Friday, 23 November 2012

Forget Kirstie's Vintage Home, Here's Ours!

My Dad's been in a specialist dementia nursing home for just over a year. Yesterday, some thieving scum bags broke into his unoccupied house (my childhood home) & helped themselves to the contents. Not much was taken but items were arranged into piles around the house as if they were intending on returning. They'll be disappointed if they do, my brother and I have emptied the place of anything of value, Jon's boarded up all the windows and installed a bastard massive alarm that'll wake the dead (or deafen them) if it goes off. Take that, suckers!

Now the only problem is shoe horning yet more stuff into my already full-to-bursting house. I tell you, Kirstie Allsopp's got nothing on this place.

Here's some new additions:

Mum and Dad bought this ceramic cat back from Italy in 1966, he's now resplendent on the fireplace.

On the hearth there's a Burslem Art Lustrine bowl and a Doulton Lambeth Ware vase.

An Edwardian pitch pine side table squashed up the corner, 

home to a Mid-19th Century papier mache opium companion set,

A life size bronze bust of "The Boy, David",

 and a framed daguerreotype.

A dashing ancestor from Mum's side of the family who apparently went mad and ended his days in an asylum.

A 1930s Perky Pup

A Victorian cotton lawn underskirt.

An Art Nouveau brass coal scuttle next to the wood burner

 Victorian silver-topped vanity jars in the bathroom.

I've wedged a Regency papier mache decorative tray into the bedroom fire place.

It'll stop the draughts if nothing else.

I'll probably find new homes for this lot, more Doulton Lambeth Ware (Circa 1870)

More Victorian pottery. 

Victorian double-sided glass and velvet souvenir from the Isle Of Wight.

 Disturbing dolls. I'm keeping these downstairs to scare off any burglars!

That's all folks! Lots more to come including Edwardian baby clothes, more creepy relatives and Victoriana galore.

Victorian underskirt worn with a 1970s floral blouse (Local hospice shop), denim waistcoat (Acorns charity shop) and an Urban Outfitters belt (present from Liz)
Onwards and upwards. I've been through enough crap in the last few years to let something as trivial as the loss of a few possessions bother me and poor old Dad's blissfully unaware of everything (including who the hell I am).

I'm off to open the bar and looking forward to a day (and night out) in Birmingham tomorrow.
Have a fabulous weekend whatever you get up to and see you soon.


  1. The scumbags. Good job you got there and sorted it. They'd have cleared the lot.
    Kirstie can bog off love! I'd much rather see your lovely home and how it's evolved with it's vintage and not just been plonked together.
    I'm rather taken with the chap who went mad...what a dish. He looks quite modern. And you know what I think of the dollies!!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. What a despicable act. I am sorry your dad is no longer aware. I know how hard that can be.
    Your ancestor was particularly dashing - he reminds me of David Beckham in his younger days.
    Have a great evening out and don't let the b*****s get you down.

  3. I'm so sorry for this terrible adventure, but I love your family finds and the "new" underskirt are perfect as gipsy style skirt.

  4. Sorry to hear about the break-in, but thank goodness you were able to rescue the majority of items before they came back to the scene of their crime!

    Sometimes you think it may be best that folks are unaware of the bad things that befall them, although it must be hard for you with your Dad not able to recognize you any more. Sad it is, but that's how they go about disengaging from the world as we know it and make for the next one. Or so some say.

    Just keep packing it all in Vix, as you do.

  5. Oh God, that's awful. Hopefully the bastard alarm will put pay to the swines. I'm with Emma, I'd much rather see your home anyday of the week than Kirstie's so called vintage nonsense. xx

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about the break in at your dad's house. I'm glad to hear that you've got his possessions out before the little shits come back. They make me sick. They should get an effin job! xx

  7. The little dears obviously didn't have what they thought they ought to have and so decided to take it! Lowlife.

    I'm so glad that you have found a home for your family items. Even if your dad is blissfully unaware of what is happening it's good to know that his possessions are treasured. Enjoy your day out tomorrow.
    Love from Mum

  8. That's just awful Vix. I'm so sorry something as nasty and petty as this had to happen to add insult to injury. What scumbags some people are. I'm just glad they didn't get anything of real value, sentimental or material. If there is a plus side at all, then your latest home additions are it. I absolutely love the scary dolls and the opium companion set. Your family have such an interesting history and it's great that you're continuing the legacy. I'd love to know more about the young asylum gentleman, and you just know I will go crazy for the victoriana! I'm sure both your mum and dad were/would be very proud of the person you've become xxxx

  9. Oh that Kirstie Allsopp is very irritating, I can't bear the idea of bolting on "vintage style" to someone's home - if they haven't shown an interest before, why bother now? Your home is a reflection of your taste and style, and you have inherited or collected the things you love over time, not at the whim of some over-paid, over-exposed "expert".
    One rant down, one to go! Thieving shits, what a dreadful thing to happen. I am glad you managed to save the items they were clearly coming back for. What a wonderfully eclectic house your parents must have had, the items you have shown us are amazing.
    Your poor old dad, maybe it's as we'll he doesn't know what has happened.
    It is typical of you to face life's problems with humour, good sense and a matter-of-fact realism. You don't do self-pity and I like that!
    Have a GREAT weekend, darling! xxxx

  10. How utterly horrid....hope they come back and get caught out by the alarm......but what wonderful treasures and memories they must hold!!x

  11. I'm so sorry you've had to deal with all this! I'm glad, however, that you discovered it and were able to rescue some things before they disappeared for good. I'm also glad you've got John and your brother to help with this. And as excruciating as dementia can be, this might be one time it's a blessing.

    My grandmother left a few pieces of silverware to me when she died. They were later stolen by my ex-husband's relatives when my mother-in-law died (we lived in the same house). Nice, huh.

    Enjoy your well-deserved pint or two. XXOO

  12. Dearest Vix,
    "items were arranged into piles around the house as if they were intending on returning"...I would have loved to have been there on their return armed with a baseball bat...I'm a peace loving person (usually) but burglars/robbers/thieves really make my blood boil. Sad thing is the legal system would probably only give the burglars a wee slap on the wrist whilst giving me a lengthy prison sentence for GBH (for protecting your dads property from sticky fingered stinking sewer rats like that).
    Och, all we can hope for is that Karma catches up with them sooner rather than later or better still that they see the error of their ways and stop fucking thieving off people.
    You're right Kirsty Allsopp's got nothing on your place and nothing on you either, I find her a highly grating TV personality, I think they should sack her and give you her there's a TV program I would enjoy.
    Have a fab weekend!
    Lot's of love,

  13. Gosh, I was about to start off with "Scumbags" but I've been beaten to it - and I totally agree with everyone else's thoughts. So glad you were around to act so quickly - and well done for squeezing in your "additions" - your mum and dad had great taste; well, not too sure about the Doulton Lambeth Ware;)
    I do love the way the tray fits in to the fireplace and has been so well repurposed.
    Make sure you have a fab weekend - and I hope Jon's wired that burglar alarm up so the next toerags that try anything get fried! xx

  14. What gits! Totally unbelieveable. Your ancestor was a terribly handsome chap, and you're mighty brave heading into Birmingham on a Saturday, last time I did that it was manic. Xx

  15. Evil little gits, I hope their hands drop off!! Let's hope they do come back and get caught red-handed when the alarm goes off.

    Perhaps you could wire their entry point to the mains - that'd stop the bastards in their tracks!! (I'd love to have the nerve to do that, BTW, but suspect I'd end up being prosecuted for attempted murder!!)

  16. I have known seriously addicted heroin addicts over the years who still have enough pride not to burgle homes, there is no bloody excuse for it. A dearth of morals in every sense. So glad you managed to scupper their attempts to greedily return for more loot.

    I loved your tour, I think the novelty of Kirstie's 'jumping on the bandwagon' vintage interests have worn off with most. Why aren't you and Jon on the box? You'd really inspire people, maybe you will be one day!

    I love the dolls, the bust, the glassware, the inspired idea to wedge that tray in the fireplace. It all tells the story of a proper vintage collector, your home could never be recreated.

    Enjoy your weekend, and just focus on that India break coming very soon!

    Lucy x

  17. my mom spent her last 12 years in a nursing home so i feel your pain.

    what scoundrels! i have no idea how you squeezed more into your beautiful home but you did and it all looks like it fits perfectly.

    your kin that went mad was pretty damn good looking!

    have a wonderful time at the pub tonight. xo

  18. I am so sorry about the burglary. Nothing upsets me more than thieves and burglars. I don't know why , I have zero tolerance to them.
    I actually think that dolls are adorable. I love vintage dolls. and can'twait to see your parents' edwardian baby clothes collection.


  19. Vix, so sorry to hear about the break in, thank goodness they didn't get much and that you've managed to save everything else. Thieving scum like that should be strung up by the short and curlies and I hope karma catches up with them. Frankly I think burglars get everything they deserve when householders take the law into their own hands - sod call me dave's 'reasonable force'.
    I'd definitely rather watch you on tv than Krusty, but it's fun to snipe when she's on!
    Hope you have a great night out!

  20. Sorry to hear about the break in. Good thing you removed their neat piles. That was nice of them

    Now we know where you get your style. Your Dad has some awesome pieces. That Kristie person sounds annoying. There's one over here named Sara Something and she's does whole house make-overs. Says stuff like "I bought this mid-century house for $750,000, now like re-do it" and "the budget for this room is $20,000" "Let's go to the flea market" I makes me laugh, it's so stupid

  21. I'm so sorry to hear about your Dads place, some people are just so low! It looks like you got some beautiful things from your dads home. Have an awesome night out xoxo

  22. Oh blimey I am so sorry to hear about the the break-in and admire your attitude. Keep on keeping on x

  23. I'm so sorry to hear about the break-in. How awful :( sending positive thoughts to your and your family x

  24. I'm sorry about those arseholes breaking into your Dads house - A part of me hopes they go back for a second try because they'll definitely get a warm welcome from that alarm!

    I adore so many of these treasures you have rescued. Things like these should stay in the family, not get flogged on by some chav in a tracksuit who doesn't know their worth at a boot sale!

    Your parents must have had quite the life together and I'm sure plenty of those treasures hold fond memories of their time together :)

    I'm looking forward to the Victorian and Edwardian post, as you know I have quite the appetite for most things from that time period, even if I can rarely get my hands on much of it myself, it'll still be lovely to see what your parents gathered together! xxx

  25. aaaargh those are really scumbags....this is terrible...i wish them that they get all that bad back :(
    and for you and your family a lot of love and positive thoughts!

  26. Good for you Vix for your positive attitude and not letting the bastard thieves get you down. They didn't win!!! Awesome new old things you shared. My favs are the bottles and jars!!

  27. What horrible people- I hope they get their come-uppance (and perhaps a busted eardrum or two) for doing that.

    I love those silver-topped jars! And your rather dashing member of the family tree- swit-swoo!

  28. I'm sorry you've had this to deal with, very unpleasant. Your outlook is fantastic though. And it doesn't surprise me that you come from a family of collectors of quirky stuff! Have a lovely weekend. x

  29. So annoying! Thievey theives! It makes me want to cry. However, with your crazy handsome uncle and your crazy scary dolls to look after you I'm SURE you'll be safe.

  30. So sorry to hear about those horrid people [horrid being an understatement]. Glad you've been able to rehome some of the items though!

    Have a great weekend Vix!

  31. Scumbags. But what goes around comes around, and they'll get their comeuppance.

    You've managed to save some fab stuff, but my absolute favourite is your mom's ancestor. He has something of a young Bowie about him.

    I am also thrilled to read from all the comments that I'm not the only one who thinks Kirstie Allsopp is an irritating tit!

    See you tomorrow! xxxx

  32. So sorry to hear about the burglary and about your Dad's health - your sunny demeanour is admirable.

    I can't stand Kirstie personally she's such a fraud. xx

  33. Vile rotters, must have been taking tips from the dropkicks down our way. We've found a lovely new flat to move into and, like you said, onwards and upwards! Glad your pop isn't too aware of what's going on, some people are just disgusting.

    Much love to you, loving the new contents of your home! It all fits in so well! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  34. I'm so glad not too much was taken and that your Dad was safely out of the way.
    What an amazing house it must have been to grow up in with all that gorgeous stuff! I love the cat, I love the coal scuttle in fact I'd have it all.

    Oh and phwoar what a dish your mad relative is!!!

  35. I've been wanting to jump on some heads for quite some time now and the burglars sound like just the kind of scum begging for my sharp elbows and knarly knuckles. It seems like they'd planned it all out which makes me see red even more! That to me is a direct attack on an elderly and very sick man - since you're in the vintage market biz now, you may see some of the gear they did get away with on sale. There's a thought. I'd love to be there if you and Jon find your Dad's gear for sale. Thank you for taking me on a magical mystery tour of your beautiful home - your parent's treasures certainly don't look shoe-horned in, they look right at home. Rather with you than the scumbags eh? Big squeezey hugs to you darling. Let your hair down this weekend and have a ball in Birmingham! xoxoxoxo

  36. Scum bags indeed. Thank goodness for quick response action from you, Jon and your brother to ensure the rotten thieves can't return.
    Our house is also undergoing additions to shelves and corners - from my great grandma's house. She too was in a specialist dementia nursing home. The cruellest thing I found about the illness was the way it robbed us all of the person she had been and left an unrecognisable changeling in her place - though she did still have occasional flashes of remembering who we were.

  37. God that is sick. Hope they get what's coming to them. Your house is amazing, love all the new additions except those super scary dolls - argh!
    Sorry to hear about your Dad. I fear my Grandma is heading the same way, this week she had a complete amnesia block about having moved into the care home (been there 6 weeks) and Mum spent an hour trying to convince her that's where she lives. Sad times x

  38. So sorry to hear that, how horrible. Thank God you managed to retrieve some of it, but it's really awful for you on top of everything else with your Dad. I love your attitude though xx

  39. I'm really sorry to hear about the intruders but glad to see they didn't take or damaged those beautiful pieces! I'm deeply in love with this house, I bed you had a great time growing up there! xxx

  40. Alright Babs?
    As a fellow snappy dressing lady of a certain age with groovy Midlands roots (& the Midlands are indeed uniqely groovy}, I adore & relate to your blog!

    Firstly, let it be said that the Alsopp woman is the work of the devil.
    I've been a devoted seeker & wearer of vintage since I was 13 & it does get on my tits that she peddals this twee yummy mummy ersatz vintage/rural cutesy shtick. Her voice makes my ears bleed.

    The new additions to your home look wonderful & absolutely right (not sure bout the location of the tray, tho)!
    Perhaps this experience is a shove on with process of moving forward & consolidating your home, & your past into the present?
    Namaste X

  41. I always love seeing more of your home and possessions, sorry it had to be at the expense of your dad's house though. There are some really scummy people in the world. Glad they didn't get away with too much.

  42. Horrid people! You have some fun items there! Will just go and reply to your -email!

  43. I'm sorry to hear of the break in at your Dad's house, but glad you discovered it before it was all taken.

    That ancestor of yours is a real looker!

  44. Vix, I'm so sorry to hear about thieves getting into your dad's home, but happy they didn't get much. You've taken his beautiful heirlooms and worked them into your awesome home perfectly. I love the photos you shared, and of course you look smashing as usual.

  45. What absolute rancid TURDS they are!!! xx

  46. Such beautiful things. So sorry about your Dad's home.

  47. Aww, that is so lousy. A sad situation all 'round except that they didn't get away with much. My heart goes out to you, given the situation with your dad. He and your mom had great taste and a wonderful daughter.

  48. Even though I'm living an intentionally clutter-free and scaled-back life, I need to see all the stuff piled into your eclectic home. It's my way to live vicariously through the creativity of others.

    It is so sad that you are traveling this path with your dad as it is a particularly difficult condition to adapt to. But it is so fortunate that you intervened in what would have surely been a heartache in losing not only your father's fading memories, but the actual items linked to it. I am so glad you go there in time and it's a real treat to see what you have saved.

  49. Your dad really has some beautiful things and your home is lovely! It seems to be true that our parents become the children & it's tough all the rotten things that happen as they age. XXX

  50. I'm sorry to hear about the burglary. It's so sad that there are such low life cretins around. I guess the only positive is that your Dad isn't aware of it, although that is a huge loss all on it's own. I love the treasures you brought home. Your place looks like heaven to a clutter bug like me! And how handsome is that guy in the certainly come from good looking, even if slightly crazy stock! Xx

  51. I'm so glad no one was hurt and can't believe they actually planned to return! Didn't they ever watch a cop show -- returning to the scene of the crime is instant snagging by the cops. I'm glad you got a nasty loud alarm in there (now I don't have to offer to hex the SOB's!) I love that you're squeezing in a little more family history, such an interesting history it is! Mr. Bonkers was pretty hot, but what a sad story. I would definitely keep my eyes on those creepy dolls... (; I have a skirt just like that, but it's so sheer. The fabric passes muster as cotton, but it's like tissue so I've not worn it. Yours looks to be in sturdier condition, and stunning on you! XXX

  52. Feckin' feckers!! >:-( I so luv the Doulton Lambeth Ware...that would look gorgearse in my house! Did ya wanna bring it over?

  53. I am very excited that you've installed a bastard alarm system. Those are the very best ones!! I can't think of a proper insult for thieves - even scum has a meaningful purpose on earth so they are certainly some unearthly form of harmful being.

    Your family's treasures are safe, thank goodness. And they look at home in your home. But your attitude is awesome - they are things, with memories, yes, but things just the same. Your energy is so much more. Have a fantastic weekend. Too bad about your Dad, but you said it, "blissfully" unaware.

  54. Vix I really admire your attitude to the break in - you are right its just possessions, but there are some really awful people out there and I secretly hope they go back and are deafened by the scream of the alarm. Hope you have a great day in Birmingham!

  55. Sorry to hear that a bunch of c***s burgled your Dad's house. (apologies for using the c word but sometimes it's the only one that will do) It must have been rotten for you and I admire your spirit, not letting the bastards get you down. You've brought home some lovely treasures and they blend in so well with all your 'proper vintage' possessions, not something 'in the style of' a la Kirstie which no doubt costs a bloody fortune. Have a lovely weekend. x

  56. I really cannot understand why people cannot stay off other peoples stuff...... That is why we now have that our big dog Duco. Most people are scared of him. I really hope that they will not come back.
    I am droling over the gorgeous things you have in your house. Mine is also a bit to full. Not for me, I always find a spot to put something down, but for hubby.... :)
    I love the ceramic cat....

  57. My house got burgled once when i was at work ! You really get pissed and disapointed ! The stuff they stole was´nt wearht much but the feeling of that idiots beeing in your home messing with yor stuff...

  58. What is it with some people, they just think they can help themselves to other people's things, or damage property... Well karma will be biting those scumbags hard on the backside!
    However I never cease to be impressed with the way you fit things in and the clever way you display things, so creative!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend, you deserve it xxx Claire

  59. Oh I'm sorry to hear about your dad, I don't understand those horrible people who could do such kind of thing!! I hope the burglars never return..!

  60. I hope karma comes back and bites those scumbags hard in the bottom! What horrible people!

  61. I know about it through your facebook, ahhhhhhhhhhh scam bags indeed.
    You have to turn your house into a vintage museum for all of us to visit.
    Much love always, my dear QUEEN.

  62. Your house is infinitely more interesting that Kirstie's! Well done for foiling the plans of those bastard robbers.
    p.s. I've got the hots for your mad blond ancestor....

  63. I'm really sorry for what happened at your dad's house, you planned a great revenge on those scumbags, I hope they'll come back to be caught by the police!All you brought back home is beautiful, you should open a club or a bar it would be the most wonderful place on earth..and obviosly everyone should pay to enter!I'm sure that that cat worths, it looks more like an art sculpture and not as a traditional craft work, I like the chinese opium set and the boy bust.Your ancestor was gorgeous, he had a very sad story, I'd like to know more about it, can't wait till the next episode!!
    I almost forgot to tell that you look amazing in pink and the Victorian skirt is fabulous!!
    Love xxx

  64. Sorry that you have had all of this to deal with! Your house looks amazing though, I love the pictures on the wall and the light!

  65. Wow, some people know no bounds, do they? Sorry to hear that, Vix, but I'm glad you've rescued the lot and also come up with a plan to foil the thieving jerks.

    But oh, those dolls ARE scary - I'd be hiding them at the bottom of a trunk (and hoping they don't get out!). I love hearing about your creepy relatives, as you call them - you seem to know more about your family than most, and history, however sad or weird, is pretty cool to know.xx

  66. FUCKERS.

    Thankfully thick fuckers who didn't see the monetary value in all those beautiful objets. I know that's not the point - they are stealing you and your Dad's history, only to piss it up against a wall somewhere, having sold it piecemeal to other thieving, fencing scrotes.

    Had a taste of it ourselves some years back - I only hope they're not allowed to breed.

    Good for you setting up an earburster alarm - I'm sure word has got around that you've emptied the house - but some scum will steal anything - or just break in for the practice, like.

    The scrotes who did our house made a hasty exit after a neighbour (in his prison warders uniform - just going on duty) knocked on the window after spotting something suspicious. I hope they still wake up sweating thinking about that lol.

    I was only worried about our house cats - although most of what they took was sentimental value rather than monetary - they must have just 'fancied' what they took. Feckwits left piles of our stuff to come back and stuff in their car before beating a hasty retreat - leaving footprints and fingerprints.

    We never got anything back and no doubt we were included in some idiots 101 other cases to be taken into consideration plea bargain.

    Hope you're feeling better now Vix - this stuff can really leave you feeling shook up and angry (I am still in a FURY - and it's over 10 years ago LMAO).

    Have a fab weekend and don't let the bastards grind you down xxxxx

  67. Oh honey I'm so sorry to hear this, there are few things worse than thieves! Good work taking what's left and boarding the place up and arming it up! If they are dumb enough to come back that alarm will have them pissing themselves!
    I'm amazed at all this stuff you found! The lil picture of a handsome relative gone mad, the Beautiful Victorian glassware, that slip and your clever use of that tray over the fireplace- it's all so cool! The bronze bust is a nice addition to that corner.
    You poor thing I can't imagine what's its like visiting your Dad. I hope he gets better and that you are able to get some good visits in.
    It sounds like you need and deserve from time away from all this real life drama. Have fun hanging out and know I'm sending you a big ole huge hug!
    I love you!

  68. There are some real low lifes out there. I'd like to hunt them down and stuck a crutch up their backside :(


  69. So sorry to hear about the break-in at your Dad's. Last thing you need. It's more the intrusion and the sense of "how dare they?" than what was actually taken and/or damaged. But from the photos, it's obvious that good taste runs in your family.

    Much love,
    Rosemary from

  70. Those fecking feckers.I loathe thieving scum wih a vengeance.Good job taking care of business so they'll get nothing but smashed eardrums if they return!
    But jaysus, the squeezing in must have been tough,that's some fine history you've added to your divoon house of fabularseness! I am just dribbling over pretty much everything........OMG......the arts and crafts coal skuttle especially rocks my boat!!!
    Poor Dad, it's a miserable business.
    Love you to BITS!
    Love Helga xxxXXXxxx

  71. Omg vix - I watched her show the other night and it's just generic stuff. Whaaaat?!?!
    And sorry to hear your news!!

  72. Not being a Brit, I checked out this Kirstie on YouTube and was terribly underwhelmed. She's got nothin' on you, Vix. You should be the one with the show.

    Sorry to hear of your encounter with the aftermath of an unwelcome visit from the dregs of society. How terribly unsettling that must have been for you. Good that you and Jon were able to set things right.

    Take care.

  73. I'm sorry to hear that you had to deal with the stress of a break-in and that your father no longer recognizes you. Sad beyond words.

    Wonderful pieces that you have managed to squeeze into your home. I love the Victorian underskirt, a basic beauty that has such potential. You wear it beautifully with the floral blouse and denim.

    Hope that you had a weekend which took you away from the recent intrusion.

  74. What a terrible story! Scavengers don't care about anyone but themselves. I hope they get their Karma paybacks quick.
    I've lived through 3 burglaries in my lifetime and they suck for sure. I'm happy to hear you were able to get over there before they returned, which it sounds like they were planning to do. That's a lot of work for the two of you I'm sure.

  75. Wow - what a bunch of thieving bastard massive bastards, and what a divine collection of magnificent treasures to squish into your beautiful home! I especially love the perky pug - you know I'm a sucker for anything dog related.

    You look amazing, amor - I love you in pink and that beautiful vintage petticoat skirt is absolutely gorgeous. Hope you had a pear cider for me.

    Love you more than those disturbing dolls! Sarah xxx

  76. Jeez your poor old Dad... prob. best he is unaware, but so sad. Your folks must have been nmad collectors, they have some truly awe-inspiring stuff. Lucky you have a sizeable house to squidge a bit more in!!!

  77. So sorry to hear about the break-in, Vix - never nice to feel that somebody has been rifling through your things. At least, as you say, your poor dad is unaware it's happened. xx

  78. Oh my gosh so sorry to hear about your childhood home! There are some nasty scum out there.

    That man in the picture is rather dashing such a shame he ended up in an asylum..very sad!

    Those dolls are so freaky x

  79. I've just caught up with this. What a really shitty thing to happen. I'm so glad you have managed to thwart them.

    My parental situation and attitude reflect yours perfectly. I think the blissfully unaware stage is such a blessing compared to all those that precede it.

    I can see where you get your love of collecting from! Your family home must have been a treasure trove of delights :) x

  80. your home is so beautiful ... i suppose it would take hours to look through all the lovely multifarious rooms ...
    hope you had a great night out.

  81. Thieving basterds! You could set up a mock voodoo doll in the house with a warning message - that should freak out any thieving scumbag (esp. if they're high at the time of breaking in as it would surely add to one bad trip).

    Give me your vintage house any day over Kirstie's! xxx

  82. You just have the coolest house. I want everything in it. Even those terrifying dolls! The opium set is like something out the Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes series. Everything you rescued is wonderful, you family were a right lot of hoarders, I wish mine had been. I love the underskirt too.
    Let's hope those dolls only attack burgler and not you in your sleep. mwhahahaha xxxxxx


  83. Such wicked people breaking into your Dad’s home, it must have been an unsettling discovery. I’m sure the treasures will be a lot safer back at yours, and of course the memories that belong with them will always be there, no one can ever take away them. I’m sure Dad would be proud if he knew, please don’t let the scumbags get you down, you deserve some good fortune Vix xxx

  84. So sorry to hear this, Vix. What scumbags. They'll get what they deserve though - karma and all that. Thinking of you. xx

  85. I'm so glad you've been able to maintain a positive outlook after the break in, and that you were able to act quickly and foil any of their plans to come back for more. Thieving Bastards! I do love when you give us a little tour around your house. Your Dad did have some marvelous things, and they seem quite happy to be mixing with your stuff.

  86. Those dirty dogs will get theirs someday!!!
    I so enjoyed seeing the treasures from your past--such interesting stuff!!!

  87. That's terrible Vix - I'm so sorry to hear that! I hope the measures you've taken will be enough to stop it in future.
    You're looking fantastic as usual - those peticoats are such a treasure! x

  88. Oh Vix im so sorry to read of the breakin cheeky skumbags. Im so glad you were able to bring some of his things back home with you. You have a truely gorgeous home and i just adore all the family connections you still have with it all. Sending you lots of love and big hugs xxxx

  89. I feel so bad Vix that I wrote a chirpy comment on your blog a few days ago and missed that this had happened to you, I'm having to use Pat's phone as the computer is broken and it's making me miss a lot of blogs. I'm so sorry you're having to go through all this, I think Rosemary the Shopper hits the nail on the head about how outraged thieves make you feel, even if they don't get anything, they're violating a home. I'm sorry to hear how things are with your dad too, at least you're nearby and can see him regularly and make sure he's well looked after, I'm a long way from my mum and it makes me feel so guilty now she's old. xx

  90. The bastards!
    It happens to us last year we got robbed, they took everything of value -

    Love all your treasures- Wonderful
    Love how you styled the Victorian Skirt -

  91. Hey, sorry to hear about the break in. Some people just don't care about what other people deem as valuable.

    Congrats on getting it all sorted though and in such a calm fashion!!


  92. aw, what treasures your dad has. Hope they bring back some nice memories for you, & so glad you saved them & boarded up his house. Sorry to hear about your dad's condition. It's one thing getting older, but the dementia thing is horrendous. keep on truckin girl, like you do so well!!

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