Friday, 19 October 2012

Spare Us The Clutter

Have I mentioned how much I hate this time of year? If the crap weather and constant mention of the C* word isn't enough to contend with there's the hassle of taking a half-decent indoor photograph when you live in the most cluttered house known to man.

*25th December

 Along with non-fans in band tee shirts another of my bugbears are interior shots of hipsters with artfully arranged guitars and musical detritus and look at me, I've not only managed to squeeze a vintage acoustic into the frame but a whopping great big amp, too.  They were there already, honest, just ask Krista. The house is littered with everything from Les Pauls to gold discs.

Don't blame me, I'm tone deaf and the worse singer in the world. It's the muso I live with, he'll hate me for putting this up for the world to see.

I had a get well parcel of joy from gorgeous Clare today. How beautiful is the illustration on the package?  I got a Thompson Twins postcard! She also made Jon a midget porn badge (it's already pinned to his beret)

A fabulous mix tape (Clare makes the best mixes ever)

And this Renjoy, London 1960s-does-Edwardian blouse she found at a jumble sale last weekend for 20p which goes to prove that fabulously cheap stuff isn't exclusive to my neck of the woods. I've worn it with my 1970s Dollyrockers maxi (99p, eBay), a hand crochet jumble sale shawl (20p), some stack heeled River Island boots (£1.50, Salvation Army)

A 1980s bejewelled suede belt (50p from a car boot sale)

These huge earrings which were originally Topshop but ended up in Acorns Hospice for 75p

some chipped Barry M, and some bling (the cranberry and the black ring were 50p each from a car boot sale and the others were inherited from my Mum.)

The entire outfit cost a very reasonable £4.95. Is it just me who enjoys totting up every element of my outfit and marvelling at my cheapness? Tell me it isn't so!

What are your plans for the weekend? Cheer me up, I'm booze-free and stuck indoors (although I may brave a jumble sale in the morning, I reckon that hacking cough will scare away most of the punters in the queue and I'll have the church hall all to myself.)

Have a good one, whatever you get up to.
See you soon!


  1. I heart the Thompson Twins!! I do like your earrings & belt tho. I need cheering up too - I hate the rain. Blaaah!!!
    Have a good weekend regardless!

  2. that shirt is a marvel, I love it!
    Such a great value outfit indeed. Glad to hear you are on the mend, good luck at the jumble sale tomorrow x

  3. Feel better soon! I am going to email you a clip from the Moz show :)

    As for my weekend, I am hitting up one of my favorite annual rummage sales (and right up the street from my house no less!), going to my first craniosacral therapy appointment, and then I have a costumed barn dance to attend in the evening. I am looking forward to relaxing on Sunday :)

  4. Well, even if the voice and musical ability aren't those of a rock star (we'll leave that to Jon) you still manage to LOOK like a rock star! You need some fancier drugs than antibiotics though...
    Clare is a sweetheart, that blouse is a beauty, and with a mixed tape and the Thompson Twins, you can't go wrong. Altogether now - " Doctor, Doctor..."
    Gorgeous maxi skirt, and we get to see you by your fab patchwork curtains, so there are some benefits to posing inside.
    Take it steady if you do go to the jumble, you might not be strong enough to take on the Black Country Grannies and their elbows of doom...
    I will be jumbling, of course, but on the other side of the trestle table. I am on women's wear, the most cut-throat section so wish me luck! We have mountains of stuff, I am looking forward to the madness - bring it on!
    Feel better soon, darling! xxxxxx

  5. hey Vix! don't you look fab! I also hate the "artfully" decorated muso interiors; as any real musician (or someone who lives with one) knows, guitars are normally littered about, half in and out of guitar bags, leads trailing, amps here and there, rubbish everywhere (sorry Age!)
    Love your outfit today and as always. Glad to see you're feeling a bit better too. Sorry I've been a little absent from commenting but I want you to know I read every post even if I don't get round to commenting. You're an inspiration xxxxxxxx

  6. Ooh you look swanky! And I hear ya when it comes to the weather/lighting and trying to do indoor shots - gah!

    You've pulled off a cracking, and bargainous, outfit all while inside with a great backdrop.

    Get well soon mrs, but use the hacking cought to your advantage to snaffle some more bargains - go Vix! :) xxx

  7. I wish I had your long fingers so I could wear rings like that.

    So many of your friends send you presents. How wonderful.

  8. i don't know anyone who looks better while under the weather. when i'm sick i'm all in my pj's feeling sorry for myself!

    i'm taking larry to the airport tomorrow so i'll be alone and unsupervised. can't wait.


  9. That is the best title ever. I used to love the Bunnymen! One of my work colleagues asked if I had an extra large wardrobe today (for all my clothes) I said no, I just cram everything in. It's a clutter-fest!

  10. You are so rock & roll ...I love it x

  11. I think the inside of your house looks amazing, full of cute and quirky things.

    I love that bejewelled belt - its so pretty.

    Have a great time at the jumble sale - I hope you find some fabulous things.

  12. I shall be dragging a 6 year old round the supermarket as I went out in search of food today and found a cupboard instead so couldn't carry any food. Bad mummy will pay the price tomorrow.
    Don't visit my blog if you're C word senstive as it's a c word explosion. All over my floor.

  13. I don't know what to say other than the usual "you look gorgeous" and I want a mix tape from Clare.

  14. You can never have too many guitars!!!

  15. Fab-u-lous for a fiver! Brilliant!
    That belt is stunning.
    Doing a catch-up...sorry you've been feeling rough; glad you're on the mend.
    We MUST do a meet up soon - I said to Dee Dee that I haven't seen you yet this year. That's terrible...I need a Vix fix!
    Big hugs.
    Z xx

  16. Think you'll be having a better weekend than me. I've got a day shift followed by a night on Sunday. May squeeze in a gig on Saturday night if I've got the stamina after being up at 4am! In awe of your ability to get an outfit for under a fiver, and a Dollyrockers Maxi for 99p!!
    Take care at the JS. xx

  17. What clutter? You do look great in your bargain couture. The fact that it cost you just pennies makes it look even better, of course. You do ill very well, Vix. Heaven knows what you'd be up to if you were feeling great!

  18. I've seen a guitar or two in your posts, always figured you played. My ukes are strewn all about, but always in cases unless being or about to be played as I'm pretty anal about humidifiers. Now sheet music is another matter, one day I'll get organized. I love your clutter, my kind of mess - have a great weekend!

  19. I LOVE seeing pictures of your interior!! It's so funky and cool and YOU!!!
    I must say the patient is looking fabulous in her "new" blouse and maxi!!!I look like death sucking a lifesaver when I'm sick!!
    Be careful at the jumble and don't over-do it!!
    I went to town to the thrifts today (sigh--what a waste) and plan to do some cleaning and crafting/creating this weekend!!

  20. Oh, you look AMAZING, amor! I adore the blouse and skirt - individually and together! Your house always looks perfect to me - I drool over everything - the curtains, the velvet chair, the musical detritus! I see a few of my faves on Clare's mixed tape - hope it's good medicine (along with your antibiotics) and hope you are well enough to get to the jumbo in the morning. Love you more than Dollyrockers! Sarah xxx

  21. You should see my house, that's clutter! Your possessions always seem to have a story behind them. Jon is on the right of the photo, yes? I will be joining you in sickness as I've come down with the JBs' colds. I may brave the bi-annual scout jumble sale if the weathers not too pants and I'm high on Lemsip!

  22. My current hate is those tights with those fake suspender bits at the top, especially worn with denim shorts, especially tiny denim shorts with the pockets hanging down. Often worn by young slappers with loads of make up, fake eyelashes so large they can't keep their eyes open and terrible hair extensions scraped into an extreme side parting.
    Anyway. You look great, I knew you'd have something stunning to go with that blouse and of course it looks great on you. You need a meadow to skip through now!
    Is Jon still shouting at the cats? Xxxxx

  23. Your clutter is so much more than my artful stinky clutter of 2 teenage boys, a 21-year-old and teenage daughter.
    Love your serene poses. I can only dream.

  24. That belt is incredible! I do exactly the same with totting up my outfit costs- don't do half as well as you though; for £4.95 I'd have to just wear pants and an old freebie t-shirt :p

    I don't know if you've tried orange and berry lempsips before, but they taste a bit like mulled wine and might help your illness disappear completely!

    Katie xx

  25. You look perfectly uncluttered in your 60s sensational blouse. I remember an older cousin having something like that and me being so in love with it that she gave it to me when she was done with it - and it was out of style! Laughing about the hipster setting - and it reminded me that I meant to buy a ukulele today.

  26. Why don't we have jumble sales? We also have crap TV :(

    That blouse is so gorgeous, and of course, it's very liberating to tell everyone how little we paid for lovely pre-owned clothes. Although I still struggle with British

    I live with two 16-year old girls, and their clutter everywhere is definitely not to be photographed. More like submitted to Hoarders or Clean House...

  27. Your clutter sure is neat looking! This Sunday after I pray to the god I am taking my race car driving license course.

  28. Gklad you are getting better! Hee hee, like the sound of all the music equipment! That blouse is marvellous! You= beautiful as usual!
    My boyfriend does really nice mix-cds as well!

  29. shoe shopping on saturday and working on sunday. Yeah, show biz! You're not a hipster, you're the real deal and so is Jon. I think I'm in love with this "Dollyrockers" line of clothes. I've never heard of them before I started reading you. Beautiful prints. Have fun at the jumble than go home and rest.

  30. I'm so glad to know I'm not the only cheap-skate who lives in a cluttered paradise! I too marvel at how thrifty a whole outfit can be....I love it when someone asks me where I got it, & I say, oh just from an op shop for a buck. You look divine among all of those interesting things. Thanks for your sweet comment on my post....this dicky heart is just one of the many joys of my chronic illness. I also have 2 strains of chronic pneumonia so I sympathize with you. A new body would be nice, but I've just got to make the most of what I've got. I hope you have a splendid weekend. Xx

  31. I've just loaded up on all the posts I've missed this week and I'm feeling quite satiated by your gorgeousness. You ARE a true rockstar - music is beside the point of course. Sorry to hear about the pneumonia. I join everyone's well wishes to banish it! I'm sure your priestess maxi helped. I posted a jumpsuit recently, which I bought inspired by you of course - nobody rocks a catsuit like Vix!

  32. Oh no Vix hope the cough doesn't linger around for too long! Loving the outfit once again! You pick up some right bargains!

  33. I could give you a run for your money in a cluttered house competition Vix, this place is terrible, at least your clutter is attractive!
    I love your prezzies from Clare, that top is lovely and I'll always love mixtapes, when you make one and it's loved it's the best feeling. xx

  34. Ooh, meant to say I have those earrings too, bought them in the Topshop sale after waiting hours outside the changing rooms for my daughter, she likes that shop way too much! xx

  35. Hope your weekend is not too dull Vix! It could be worse I am off out in the rain in a bit garden tidying and rabbit hutch cleaning. Oh Joy! Hope you are on the mend now.

    Yeah our house is cluttered with all sorts of crud but to be honest that is how I like it! I will never be a "grown up bland beige space" sort, and if I do ever utter those words then shoot me!

    I love your house it is so bright and colourful and definately want that gorgeous multi coloured light you have.

    I feel your pain taking piccies indoors our house is dark even in the height of summer, so now it is immposible. Artfully strewn guitars or not! lol.

    P x

  36. Wow, I love that blouse. It's pretty amazing and for 20p! I love the shawl and maxi you've paired it with too. I like seeing glimpses if your house and all your clutter. Other people's clutter is interesting, I just hate my own. Isn't Clare a sweetie for sending you that stuff. She does make the best compilations. Did I see a song by Kenneth Williams on that cd? I'm so jealous! Have a great alcohol free weekend xxxx

  37. You always get fantastic presents ! I'd love to give the tape a listen. Your belt is adorable and so of course is your outfit ! Have a fabby weekend, i hope i'll make it to the jumblesale tomorrow too ! XX

  38. Are invited out to dinner, and it works regardless of weather. If I lived in your home, I had been enjoying all the beautiful clothes and things, and I would look so much at myself in the mirror that I probably would get sick of narcissism.

  39. ooh feel better....... for a sick chick you look pretty hot.....the colours of your maxi are the colours of my youth brilliant.....unfortunately am feeling so glum myself don't think I can do much cheering just want to stay under the duvet and away from the bills and the biscuits......the lack of work/income should equal austerity in the fridge but I just seem to be expanding disproportionately to my wealth equaling total depression!!!!x

  40. As always - you look gorgeus !
    I´m going to a dinner party tonight and are planing to wear a new dress !

  41. Moi, I am planning some loafing about on the sofa, some psychotherapy homework (perhaps), popping to the Sage to buy some music tickets for next year (my home is also full of music (and other) clutter, but no gold discs!), and a foray to the pub to buy my leek club raffle tickets!

    I live it large.

    I am also recovering from the cold and hope you feel better very soon, beautiful Vixen, but the picture of your tortoise munching lettuce in the living room yesterday didn't half make me feel much better. Thank you! Mwah!

  42. Your parcel of joy was a real blast from the past! The thompson twins! Takes you back.

    Hope your starting to feel better hun. And your not on your own I like to know if my outfits have been bargains to buy or fantastic cost to wear ratio.

    My weekend will be looking after Ashleigh today and catching up with jobs as well as prepping for tomorrow as we shall be out for most of it and only get back just in time to cook a family meal. Bad timing to be honest!

    X x

  43. I love your shirt, you look amazing!!
    You are the proof that style worths much more than money, today I'll kill to wear your fabulous outfit!
    I love Clare illustration and her great mix tape!
    Today I'm going to the antique market and even if they don't sell clothes there, I'm very excited!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  44. You are so funny! Your honkin' amp side-table looks an awful lot like ours. I always enjoy your inside shots so I can peek around and see your stuff :) Loving the rings ... You now have me scouting around for some nice big ones (oops that came out wrong) xo

  45. Hi gorgeous!

    I know the feeling same here think of when you will return to India!
    Fab outfit i adore it!
    Getting pink streaks today!

  46. I hope you're feeling loads better, that cough from pneumonia is hard to get rid of, boo! That belt is fantastic, I love jeweled belts! And the pic of Jon, awww! You look fab so I hope you get to go to the jumble sale and scare off the grannies! We'll probably start spooking the house up for halloween if the weather holds up! (really should have done it last week, oops!) XXX

  47. Have I mentioned how much I adore you???
    The musical clutter is G's idea of heaven....!
    Love that blouse,what a wonderful find!!GO Clare!!! She's a sweetie,that's a magnificent parcel of joy!Did you know that Alannah Currie of the Thompson Twins is a Kiwi? She and Tom moved to Auckland after their Twins heyday,bred,he's a sound engineer and she turns up occasionally wearing her old Vivienne Westwood stuff.Fancy!A hacking cough won't put off hardened Black Country Grannie,I reckon.Maybe add some wayward thrashing moves with it....might help!You can't miss the jumble!!!
    I love admiring how bargainacious you are....when I remember, or do especially well,I'll pop it in.I never do as bargainaciosly as you,though!
    Stay warm and get well,my darling!
    Love Helga xxxXXXxxx

  48. I love that there's still people out there making mixed tapes. Much more personal than burning a cd in high speed. And with the hand written list it makes it even more special. I still have two mixed tapes that my little brother made for me before he passed away. He was about 18 when he made them with little special messages inside the tape folders. I love looking at them even though I don't have a tape player anymore.

    Lookin' groovy Vix!

  49. I love the musical clutter!! Hope you feel better soon, maybe a jumble sale is just what you need? Thanks for your lovely comment on my recent post! x

  50. Thank you for the grins and giggles, first off. I love the whopping amp comment. You do indeed look as though you could rock out an auditorium of folks, even if you say you cannot sing. Love the blouse!! And sweet to get a package like that; Clare is sweet. Keep getting well!


  51. Hallo gorgeous gal! Haha at the photo of the lovely Jon, such a cutie! :D Just popping in to say hello, I finally got decent internet woohoo!! It's chuffin' marvellarse! Anyhoo you're patchwork curtains inspired me to make some of me own for my 'dressing room' (sounds posh dunnit?) Soon to be revealed, just waiting on her Ladyship the honourable Sue to don her posh 'at and come do the grand opening! See ya soon.

  52. Gorgeous :) I really love this outfit-epecially the skirt and those rings are fab!!


  53. Oooo, what a cool mix tape - the perfect thing to cheer you up. I do understand what you mean about the weather and the dreaded "C" word. People are already talking about it where I work and I just have to plug my ears and sing quietly to myself ;)
    I have no space in my apartment that isn't full of stuff where I can take photos either. That belt is scrumptious!!

  54. Catching up and you never fail to disappoint. The maxi is gorgeous and your gifts are so 'you.' Your rings are especially wonderful today!

  55. Here's hoping that you got to the jumble sale and that your cough served you well. impressed that there are gold records in the house...

  56. No, my dear, that's the fun of it all-the total price!! It's profoundly satisfying. The prairie blouse is good on you!! I usually have an aversion to them. Clutter? What clutter? Looks good to me. My condolences on being booze-free. I guess that's necessary sometimes. Enjoy yourself anyway!!

  57. I have to agree, the one thing I hate about this time of year are the indoor outfit shots. I do like being nosey though at What's in people's houses. I hope you're feeling well soon. XX

  58. A home is not a home without some clutter and beautiful clutter it is xxx

  59. What sweet gifts from the illustration.I used to love the thompson twins.I always wanted to do my hair like time I am in england I will be making a weekend of shopping with you and miss dora.I think we will need a big bus for all our stuff.Hope your feeling better.I had the weekend off and did my hair and make up and played with my nail

  60. Those aren't props I swear it! I can't totally agree here I hate finding a spot inside to take picture but yours have come out beautifully! The print and colors on that skirt make me want fruit! You look bright and beautiful despite the darkness outside! The picture of Jon is oh so dreamy ;p I do hope you are feeling better and that the weekend was more than nice to you! Let's talk soon!
    LOVE YOU!!!

  61. I love perving at your clutter. It's the second-best thing about your blog after perving over your incredibly bargainous outfits. I absolutely adore the blouse Claire sent you, it's gorgeous with the maxi skirt and belt! Jon looks the same: cheeky, impish good looks intacta. If I had a better memory, I'd be able to tot up the cost of each outfit but I can only remember some prices - but always stoked that most of the time I'm wearing head-to-toe bargains. But I'm not in the Vix League of Bargain Awesomeness yet:) xoxoxo

  62. Awesome post, as always. I know I always say the same thing but I'm always very surprised at the treasures you find! Also the way you manage to incorporate them into outfits is truly inspiring!
    I probably sound like a broken record.
    Anyway, I with I could rock long flowy skirts like that, it seems so comfy and cozy for this time of the year!

  63. Argh I totally missed this post, so caught up in work I have been! It sure does look gloomy there, and you've got so many clothes on, we're dripping sweat in shorts and t-shirts this week, it's gross! Hope you're on the mend hon!!!


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