Friday, 25 May 2012

Another Frockin' Revamp & Some Car Booty

The wonderful Curtise sent me a parcel containing a fabulous lame dress with the grooviest of vintage labels. I couldn't wait to get it on my back but despite it looking great off, once on my body it was a different matter entirely.

I wasn't wearing the frock, the frock was wearing me and something had to be done.

I thought about hacking it off to mini length, but the hips weren't  flared enough for that, so out came the seam rippers and off came the sleeves. 

Bare arms are much more me.

Also in the parcel were these fabulously garish etched glass Spanish dancers (which are already adorning the Wall Of Random) and a gloriously retro postcard. Curtise, have I told you lately that I love you?

Can you believe these brand new boots were a quid from the car boot yesterday?
I also picked up this little lot:

I did get much,much more but opted for an afternoon in the sun rather than a photographing marathon.
The car boot sale on a Thursday is full of antique dealers offloading their house clearance detritus. These all came from the estate of an elderly lady who was an inveterate hoarder. They had been bought in the 1960s and 1970s never been worn or enjoyed, which made both me and the dealers very sad. 

It's a quiet night in the garden with rum and coke and Jon's special pizza tonight, I want to be up early for the Saturday boot sale.

Have a fab weekend!


  1. I love the revamp of the dress! The print is so gorgeous. Love all your finds too, I want them all! ;) Have a lovely weekend. XO

  2. The dress does look a lot better without the sleeves.

    That's it, I'm going to have to go where you live to go to carboot sales - they're not as cheap around here!

  3. As always, Vix, you have a perfect eye for what works on you, and you're right, the dress is way better without the arms. I just knew you'd love the label, and do full justice to the spectacular fabric! You look like a hippy Grecian goddess!
    Those BOOTS! OMG! I couldn't walk in them but oh they look amazing, and naturally you are made of more balanced stuff!
    What great treasures from the car boot. Always love a beaded bag, and are those pink nude ladies earrings? Fabulous!
    I refuse to have gorgeous things only "for best" and not use them, it's such a waste.
    Enjoy your pizza, love, and good luck for tomorrow morning! xxxxx

  4. The dress from Curtise looks absolutely divine on you. I ALSO love the spanish dancer pics too.

    Holy heck my mouth dropped at your finds. My fave has to be the floral bag in the bottom corner. *It's SOOOO PRETTY*

    I too have to go to sleep early, I can't wait to garage sale in the A.M.

  5. The dress was lovely as is, but you're right the no sleeves make it YOU. And now it gets some wear.

    Hoarders are to boon to buyers and sellers of vintage. I am dealing with becoming one now. Yikes.

    Wishing you a fabulous and sunny weekend, Vix!

  6. That dress is a tonne better for the shredding of the arms! And now it'll have a brand new life!

  7. Oh Curtise has outdone herself, I love what you did to the dress it's oh so summery now. With your killer gypsy jewelry and silver braided headband it's Vixafied for sure! I love the Spanish dancers!!!

    Look at all those bright bits! How could she own these and never wear them. Sad for her good for you :)

    Enjoy your weekend. I think I will be around on Sunday so I'll ring ya dear! Enjoy the pizza, I can't wait to try some for myself! I hope you find loads of killer stuff tomorrow!

  8. Fabulous and those boots are amazing x

  9. ooooh it looks so much better,it looks gorgeous and you look fab! have a great night,im off for a little drinky poo xx

  10. Curtise's parcels are wonderful eh? I have to agree that the dress looks much better sans sleeves. Great car boot finds as usual look forward to seeing more soon. Hope tomorrow is fruitful. x

  11. OMG I thought the dress was PERFECT but you were right. It totally needed to be sans sleeves.

  12. Excellent dress re-vamp and those boots are gorgeous - I love a wedge.

    That is quite poignant about the old lady hoarder. At least you can console yourself with the knowledge that her belongings have gone to a good home!

    Hope you hit the jackpot tomorrow at the bootie! xxx

  13. Dress revamp is great! Love the thrifted bargains as always. Rum and coke in the garden sounds perfect. So glad we finally have the weather x

  14. Curtise is unstoppable with her parcels of delight. You did the right thing with the dress - it's gorgeous without sleeves, the light colours look better in a more summery style.
    How kitsch-tastic are the Spanish dancers? They belong in your house (wonder if they all come to life at night and chat to each other).
    The Mc Queen inspired boots a quid - you ARE joking!! I would be gutted if I saw them being bought before I got my hands on them, they look such good quality.
    Glad you're able to top up your tan, wish I was boot sale-ing with you tomorrow (and sharing pizza and rum)

    Lucy x

  15. I love what you did to the dress. It does look more you. Love the booty - the cute bag is to die for. Enjoy the rum and coke. It's way past wino'clock for me. Must dash. xx

  16. Love the Lame - is it comfortable to wear? Much better without the sleeves.

    All those unused things - at least they'll get a proper outing! I wsh I could get over to yours for some homemade pizza! Have a lovely weekend! xxx

  17. Oh how wonderful of Curtise, what a gem
    The print of the dress is beautiful. A mini dress would have looked fab too. However as always you've revamped and reinvented and have yourself looking super fab. I picked up a dress this week that's going be retweaked. I dont like the front as the front, I like the back as the wish me luck.

    Your market haul is amazing and quite literally I would have grabbed all of it myself. Oh how I wish I could come shopping with you.

    Can't wait to see your other treasures, have a splendid weekend ahead. X

  18. Love what you did with the dress - bare arms are so much more you! And the loot is amazing. I`m going to my first ever car boot sale this Sunday! I`m actually gonna be selling stuff to raise money for the charity that I volunteer for (Community Cat Network), but i hope to have a browse around myself!


  19. Car booting on a Thursday you are one lucky gal!! Shortening the dress was the first thing that came to my mind too. Sleeveless was the right choice though. Knowing your love of India, is your rum an Indian one? I have been eeking out my last bottle of Old Monk for years now. Only use it to make my Christmas pudding. Sunset, tunes, Old Monk, basket of papads....pure bliss!!

  20. Oh vix, that dress you diy'ed is gorgeous!

    And those boots are amaze!!!!


  21. Ah, a perfect revamp! Twas made for you. :D Beautiful as per usual.

    Those boots are positively amazing! And what a delish lot. I'm in love with that beaded floral handbag with the lovely handles..gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see the beret on you, and the yellow cap w/ attached scarf is darling! XOXO

  22. The dress is perfection without the sleeves!! Clever you!! Have a great weekend ♥

  23. What an absolutely stunning dress! I LOVE IT

    ∞ © ∞

  24. The dress looks so much better now. What great finds too.

    X x

  25. Ahh Vix, that dress is fabulous and I love it sans sleeves. I also considered chopping the sleeves off the dress I wore today-I'd love you to take a look and see if you can identify which era it may be from! I love your booty hauls too-so sad about the hoarding, you're right. I watched the Hoarder next door last night and it broke my heart to see this dear old lady crying and unable to throw away an old duster because it had belonged to her grandmother. Terribly sad.
    I'm off jumbling tomorrow and I will let you know if I find anything! Bound not to be as amazing as your hauls mind! Much love xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  26. What a pretty dress, it looks lovely on you xxx

  27. Wow you have transformed that dress it looks much better i bet you felt strangled by the sleeves especialy in this weather. It looks smashing now gorgeous colours on you. And another wow what great buys you have some amazing carboots by you. Bless that lady. Have a lovely weekend lovely and enjoy your rum and pizza ;-)) dee xx

  28. Oh Vix!!!!
    The dress looks great and the BOOTY! Gosh, I wish we could go jumbling together,When I die, I shall will my hoard to you, so it will be loved on.... big wide hugs always

  29. Bless, Curtise has sent you a fab parcel! Bare arms are definitely more you and it's a great dress! Hope you've had a good evening x

  30. OMG I looooove that dress!!! It's absolutely divine! Yum! It looks way better with the arms off because before it looked a little too warm and suffocating!

    I really cannot believe you got those awesome boots for a QUID.. UTTER MADNESS!!! xxx

  31. It looks amazingly better without the sleeves Vix. Great idea! And I'd just have to frame that logo, it's awesome. I love words, fonts, letters, logos, on and on....

  32. it's a fabulous dress, love that green and lavender colors and the print is so pretty. And it's better sleeve-less, more summery and stylish!
    Amazing finds as usual!
    besos & a happy weekend

  33. Much better without the sleeves! Blimey then shoes are high! I'd have a nose bleed being that high, I'd fall flat on me chops! Great finds, it is a bit sad that they were never worn but then they were waiting for you :D Have a lovely weekend I've got to go out and watch Michael play rugby but it's chapel hat peg weather out there and I'd rather be snuggled under a blankie! :D

  34. Hello, goddess! I went back!
    I did not forget you!
    I had a lot of work, and that allowed me not prepare anything for you, a thousand pardons!
    I won a contest and I presented my designs in a shop window at Harrods Buenos Aires. *A dream come true*
    But this is over, and now, here I am again.
    You are always beautiful :) LOVE your boots!!!
    I send you a kiss!
    Roxy from BA

  35. vix i wish we were neighbors. you could teach me all your seamstress skills. that dress is so beautiful and looks amazing on you. have a wonderful weekend.

  36. Amor,
    Lame frock is even more gorgeous without the sleeves.
    Your a mad sewing scientist! Curtise is parcel fairy prosti.
    Look at all the goodies you scored as usual.
    I am wondering what the pink lady round thingys are, belt buckles? Beaded bag is ver pretty. Those shoes a quid? Oh my arent they amazing.
    Enjoy your sunny weekend.
    Luv ya

  37. Perfection. I love taking something fab and making it personal. Have been doing it by taking new clothes and adding vintage touches. Would never have had to 'courage' to do that if not for seeing how it's done@ Thanks.

  38. Another fantastic revamp. Sigh. You look stunning. I love your new bag too! Fab! xo

  39. Wow what fabulous loot you scored at the boot sale. I love the beaded bag. The frock revamp looks amazing & it suits you so well. Curtise seems to have an eye for what will suit someone. Happy weekend to you. Xx

  40. What an amazing parcel, you are so good at altering things to your own style. I may make it to some boot sales eventually this year, the ones last year were pretty limp. Thank you for the kind words on my blog, and yes I would love a couple of kaftans to play about with. Here is my email so you can email me, I don't have yours to send my postal address.
    valeriehannanbeattie at gmail dot com
    in the usual email format of course ;)

  41. Revamping the dress was a success, well done. And more great finds too!

  42. OH what a glorious frock! Much more you sans sleeves. I find it amazing how somebody can got most of their lives without using such gorgeous items. xx

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  44. You did a fab number on that dress. I'm so envious of how quickly you turn these things around, I'm such a procastinator! Xx

  45. That fabric is stunning, was too bad that you didn't feel like wearing it with the long sleeves so you did another amazing pimp my dress job!!!
    I like your finds, especially the bag and the little lady buttons(?)and maybe you were inspired by yellow/coral/pink because they look so great together!
    I'm also totally in love with your Twiggy head, the one I used to do headpices has broken and it reminds me that I need one!

  46. Oh bravo good move on the dress I say, although it now looks more suited to Australia, hint hint!! Loving those boots and am *rather* jealous of the spanish dancers, they're awesome :)

  47. LLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLll I was thinking that's a bit rude "lame" dresses. I thoguth you were saying they were, like, daggy, stupid... then I saw the dress... "Ohh... THAT lame!". Eh, eh, eh. The material is to-die-for!

    The car boot sale haul is ridiculously fab. Whose boot was it and do they have anther?

  48. Those boots are amazing and the dress looks much better on you minus the sleeves. How do you store all your clothes!

  49. I love the colors in the dress, and oh to be able to alter it so that it fits you perfectly, as it does in these photos. What generous gifts! And those shoes! Also, I love the yellow hat with scarf and the floral bag. You always manage to scoop up an assortment of lovelies.

  50. You look gorgeous as always, I love your car boot finds. I think I'll have to make a trip to your neck of the woods as the car boot sales here are not that great!

  51. I'm not sure a dress could ever get the better of you, and you looked great to start off with, but once again you've worked your magic and proved your unerring eye for making things look perfect.

    LOVE your new boots! Hope you're having a great weekend x

  52. sleeves off. bare arms... perfect alteration!

    those wedges boots are pretty awesome... great find.

    yes, the bf ... we met on new years eve. :)

  53. You do get some fabulous booty, no two ways about it. But, I have to ask, where in the world do you PUT all your stuff? I have just done the winter to summer wardrobe change-over, and it's been a nightmare trying to find places for my vast wardrobe. Which is like a little mound compared to yours. You must have some awesome closets!

    Rosemary from

  54. What an improvement removing the sleeves made on your new frock!

    It makes me sad when someone does not enjoy theipossessionsns also. But they will certainly be worn and admired now that they are yours!

    Enjoy your pizza in the garden!
    xo, A.

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  56. Such a great re-vamp and a funky label too, the smallest of details are always the most glorious. You really do have a great eye for customisation, love what you’ve done xxx

  57. Where does Curtise find all these fabulous things she sends us? I love your remake and agree that it is more YOU wearing the dress.

  58. It must be the head full of infection that has made me miss these posts... sorry!!!

    The frock is utterly splendid - I laughed out loud at the pic of the dress wearing you - and the revamp is absolutely perfect. And those boots are FABULOUS!

    So many fab bargain finds too - I especially love the gorgeous bag with the timber handles and the red (crocheted?) hat.

    Love you more than hats! Sarah xxx

  59. Definitely much more "you" without the sleeves! I am salivating over the etched glass Spanish Dancers - Curtise certainly knew the way to your heart was through frocks and flamenco!

  60. I adore this dress without the sleeves! It looks so amazing & bad-ass. Isn't Curtise lovely?


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