Wednesday 26 September 2012

What's Cooking? The One Where I Share A Recipe

How about something completely different? I thought I'd talk you through how I make my vegetable lasagne.  

(Yes, I am wearing 6 inch heels in the kitchen, our stone flags may look pretty but they're horribly cold on my poor feet!) 

In case you're wondering what a vintage fashion blogger can tell you about cooking I'd better fill you in on my past. 

In a previous existence I trained as a chef and pâtissier and after qualifying was head-hunted and fast-tracked into a management position with the one-time largest contract catering company in the world. For years I lived a double life, a corporate suit-wearing whore by day and party animal by night. I managed a large staff, was solely responsible for a budget of over a million quid, catered for over 2000 people on a daily basis including a fine dining facility for high ranking MPs, government ministers and royalty and worked over 90 hours a week. Anyone who knows me will tell you I'm the easiest-going woman in the world so putting on the persona of tough boss by day coupled with being on my feet for over 18 hours at a time with an undiagnosed skeletal deformity nearly destroyed me. At the time I earnt more money than anyone else I knew but hated every minute of my existence and was a nightmare to be around. The bravest and best thing I ever did was to admit enough was enough, clear my desk, resign and reclaim my life. 

I doubt whether I'll ever earn as much I did back then but spiritually I'm richer & no longer living a lie and that's all that counts.

 Anyway, enough about me, here's my recipe for Veggie Lasagne.

What you'll need: 

1/2 pint milk
2oz olive spread (or butter)
2oz plain flour
2 small red onions - roughly chopped into 1inch chunks
3 cloves of garlic - chopped
Tin of tomatoes
A handful of cherry (halved) or 2 standard sized tomatoes (quartered)
5 Mushrooms (replace with 1/2 tin of butter beans if, like Krista and Lucy, you're a hater)
1 whole pepper, thickly diced (or half a pepper & a small courgette)
A generous pinch of Herbes de Provence
8 pre-cooked lasagne sheets
4oz vegetarian cheese (grated)
1 tablespoon of olive oil
A glug of red wine (optional)
1 teaspoon of English mustard (optional)

What do you mean? Cheese sauce mix and ready-made ragu? Over my dead body!

1. Heat the olive oil, add onion and garlic and cook until translucent.
2.Add tomatoes, peppers (and courgettes, if you're using them) and herbs to taste. Cover the pan and cook on a low heat for around 5 minutes.
3. Add quartered mushrooms (or drained butter beans), tinned tomatoes and an optional slug of red wine, bring to the boil and then reduce to a simmer.
4. Leave the mixture to reduce for around 15 minutes.

1. Melt 2 oz margarine over a gentle heat. Add 2 oz plain flour and stir until cooked through.
2. The mixture is ready when it resembles honeycomb (or to Brits, the inside of a Crunchie).
3. Remove the pan from the heat, add a quarter of the milk, stirring all the time. 
4. Return the pan to a gentle heat, gradually adding the remainder of the milk, stirring in a figure-of-eight movement to prevent lumps. The sauce is ready when the sauce in centre of the pan starts to bubble. The consistency should be thick enough to coat the back of your spoon.
5.Add grated cheese and a teaspoon of English mustard to taste.

1. Put half the vegetable mixture in the base of an oven proof dish.
2. Cover with four sheets of pre-cooked lasagne.
3. Add half the cheese sauce.
4. Repeat steps 1,2 and 3.
5. Place in the centre of 180 degree oven and bake for 20 minutes (or until brown and bubbling).

Remove from the oven and serve immediately, or, in my case, get distracted by the BBC News and cremate the top.

Linking to Lakota's Ta-Dah Tuesday

Soul boy tee shirt (Jumble sale)

Normally we'll have a glass of wine and a green salad with our lasagne but neither of us could be arsed to go out in the rain.

1970s nylon maxi dress by Pat Rogers, New Zealand (Helga the great), Afghani choker (the fabulous Tamera), Flower napkin rings & linen place mats (Sexy Sarah), Orange linen napkins (car boot sale), Kitchen table and Belfast sink unit (eBay)

Tomorrow's a big day, not only are we off for a sneak preview of the monthly jumble sale but we're also helping when it officially opens and taking the money. Heaven help us, the Black Country grannies can be brutal if they think they're being ripped off (that is, charged more than 20p for anything).

See you soon!


  1. Morning domestic goddess ;)

    Am just about to make veggie lasagne for our dinner tonight - however 6 inch heels aren't part of the deal - I can't even stand in the things :(

    BTW my garden is far from tidy - just clever taken pictures ;)

  2. Ooh everything looks good here!! Helping at a jumble, good on you, and points for bravery too!

  3. Ohhh my lord, this looks amazing! I always shy away from lasagne because I see it as something extremely labour-intensive, cause my mum used to make huuuuuge ones with 1000 veggies in and it would take her all day. I am so keen to make this though! Cheese sauce rules everything around me. Also we have near-identical 70s pans, awesome.

  4. Ooo looks lovely Vix. Thanks for posting the recipe.

  5. Thanks for the sneak peak into your past Vix - sounds extremely stressful! I think its brave to walk away from money and prestige, but at the same time, you have to do what's best for your soul - otherwise you'll end up just losing yourself.

    Anyway - your lasagne looks amazing and I also love having the chance to have a sneak peak at your place. You can cook for me anytime:D

  6. we all have/had our double life, don't we? ;) Really interesting which turn your life took, dear Vix. Nice to see that we do have alternatives.

  7. Excellent thank you for that yummy recipe! You look magnificent in that kiwi maxi!

    Good luck at the Rumble in the Jumble! x

  8. How interesting to read about your former life but not remotely surprised as you obviously are a very capable woman. Glad to know that with all your catering qualifications you can still burn your dinner too! ha ha. It looks absolutely delicious and altho I haven't done a veggie option I have made the meaty one this way too. (none of that cheese sauce muck for me either!) Your frock today is divine, love both the print and the style and.... it's got sleeves.

  9. Two of my favourite things in life - vintage style and good grub.

    Looks amazing - definitely giving this one a go. :D x

  10. Yum. I was actually thinking of lasagne for dinner one night this week, I may change it up and do the veggie version. My mum used to make it when I was a kid and I hated the courgette lumps that were in it. I like them now but I think my boys may have similar feelings so I will leave them out and change mushrooms for beans as you suggest (husband is fussy about those). Vegetables for victory!

    I'm now thinking you could give Nigella a run for her money, perhaps your own magazine show where you cook in a vintage outfit. Who can we pitch it to?

    Also, fancy sharing any photos of you from your 'corporate suit wearing whore' days?!

  11. Mmmmm, that looks yummy. I've never made lasagne. I've always been scared of making the bechemal sauce so I've always left it to Jim, who makes a vg lasagne I have to say. Oddly, we were talking about lasagne making yesterday at work and someone was saying that they used cottage cheese for the topping and that works very well too. Good luck at the jumble.xx

  12. It's very hard to imagine you in your previous incarnation as mega business woman, not because you don't have the skills, of course you do, it just seems such an alien lifestyle to how you are as a person. Life in its current more relaxed style seems so much more you! It's brave to walk away and live how you want to, so good for you.
    Nice to see you haven't lost all your cheffy inclinations though. Love a lasagne, meat or veggie, and I am smiling at you cooking in your killer heels. No slippers for our Vix!
    Good luck tomorrow, don't let those grannies hassle you! xxxx

  13. Dear Vix, is still early in the morning but you make me so hungry..lasagne is my favourite dish and yours is delicious!!I want to try your recipe because I'm vegetarian too and it's always a complete and good meal, I can't eat tomatos, but I'm sure that even without them it should taste great!
    Thank you for sharing your story, I think that everyone should follow his own path to happiness and money and success are not enough to fulfill our lives.
    You are the most beautiful cook in the world inside and outside!

  14. Goodness me you're a talent aren't you. I'm coming for dinner just keep my plate warm while I book a seat with Quantas. Yummmm drool.

    Life is always better when spiritually you're being true to yourself. Good on you.

    Oh and comment can't be a comment without a mention about an outfit. Totally fabolous frockery cooking up a feed. X

  15. Your header pic is like a snapshot of my life - the glug-glug jugs, the coffee pots, the saucepan, the clock - just wish I had your lovely kitchen to go with them!
    So glad you`re veggie too - I find some blogs hard to stick with cos of the meaty content. Well done Vix.

  16. I adore getting a peek into your kitchen. Everything is gorgeous, your kettle collection is awesome.

    Put my serve in the fridge, I'll be over as quickly as I can. Om nom.

  17. I am so going to try this! Haven't made veg lasagne for ages though I'm a carnivore, I don't like meat lasagne.
    Thanks for sharing your story. It does take courage to live the life you really want and that suits you.

  18. Looks delicious! We do our veggie lasagne with vegetarian Edam and lots of lemon juice in the sauce. This is my boyfriend's family version and it's yummy; even converted me from my original style. Although, I'd never tell him that! Emma x

  19. You look so happy. I love it when you smile, your face just lights up. Me and the other Sue think you look so young when you smile, good incentive to keep doing it!! I have always thought money is not the answer to happiness. But it is a necessary evil to have some money to survive these days. I would love to live in a place where you could barter.

  20. Well slap me harder girl! You sure are a woman of MANY talents especially given you can cook up a mean lasagne in 6 inch heals! I didn't even know that was possible. And thanks for sharing Vix, and ps : 3 more sleeps till I get to meet the fabularse Misfit! xox

  21. I love seeing snippets of your house! Good for you fro reclaiming yourlife and doing what you want - not many people would have the stones to give up that high a position (and paycheque!). The lasagne looks yummy!

  22. This looks delish! I have saved it for next time I make lasagne :)
    Nice to know a bit about your past, too. I never would have guessed! x

  23. That looks fab-u-lous,nice to hear aboutyou in another life ,The recipe ....I can hear printers whirring all over the place Jan xx

  24. I love the inspirational story about changing one (big) thing in your life and being true to yourself. I still CANNOT picture you as ice-maiden boss, but I do think most people can relate to the moral. Money and.power are two things you dream about when you don't have them, but it seems there's a lot to be said for mental freedom.
    Mushrooms aside, this meal is just the sort of thing I love to cook and eat. Now I'm.on my own, reducing the amount of meat o buy has led me to seriously consider vegetarianism for the second time (i was for a few years).
    More pics of corporate Vix, please?

    Lucy x

  25. Hey Vix,

    Looking good cooking good!

    I love lasagne so does the other half. We have in the past year started to eat less meat and love to find veggie alternative for things. We love mushrooms the girls do not though. Slugs tend to get mentioned! lol.

    Its been lovely to hear more about your past you seem to me a bit like an onion (bear with me not an insult)peel back one layer to find another interesting one underneath! Good for you to follow your heart and to have the courage to walk away from a high paid job. It does take a lot of guts to do that. Ooo corporate Vix that would be an interesting post with photo's attached.

    Well done too on your recent stall success! Here is to many more. And hope you survive the wrath of the grannies tommorrow!

    P x

  26. I had NO idea re. your former life! Wow! I SHOULD make some of that lasagna. I love the stuff, and I can almost TASTE it just reading about it. (Truthfully, I'll probably no make it 'cause it sounds too intimidating for a novice such as me.)

    Enjoy the jumble. I'm pretty confident that I'd make a good "Black Country granny"!

  27. 6" heels? If I was wearing those I'd be even with the canisters. Yum, that looks good. I made tofu curry again last night, The Doctors new favorite dish.

    So glad you re-found yourself. It's a sad state for the person who's chasing the all mighty $$ ( or pound). I've worked with people like that is the past and they make life suck for everyone around them.Good luck with the Grannies! Maybe you should wear body armour

  28. Hello hello,

    I found you via Ethical Fashion Bloggers and I just have to say I bought 2 tea towels, never used for 50c and they match your place mats hehe... One red and one blue.

    Xo Steph

  29. It's interesting to hear about your previous working life and nice to know there are other options out there.

    I think I'll have to give this dish a try, it looks so tasty! You look so glam, even when cooking!

  30. I had planned to make veggie lasagna tonight and now you post this. I want to say that I've been inspired by your vegetarian existence and have been looking for ideas all the time. Thanks for this one!

  31. Yummo! You're not just the boss of the internet - you're also a domestic frickin goddess!!!

    I love your beautiful maxi - Jon is a total spunkbag in his funky tshirt and yay, you're using the placemats!

    Is there anything you can't do, boss?

    Love you more than courgettes! (But not aubergines) Sarah xxx

  32. Dearest Vix,
    Just reading about your high-pressure past life makes my stomach tie itself in a knot; I certainly couldn't handle all that stress, never mind the responsibility.
    I hated working in hospitality, especially when having to serve toffs. Old boys clubs in Mayfair where the rank old fuds would pinch your arse whilst you were serving them stuff off a burning hot, heavy silver tray and then when you "accidentally" spilt gravy on them, you'd be pulled up by major whoopee-do and have your wages docked for dry-cleaning bills…I felt as if I’d taken a wrong turn one morning and ended up working in Victorian England, talk about upstairs, downstairs!
    My CV reads like a doorstop novel cause (apart from when I am working for myself) I've never had a job that I felt was really ‘me’ and if you feel as an impostor every time you go to work, having to force a smile and pretend that you’re happy when you are screaming and crying inside, it is only a matter of time before you either snap & leave or stay & beg your GP for anti-D’s.
    It is far better to do what you did, shed the constrictive corporate shell and be a beautiful free spirit.
    As regards to whether you will ever make that kind of money again.... why the heck not, you are still more than capable of all those things that you did back then, you just need to (as you already do) plough your effort into what you love and take it to the next level. When I stare into my crystal ball and scratch my warty chin, I can see last Sunday's fair as the first step in a very successful venture, who knows in ten years time there may be a new staple store on the high street 'Vintage Vixen'...Philip Green you better start making room cause there's a new kid on the block ;)
    I can just see it now; it will be like Biba revisited, a glorious Carnaby Street revival utterly fabulous!
    I think you could achieve anything you put your mind to.
    I love lasagne too but I make mine without dairy, I just do two fillings instead (one with veg and one with beans) and then top it up with gravy so that it cook though properly. You can get vegan cheese and vegan cheese sauce mix but the ones that I have tried tasted rancid so I’d rather do without.
    I don’t think I have ever seen anyone looking so glam whilst cooking up a storm, I think Nigella better watch her back…"and at 8pm tonight on the Beeb we’ve got a brand new cookery show ‘Vix’s kitchen tricks’".
    Lot’s of love,

  33. I didn´t know all those facts about you, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, but could sense we had plenty in common, I also reclaimed my life from teaching.
    I also pass the cooking to my husband, after me cooking for so many years.
    I make Spanish dishes, but he makes a delicious Moussaka with aubegines and texturised soja meat.
    I love your recipe,and shall treasure it, but I rather you cook it for me when we meet.
    Love and admiration ALWAYS!!!
    Much love always

  34. It was interesting to hear about your past life Vix, you're obviously very talented at whatever you turn your hand to, as I saw you've been recognised as the top vintage blogger! Well done on that!
    I fancy giving this recipe a try as my oldest son is a vegetarian so I'm always interested in any veggie recipes, especially ones everyone will enjoy.xx

  35. I could really smell it... Got hungry. Yummie!
    You look great wearing heels in the kitchen !
    Ant thank you for your support when Im feeling a bit down !

  36. This sounds very tasty and you look divine while cooking it. I'll be trying your recipe soon.

    Thanks for sharing a bit about your past. Extremely similar situation here in the high ranking suit wearing executive way. The stress was incredible and the happiness I currently have is something I really didn't think was a possibility in life. So glad you discovered the same.

  37. You cook too? I've never heard of this previous life of yours...and I'm impressed!

  38. Yum Yum yum--I am copying that recipe for sure!!!
    You look so glamorous cooking in your kitchen!!
    I can't imagine the hellishness of your former job-ugh!
    Have fun at the jumble sale!
    much love!

  39. OMG, VIx! Once again, we are so similar. I just resigned from a high profile and very well paid, pressure cooker job three month ago. Instead of being unpleasant to be around when off the job, I was just anxious, withdrawn and sad. It took a tole on my bones as well, but I'm fixing that. I think less money and more life is just fine.

    Isn't it nice to actually be home at a time to cook (and eat!) a lovely meal like most other people do? The lasagna is just the what I've been looking for and will try it soon. (I'm vegetarian as well.) Thanks for that!

    Love ya!

  40. Thank goodness it's almost lunchtime here, because you have my tummy rumbling!

    I am totally going to make this! I have never made lasagna (I let Mark do it!) because I don't like to touch eggs and he uses eggs in his recipe. However, since yours doesn't use eggs, I am so happy and I can't wait to try it.

    Thanks for sharing the story of your past life. I find it inspiring in regards to what I should do with my life at the moment.

    I love that pot and that pot holder too :)


  41. I'm coming round for dinner! I love the 70s cookery book look to this post too! What else would it look like. Well done for quitting your hideous job, I can't imagine you as a Mean Boss! xxx
    well I can a bit


  42. Looks and sounds wonderfully yummy,love your kitchen and your outfit :)

  43. nice recipe you got there Vix - I make a mean veggie lasagna as well, should be coming up soon now that fall is here!

    Love, love your kitchen!

    Good for you that you reclaim your life- I am working on that as well, 2 or 3 years working and then - I will change the way i live -

    Ariane xxxxx

  44. Oh now this looks divine! A fab dish for a penny-pinching student like myself! x

  45. It's always interesting to hear about the past lives of my fave bloggers. I sympathise with anyone who has to live in the corporate world. I spent many years in a series of boring office jobs, some lasting as little as one day, and I hated every minute of it.

    Always love seeing pictures of you in your kitchen. So homely and cosy. I love your enamel coffee pots. I wish I could cook well but I have neither the patience or the motivation:( xxx

  46. wow Vix,
    I had no idea about your past life; I respect you even more!

    this recipe has been saved, looks amazing! x

  47. You need a cooking show dammit! You in those stilettos looking that good making lasagna ~ ya I need that in my life! It still blows my mind when I think of how crazy your old life was, it was killing you. You quitting was so brave, most just let their jobs take the life outta them you totally reclaimed yours!

    I am so making this lasagna! It looks super tasty and Chris loves a little dark crisped cheese :) Thanks for the recipe. Sending you sunshine my dear!

  48. Lol about the corporate suit wearing whore! Love that you wear heels while whipping up a fabulous meal! I have missed your posts while I have been gone,

  49. What a great post! I'd expect nothing less than fabulous with platforms and heels in your kitchen! So nice to know more about your past, my mum catered for years, and I still go through old bound cookbooks when I visit. xx Have a lovely week./Madison

  50. Great recipe. I may be a carnivore but I love veggie lasagne. And your kitchen is gorgeous!
    Any chance of you posting that curry sauce recipe you were taught in India?
    I love Jennie's comment about you opening a new 'Biba'. How fab would that be, and you could definitely do it!
    Annie xxx

  51. The lasagne looks delish!
    And what a fascinating read about your past. What an amazingly brave woman you are for taking that step as I imagine it would have taken courage. Good for you! It's very clear you love the life you've made for yourself since.

  52. I'm loving your recipe, it's easy and tasty and I think it can be made also with many other vegetables! (aubergines?!)
    And I always think how fabulous you are when you explain something about yourself so honestly!, you're genuine and wise!
    besos & thanks

  53. That sounds and looks absolutely delicious as do you! Just catching up on all your fab posts... looks like you had such a blast when Krista was over :-)

  54. I haven't made lasagne for months! I'm going to give your version a go soon.

  55. I never imagined you had such a double life, it sounds for sure like you are best off without it.
    I've never made a veggie lasagne, but shall bookmark this as it looks delicious!

  56. You certainly have led a colourful life my dear. I shall have to try your recipe soon as it looks delicious. I love lasagne and I love it even more reheated the next day as it always tastes even better in my opinion :)

  57. thank you so much for sharing this recipe. it looks so good, i mean i can actually smell the aroma through the screen here.

    loved your story about the restaurant world and catering. it was an exhaustive profession for me too.
    a lot of people think it must have been glamorous working at the playboy mansion but really, it was anything but.

    love your maxi and platforms in the kitchen, you know how to cook!


  58. I love it, and can't wait to try it (I've yet to procure all I need for the other recipe you sent, but soon as I do, that one will be tried too!) I'm half Italian so grew up with homemade Italian food, and while I usually make my lasagna vegetarian, I use different ingredients depending on who I'm cooking for. Okay, now I'm STARVED and am dying to cook up the rest of the farm tomatoes into a yummy sauce!

  59. Your Lasagna looks absolutely yummy
    *Oh my gosh!* What I wouldn't give to have a plateful. =D
    YOUR A HECK of alot more classy than me I would be wearing slipper boots on your cold floors. *hahah*

  60. Vegi lasagne is my fav dish to eat , if homemade and cook. Mmmm looks so tasty. Had no idea about your dark side previous life. Incredible respect for you giving it up. All the money in the world doesn't add up to the superb and enviable life you have now.. Well at least the blog life we see. Fab vintage fashions, creativeness, fun, parties, festivals, India... You are such an inspiration xxxx

  61. Omg this looks DELICIOUS. Rian is a vegetarian, so I need to make this for him asap.

    Btw what is English mustard??

  62. I'm always on the look out for a good vege recipe for my repetoire,and the vege lasagnes I've done in the past have never quite done it for me,so I'm keen to try this out on my veg friends on Veg Nite! They like 'shrooms,luckily!
    You look just gorgeous,cooking awya.Dreamy,even!Your hair is beyond divine and I yearn to wrap myself in it!Nice to see the flower napkin rings,my two are handy and look lovely with my green napkins!
    O,have a blast harrassing the Black Country Grannies! Hope you score big and beat them off with a stick!
    Love Helga xxxXXXxxx

  63. O,yes,and FARK bought sauces.Rubbish! I always make my own!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  64. Great 'At Home with Vix' post! Lasagna looks yummy and easy enough to veganize.
    Good for you for getting out of the rat race. Many people are not brave enough to do so. Let's hear it for underachievers!

  65. You look fab! the lasagna makes me hungry and thank you for sharing the recipe, might need to copy paste the recipe to try it soon! i love your kitchen with your lovely collection of jugs up there! your dress is gorgeous.

    blog hopping from ta dah tuesday :)

    susan (

  66. Wow Vix, what a career you had! I can fully understand why you turned your back on it though, life's for living not being miserable. And we all know we can survive on less money than we think too.

    You are probably one of the glamest cook too. I always end up wearing some of what ever it is I'm cooking. We shall be trying your recipe as it looks yummy.

    Good luck at the jumble.

    X x

  67. God Sue made it sound like you're an old hag! lmao! Of course you're not but when you smile you look like a young lass, not that you're old, well ya know over the hill, past it...decrepit, nuffink like that! Oh shit I'm diggin' mesel in deeper! Feck! Just keep smilin' cos you're beautiful! And as for the insight into your past! Thanks for sharing. Veggie lasagne looks great, since doing Jenny Craig I've been craving meat...ya know like a bot of steak not the other kind of meat...Oh shit I'm doing it again! I'm off! Tara chuck!
    ;-D lol

  68. I've only been in England three times, but I believe the world's best second hand is there. Next time I want to buy from you. Feel that my comments here are not somehow related to your recipe and your background which for me was completely unexpected, but still ...

  69. Wow that lasagne looks amazing! A would kill for your kitchen - ours is pretty tiny and results in him swearing a lot.

    You look fab and I agree with Lakota - you should definitely have your own cookery show. I would much rather watch you than Nigella. And I would love to see some pics of you in you corporate wear too (I really can't imagine it).

    That job sounds like hell on legs to me, I'd never cope with something like that.

    Also, I have a super-sweet tooth, so if you get chance please show us your pastries! ;)

    Nikki x

  70. oh that looks so yummy and delicous can i invite myself next time for dinner?;)
    and i love your maxidress!

  71. cool dress! and it looks soo tastsy mhh.....!

  72. That was quite fascinating to hear the story of your previous life, and I'm glad you were able to escape with sanity intact. No wonder you are able to put together such awesome vegetarian meals. Your veggie lasagna looks delicious, but as someone who does NOT enjoy cooking I would rather have someone make it for me, and I will be happy to clean up afterwards

  73. Love this post. And what aninteresting insight into your past which explains why you make so much of the present. I still use the same lasagne recipe I was taught in High School. Still annoyed Ionly got a B in Home Economics.

  74. ooooh I never knew all that stuff about your past. You've done a lot with your life and well done for having the balls to let it go when it wasn't making you happy!

    I'm a big fan of lasagna and I'll be giving this a go. Possibly not with the 6" heels mind you!!!

    Ali x

    PS - there's a Hestia bean seed giveaway over at mine. If you want to win a packet, come on over!

  75. I love when I meet people with layers :) What I mean by that is I love learning new sides to others personalities, these people are never boring.

    I can sort of relate with you. I was an accountant in my before-kids life. And though I was not making loads of money and was not managing anybody, still the stress and the type of work was just not for me. Staying home with my kids allowed me to re-evaluate my career choices and someday I hope I'll be doing what I feel passionate about.

  76. The Phoenix at the sight of the white jacketed sad-shit hoping to cop a grope: "Look I know I stumble around the house scratching my bollocks all day, but if I ever end up like that, take a machine gun to me please". God I'll bet looking back at those pics, you feel the same way minus the bullock-scratching. We've been looking at pics of his former school mates also in their mid-forties and they look just like those two - jowls and general sad-sackness. Gawd sorry if they're friends! Jon looks like a healthy, cool dude and now you're a fucking GODDESS!!!! "The eyes are dead" yes I can relate to that, I have never seen you look like that, just joy, happiness and gloriousness!!! Loveyamorethanvegelasagne xoxoxoxoxoox

  77. If I needed another reason to look up to you and admire you this would be it. I believe in happiness and I can so appreciate the fact you gave up a career that wasn’t making you happy. Life really is too short and when I come and visit your blog I always leave feeling uplifted, you are and will always be an inspiration Vix xxx

  78. Wow, You have balls! Most people who are making a lot of money only try to make even more.... You did what was good for you, and made you happy. Love that about you.
    And I am gonna try your recipe. It looks very yummy!


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