Thursday, 2 February 2012

From The Sublime To The Ridiculous - Adventures In Kerala Part 1

Who'd have thought it, two days ago I was frolicking in the Arabian Sea in my bikini and now look at me, trussed up like Scott of The Antarctic. What a waste of a decent sun tan.

It's hovered around -5 all day today with snow and even colder temperatures forecast for later, bloody England. Why the hell was a beach bum like me born here? I've got my yoga pants, Tibetan yak wool socks, a vest and a sweatshirt on underneath this lot and I'm still cold.

At least I have my memories to keep me warm.

Here's some pictures from our first week in Kerala.

We took a groovy Hindu tuk tuk (auto rickshaw) from Trivandrum airport to Kovalam, home to the glorious Lighthouse Beach.

We stayed in a traditionally built home stay set amongst the palms.

All this for less than £8 a night

The lady of the house cooked us a traditional South Indian pure veg breakfast every morning.

Iddiappam (rice left to ferment overnight and then forced through a mould to form spaghetti) served with aloo (potato) masala and seasoned with freshly grated coconut.

Appam - fermented rice flour pancakes served with kadada (a spicy lentil stew)

Idli (steamed semolina cakes) with  bindi (okra/ladies finger) and snake gourd curry

We took long walks.

Drooled over Hindu temples.

Were enchanted by nature.

Ate the best veggie food in the world.

Chilled on the beach.

As in Goa all able-bodied men are expected to help haul the fishing boats ashore, tourist or local alike.

Good old Jon leading the way.
The mosque at Viridyam

According to the Rough Guide, Kovalam is the most developed beach in Kerala. Don't let that put you off,  Benidorm it ain't.

Hippy-tastic crochet maxi coat (hand-made by my Mum), Aztec belt (50p, Age UK), Slouchy beret (the fabulous Elizabeth), vintage duck print maxi dress (seen HERE)

Week 2 to follow very soon.

I'm as cranky as a cranky thing, I was wide awake at 3am. Hopefully a pizza and a bucketful of Havana Club rum will sort me out tonight.


  1. Gorgeous photos vix - i'd love to be there right now!!!

    And that beret is one thing I need in my life! :)

    Sent u an email btw.

  2. Come here I wanna cuddle you! You look just as adorable whether you are in a bikini or this hippitastic coat made by your Mum. Less than 8 bucks a night no flipping way and you got breakfast, LOVE IT! Lighthouse beach looks magical and at -5 I bet you are really missing it right about now, see the snow waited for your return :p Loving the temple, flowers and the picture of you and Jon at the end. I love you guys!!! It's ok to be cranky look what you just left behind. I'm hoping we can chat on Sunday not sure right about now.
    PEACE and love and dreams of India!

  3. Beautiful pics and beautiful food bet u wish you were still there xx

  4. Welcome back Vix, looks like you had a fab time, it's freezing here too. I think it's the same all over Europe, even the Med. I am off to make a curry now to warm us up

  5. Oh my! It all looks so beautiful.
    But sadly I am more a bucketful of Havanna rum and a pizza kinda girl!
    The breakfast pictures look so appetizing, but I'm really not sure that I'd enjoy eating it! Not very adventurous when it comes to food. Well, anything really! I will live my life vicariously thru' your photos I think!!
    OMG - love the 'Joseph'coat; just want to snuggle up in that!
    Z xx

  6. Vix you look so glowing and radiant on your return from Kerala. I am so fascinated by your trip, the way you describe it is like paradise, and all of the photographs are so gorgeous. You inspire me to have faith in my ambitions, you always live life to the full and never miss a moment of opportunity xxx

  7. Ahhh it looks amazing! Makes me all the more determined to start saving so I can have a summer holiday this year!

  8. It's ridiculous how fabulous you look in your bikini!
    It has been freezing today, hasn't it, what a shock to your system! No wonder you need to snuggle up in your mum's crochet coat and multiple layers underneath.
    Your photos are beautiful, the food looks just great and the beaches are to die for.
    Get that rum and pizza down you and you'll be feeling better in no time, Oh Cranky Goddess! xxxxxxxxx

  9. Welcome back! Your holiday looks amazing, I'm so jealous! xx

  10. That crochet maxi coat is seriously the most ridiculously insane fabulous thing I've ever seen. WOW.

    And loving these photos of India, particularly the lighthouse one. So gorgeous!

  11. dearest vix,
    Kerala looks like a fabulous place! I can't wait until it's time for our next magical mystery tour :)'s really bitter here today too, i guess i should be used to it but alas here i sit with my hat,yeti boot slippers, snood and two jumpers on indoors...and it's still nippy. the only remedy i think is a near boiling hot bath. both you and Jon look amazing in these pics; are you sure you're not lying about your ages? you look not a day over thirty the pair of you's. lots of love, jenniexxx

  12. Hi my dear!! welcome home and what gorgeous photos, sounds and looks like such a wonderful place and so pleased you both had a glorious time!! Sorry you've come back to such horrid weather, but glad to see you back home safe and sound xxx

  13. Vix! You´re back! We missed yous o much, doll! Those holidays seemed like a great adventure, beautiful pictures! And if you get back home and wrap around such a beautiful rainbow coat, even better! I just fell in love with it. loved your outfit, once again. Welcome back, sister of the moon. thanks for leaving such a lovely message on my blog. peace

  14. Looks lovely. Welcome back to W , its been freezing :-(

  15. I am craving soem south indian food now! :P

    P.S. You shld come visit me ... it is very warm here.

    ♡ from ©

  16. Looks like my idea of heaven, I don't know how you cope with the anti-climax.
    I was talking to the new corner shop owners on Tuesday, they are from Kerala!
    I have to go to India, I've always wanted to go.
    The art of true relaxation seems to have been invented there.
    Your tan is incredible, and your bikini shot is just the motivation I need to get back exercising (not that I'll ever look that good!).
    I'm crazy about knitwear, so the maxi cardi gets top marks from me for being unique, colourful and such a grand piece!
    Can't wait to see more of your gorgeous photos.

    Lucy x

  17. Looks absolutely magical! And you look so very fabulous in your bikini :-) Wow!!!

  18. What gorgeous photographs, looks like you had a lovely trip already and that food - making me hungry and I've only just eaten! Thank you so much for your words on my post yesterday - definitely made me see things from another perspective so thank you!

  19. looks like you had a wonderful vacation. I stayed at a place in mexico once where they cooked our breakfasts. Still some of the best food I've ever had. Traditional food is always best! In LOVE with your crochet coat! Looks so cozy!

  20. Welcome home! I hope you aclimate to your cold weather soon! Beautiful photos, makes me want to have a visit.

  21. I am so glad you are back, I have missed you . Looks like you had a wonderful time.


    p.s make sure you enter my give away xxx

  22. You have the best body EVER, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
    Loving your lovely pics, and wanting your perfect coat. It has all my dream colour in it.

  23. Wow, you've got a geat bikini bod! Everything look wonderful and surreal, I would just die for all those exotic flora. Hope the jet g eases off soon. x

  24. Your holiday looks amazing - and hot! I'm absolutely adoring your crochet maxi coat.

  25. Looks idillic, typical you should come back to the coldest days we've had so far this winter bah!

  26. hey, welcome back! looks like you both had a great time.

    love your knitted coat. it's so darn cute...

  27. Oh Vix, it looks like paradise. I so want to go with you guys one time.

    I just wish you'd brought the weather back with you. Xx

  28. I am toooo distracted by your smokin' hot figure to notice the glorious paradise you just visited. Lordy, Vix. I want one of those rockin' bods!

    Welcome back, bundle up. We've missed you. xo. Bella Q

  29. all is right in my world again.
    you in a bikini - what an inspiration!


  30. You look so amazing in a bikini!
    Kerala looks like paradise, it almost doesn't look real, if you see what I mean?

    I was looking up how to get to India without flying a week or so ago - takes about 3 weeks, but one day I will do it!

  31. It looks wonderful. I want to go.
    Can't wait to hear more of your adventures.

  32. sigh, it looks so lovely and warm. I'm cold continuously at the moment

  33. Welcome back darling! Your trip picture are divine, what paradise! x

  34. Dang, that must be such a shock. I'm hating the cold so much, too - but LOOOOOOOOVING your coat, Vix. (If it ever looks for a new owner, please think of me). The photos from India are mouthwatering. X

  35. You look fantastic wearing that bikini!

    The photos are beautiful, thank you for sharing these images of your trip.

    Sorry to hear you're cold!

  36. Wow Vix, it looks amazing as do you!

    Such a shame your having to cover all your gorgeous tan up but its sooo cold!

    Can't wait to see week 2.

    x x

  37. Vix,
    First of all, welcome home! I am sorry that it is so cold; I despise winter weather also. Thank goodness you have that coat made by your mum to cuddle up in!

    Your tan is stunning, and you really rocked the bikini! I love the idea of everybody pitching in to help with the boats, and yay to Jon for taking the lead!

    Seriously, a room in a beautiful home and breakfast served daily for less than 8 pounds (around $12.50 American)? That sounds better than any hotel could ever be! If I am ever fortunate enough to travel to that part of the world, I am following the Vix and Jon guidebook. I can't wait to read about week 2!

    xo, Anita

  38. So we get you back and now your so cold your upset??? LOL
    Gosh the pics of Kerala are just gorgeous. I would love to ride in a Tuk Tuk. That lighthouse picture is beautiful!
    Less than £8 a night for a place like that. *EEEPPP* I am going to have to look into visiting India at some time in my life with prices like that.

    Also I must say I totally adore that crochet maxi coat. It is completely amazing and looks so darn comfy.

  39. gorgeous pictures my dear! It is bloody cold even without the shock therapy of having come from india! I am wearing everything with woolen base layers at the moment.

  40. It certainly is cold but it must be worse for you with the temperature difference..lovely photos of a lovely looking place :)

  41. So pretty!! We love all the photos - looks like a total blast! And that knit!!!! ahhhmazing!

    ox from NYC!

  42. Gorgeous pics, Vix. India is so photogenic. As are you and Jon of course. xx

  43. Wow! I found this blog randomly browsing and now I'm finished with almost every post. Amazing! I wanna be like you when I'm your age. Heck, I think by then you will still look this good and have fun as much. Teach me master :)

  44. All your fab pics take me back to my time there. Looks like you had an amazing and restful holiday and the grub looks superb. Looking forward to seeing week 2. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  45. thanks for this interesting post! the beach looks gorgeous and what an unbelievable price for the accomodation! and veggie food - sounds like a place for my bf & i :) (we both are pescetarians) Shame about the waste of tan - i know how you feel, also mine is wasted x

  46. love to watch your pics!
    and also love your colorful crochet coat, really wonderful piece to fight the cold with lots of hippie vibe!
    besos & calor!

  47. OMG! The madness of that marvellous multi-coloured crochet coat is blinding! It looks so warm and definitely very hippy-tastic indeed!!

    Your holiday looked like paradise - the beaches, the food, the nature, it all looks so gorgeous - no wonder you pine to go back there after being stuck in England after a while! I can't believe that house was £8 a night! Madness!

    LOL at Jon flexing his muscles on the beach! I would have been laughing my head off if Pyf were in his place!

    I can't wait to see more of your holiday adventures! Keep em coming! xxx

  48. Wow the pics are awesome you look like you had a wonderful time, your pics make me want to go there right now.

    Your jacket looks so cosy it's hard to believe you say that your still cold.

    Rest well tonight. X

  49. It looks amazing! Your photos are just gorge. I am in love with your crochet maxi coat. It's good to have you back Vix, I've missed your wit and sparkle. Em x

  50. I can't take it! My heart beats faster so much beauty! So glad you had a refreshing time, you look glowing!
    It's so wonderful when all the different elements come together in one landscape wow :)
    I love your yak rainbow crochet concoction, it is absolutely freezing!

  51. Uh wow - you look uh-mazing in that bikini. Well done - it's a ton a work to look that great, very impressed.

  52. The sweater is glorious--but sorry that it's covering up a chill. You're looking fantastic in the bikini.

  53. What amazing photos, it looks gorgeous!

  54. Beautiful photos, I have never thought of going to India - but maybe you could convince me:) I am due home in two days from my trip - boo! Although I won't be going home to -5 degree weather (ouch) summer in Wellington than the average 32 degree days I've been having lately!

  55. Glorious indeed! These photos are all gorgeous--that bikini pic--dayum girl you look amazing, and all that scenery must have been just amazing to see up close. Glad you got to have a lovely time abroad.

  56. WOW! You have an AMAZING figure!! I want to look like that ; )

  57. It looks like you had a fabulous holiday. Can't wait to see more pictures. I love the lighthouse. That coat your Mum made is amazing.

  58. It looks like you had a fabulous holiday. Can't wait to see more pictures. I love the lighthouse. That coat your Mum made is amazing.

  59. Love your gorgeous crocheted coat, all the better for being made by someone you know!! Get your heating on high, close your curtains, turn on all the lights, spread your towel on the floor, and lay there in your bikini and listen to beach sounds!!

  60. Honey, you and India are too fabulous for words!

    OK I've made an executive blogcision ... Next time you could avoid the cold English weather and come "down under"! Me thinks a HelgaVixMisfitStock2013 could be in order!

    There are plenty of gorgeous warm beaches right on Sarah Misfits front door step!!! (believe me I know these things - not coz I'm stalkin her {although it is rather tempting} but I have been to her cute little seaside town!!)

    Ah well umm yeah ... who the hell am I anyway - trying to organise everyone elses lives for my own self gratification!!! *wink*


  61. Fabulous photos! Gorgeous! Sorry about the weather isn't it utterly pants xx

  62. Welcome home, you look like you both have had an amazing time....wish I looked like you in a bikini! So sorry for this awful cold spell we are having at the moment. Your coat your mum made is fab, my advice stay in bed and enjoy your rum :)

  63. It all looks wonderful and enchanting.... and look at you two on the beach; bliss!

    Here's the plan:
    1. Crank up the heating
    2. Enlarge those lovely photos and pin them up all round the house
    3. Make delicious Indian food
    4. Hibernate until the jetlag's sorted...

    5. Then next week, get back out to all those jumble sales to acquire more amazing frocks, sell, sell, sell, and book another trip! xx

  64. Your photo's are stunning the beach looks amazing!

    I can understand why you feel so cranky, going from heat and sun to minus temps! A culture shock or what!

    Hope the rum has helped and a better nights sleep.

    Even if you dont feel it - its good to see you back!

    MBB x

  65. You're back! We've missed you - and it has to be said that you have missed some pretty grimly grey weather. It's cold right now but at least there's evidence of a sky above the clouds on these icy, clear mornings AND you have your extraordinary crochet coat made by your mum. That's so special - like wearing your very own hug from the past.
    As for your photos and tales of Kerala, I'm sure you will be inspiring a number of people to head off on their own adventure. It truly does look sublime.

  66. OMG Vix you look about 18 in your bikini! And that food = drool! How lovely to eat beautiful vegetarian food like that. It is REALLY cold, isn't it? Your mum has a great eye for colour and pattern - that coat is genius. Hope you're not too depressed to be back, and are busy planning your next trip! xxx

  67. How fantastic is that coat! I absolute love it. Your mum certainly was a stylish lady. :)
    I love the pictures, you look gorgeous (hello bikini body!) and it looks a dream of a holiday.
    I might have to drop you an email with some travel questions, me and Andy are looking to do something different on our honeymoon, Kerala looks amazing!

  68. All your holidays snaps are amazing! Kerala looks beautiful, and I can't believe the places you find to stay. Kudos to your Mum for making that amazing crochet coat, I love it!

  69. Lovely pictures! I missed you Vix, welcome home!x

  70. Welcome back hun! Your pictures are amazing, and you are such a hottie in your bikini! I adore the maxi coat, its incredible. Looking forward to part 2 of the holiday pics (making me want a holiday even more!) Scarlett xx

  71. Well - you have been missed! I love your photos - they make me want to hop on a plane and get over there! I'm sorry you're soooooo cold! But you'll re-aclimatise and hopefully we'll see you in your hot pants with your TAN!!!

    Missed you :-)

    Ali x

  72. aahh beautiful photo's i have tears in my eyes for some reason stupid hormones i reckon. I love seeing other places it takes your mind to a different level in life. And make's you appreciate things. It looks like a beautiful place and you both look so happy an relaxed. Im with you that i was born in the wrong country i need the warmth and the slower pace of life i think thats one of the reasons why i like vintage so much it was a slower period in life and everything was more lighthearted etc. Wrap up warm sweetie it is freezing and is going to colder this weekend. dee xxx

  73. Snakes, Cows and Elephants are all very sacred in Hinduism.of course the religion itself is very diverse like the country.

  74. Have been really looking forward to hearing about your Indian adventures. It looks like an amazing place! The food looks delicious too. Very jealous of your bikini body!

  75. Fabulous photos, and I love your multi coloured crochet coat. xxx

  76. Bummer you have to bundle up after you have been rocking a bikini for the last three weeks! I do love the coat though so colourful. xx

  77. I though I'd commented on this post already, now I can't remember!!! Anyway, good to have you back, hope we can have a skype chat soon.xx.

  78. first of all your bikini pic made me really green of envy, you have really a superamazing figure, it seems there comes a bondgirl out of the sea, well your bikini should be white and you need a little knife ,)
    and then those amazing pictures, now i know there is a heaven on earth and i really want to go!!!
    love and kiss,mary

  79. wow how hot are you in a bikini lady...twit twoo!
    I want your stomach please....!!!

    Great photos it looks an amazing place xx

  80. In fact actually can I have your thighs too please ha ha xx

  81. The photos from your holiday are gorgeous.I can't decide what to comment on first.the food looks delish too.Love that all those pretty colors.

  82. You hot beach bunny!
    I bet the locals were staring at you in your marvellous bikini.
    rainbow knitted coat looks warm and cosy.All the Indian food looks so good. especially adorar The mosque at Viridyamok.
    look at Jon leading the way.


  83. May I point out that its "kadala', not "kadada'? :) I've been eating kerala food for over a decade now, and it fails to bore me! Still! Breakfast food is my favourite. Did you know that Kerala Breakfast foods have been named the healthiest breakfast foods in the world? Now isn't that wonderful - healthy And tastey!

  84. You are a very beautiful lady, and you have captured the yesteryear beauty of kerala.Loved the pics and the hues you have given it.Next time, you are around you could visit the Jews and Syrian Christians areound here, lots of mystical stuff within.


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