Tuesday 28 February 2012

Vintage Platforms & A Heap Of Questions

I've been tagged so many times lately I thought it'd be rude to put it off any longer. If you don't want to plough through all my answers (and I don't blame you if you don't)you can always admire my fabulous new-to-me original 1970s wood platforms I won on eBay last week.

I have to post 11 random things about myself.

  • I've been an extra in a zombie film. http://www.ispitonyourrave.com/
  • The furthest I've travelled from home is Gili Air, off the coast of Lombok, Indonesia.
  • The Stray Cats at Birmingham Odeon in 1979 was the first gig I ever went to when I was 13.
  • I've never worn foundation. 
  • I became a vegetarian when I found out meat came from animals at the tender age of 18 months old. I've never eaten it since.
  • I own every record ever released on vinyl by Blondie.
  • When I was still at school and living at home I used to wait till my parents were in bed, sneak out of the house and go clubbing at The Nightingale, Birmingham's legendary gay club, until the early hours. I never got found out. 
  • I've been barred from more than one town centre pub for dancing on the bar.
  • The first house I owned was in the red light district of town. I'd often be visited by the local pimps offering to make me rich.
  • I was so jealous when my brother was born that I tipped him out of his carry cot, pushed his pram through a plate glass door and cut all the pom-poms off his clothes.
  • At the V Festival a few years ago Jon and I went to see different bands and some scumbag roofie-d my beer, luckily I was rescued before anything untoward happened.

Here's Sandy's questions:
  • What is your favourite dessert? I hate sweet food so (vegetarian) cheese and biscuits.
  • If you could live in any decade which would it be and why? I already lived in my dream period (1966-1973) but was too young to remember much of it.
  • What is your favourite Disney film? None, I can't stand that soppy crap.
  • Who is your favourite historical person and why? Gandhi, the dude rocked.
  • What is your favourite book? Shantarram by Gregory David Roberts.
  • If you were given £1000 to spend in any one place, where would you choose? I'd fly to India, staying in heritage homes & Maharajah's palaces until the cash ran out.
  • What is your favourite childhood memory? The long hot summer of 1976.
  • If you could hold a dinner with only 2 other guests (dead or alive, celebrity or historical) who would they be? Rabindranath Tagore and Jimi Hendrix, the former for his wisdom and the latter for eye candy.
  • What would you choose to be your last supper? If I was about to kick the bucket food would be the last thing on my mind.
  • Name one beauty product you couldn't live without. Black eye liner.
  • If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? India because it's beautiful, colourful and has the best food and the most wonderful people on the planet.

Here are birthday girl, Sue's:
  • What was the name of your first love? I'm not a sentimental sort so it'd have to be Oxfam.
  • What was the first car you owned? I can't drive but I went halves with Jon and bought our first VW Camper van for our 40th birthdays in 2006.
  • Who is your favourite TV character? Jax Teller from Sons Of Anarchy, a bad ass Hell's Angel with a heart.
  • How did you meet your partner? I was playing pool with a couple of guys in our local biker-friendly pub, Jon was standing behind me asking someone about a song called "Soul Train" and couldn't remember who sung it. I yelled "Swansway" and the rest was history.
  • What pisses you off the most? Bigotry and self pity.
  • If you weren't living where you are now, where would you live and why? India because it's the best place in the world.
  • What's your favourite drink? Either rose wine, India Pale Ale or Havana Club Rum with fresh lime and cola.
  • Confess something naughty! When I was a penniless student I accepted an invitation to a posh restaurant for dinner from a man I didn't fancy, ate my dinner and escaped through the window in the ladies' toilet.
  • If you could be reincarnated, who would you be and why? Helen, the legendary Bollywood vamp.
  • What skill would you like to learn? I'd love to be able to drive but I know humanity is safer without me on the roads.
  • If this was your last day on the planet, how would you spend it? At a music festival on a baking hot sunny day with good company, great music, unlimited alcohol and unadulterated hedonism.

Here are Claire's

  • Who is your most bizarre celebrity crush? Jarvis Cocker and Noel Fielding both make me go weak at the knees. 
  • What is/Would be your karaoke song? I murder Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves. 
  • If you could invent your own course and teach it, what would it be? Success at jumble sales & The art of dressing like a trollop.
  • Zombie Apocalypse weapon of choice? No idea, I'd leave it to Jon, he's great in a crisis.
  • What period in history would you most like to visit? I was around in the late sixties but I'd like to have been old enough to remember it.
  • What's the most unusual food you've eaten? Probably that dodgy flapjack I bought from a hippy at Glasto which made me very silly.
  • Have you met any celebrities? A few. The most exciting was Michael Lang, the guy who organised Woodstock. Also lots of musicians as the West Midlands is a veritable hot bed of rock stars plus eminent politicians, news readers and royalty from my days in corporate hospitality.
  • How long have you been thrifting/op shopping/jumble sale-ing? Since I could walk. I inherited my passion for second-hand stuff from my Mum & Grandma so I've been dragged around such places since the 1960s.
  • Which childhood cartoon/tv program scared you the most? Will 'O' The Wisp.
  • What are 3 of your favourite books? Shantarram, God Of Small Things, White Tiger.
  • What is your favourite film? Woodstock, the movie.

 Here are Melanie's
  • If you could go shopping in any era, which would it be? The late 1960s.
  • Official other half aside, who would your dream date be? Mick Jagger circa 1969
  • Who were/was the last band/artiste you saw live? Mogwai 
  • Do you have any phobias? Spiders.
  • What is your favourite film? See previous answer.
  • What is your favourite song? It changes all the time. Anything sung with passion and attitude.
  • How tall are you (I have a near obsessive need to know how tall people are). Nowhere near tall enough.
  • What is your earliest memory. Lying in my cot watching the wind blowing the curtains.
  • Tea, or coffee? Both.
  • Favourite literary character. Lin in Shantarram.
  • Favourite actor/actress.  Amitabh Bachchan and Sharmila Tagore.
Saluki fake fur jacket (£2, car boot sale), Suede mini skirt (£2.50, part of a suit from eBay), Hindi tee and beaded earrings (India), Madeira embroidered basket (£1.95, Acorns Hospice), Wood platforms (£13.20, eBay)

Still awake? Don't worry I won't tag anyone else but feel free to answer as many questions you fancy.
Thanks for the wonderful gardening advice, I knew you'd be able to help.
See you soon.


  1. omg! soooooooo cool :)

  2. What a lot of questions, but I did read all your answers and laughed at a few too. I hate Disney films also, Disneyland is my idea of hell and I also loathe spiders. Loving your mini (and wishing that I had legs I could show off)and those 70's platforms are ace.

  3. Love all your tales especially about cutting off you're brothers pom poms and escaping through the ladies loo!

  4. You are so intriguing, Vixter - Love this! Might pinch it! I remember those kinds of platforms - I also am sadly a bit too young to remember the best bits of the Sixties, although I was there for the latter seven years!

    p.s. I always think you look lovely and slender, for which read tall...

    I am tall and dumpy - 5' 7'', since you asked ;)

    Fhina x

  5. "Unadulterated hedonism"!!!!
    YOWZA baby,you're my kinda girl!
    Fark ME,but those shoes are INCREDIBLE!!! Score! Looking like a right foxy trollop today,my darling.If I was a pimp,I'd be begging to make you rich...but I'd rather roll aorund in some hay with you!
    Good going with all those questions,not the most fun thing to do,but interesting to read!
    Love YOU! Helga xxxXXXxxx

  6. That outfit is lovely!!
    And great answers - love how you escaped a date from the toilet window...!!!


  7. Hahaha I think I've also been rufied but I didn't realize it till years later. I loved reading about you, made me laugh. I don't have any siblings so it was hilarious to read what you did to your brother hahaha.

  8. With you on the Disney thing -- except for the vintage stuff. But it must be tough to hate spiders and live in a brick house!

  9. k, youre right! Those platforms are amazing! Love them with the tights!

  10. now those are some answers!
    the summer of 1976 i met my husband on the beach, we were 17. today is our 32nd anniversary of marriage. what a summer that was, string bikinis and not a care in the world.

    one question. why don't you live in india? it sounds like you'd love to.


  11. I did 'live' in the period 1966 - 1973 and I was old enough to enjoy it!!! And I still remember. Great times.
    Love from Mum

  12. Was it evil edna on willo the wisp that frightened you? Fab outfit, the shoes were totally worth getting. Bit jealous of the bag!

  13. I saw those sandals on Ebay and immediately thought of you! I'm so glad you got them, no one else could possible look as wonderful in them as you.
    Great little skirt - any little skirt looks fabulous with your amazing legs sticking out of the bottom of it!
    You ARE good to answer all those questions, I am a total shirker and have utterly failed to do my homework. Always good to know more about the life and times of Her Royal Vixiness! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Shantarram is an awesome book. My sister used to live with his (ex)step daughter (her sister is his daughter)- who was a brilliant ozzy lass, who told me plenty of stories about what her mum and him got up too.

    Lovely finding out about you xxx

  15. Great shoes and well done on answering all the questions, I've been tagged twice and need to get around to it. With all your window climbing exploits you should obviously be employed as a cat-burglar!

  16. Loved reading all your answers! I'm, with you on the Disney thing, my kids must be the only ones who haven't been to Disneyland. And I know what you mean about Noel Fielding xxx

  17. I loved the bit about your brother!

    And I agree with Jagger, I go weak at the knees watching 'Rock n Roll Circus'.


  18. Loving those wooden-soled platforms - remind me of some of the shoes I wore as a young teenager. My favourite memory is of the long hot summer of 1976 too, Gawd, but that summer was wonderful - though I was in my mid-teens then so it's not really a childhood memory for me. I'm also rather partial to Jarvis Cocker as well - he wears geek chic so fabulously well.

  19. those platforms are amazeballs, what a find! Love the q&a sesh too I love a good nose! Also Will 'o' the Wisp scared me sooooo much as a kid too, it's wrong!! Loads of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. I love reading those things because people are generally interesting. I knew the first time I read your blog that you were a person I'd like to hear about. I love your attitude about your style and your life.
    I'd never thought about India much until I'd seen how much you and Jon loved it. Now it's on my places I'd like to visit list. I love the platforms and your shirt is great. Love the bag and your jacket too :)

  21. Climbing out of your bedroom window at night to go clubbing, ditching some bloke after a meal via the bog window, oh you are a little rebel Vix! I love your naughtiness! I bet you were a blast as a youngen but then again you still are now!

    Good to learn some more about you! Love the coat and tights! xxx

  22. Awesome outfit! I'll bring a veggie curry round and we can listen to all your Blondie records - Parallel Lines is deffo a Top 10 of All Time imho! xxx

  23. Noel Fielding does it for me too and I LOVED Willo the Wisp, especially the moog

  24. Nowhere near tall enough? Rubbish - I'd look like a drag queen inn those platforms, where as you look amazing!

    I do love these little insights into bloggers' thoughts, past and likes.

    I cannot imagine you doing those spiteful things to your brother, but found it very amusing!

  25. Love the outfit, especially the shoes they're beautiful!Lovely blog, now following, hope you visit back :-)
    much love

  26. I'm sure I've told you this several times, but you are seriously my idol. You are one of the most fabulous women I've ever "met" in my life. And these answers only provide more proof why I love you so much.

    And I want your hair.

    That's all.

  27. Ooooooo. I can just imagine lusting after platforms like that when I was in Jr High. You look as fab as your answers... I bet you owe your looks to the vegetarian diet... and all that dancing!

  28. Bloody love those shoes! How fab are they!

    Thanks for sharing your factoids, I love this type of post!

  29. Ha ha, Oxfam:). Those shoes are awesome and its even more awesome that you wear them to go to the corner shop in! x

  30. Ohh Vix cutting off pompoms that is low...
    But great platforms.

  31. Keyholder login! That is me, I am supposed to be doing the Village Hall Rota!

  32. You are Definitely the ultimate Cool Girl! I Love these facts and I see that you have lead a very fun and interesting life! I also must say that I would LOVE to raid your closet. I wish I could find such great things!

  33. Those shoes are brilliant, suit you down to the ground. Loved the Q&A's. Booty is ok in herself but is still limping thanks, she should be ok in a few days.I will def try that tea but might wait until next winter when its colder and I need to warm up...oh and I am 5ft 4 on a good day!

  34. Ah Vix, I'll forgive you Shantaram if you forgive me Disney.

    Killer shoes.

  35. Wargh, those shoes are amazing! Sort of annoyed now I didn't fight you for them ;) Love how you and Jon met xx

  36. hahaayyy loved all your answers!
    especially the one about terrorizing your brother. and I pimp you any time in while wearing those gorgeous Funkadelic beauties.
    I better start answering my questions too.

  37. Well you certainly are sassy! Jarvis Cocker is hot.

  38. Holy guaca-frickin-mole - THOSE SHOES!!!! I love all of your answers of course (I have also been very remiss in answering these - I'm terrified of boring everyone to death!). I love the sneaking out the window story and pushing the baby through the plate glass!!! You were hardcore even then. And yay for Jon being all manly in a crisis. Grrr! And FUCK ME THOSE SHOES ARE FRICKIN AMAZING!!!!

    Love you! Sarah xxx

  39. Noel Fielding...I hear ya lady!!!! ;)
    Toni x

  40. Wow that was a ton of questions! But I love that you answered them all....your an amazing girl! I am sorry but I did giggle about your brother...Your shoes are fantastic! It looks like it is warming up there....it is freezing here...if Adrian doesn't get this job were packing It up and heading somewhere south in hopes to see the sun again lol! Ugh EBay is great! Enjoy those fabulous shoes Love Heather

  41. Vix you are the most interesting woman I know by far!!! I can't believe some of this stuff, vegan since 18 months wow, that's crazy and I really think it speaks volumes about your character! I also love that you could care less about a last supper, bring on the booze huh!!!! If you and I lived in the same town I'd teach you to drive and you'd teach me to jumble. The more I know about you the more I love you girl!

    These shoes are BADASS and are right at home on your sweet feet. I hope we can create some crazy kick ass memories when I'm there!

  42. That entire outfit is fabulous, and the shoes are beyond amazing!

    I love all of your answers; such fun! I share your favorite time period, as well as the wish that I remembered it.

    I'm not crazy about spiders either, but I am willing to ignore them if they'll ignore me. However, I'm terrified of both snakes and mice. Terrified!

    Thanks for sharing your answers to all of those questions; it's always fun to learn a bit about fellow bloggers.

    xo, Anita

  43. Thank you for sharing with us!

  44. That roofie story is terrifying!

  45. You are terribly popular!! Firstly, I love those shoes. Secondly I laughed out loud about the jealously over your little brother, I was a kid when Labriyth came out and I tried to get the Goblin King to come and take my brother away on numerous occasions - but he never turned up!! Also that is horrible about the roofie - happened to my flatmate once years ago, she was only drinking water the night it happened (thankfully) so she knew something had happened straight away and got her friends to take her home, some people are just monsters...

  46. I love those platforms, they remind me of a black pair I have and are making me nostalgic.

  47. Those platforms are aces!

    I love reading your answers to these questions. I'm with you on your last day on earth - a festival with unlimited booze & good music sounds great.

  48. So nice to meet you "MORE", beautiful Vix!
    What an interesting lady you are, it is so lovely of you to share all these fabulous answers.
    Happiness to you
    Love v

  49. Blimey that must have taken you ages to type up ;-) I did chuckle at what you did to your brother. Platforms are cool. dee xx

  50. Ah the summer of 76 - we were in landlocked Berkshire living on an RAF camp. A proper Famous 5 summer for me - we spent hours outdoors and paddling in a stream.

    And at last another non-driver - the roads aren'r ready for some of us ;)

  51. Those platforms are the best, my oldest sister had a pair that I would wear under my super flare jeans so I looked taller and older, well older was accomplished with a bit of make up. Funny, I don't do alot of make up, lips and eyes is about it for me!!

  52. I loved reading through those questions, can imagine you scrambling through a window to escape. :)
    Lush platforms, and lush legs! Get you!

  53. Wow you have been tagged! I'm arachnophobic too! Loved reading your answers!

  54. Hee hee - you sneaking out to go clubbing and never got rumbled! Did you lace their cocoa or something?;)

    Love your answers - the courses you would teach, how you met Jon, the adventures with spiked beer and flapjacks...

    Love the platforms too! xx

  55. Beautiful shoes! And ditto with the bizarre celebrity crush on Noel Fielding...

  56. Haha, I love these! Had such a chuckle reading about you escaping through ladies toilets for a free meal!

    Gorgeous platforms, by the way!

    Catherine, XO.

  57. You are phenomenal ... We should give your honorary Indian Citizenship. If I had the power I would! :)

    ∞ © tanvii.com ∞

  58. Your looks are just great!
    I just posted my first outfit photo's! It would really mean a lot to me if you'd check it out and maybe even leave a comment :).
    xo Paula – www.paschionforfashion.blogspot.com

  59. I love reading through these sorts of Q&As - mainly for film and book recommendations. God of Small Things is on the list now. xx

  60. Such a fab read :-) Thoroughly enjoyed all those little insights into the World According To Vix....

  61. Those platform shoes are awesome and you've paired them so wonderfully with all those spot-on off-reds. I want to hear them make sound when you walk on a hard shiny floor. I enjoyed reading your answers.

  62. I read them all! I adore reading people's answers to tag questions! Saddo that I am! Love your answers!

  63. I love your fur coat and colorful platforms! =)


  64. Wow lots of questions. Lovely to get to know you better, some of your answers really made me laugh.

    I love those platforms and the top is amazing!

  65. I am adoring your wood platforms & the tee peeping out is just so cool..

  66. Well, I'll be darned. What an interesting life you've lived. It'll be great to meet you in person later on this year. I know a great vegetarian restaurant, so look out salad bar!

    Rosemary www.foreveronthecatwalkoflife.com

  67. Thanks for sharing these very interesting facts of you with us. Your outfit is awesome (best stems in the blogworld!)

  68. haha I left this tag for you a while back. I think you must have missed it xx

    I love that jacket its gorgeous its very similar to one I have,

    Love the outfit too xx

  69. Those platforms are AWESOME! In love.

    I read it all.. that must've been a mission! Great stuff.
    I don't know if op-shopping in the late 60s would have been that great - 80s was the glory days I recon! All the 60s and 70s stuff was dirt cheap and in great abundant glorious piles! x

  70. Sarah and I had the best time reading this... I wouldn't have expected anything less of you! xoxo

  71. Love love love Mogwai! Saw them at the Royal Albert Hall... amazing.

  72. I am always fascinated to learn a new fact about you, it’s such a shame you don’t like Disney films, but I forgive you, because you more than make up for it with your many other loves xxx


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