Monday, 26 March 2012

My Thai

Last weekend in celebration of Jon and I's 20 year anniversary and Liz & Adrian's shared birthday (on 29th March) we headed off to The Barton's Arms in Birmingham. 

I've no idea what Liz and I were looking at
It's a Grade II listed building, a fifteen minute trip down the road by bus.

Built in 1901 and located directly opposite a theatre The Barton's Arms was once the hostelry of choice for such stars as Laurel and Hardy and Charlie Chaplin. 

These "Snob Screens" were designed for middle classes drinkers to watch the working classes without being observed themselves.
It survived being shot at, set on fire and looted during last year's riots.  

That's my Tofu Prak King on the top right.

These days it's a thriving real ale pub with a spectacular Thai menu.

Me-made dress (Last seen HERE) , Perspex belt (Xmas present), platform boots (£4, car boot sale), crazed expression (from the lager)

The pub walls are covered in Minton tiles, made down the road in Staffordshire, which you'll find on hallway floors and fire surrounds of many Victorian terraced houses round these parts.  

Liz snaffled this 1970s Richard Shops sunset print dress from Acorns Hospice in Walsall, it would have been mine if I'd seen it first.

I had terrible trouble trying to find photos where at least one of us didn't look mad, drunk or deranged.

Jon calls this my demented owl face.

Birthday girl, Liz and I. She did ask me not to mention her vintage muff but I couldn't help myself.

Liz and birthday boy, Adrian. 

Jon and Tony and some very tasty Thai Singha beer.

More of those spectacular tiles.

Liz and Al

I'm dying to try this beer out, the logo is so cute.

Happy Anniversary, babe. 
What a fab night. I'd definitely recommend a trip if you're ever up in our part of the world.

See you soon.


  1. Ohh I am so putting that on my Midlands pub list. Looks brilliant! I think my favourite Brum pub is the Wellington in the city centre. Though The Vine in West Bromwich does hold a special place in our hearts - well it does have an indoor barbeque - the Aussie can't resist it!

    Happy anniversary beautiful people x

  2. oh i so need to take a trip up to your part of the country - you seem to have more pubs than we do!

    I adore your dress Vix!!

    Oh and I'm just about to send you another email - sorry!!! :/

    Le Material Girl

  3. Love it! Happy 20th and happy birthday celebrations all round!

    Been meaning to ask what you will do this year now that the big chill isnt on.... xx

  4. What a fantastic building. I love those tiles. Such a great backdrop for your photos. Your outfit is splendid as always. Looks like you had a fab time xx

  5. what a beautiful building! so interesting about those screens.

    and i happen to think you all look
    quite lovely and def having a good time of it!

    happy anniversary!

  6. Love your dress! And looks like a gorgeous location too. Happy anniversary x

  7. Happy Anniversary BABE!!!! I have goose bumps! I love these pictures Vix what a fabulous night of celebrating. You and Liz look killer!!!!! I love the dress you made it's a friggin jaw dropper and Liz scored on her dress too and please tell her for an old muff it still looks great ;p I totally can't wait to check out the inside of this place. It's gorgeous!!!!! The tiles and glass screen are blowing my mind!
    I think I love your buzzed smile best and I can't wait until we are both in the same picture frame with that same smile :) It was great chatting with you yesterday, I love you girl!!!

  8. looks like you had a great time, and conratulations. Love those tiles. Our house in Brighton had similar in the entrnace porch, and I've got 3 victorian fireplaces now with fancy tile, though I don't know if theyre Minton.

  9. What a great looking place! Happy Anniversary too, we've been together about 22 years now but our 19th wedding anniversary is this year, the big 20 next year eeek where does the time go?

  10. Wow, twenty years - congratulations! Looks like you had a fantastic time & I'm definitely going to that pub next time I'm in your neck of the woods.

  11. all that food looks soooooo good! mmmm, can you tell it's near dinner time?

    You both look fabulous, well done on making that wonderful dress! you look stunning.

    I quite fancy a snob screen in my local

  12. Congratulations to you both :) Fab place for a meal, great setting. Hope you all had a wonderful time, you all look like you did xx

  13. I need to have fun like this ! This place really looks great ! You and Liz look gorgeous !! ARGHHHH how many wonderful jewels !! xoxo

  14. ooh it looks gorgeous!!! As do the two ladies!!!! Lovely dresses!
    Am so envious of that Tofu dish- I am a tofu monster!!!!!! ANd what's the bottom left dish, that looks nice too!

  15. Happy 20th and happy birthday celebrations all round!
    You look gorgeous!

  16. congrats, my dear!
    you both girls wear such phantastic dresses, love the print of yours, Vix.

  17. Wow it looks amazing inside - all the tiles are so pretty! You`re dress looks like from a movie - love it! looks like a fabulous night)


  18. great dress.
    And Jon is funny,love your demented owl face hahahahahaha

    xxx maruschka

  19. Its taken 6 days but I have read everyone of your posts. Thank you for an amazing and exotic journey of your life.

  20. Wow, 20 years. Congratulations to you both! You look like you were having a fab time, and I love your frock. Xx

  21. Sounds like a great night...we have the same concept here in Petersburgh called the Brewery Tap serving on site brewed ale among other real ales and Thai food...bloody council has been trying to close it for the last few years as they want to build a shopping centre where it is is one of the few good places in town and most peeps would be gutted to lose it...we have a petition going your dress BTS x

  22. what and amazingly beautiful pub! Looks like a good night was had by all and I LOVE the sunset dress, I would love to have one of those. Lots. x

  23. Only ever been in the Barton once and that was getting off the 951 and running in to use the loo ! It is well known for its victoriana, such a lovely old building :-)

  24. Corr! Nice muff,Liz!!!

    Fark,I'd love a night out with ou sexy creatures! especially when Liz sports a fabulous muff like that!You all look so hot,I'm more tempted to nibble all of YOU rather than that divine looking Thai!Looking drunk and merry in the most splendidly seductive way!
    What a gorgeous building!And only 15 mins by bus away!Love all those tiles,a great foil for that amazeballs frock of yours!
    A brillant celebratory night indeed!
    Love you MADLY!
    Love Helga xxxXXXxxx

  25. I'm currently obsessed with all things England as 3 new poems of mine are scheduled to be printed in an upcoming spring anthology at Cutaway Magazine based in Manchester, so I had to look on a map to see where Birmingham is, oh how I would love to plan a trip out there, maybe someday.
    Gee what lovely old buildings and such fun, many congrats on 20 year anniversary....

  26. What a perfect place to celebrate indestructable love and lifes. Congratulations! xoxo

  27. Great photos...Happy Anniversary to you both! xx

  28. Such cute photos. (:

  29. congrats on you 20th anniversary. you both look so awesome together.
    i hope someday i will be celebrating a long term relation ship's birthday again...

  30. Happy Anniversary Vix and Jon! It looks like a fab night out with your crew, all frocked up and gorgeous as usual. I love the candid shots of you - more demented owl face please, it's adorable!
    That pub looks great, and so does the food.
    Adore that print on your frock, Liz's dress is a beauty, and if a girl can't take her vintage muff out for a night on the town, there's something wrong with the world...

  31. congratulations on your anniversary :) You still look glam when your drunk,oh my eye starts to wander and I dont mean for eye candy it has a mind of its own when im drunk.Yes just the one eye,looks so weird haha.
    Loving that dress :) xxx

  32. Congrats on 20yrs together. Looks like a splendid night was had by all and the grub looks delicious.
    Both you and Liz look divine in your frocks and a vintage muff is rather more elegant than mittens eh? How interesting to learn about snob screens, I hadn't heard of them before.

  33. Wow, only 15 mins by bus from Walsall, I'm seriously impressed as it would take me the same by bus and I live nearby! I love the Barton's Arms. It is a stunning building and it's withstood bombing all around it during WW2 as well as my gran told me many a tale about that.
    Love your dress and happy anniversary to you both, my 21st anniversary this year - how the years have flown by x

  34. love your monochrome glorious maxi!, and love your Real Life Chronicles, so nice watching that fabulous building!
    besos & fun

  35. Congrats to your 20 years together! That place looks so atmospheric for a restaurant, I love places that have a bit of something pretty to look at while your eating!

  36. Happy Anniversary amor!
    What a gorgeous monochrome look good drunk.
    That building is exquisite and love the history too.
    Love Liz''s muff and dress. you two ladies stole the night.

  37. Happy Anniversary! You look Gorgeous! That dress is truly Amazing! The print is Fabulous!

  38. Wow, 20 years! Congratulations. You all look great & the building looks beautiful! XO

  39. Happy anniversary and may there be lots more. You as always looked fabulous in that brilliant print. That pub and those tiles are just amazing, sounds like a brilliant night out. Linda xxx

  40. You guys look like your in such bliss. Congrats on the 20 years love! Yes, that Singha is quite good. That printed dress is absolutely amazing. -xx


    pretty sure we are aesthetic soul mates from the 60's... just sayin'.

    love from San Francisco.

  43. I'd love to come visit your part of the world, but I would want to go op-shopping with you. Those "snob" things are curious.

  44. The dresses are AMAZING. Happy anniversary!

  45. Happy Anniversary to you! 20 years of marriage surely suits you- you look gorgeous and happy!

  46. There's a place in Ireland called Muff, some good diving there apparently! Love that dress Vix. The tiles in that pub are unreal! Ya don't get many places like that anymore! Congrats on the 20 years your two! We celebrated 21 yrs married last October, I said if I'd murdered him I'd have been out of parole by now!! Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

  47. Congratulations to you and Jon. The last photo of you two is adorable.

    My mouth is watering at that tilework! I'm a huge Victorian tile nerd -- I have a huge collection of them and I used to give lectures and write about the history of Victorian tiles. Thanks for the lovely photos of the pub. Your and Liz's dress have 'tile-like' patterns as well. Did you two plan that?

    The food looks yummy. Will add The Barton's Arms to my list of places to visit when I am next in the U.K.

  48. Happy anniversary! What a fun party this looks to have been. And the food looks delicious and building spectacular.


  49. Happy anniversary! You and Jon make such a lovely couple, and I'm wishing you 20 X 20 X 20 X 20... more happy years together.

    What a fabulous place that looks to be! Snob screens? Too crazy! And your dress is just perfect for the setting. It looks like you all had the most wonderful of times. Yay!

  50. OH MY that building is absolutely gorgeous. Eaaaahhhh! I love the lights in the 7th picture.
    You look stunning in your dress.
    Happy Anniversary to you Vix & Jon

    I LOL'ED at demented owl face!
    HOOOOOOOO?? YOU?? *heheh*

  51. Happy anniversary! Your tofu dish is making my mouth water. That dress you made is fabulous.

  52. Sounds like a major cause for celebration. I love love love that dress!

  53. aahhh Happy anniversary to you both that is wonderful here's to another 20 years and more ;-) You look gorgeous and those tiles are so beautiful and colourful i love old pubs there are some great ones left still intact. Have a great week, dee xx

  54. Hey, Vix, did you know that you have faces all over your dress? I LOVE that fabric and what you made it into. You all look like you're having so much fun, living up to the antics of the pub's forebears, Charlie and Laurel and Hardy. Happy 20th! - and happy B-day to your friends!

  55. I am completely in awe of that building! It's spectacular .. I am such an architecture tart.

    And your dress is gorgeous!

  56. Happy anniversary! It looks like you had an amazing night, and you look spectacular. That dress is the epitome of awesome!

  57. What a fantastic looking place! Entirely suitable for such fantastic looking people! Looks like a fab night was had by all.

    Minton tiles are the dog's bollocks :-)

    Ali x

  58. Twenty years - congratulations! (My mum and dad celebrated their 20 years last summer). It's heartening to know that there are plenty of happy relationships that really do last. And looks like an excellent night out to mark the occasion. Your description of trying to find photos to post made me laugh!

  59. Ooooh Vix, you are so beautiful.

    Lovely dress, i can't believe you made it. it's purrfect!
    And fit you perfect (you have a great body, babe!!).

    Thanx for share your celebration,
    happy anniversary!!!!(love the ring on the last photo and the shiny bracelet of Liz).


  60. That place sounds (and looks) glamorously fabulous!! And the food?! I about died, it looked so delicious. :)

    Your dress is awesome, btw.

  61. Fab friends and fabulous frocks!
    Happy Anniversary Vix xxx

  62. I love this post! The Barton's Arms is one of my favourite places in Brum! Joe and I had our second date there. Our first was at the Amber Room in Bearwood, another great pub. Happy anniversary! Xxx

  63. It looks fab Vix, glad you had a great time.

    X x

  64. Looks like a lovely place. I hate trying to find decent photos too when you've had a few drinies. You look fabulous as always xxx

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