Sunday 1 January 2012

Oh, What A Night!

Happy 2012!  I'm still drunk, not dressed and I've had a plate of chips for breakfast, if this is an indication of what the rest of the year's got in store then bring it on.

 I didn't used to care for New Year's Eve but after a crazy beach party in India ten years ago I saw the light. Great company, good food, plentiful booze, banging tunes, late night drinking and dancing with added fireworks and champagne, what's not to love?

Liz and Adrian

Due to an outbreak of man 'flu there were only five at last night's party but that meant all the more food and drink for us.

Tony, Jon's childhood pal and ex-flatmate.

Sarah and Helga sent me tablecloths within a week of one another so I can't remember which goddess sent this beauty.

Retro party nibbles.

I'm a disgrace, despite having a professional qualification in patisserie the puff pastry was shop-bought but I did make the Mexican vegetable vol-au-vent filling myself (kidney beans, sweetcorn, diced green pepper, red chilli and red onion in chilli-spiked mayonnaise) and I had more time to get ready, always a bonus.

My home-made cheese straws, party crackers topped with cheddar cheese with chili and chives & Dee's green tomato chutney, cream cheese with pesto, Spanish olives and chopped parsley and, for the non-veggies, sardine pate with gherkins and anchovies (kept away from the vegetarian options).

Cubed Edam and pickled silver skin onions on sticks

Retro-tastic devilled eggs - hard boiled eggs with the yolks scooped out and mashed with mayonnaise, Madras curry powder and diced cornichons, garnished with smoked paprika.

Crab vol-au-vents for the non-veggies (everyone but me). Adrian made some fabulous hummus, gravalax and dill dressing. I would have taken a photo but that would have meant putting my wine glass down. 

A party is the perfect excuse to showcase my jumble sale tat retro cocktail accessory collection.

Jon's chana massala with home made naan bread

You'll always find us in the kitchen at parties.

Silver Star maxi and cape from the fabulous Kitty, headband from a charity shop, daft smile courtesy of 2 bottles of Chardonnay.


As usual everything descended into chaos so I forgot to photograph my vegetarian Champagne and wild berry jellies served in 1970s coffee cups or the huge box of posh Greek pastries from Selfridge's Tony bought us.

Jon thought my superhero cape looked better on him.

The lads dancing to Dexy's Midnight Runners' Geno.

The boys pimped themselves up.

and we played at mad hatters, too.

You can hear my divine Black Country twang shrieking through the fireworks, classy.

Happy New Year! Here's to a 2012 packed with even more fun, frolics and fabulous frocks.


  1. Looks so much fun! haha I also felt quite drunk in the morning when I woke up.. :D

  2. Looks like a ball!! Om nom nom on the retro yums! A very Happy New Year :)

  3. Looks like such a great party, would have loved to be there (non-alcholic cocktails for me, sadly!). Everyone looks brilliant, especially love the 'pimped up' boys x

  4. Haha! Looks like an absolute blast :-) A very happy 2012 to you Vix... may it bring many good things!

  5. What a great party and the grub looks delish. Btw even Jamie buys Jusrol now apparently.
    Happy New Year to you.

  6. Your parties always look like SO much fun! You really know how to throw a good'un!

    The food always looks delicious, especially those crab vol-au-vents and devilled eggs, yum!

    Have a wonderful new year, Vix! xxx

  7. Looks like you had a great time! Awesome foods.
    Pose Posh Post

  8. Party of the Year! You can choose which one!
    Happy New Year my wonderful friend!
    You can't beat cheese cubes on sticks...with either onion or pineapple. Yum! He's a bit of a nifty chef, that Jon of yours, isn't he? But Vix, you're slipping. That pic of you 2 girls together, you're only holding one glass of vino, Liz has 2! Please don't say you tipped it down the back of her dress when you put your arm around her!!!!
    Z xx

  9. You all look like you had a great time - fab food, amazing frock and brilliant friends - what more could you desire? Happy New Year. xxx

  10. Happy New Year Vix! Love your uber glam green maxi and cape! Looks like you all had a fab time and the vol a vents and devilled eggs remind me of the fayre at New Years Party my gran used to throw. All the best for 2012!

  11. What a delicious spread! Happy New Year x

  12. Ooo looks like a fun night. Love the retro party nibbles. I love stuffed eggs but we mash ours with mayo and chopped beetroot. My mam has those little forks too.

  13. That maxi and cape are fabulous with a capital F!! I totally agree that New Years eve should be celebrated and embraced rather than shunned, why not I ask you??! Happy new year!! x

  14. That looks like a smashing partay! I LOVE all that retro food. Devilled eggs remind me of my mum!
    Happy New YEAH!

  15. Happy New Year Vix! My, you've got a sturdy constitution if you can cope with posting food photos with a hangover!!!

    It all looks totally brill - and I must stop worrying about that red vase of yours everytime I see a photo of your mantelpiece-by-the-patchwork curtain. It IS glued to the mantelpiece, just to be on the safe side, isn't it?

    I have got SUCH a popcorn hangover: crap food and too much sugar (although just 2 glasses of fizz) = a nice little snooze right now could be a very good idea! There's always tomorrow to be busy... x

  16. Well im coming to yours for the next new years eve - looks blooming brilliant! I am also in awe that you have a professional qualification in patisserie - is there no ends to your talents?

    You look incredible in the green maxi with cape.

    Happy New year chick and here's to an amazing 2012 for you (starting with that lovely holiday of yours!)

    Scarlett xx

  17. Hilarious! As I move down the post the photos become more and more drunken! Fantastic cheery post darling! Party on! xx

  18. That food looks so tasty - it's been years since I've had onion and cheese on sticks - so many childhood memories did that picture bring back!

    Happy new year and all the best for 2012!

  19. Happy New Year to you and Jon!
    I love lusting over your food, Mexican what? how delicious!
    You look smashingly gorgeous in your green cape fabulosa biatch.
    The guys are always too funny.
    I think I will run to yours next year.I hear your cute accent.
    luv ya

  20. Your retro food all looks amazing!
    Love Jon in the cape!!
    Can tell you all had a great time, all the best bits of a party seem to happen in the kitchen....

    Here's to 2012!!!!!!!

  21. Hi Vix!!!!

    Your party was awesome!!!
    Hope for you the best of the best in 2012.

    I like you dress very very much.
    (really, I like all your choices)

    Greetings from Argentina
    (south of the map!)

  22. Wow! What a great New Years party!

    Looks like you had an amazing time all of you. You looked resplendent in your New Year's dress complete with cloak. Food looked amazing too! So glad you had a great time.

    My other half always hates New years so after a few years being bored stupid stuck at home the past couple of year we have gone to my parents. We all get together and last night was a great laugh. All though Jager bombs by the bucket load might not be such a good plan! We saw the New Year in though singing at full pelt on the band hero! Cool times.

    Wishing you both a brilliant and fantastic 2012!

    So glad I found you blog, you rock!

    MBB x


    I must say, I do love your outfit, and your retro nibbles look scrummy!!! I hope u have a fab year!

  24. whoa, that looks like an incredible night, your food looks so yummy! love your hubby wearing your cape ;)

  25. That green ensemble is just too divine for words. Glad to see John's not missing out on the cape action though lol. That food made my mouth water, what a spread! Happy 2012 xx

  26. Happy new year looking forward to reading your crazy and so original em!

  27. Happy new year Vix,
    I hope 2012 is truly wonderful for you. Thank you for being such a supportive friend.


  28. That food is making me salivate. Looks like such a blast and I LOVE your outfit. The last photo is great. :-)

  29. happy new year gorgeous, looking forward to reading of more of your antics in 2012! Love the food pics-the veggie selection is making me soooooo hungry!! Love the last photo of you two as well :D
    Loads of love Amie xxxxx

    PS I had chocolate biscuits for breakfast, normal service will resume tomorrow! xxxxx

  30. Your beautiful friend's TWO glasses of wine in the Mad Hatters pic had me smiling. I'm ALWAYS that girl :)
    Happy New Year to you and yours xox

  31. That's some seriously retrotastic food! Happy new year my dear!

  32. If only I looked as good after 2 bottles of wine.
    It looks like the kind of night I love, and the grub would have been gone in no time.
    That dress and cape are among my favourites, it looks great on everyone!

    This year looks set to be great for you,especially starting it with no hangover!

    Keep up the good work in 2012

    Lucy x

  33. Happy new year Vix! Looks like you had a fantastic night :) Yhe food looks yummy and I am loving the purple hat you are wearing :)

    Have added a couple if outfit pics of from my sneaky peek sale items!!

    Have a great 2012 Hun filed with lots of live, happiness, laughter good health and great clothing ;)

    CC xXx

  34. Wow - a maxi dress AND cape - what a fabulous duo, especially when you can do a his n'hers with them!
    Looks like a great gathering to see in the new year. May your 2012 be brightly coloured, sunshiny and vibrant.

  35. Happy new Year! Loving your super retro party food - you were just missing the foil covered spud to make your cheese and pickle hedgehog!
    Lovely to meet you too last year and I look forward to your 2012 posts already :) x

  36. Love the retro food and cutlery! Looks like a fun night. Happy New Year xx

  37. Wow such fun!

    Happy 2012 Vix, hope its a good one.

    X x

    Now THAT'S hell of a partay,my darling!!!Jaysus,you look like the sexiest super hero EVER in that fabulous frock and cape!!!Perfect party wear!The head dress is amaaaazing!!!All those delicious retro-tastic nibbles made me hungry!I'd happily eat those for breaky,such a delicious selection!!I had a craving for the old cheese/pickled onions on toothpicks a few days ago,funnily enough,and bought a nice block of vintage cheddar especially!Vol au vonts-ooooooooo,I MUST make some NOW!Squee!What a fabulous night you've had,far more raucaus than mine!!!My timing was just out,I think!You're all totally gorgeous and I want to dry hump each and every one of you,all at once!
    Love YOU!
    Love Helga xxxXXXxxx

  39. Your food looks your dress & all your jewels! Happy New Year Vix!

  40. LOvely outfit it looks like you had fun xx

  41. What a fab night that looks. Hope 2012 is wonderful for you.
    Jane X

  42. You know, I would have put money on you having a fabulous party, and that that cape (and your hats!) would be doing the rounds after a while!
    You are a beautiful goddess in green, like Lucy I am in awe of your ability to look so gorgeous after 2 bottles of wine, and I would love to nibble on all your nibbles, missus!
    Liz's dress is spectacular too.
    And the boys' horn section - what can I say???
    Chips for breakfast - yeah, why not? Do what makes you happy, my darling! Happy New Year! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  43. Awesome party! I was the most drunk I've ever been last night, today was spent in pjs learning my lesson! Happy New Year! :)

  44. Happy New Year! You look Fabulous! That food looks Fabulous too!

  45. Vix your New Year looks fab. And you look gorgeous, that colour is perfection on you. And one more thing....GIVE ME YOUR JEWELLERY!! :)
    Happy New Year lovely, here's to 2012 being a super time for you and your family. xxx

  46. Am sooooo drooling over the Vegetarian treats!!!!!!!! Love the superhero cape look and I love Liz's dress, it's so nice!!! It has a definite Jane Austen vibe to it (with 70's patterning!).
    I also love the Goan dance video of you- that's sooooooo funny!!!

  47. Happy New Year Vix.Love your dress.The green is gorgeous.I want to eat all those yummies.They look so good.xx

  48. Wish you a very Happy New Year! Look stunning in that green number!

    ♡ from ©

  49. i was just talking about vol au vents the other day and how i miss seeing them at parties - the photos of these and the devilled eggs have made me so hungry. You look fabulous, i adore that shade of green and the lashes are amazing. Happy 2012 to you!

  50. Ohh, I love love love that shade of green! <3 So gorgeous!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  51. You sure know how to throw a party Vix and I am in love with this green dress on you! All the bangles look killer and the headband is super sexy with your 2 bottle grin! You and Jon are adorable as well as all your friends. The food is making me drool and I so wish I was there!
    Love seeing the fireworks and hearing your voice, cheers babygirl!

  52. Oh my!! The food looked delish...the people looked amazing...and it just looks like a hell of a nice way to start 2012...officially I welcome you to what I've dubbed as 2012 The Year of the Badass. Your one too! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  53. Wishing you the best of 2012 and following you through a year of fabulous outfits.

  54. Happy New Years Vix - you look amazing as ALWAYS! Also I want to party at your house and eat amazing food, especially the devilled eggs. My mum used to always make those when I was a kid for special occasions and they were my absolute favourite. Can't wait to see what fabulous frocks and fabulous things you do in 2012:)

  55. The food looks delicious; I could live on vegetables and cheese!

    The green dress and cape set is to die for, the hats are divine and the retro cocktail gear is just perfect in your home.

    I am so glad that you had a wonderful time; wishing you a 2012 filled with more of the same!

    xo, Anita

  56. Aaaw what a fun party, your food is totally fab :)

  57. Happy new year Vix!!!!
    What a way to start, party in a fabulous green super girl outfit!!! You look amazing, I love the photo of you and Liz giggling in the hats.
    Love V

  58. Wowza what a feast. Looks like it was a brilliant night. Love the superhero cape!! That last photo is awesome. xxx

  59. looks so much fun! and your green maxi suits the occasion:) been a while but dropping by to say have a wonderful year ahead!

  60. Happy new year! And you do look sooo happy too! What fab pictures, you can see that you all had such a fun evening. That food looks yum tastic! x

  61. Chips for breakfast - Legend!

    And I have also been rocking along to your dance video, after the fireworks - I fear for the swinging chandelier, but you don't half know how to have a great time, you two!

    Much love and peace to you in 2012, even if it's raucous and drunken - Love it, love you xxx

  62. Looks like you had alot of fun, and your outfit is super glam. Happy new year to you too! xxx

  63. I was very silly and had strawberry laces first thing! I just thought why not but there's no question I will be eating better from now on!
    I love the cape, extraordinary, all that food looks so vividly yummy! Glad you got to enjoy some veggie champers! If it's okay to ask- I'd be really interested in hearing your reasons for being vegetarian, I don't eat a lot of meat most of the time but I'm still interested in hearing ideas!

    Happy New Year! yes!

  64. Happy New Year Vix! Hope it's a great one for you. xx

  65. Bloody fuck - how did I miss this post??? You look SPECTACULAR! That maxi and superhero cape are FABULOUS (my New Year frock is also Silver Star!) and those goodies look delicious - I want devilled eggs now NOW NOW. Looks as though you had a fantastic night - hope you have a WONDERFUL 2012, amor! Love you! Sarah xxx

  66. Your parties always look amazing, the food looks fit for a king. Always make me hungry!
    Looks fabulous as usual m'dear and may 2012 be a happy and healthy year for you!

  67. Happy new year! Gotta love retro nibbles, best bit of any party!

  68. What a great new years eve! Happy New Year xxx

  69. Happy New Year Vix. Looks like you had a really fun evening, loving the retro party food and cocktail accessories and of course your stunning dress! Here's to 2012

  70. Glad you had fun. And the party spread looks so yummy!

  71. Wow what a party! Looks like a fabulous night had by all. Great food, wonderful company and an amazing way to see in the New Year xxx

  72. mmmm I've been wanted to make deviled eggs all for myself for a while... it all looks absolutely amazing! x

  73. O mouth is well and truely watering now ;-)) I love the idea of the edam and pickled onions i will have to pinch that idea. ahhh nice to see you enjoying the chutney to. Great photo's you ladies look amazing. Happy new year sweetie, dee xxx

  74. Happy new year la Bonita Vix! I wish you could mail me those treats. They look so delicious!

  75. What a beautifull dinner and people!
    You were so hardworking! And so great. Happy New Year ! All the best !

    And I saw up that you are packing somewhere , I just couldn't found where - :( I hadn't time to come here every day , I'm sorry .


  76. Oh what an amazing night!!!!! I absolutely adore your retro gourmet spread - vol au vonts and devilled eggs - nom, nom, nom!!! Oh god the divine Kitty just KNOWS you ... what an UTTERLY AMAZING frock and cape SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! All the best party action happens in the kitchen - the words of the song are right on babe!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  77. Looks like fun to me! Your outfit is stunning, as usual, and the goodies look delish! Love the photo of the guys in their hats.

    Your starburst light fixture is really cool.


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