful invitations, you would rock that look!
    LOVE! xxxxxx

  40. You absolutely *own* the maxi dress franchise, and look gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the party fun with Visible Monday.

  41. Hi my dear!! Sounds like such an awesome weekend, so fun filled and you really do look gorgeous too, so pleased you had such a rocking time!! xxx

  42. Great photo's looks like you had a great time. Loving your new maxi you look gorgeous as always. Have a super week ahead, dee xxx

  43. Very pretty festival look <3 <3 <3

  44. Glad you had a blast watching Rev and the Makers (love the slightly boozy pics too!!!)

    And not surprised the vintage maxi got a lorra lorra love, it's a beaut!

    Enjoy the pizza :) xx

  45. hah, I'm winded just having gone through your post, Vix. Too much fun! And you look great, no matter where you go or what you're doing. Woo-hoo you just keep rocking!

  46. I swear you have enough fun for both you and I. *lol*

  47. I am envious of people who can still manage to get out to concerts and things when it's freezing outside, and look stylish while they're at it. It looks like you were having a great time and that closeup shot of you is rather gorgeous, even if you had thrown back a few by then.

  48. Ahh, I would have loved to be there with you! Fashion fun and music is good for the soul! Looking smashing as always Vix my dear! xx

  49. looks like you had an amazing night out! I would've loved to have gone. Wycombe absolutely SUCKS as far as live music goes, shame considering The Stones, The Sex Pistols, Joy Division and Blondie have all played here - and Glen Miller's last ever concert was here too.
    You're looking very radiant, despite the beer, love that dress. The ever present fur coat is wonderful. You and Curtise are the fake fur Queens. I love the other maxi, fantastic colours and I'm so pleased your selling is going well, India awaits xxxxx

  50. Love the maxi dress you wore on your night out Vix, you look lovely in it and it sounds like a great night too. I was wondering could you scan those invitations so that you didn't have to use the originals because I'm the same, I would find it hard to part with them. They remind me of dresses I wore when I was a kid. Lovely poppy dress too. xx

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. Looks like you had a blast! Makes me want to go and see some music.

    I desperately want to go to the vintage fair pictured, and am envious of your 'Arctic Temperatures' - it's much too hot where I live!

    Also, gorgeous cape in your last post.

  53. still so much in love with your bluefake fur but can't find one that suits me anywhere. well, at least I got a sheepskin for my floor, haha ;)
    Really lovely pics, seems you had a wonderful time.

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  55. Looking lovely as always!!

    I like Reverend and the Makers too, glad they came to Walsall and how nice of John to do an impromptu accoustic set for you all too.

    Hope your pizza was yummy!


  56. Wow, you've seen Pulp! Wished I would have seen them once.
    I looks like your were having a wonderfull time. I love concerts and I really have to go more to them. Love the dress you had on to the concert.
    And that maxi with the pink flowers looks so gorgeous on you. You can dress in anything and look good....

  57. Sigh. When we rock out here, we are actually moving rocks around our property. It doesn't have the same level of fun. You look amazing as always and those invites are like a time machine.

  58. I do like the lead singer from Reverend and the Makers (in a special way!)

  59. I love that purse and Jon's scarf is great! I have a stationary issue. I have all kinds of cute stuff, but I like it too much to use it, so I understand about the invites :)

  60. You and your sweetie always seem to be having such a great time. xoxo


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