Wednesday, 30 May 2012

What I Wore

This is what I wore to visit my Dad on his 83rd birthday yesterday. 
 I didn't realise this 1960s crimplene and lurex mini dress was quite so short but it put a smile on the other residents' faces at his care home.

Waistcoat (£2.45, Acorns Hospice), Lurex mini (Vanessa & Helga's parcel of joy), 1960s vinyl & tapestry bag (£2.95, Banardos)

I've had several emails and comments asking about my diet/fitness regime, so for those who want to know:

I exercise a minimum of 5 times a week for at least 30 minutes a day and walk everywhere I can.
I hate cream & ice-cream and aren't keen on chocolate, cakes, sugar, sweets or fizzy drinks (unless it's cola with my rum).
I've been vegetarian for over 43 years.
I have two consecutive booze-free days each week.
I eat three times a day and don't snack between meals.
Most of what I cook is made from scratch so I know exactly what goes into our food.
I don't eat dessert.
I rarely eat after 6pm*

(*except on weekends, when all common sense flies out of the window)

Hindu temple beads (from Varkala, Kerala) and silver Shiva pendant (50p, car boot sale) 
I'm not a fitness obsessive, simply an arthritic old bat, if I don't exercise and keep trim it plays havoc with my poor old joints and there's nothing more embarrassing than strangers stopping me in the street and offering to carry my shopping home or give me a lift somewhere because they feel sorry for me.

What I'm wearing today for a trip to the dentist (after breaking my tooth eating salad). £48 for a filling, I shudder to think what I could buy from tomorrow's jumble sale with that much money.

1970s nylon halter-neck and vintage needle cord maxi (from Helga & Vanessa's parcel of joy), beaded rose handbag (£1, last week's boot sale), huge bangle (the lovely Lakota)
Original 1980s brass & leather choker & bangle (from Sarah Misfit's beautiful friend, Ada), wooden ring (from Heather) and retro Deco-esque earrings (50p, car boot sale)

I found this picture of my Mum whilst I was sorting out some stuff at my Dad's earlier. I've never seen it before, most of our family photos are on slides. It's from August 1968, a few days after my little brother was born. How groovy was her up-do and mini dress?

Care homes, dentists and arthritis, I'm not very rock and roll, am I?

See you soon!


  1. Silly! You are QUITE "rock and roll"! And NO wonder you look so trim and healthy. (I'm on my way, but should have been there by now.)
    I don't want to think about how much time & health I've wasted by my on-again off-again bad habits. Oh well.

    I like both of these outfits, Vix! If I had legs like yours, I'd still be wearing my minis, too!

  2. Lovely pic of you and your mum, and you're right her up do is very cool, reminds me of a Liz Taylor special. :)
    You definitely work out, but you can see the results. That mini dress is a beaut.

  3. You definitely have the legs to pull this dress off! How did you break a tooth eating salad?! Can't believe how expensive the dentist is! x

  4. You are so rock n roll babe! I love that you wore this to visit Dad, Happy 83rd hot dam! Best present was seeing you I'm sure. You look sexy as every in this mini sparkly number. Your lack of love for sweets angers me :) who will I share my desserts with :) I could not agree more about keeping the right weight makes the joints happy. You look killer, sexy, healthy and gorgeous as ever! Yeah another picture of your Mom. Her hair and dress are banging! Look at lil brother too. So sweet!
    I love you!

  5. Think you look very rock chick in your lurex mini and I'm sure you made the dentist's day (all supposing it was a male) in your groovy midriff baring halter top. Arthritis or not, you've still got it in abundance Vix!

  6. Ah so thats how you look so fab! Your diet is pretty much the total opposite of mine, except that I don't really drink much, that must be where I'm going wrong! Love your halter top, and your mum looks fab in that pic, amazing hair! :)

  7. I'm going to pretend that your diet and exercise regime has nothing to do with how fantastic you look. It's all genetic. This is evidenced by the photo of your mum, looking skinny and glam after just giving birth.


  8. Oh I love the picture of your mum, it's wonderful! What a lovely thing to have found xxx

  9. Wow I bet you were a breath of fresh air at the care home to visit your dad! Hope he had a lovely day.

    Blimey what salad did you eat to break teeth??!!

    Totally envying the way stick to a exercise regime. And not suffer much from a sweet tooth! I swear my sweet craving have got worse as I have got older. Although do cook from scratch as much as possible. Although that does include cakes.

    Your mum looks stunning can see where you get your looks from. Its in the genes!

    P x

  10. Happy birthday to your dad!!!
    The lurex outfit makes me scream: Barbarella!I love the 60's-sexy- space- age -fashion and you rock it arthritis or not!!I love the dress that your mom wears and she was stunning, can't believe that she has just given birth to a child!
    Maybe the secret of a perfect body is to have good genes!I'm vegetarian but sometimes is hard to not eat many carbohydrates and is not good and not for the body because I'm quite thin, but for my health, maybe you should suggest us some meals!
    The green maxi is fantastic and so your new bag!

  11. I adore your mini dress! fab diet tips, too.
    And I love your mum's outfit, tat dress is so funky!! :-)


  12. You ARE rock and roll!
    Chipped tooth on a salad? That's some achievement.
    Your diet and exercise sounds just like basic common sense - eat the foods you enjoy, and keep fit to remain toned,supple and avoid weight gain from the booze.Not having much of a sweet tooth is a very fortunate thing to be blessed with!
    Your body is in just the right proportions for the clothes you adore - and why jeopardize that with over-indulgence and inactivity?

    Love a bit of lurex, and well done or perking up those pensioners (seems to be your forte!).

    Lucy x

  13. ps your mum clearly didn't let her image slide post childbirth. That up-do can't have been a quick style to achieve. Very smart, glam and chic.

  14. Great lurex mini. Even greater legs!!!!
    Even with the arthritis, at least they aren't taking you out of the care home for a trip to the dentist!
    Your mums' hair is fab; can't beat a stunning updo; any age, any era, it looks good.
    Z xx

  15. i think you are very rock n roll . I have arthritis too, had it since i was 25!
    Wish I had the discipline to work out 5 times a week, you look marvellous. I too cook everything from scratch (apart from the drunken curry on a night out)

  16. what an amazing picture of your mum! It could be you standing there, you are the image of her! Beautiful! x

  17. First: You're totally rock n roll! I bet you made your Dad's neighbours very happy in that frock! And only you could look so smashing going to the dentist!

    Second, I love the waistcoat - saw a similar one **new** in France for an impossible price, but lusted after it anyway.

    Third, I must admit I was curious to know how you look so fantastic (too shy to ask) ... I am starting to put on a WEE bit of weight into my 40s and it is really freaking me out. Thanks for sharing. :)

  18. Both outfits are great! I think the vinyl and tapestry bag is calling me.

    What a great photo of your Mom to find,she looks amazing...

    I am laughing thinking about all the old guys at the care center asking your Dad..."when is Vix coming for a visit??"

  19. Ack you say that, but 'woot woot' you look pretty rock and roll to me. I am a freak about dentists so you have my every sympathy, really. I wish I had your figure, but no eating past 6pm, hmmm, I just don't know if I can do that.
    LOOK! at your Mama, how on earth did they do it. I think I was in my PJ's with hair like a birds nest for at least 3 weeks after my babies were born. I only dream of being that glamorous lol.
    Hugs to you gorgeous.

  20. Smiling at the thought of the residents getting maximum appreciation of your mini outfit. The pic of your mom is sweet AND groovy.

  21. None of us are that rock n roll really but you look fantastic. Your diet/fitness regime certainly works for you. You mum was such a stylish lady. It's lovey to discover unseen treasures like this xx

  22. A few days after giving birth and your mum looks that glam? Wowser. You look very like her. I need to sort out some sort of fitness regime, I'm such a lazy mary. Your pins look great in that little frock. Xx

  23. I don't doubt that some of the residents were wishing you were coming to visit them! You'll always be Rock 'n Roll Vix, creaky joints and chipped tooth be damned.
    Thanks for letting us in on how you keep your awesome figure--some of it is genetic (love your Mom's updo), but your exercise and diet is what keeps you bikini-fit. I've always been very thin until I turned 40 and I've gained about 10 pounds in the last 5 years. I do love chocolate...sigh.

  24. i can see were you get your style from your mam looked stunning in that picture especially for just giving birth! That hair do looks a feat in itself!

  25. You are SUPER rock and roll!! Love the story about visiting your dad and the looks you got. They're probably still thinking about you. ;)
    I had to spend an hour in the dentist chair yesterday too. Another crown and it's not the pretty kind on our heads.
    Love these photos!

  26. I hop your dad's doing OK. xx

  27. That picture of your Ma is EPIC! Such glorious hair!

  28. Nothing like bringing happiness to the world through what we wear, be it a short skirt or a colourful outfit. You do both wonderfully!

    I particularly like the necklace selection on the first outfit, I love seeing these sort of collections of objects with something in common thrown together.

    Where did you get the peep toed boots, they're amazing!

  29. Oh noes, they only have 6 left and I'm a 5 :(
    Thanks anyway, for 20 squid it would have been a total steal!

  30. You look rather rock and roll Vix!

    Happy Birthday to your Dad!!

    The photo of your Mom is fabulous.
    As soon as I seen your baby brother I remembered about your pom pom cutting on his clothes and smiled.

  31. You are rock n'roll love! I'll bet you did put a smile on their faces during your visit..did 'em the world of good I'd say.
    How fab was mam? Look at that frock!

  32. Happy Birthday to your dad - think you need to get him on the blog too. Lovely photo of your mum, don't you look alike?!

  33. Totally rock'n-roll. The elderly folks must have enjoyed a young chick with a short skirt visiting them! I'm in awe of your non-sweet tooth! xoxo

  34. I bet you brightened up your dad's day.
    Sadly, until two years ago I had no experieince of losing a parent or visiting a mother in law in a care home.
    Getting older is a bummer but better than the alternative!!!

  35. Happy birthday to your dad - good to know he's happy in the home. I'm sure you inspired a twinkle in one or two old folks eyes in that outfit! Love the maxi skirt and halter top - I'm dreaming of the days when I can get into something similar again, though it'll never happen if I keep eating cake and chocolate! Are you lucky enough not to have a very sweet tooth or are you amazingly disciplined not to eat cakes and things?

    The picture of your mum is fab - it's amazing she was looking so good just days after giving birth (and your brother looks very cute there too)x

  36. Temperatures risin' in that nursing home for sure! Happy Birthday to your Dad. Vegetarian for 43 years....thats whats done it. Look forward to seeing what gets snaffled at the jumble sale. Shame about the dentist getting all that cash.

  37. Dear delicious and morsel of hottitude, Vix: you have single handedly inspired me to get in shape. I like your healthy attitude- you drink, you eat, just mindfully. And you are SMOKING HOT, and gorgeous and sweet as sugar. I need a pic of you to put on my fridge. I'm sure that'll get me doing sit-ups, lol.

  38. wow this lurex dress is not to short it just has the right lenght to show your gorgous legs, oh my god i have serious leg envy here!!! and how fabulous is the dress your mum wears in this picture!
    love and kiss,mary

  39. Bet your dad is popular with the residents more so now that you turned up in a thigh flashing mini!!! Nothing like perking up the oldies day, so good for you. I absolutely love your Hindu temple beads ♥ I hate going to the dentist, not sure if its the pain they cause or paying for the pain? Both I suspect. Looking lovely as always.

  40. OMG you're Mama's updo is KILLER!Freakin' inspirational!!!
    Jaysus,2 SUBLIME outfits,darl.Yay! I'm feeling the wintery blues and can hardly be bothered about frocking up,but looking at you makes me wanna make the effort! I knew those halters would be hot on your sexacious bod.I like to give the old boys a thrill too,poor old buggers don't get many!Twinkle twinkle!
    Every accessry is just too fabulous!Loving the wood and brass,and that rose beaded bag...OH!
    Loev Helga xxxXXXxxx
    PS:Dentists SUCK!

  41. hey lovely!

    thanks for the exercise info! I was wondering how you always looked so amazing, and now I know! I am also a keen walker and I try to do an hour of pilates twice a week as I find it helps my back and keeps my flexibility up. I am also a veggie (I think you know that) and have been since I was 14-14 years now!

    I love the photo of your mum; she looks soooo glam! No post baby trackies and scrunchie for her!! Love it!!

    Glad you had a nice time with your dad xxxxxxx

  42. You are very rock and roll.

    I have to say you have surpassed yourself today you look so beautiful I totallt love that outfit in fact I think thats my favourite ever outfit on you. I love everything. The dress is just amazing and those boots are just divine.

    Your mother was gorgeous just like you xx

  43. love this post vix. i've been a vegetarian for most of my life too. a vegan for about 5 now. and i exercise b/c if i don't i feel lousy. i once broke a tooth biting into a donut.

    i love the picture of your mom, what a dress and what style she had!

    love all your outfits. i'm going to los angeles in a couple of hours to see jack white perform. i couldn't be happier right now. xo

  44. I knew that halter top would look fabulous! And I love the lurex mini and the Shiva pendant.

    Your mom looks wonderful - totally rock and roll just like you! xx

  45. Love the old Mum and Dad moved house recently and when I went to visit my Mum showed me a load of photos that I do not recall seeing before. There is one photo from 1982 with my Mum in the most gorgeous boho dress...would love to find one that is similar so am on the lookout big time...great to see how trendy my parents were and to see another side of them :)

  46. Ahhhh, love your Mum's picture!!!! You look stunning and it IS very short but you have such stunning (and tanned) legs that they deserve to be displayed!!! We're having a decades from the 1950's day at school tomorrow (Jubilee) so I am going 1950's in the morning and 1970's in the afternoon!

  47. Belated happy birthday to your dad! I'll bet you brought a smile to the old boys' faces in the care home!
    Your diet/fitness regimen sounds great... no doubt that it keeps you in fantastic shape. That and your positive spirit I reckon....

  48. You are always rock 'n' roll, Vix. How could one not be in fabric call Lurex? Your blue polish on the toes is extra special. I love all your new clothing treasures. Question: If someone GIVES you something does that mean your throwing out two things doesn't count? I hope so!! Your mum is spectacular. Have you ever done your hair like that? It's a beacon of hope.

  49. What a great photo of your mum, she looks beautiful! I love your lurex mini btw <3

  50. Crock and roll maybe! ;-D Just kidding. I've just signed up to do Jenny Craig, I'm carrying too much weight and my joints are creaking so much it's not funny, so once some weight comes off I'll be getting into shape with some regular exercise. Crock and belly roll here...but not for long :D

  51. There are so many things I love about this post, I don't even know where to begin!!

    First, your outfit is HOTTT! You look fantastic. If I had your body I would wear mini dresses ALL THE TIME. And I love that your sexiness put a smile on the old mens' faces at the care home. That's awesome. :)

    I wish I had your ability to ward off chocolate and sweets. And to be a vegetarian for so long. You're an amazing beautiful woman! xoxo

  52. dear lady, you rock and your mama was really fabulous!, and love that you share these details with us!
    And you look stunning in your lurex outfit and also in your floral top and maxi, so colorful and pretty!

  53. I'm begining to think veggies are dangerous. Chipped a tooth on stir-fried broccoli the other month! Thank gawd for dental insurance at work. Fillings are running around $300.

  54. Your a rock and roll putona!
    especially since you flashed them grandpa's at the care home.
    Hope you pops had a good birthday.
    They must of fainted of glory.
    Lurex mini is a new favorite of mine.
    No wonder you have such a sexy bod amor. I also believe is your Mamas exquisiteness of "genes". She was a linda lady, look at that gorgeous up do. You also inherited her lovely locks.
    I on the other hand am a cake girl. that's where my curves come from.
    70s nylon halter-neck is a beauty on you amor.
    I hate how the expensive the Dentist is here. That's why everyone is walking around smoking and toothless.
    Oooo there goes those naked lady hoop earrings. love your wood and metal combo jewelry,
    luv ya biatch!

  55. So I have to give up sugar to look like you! You look SMOKING HOT in that short number.

    Also, you Mom was so stylish and pretty!!!

    ∞ © ∞

  56. I was waiting for the lurex dress and it did not disappoint. Especially with those open toed boots! No wonder why you're so fit and healthy. Thanks for sharing your tips and the photo of your beautiful mother.

  57. You are oh so fabulous & I can now see that genetics might have a little place as your mom looks great for just having a baby!! Those necklace beads are beautiful & wishing your dad a wonderful birthday!

  58. You are my rock & roll idol! You are awesome at looking after yourself, and that's pretty rock & roll in my books. Love both the outfits, but it's the lurex mini stealing the show for me.

  59. Thanks for sharing I have been meaning to ask as well what your diet was like....I have way to big of a sweet tooth I need to try and kick it. I think it is what causes my weight to fluctuate so much. Because I am super active I work out frequently and hike and walk and sorts of things. But I have been having a ton of joint pain lately and can't figure out why? But I have a goal when I turn 40 I want to be 40 and fabulous lol!! ....I have 2 years to work on this so hopefully by then I will get all this diet stuff worked out. Happy Birthday to your Dad!! You look beautiful and thanks again for sharing your diet and exercise info it's very helpful ~love those boots xx Heather

  60. You look great,love both outfits ,I wish I didn't eat chocolate (must try harder)thanks for sharing your fitness regime I am alway intrested to hear this I'm of now to use this info wisely :)

  61. Yes but darling you're rock'n'roll on the inside :)
    Loving your mums hair, I bet she'd still be as proud of you both as she looks in this pic.xx.

  62. I bet all of your Dad's friends at the home will be asking when you're coming by to visit again in that outfit - va va voom!!!

  63. You look fantastic and have definitely inspired me to try and excercise everyday, and eat better. Both of these outfits look great, I love the denim waistcoat.

  64. You look AMAZING. That mini is spectacular - and I love love love the halter top with the fab velvet maxi - what a frickin GORGEOUS colour combo! Your Mum was so beautiful - I could not love her hair more... and I would love to know what colour her fabulous frock was. You're a rock star to me. Love you more than big hair! Sarah xxx

  65. Oh your mummy is just beautiful!!! Look at that fabulous hair do.
    Yay Vix the tops and the skirt look so good on you.
    Many happy returns to your dad.
    The old fellas at the home are probably still talking about the gorgeous lady and those fabulous legs!!!! Bless
    It must be broken tooth season, my mum was just here today with the same.
    Poor you, I hate the dentist.
    Love v

  66. SO rock n roll! You rock everything. You make my heart so happy with your mega fabulousness! :)

    Lurex mini dress is FIERCE. Every time I see a photo of you, I turn into RuPaul and say: YOU BETTA WORK. :D And your jewelry is always so fantastic. ::sigh::

    Can't believe the perfection that is your mother's hair! Not a hair out of place, and epic height--how divine!

    Thank you for your kind words and helpful advice. I was reminded of what is important for my travel and explore. Many thanks. :D XOXO

  67. Gorgeous Vix! I'm sure all those old gentlemen at the care home welcomed you in that mini dress! Probably the most exciting thing they've seen all year HAHA!

    With eating habits like your no wonder you have a great body shape.. I could definitely take a few tips from you like no eating after 6pm and no snacking.. I had cut out fizzy drinks from my diet until Sainsburys have been having coca cola on offer and on these hot sunny days it's hard to pass up!!

    Your mums hair was awesome! They always made it look soooo easy back then, even the mums with young babies managed to find time in morning to make their hair look amazing and perfectly styled! xxx

  68. Lurex is the best! I love it, makes you feel like a party! You looked great, and with your legs and figure I would def wear minis. Happy Birthday to your dad x
    Dentists are a total rip off! Loved your mums hair too :)

  69. I should do the Vix fitness regime! When I do my one day of volunteering I'll usually be cycling or walking to the manor. Though I'm such a food obsessive that's the tough part to control.

    I love that dress, it's fantastic and the peep toe boots too! My dream is for 60s long white boots, I've always wanted some.

    I love the photo of your mum, what amazing hair!! And such a gorgeous dress too XXXX

  70. What on earth was in the salad to break a tooth?!

    No wonder you have such a great figure with those eating and fitness habits.

  71. You must have cheered the folks at your dads care home, Vix! You look stunning as ever xx

  72. You are rock and roll - just by wearing that outfit to the dentist! I bet you were the most colourfully dressed person in the waiting room!

  73. You have the best body in a very clever and clear mind.
    Brilliant diet. The not eating after 6 is key because your metabolism slows down after 6 pm.
    Love, love the pic with your mum. What a treasure to have.

  74. Youch--sorry to hear about your tooth, though the dental bill at least sounds reasonable.

    Anyway lovely outfit shots as always. Love how you look in the floral halter and the sparkly mini with the denim vest. Very rock and roll vixen indeed. And thanks for the diet/fitness tips. Two booze-free days a week sounds like a good idea; I should try it since I'm in the habit of kicking back with a glass of wine or two at night.

  75. omg, there is far too much too say about this great post ...
    you are so rock n roll!!!

    your mum looked so beautiful on this photo ... her hairdo totally hits the nail!

  76. Vix you look so tanned and radiant, I'm sure Dad was glad to see you! All of that exercise and strict regime is one to be admired, you have such a fab figure and very much well deserved xxx

  77. I LOVE the picture of your mum! I can see that the apple did not fall far; she looks fabulous!

    I've learned that the older we get, the more important regular exercise is to my health and well being. If I miss two days in a row, I'm miserable! We can't do much about our aging bones and joints, but if we stay lean and strong, it compensates for a lot! My grandmother worked in her garden and walked everywhere well into her 80's she's my role model. You make a pretty good one, too! :-)

    xo, A.

  78. Eek, how did I miss commenting on this fabulous post? Sorry to be slow, Vix.
    Anyway - to business. Bloody hell, you may not think you're very rock'n'roll but you certainly look it in that amazing lurex mini. Styled to absoloute perfection. Of course. Bet everyone at the care home perked up a bit when you sashayed in!
    And the little halter top and green maxi are just gorgeous together, and I have serious beaded bag envy...
    Oh your dear Mum looks so fabulous, how on EARTH did she get her hair to do that? Come on Vix, you've got to give it a go! Wouldn't you love to know the colours of the frock? Hee hee, knitted baby bonnets, so cute!
    Whoops, nearly forgeot to say how impressed I am with your diet/fitness summary - you clearly have will power, energy and determination (apart from at weekends!) and you have the great body you deserve as a result. It's another chapter in that book you're going to write, love! xxxx

  79. Wow that pic of your mom is great, I love the hair! I was born the year that picture was taken.

  80. Ah, belated happy birthday to your Dad. And what a gorgeous photo of your Mum to find xxx

  81. No wonder you're so nice & trim! I've almost cut meat out of my diet (I've eaten it on 3 occasions in 3 weeks) & am no longer bloated & am having much less tummy troubles than normal... Now to get my walking shoes on!


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