Friday, 18 November 2011

Ready To Frock And Roll

How are you? I loved reading your flying stories. It's made me even more desperate to board a plane and head to India but until Dad's settled I'll just have to make do with watching Pan Am and gazing at our old photos.

Remember the mother of all maxi's I started on earlier this week? Here she is in all her monochrome glory. Considering it's mid-November it's stupidly mild and I'm able to show it off without my arms turning blue. I will wear a coat when I hit the town tomorrow night, I'm not that hardcore.

Gorgeous Jennie of Frocktasia sent me this groovy fabric last year and it's been folded in my fabric stash ever since. I've been too scared to cut into it and bugger it up but after a cheeky school-night cider and I was able to set the pinking shears in motion without any mishaps. 

It's a 1969 Butterick pattern I bought as part of a huge job lot from a car boot sale last year.

All but the beaten silver bangle are second-hand. The carnelian ring is from the awesome Krista. Nails are Barry M's Spring Green.

These earrings were from a street market on Colaba Causeway, Mumbai just down the road from Leopold's. 

Favourite Things On A Friday? These groovy purchases from yesterday's car boot sale: 

Clockwise from top left: Fake fur collars, electric blue leather pants, retro linen tea towel, 1971 Simplicity turban pattern, assorted sewing notions, English-made 1970s ankle boots, sexy nude oil painting dated 1979, 1970s hand-painted cape-sleeve caftan top, 1930s cream jug, 1970s hippy belt, another 1960s Cher-tastic coat, 1950s feather-trimmed hat, miserable Dallas Simpson kiddie, 1970s Elmoor of London Aztec print wool skirt suit.

Handmade maxi dress worn with a Mongolian lamb stole (20p, jumble sale) and 1970s Dolcis green suede platform boots (£4.99, PDSA)

We're off to our second jumble sale in 24 hours later then it's back for home made pizza and wine in front of the TV.
Have a fantastic weekend whatever your plans are.
See you soon. x


  1. I am IN LOVE with the cape sleeve kaftan top. Great finds, yet again!

  2. Can't believe I'm your first commenter - Woowee!

    That maxi is babe-licious, so striking on you - You are very clever!

    Can't wait to see what you do with the electric blue leathers! That mongolian stole is a beaut, must say...

    Have a fab weekend, Vixen xxx

  3. The back of that pattern is a real stunner!

    Not that the rest (or the model) are otherwise, of course.

    Ooh, Vix, those ankle boots. When I get my motorbike license, I'm gonna give you a run for your money at the car boots..

  4. to say i love this maxi is the understatement of the year. holy gorgeousness!


  5. OMG hunnie, seriously, this is one of the BEST prints I have seen to fitting a mad fashion lady like you is styling it!!

    Couldnt love it more:)Happy Weekend friend!!! Mwah!

    A Funky Little Fashion Blog

  6. absolutely love this, the dress is gorgeous & it goes with the green stole so well!


  7. I'm in love with that dress. It's stupendous (my word of the day). Love the green Indian earrings. OMG, you mentioned Leopold's. Blimey, it's still there then? We frequented it when we stayed in Mumbai back in oooooh 1991. Have a wonderful weekend. xx

  8. hehe more leather trousers! Nice colour =) Are you a fan now?
    And that frog jug is so funny!

    Again, really impressed by your sewing- the back design is really lovely, cool fabric! Love your earrings- they make me think of a beautiful antique indian gate! gorgeous outfit!

  9. I LOVE YOUR DRESS VIX!! It looks soooo gorgeous!

    And I also love your plans for the weekend. Have a good one!


  10. You are so clever! That dress is gorgeous, and I imagine it was tough to match up the material at the seams? I love your finds, yet again. Could you let me know the details fo your ebay shop Vix so that I can take a peek and possibly make a purchase or two? Thanks lovely lady. Big hugs and lots of love, Em x

  11. You look gorgeous! Love the dress shape and the print is too wonderful!
    Great finds as always.

  12. The ultimate dress, I'm struggling to come up with the right superlatives to describe it. The fabric! The racer back! The fit! It's a masterpiece.

    On to your finds, I want the coat, belt and boots so far. I need to get to more jumble sales, and there's a year-round boot sale in a multi storey car park I must get up earlier for.

    Enjoy your evening, and console yourself with the fact that you being home instead of India means you are making all your readers lives a little brighter every day.

    Lucy x

  13. That is one hot dress, lady! It looks all demure at the front, but when you turn round there's that sexy bare back, utterly fabulous! That material is just right too, very striking and we all love a big and bold print! Great boot sale finds, especially the cape, and I love your street market turquoise earrings.

    P.S. Hope you're unearthing jumble bargain as I write this!xxx

  14. fantastic fabric, Vix. Great to be able to use it to its max potential.
    It looks FAB.

  15. OH WOW!! You bloody amazing woman you!

    I really do love that fabric and a magnificent maxi dress really befits the fabrics fabulousness!

    You're going to get a hell of a lot of compliments wearing it!

    The lamb stole is a gorgeous colour and really matches your eyeshadow! It looks so soft and snuggly!

    More brilliant finds, I'm looking forward to seeing that cher-tastic coat in its full glory! xxx

  16. Look at the sexy back on this gorgeous dress you made. I love the fabric and the cut, amazing job Vix! You are inspiring me to sew. I got that book today so I am hopping it will help me along. I also love your green eyes and killer furry scarf! You are a Goddess of monumental proportions. I think I worship you :)

    You scored at the car boot sale! Love the Cher jacket, feather hat but the painting Jon got you is my favorite thing. Can't wait to catch up on Sunday.

  17. Gorgeous Vix...that's a helluva maxi. I love that fabric...I have some of it and seeing what you've done has inspired me no end.xxxxx

  18. That's a gorgeous maxi, Vix! Hope you make it to India soon, I know how much you love those trips :-) Goa again? xxx

  19. Hi my dear-a big WOW-the dress is totally awesome, I adore the material print and the cut of the maxi is fabulous. Just love that green mongolian lamb stole, its divine, what a bargain and your other finds are amazing as always!! Have a great weekend xxx

  20. That is a fabulous dress. I love it! The fabric is amazing and I love the green furry scarf/wrap with it. Really striking!

    Jem xXx

  21. whoa!! seriously, sometimes it plain amazes me how MUCH Style you can wring off India. Stuff that I, being a native of the said country, am not even close to realizing/finding/wearing.
    Respect. :)

    PS: I WANT one of those rings...wyaaanhh... :(

  22. dear, it's a wonderful fabric, love the monochromatic print, and you did a fabulous work!!!, it's perfectly fitting and you sport it with great style and lovely green accents!
    Always loving your bijouterie and your amazing purchases!!
    besos & nice weekend

  23. What stunning fabric! And I love the pattern you used.
    Fantastic haul; I am particularly in love with the Cher-tastic coat and the turban pattern!
    Pizza and wine in front of the TV sounds perfect, enjoy!
    xo, Anita

  24. Wow that dress is impressive especially since you made it yourself. The patterning is gorgeous.

  25. That dress is amazing.Love the print of the dress.Her face reminds me of twiggy or is it?lol.Love your bangles and you polish.Look at all those lovely finds from the boot sale.I love mr froggy.xx

  26. Only one word Vix...WOW! You did a great job with this and it looks perfect on you. -T

  27. Wowzer, your maxi dress is one heck of an impressive bit of sewing - love that groovy fabric too.

    As always, fab finds from the boot sale especially the 1970s cape kaftan thingy - very nice.

  28. Wow, such a wonderful choice of fabric, I love the monochrome tones and 60s vibe. You look fab as always.
    p.s Can’t wait to see how you work the leather pants xxx

  29. That fabric is awesome! And the mention of butterick paper patterns brought back many memories of past sewing projects! Love the emerald mongolian lamb stole - very this season a la Gucci xx

  30. Fabulous dress shown off to perfection, Vix.
    That fabric is just so awesome...I love it!
    Fab finds-giggling at the frog and always pleased to see vintage sewing notions.
    Have a great W/E.
    Z xx

  31. Is there any ends to your talents Vix? Rocking maxi dress! The pattern is amazing!

  32. Hi Vix! too bad you could not open the video, it was sent from my Ipod maybe this is the problem, i will try something else, i will send you just a voice recording.

    Love the pattern of the dress and again your sewing skills impress me!

    My yoga instructor left yesterday for India - i hope you will be able to go soon

    Lots of Love - have a good weekend

    Ariane xxxx

  33. Wow your dress is amazing you are one very talented young lady. I love the back on it ;-)) Loving those earrings to. What lovely buys i love that 60's print of the little boy i saw 2 last week in Exeter and i was gutted i had to leave them behind as i was on the motorbike. I never see them normally. Have a great weekend and good luck at the jumble sale ;-)) dee xxx

  34. Fantastic fabric! It's always scary cutting into something special.

  35. Love the neck line, love the whole dress. Clever lady.
    Love from Mum

  36. Thats a great dress and suits you perfectly.

    Fab green earrings too

    Enjoy your weekend hun.

    X x

  37. Wow Vix you look gorgeous !!!!
    We loooove your maxi dress !!!
    love from London Wishes


  38. Fabulous print, fabulous you.
    Enjoy your weekend, dear Vix

  39. G,the dirty fuck,reckons you have that fantabulous frock on backwards!
    I LOVE it!The fabric is amazing,the style is amazing,and you have made it beautifully!Fantastic pairing it with that stole,and all that incredible mouth watering jewellery!!!EEEEEK!
    Rather excited about your boot sale finds....EEEK! And did you say JUMBLE?!EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!
    O,how I wish I was staggering onto that with you after an early morning pint of cider.....instead of humping furniture.O well!
    I do hope you Dad gets nicely settled soon so you can have some time off in India,darling.
    Helga xxxXXXxxx

  40. That fabric from Jennie is wondeful, and your fabulous creation has more than done it justice. It fits and suits you perfectly. Love all the green accents, the earrings are beautiful.
    As for your latest scores - oh my word, another killer Cher coat, the faux fur collars (tippets) are apparently very on-trend now (did I read that in the Guardian?) and the cape sleeve top is lovely.
    And a tea towell which also gives you tips on storing cheese is a useful addition to any kitchen!

    I do hope things improve soon for your dad, and that you and Jon can jet off to India before too long.
    Have a great weekend! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  41. Vixcita,
    te amo in your twiggy frock, you are my fave slice of cake on Friday's.
    look at all the treasures, cant wait to see you modeling them for us. eyeing that vintage coat. I can see you in turquoise trousers.
    have a great Friday!

  42. My previous comment referred to the dress in this post -- sorry about the mix up, this is the dress I was talking about. So talented! I love your boa too.

    I just caught up on several earlier posts and must say I wish I could wear large jewelry but I think it works best on a tall, slim woman like you. What a shame I can't play too!

  43. Oh, that dress is spectacular!! I love the back of it, shows of your gorgeous back! I wish there were that many jumble sales around here, you ad jon are very lucky! I'm waiting for a relaxing holiday soon too, just need to get my thesis sorted and find a bunny sitter :) Xoxox Claire

  44. oh wow this is really a fabric i absolutely go mad for i want twiggy all over my body too haha and the back of the dress is really really fabulous, you look damn hot in this one!
    love and kiss,mary

  45. Wow! I love your frock Vix! I want one!!

  46. Fantastic, amazing dress. The print is great and the back is so sexy!

  47. We are wearing the same furs love the colour of yours! The back of the dress you made is so sexy! Too bad we are a time zone & ocean apart ......otherwise we could go to the pub together! Have a fabulous weekend Vix!

  48. Ugh finally I can comment the internet in Bahrain has been awful...I think they jam it up when there are protests!! Don't they know there is a girl here that needs to blog lol!! Wow love the dress. So glad it is warm enough to wear it!! That came out very nice. hopefully I will be able to get some sewing done I have been looking for a new dress pattern. I saw a few on the internet I might try to order. The jewelry you are wearing is gorgeous love the green color accented on what you are wearing. You really scored some nice things as well @ your sale... fur, and leather and oh the coat is cute as well. Your going to have fun dressing up this winter you have some great stuff!! Enjoy your weekend Love Heather

  49. I can see you wearing that in India, what a fab print, well done you, the dress looks great :)

  50. I love your gorgeous dress! Great car boot finds, those boots are fantastic! xx

  51. You might not have been able to fill out that yellow dress you sent me but I've never been able to go bra-less, a bit jealous of that dress style!! Gorgeous!!
    The print reminds me of the wallpaper of the Melbourne hotel I stayed in last, awesome.

  52. That is just the most amazing fabric ever, and you chose the perfect pattern for it. You can always wear a thermal under it for winter too xx

  53. Well, I don't even know where to start. Really, 70's nudity and sewing and those earrings! It's all too much, like ice cream cake with rum soaked cherries on top. Missed making a comment but seriously envious of the flying away outfit too.

  54. Even without my glasses on I could see it was Twiggy. If you ever see a copy of her book, written when she was a fresh-faced model, just out of the 60s, do get it. I read it in my teens; she writes of her mum using soot from the fireplace to do smokey eyeshadow and back then, Lesley Hornsby was never without her little tub of Astral.

    Mr B

  55. I love your green lamb stole! Can't seem to resist sheepskin or anything to do with sheep.lamb!! I long for the day when I find a small-sized, small shouldered soft sheepskin coat in a charity shop!

  56. That material is AMAZING! I'd have been terrified cutting into it but you've made something which really shows it off and it's a true one of a kind, I really love it. xx

  57. you look amazing again and I'm so jealous. you found amazing stuff at the car boot sale :)

  58. Wow I'm loving your dress, the fabric is awesome! :)

  59. OMG! That cool dress, Vix! I totally fell for it! And those rings, i can´t even choose one. Pure heaven. You have to lend me those when we meet. Hopefully one day, darling ;) beautiful posts i missed. You style is always an inspiration, doll. But you already knew that ;) peace

  60. the green stole is so awesome... it looks so good with the b+w print.

  61. Your dress is fantabulous Vix!

  62. That material is AMAZING!! You did a superb job I especially love the back. Your jewellery is stunning as always. I can never get that look right maybe I'm too cutesy he he.


  63. That's great material, and you look really good in that dress sexy back!
    Love the boa and those earrings are amazing

  64. The cape and the fab dress are both amazing but those earrings are extra awesome! Hope you are having a nice weekend m'dear! xxx

  65. OMG BEST MAXI EVER! The fabric is frickin STUNNING and the pattern is SPECTACULAR! I LOVE the green stole and your EARRINGS and of course, all of your fabulous jewellery. You are so BEAUTIFUL! LOVE that cute jug and the Cher tastic coat and the embroidered caftan top. Hope you've had a marvellous weekend, amor!

    Love! Sarah xxx

  66. Fantastic frock, Vix! Love the pattern and love even more that you're wearing it without a jacket in NOVEMBER!

    Not watched Pan Am yet, but hoping to do so when I get a bit of time!

    Hope you are having a great weekend.


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  68. Excellent dress - love the shape and the fabric. Brilliant. Very sixties/Andy Warhol.

  69. What an amazing dress! The fabric is so cool, I don;t even have words. And the cut! That great detailing on the bac - wow!

  70. oh my gosh your dress is PERFECT! you always have the most amazing and iconic pieces of clothing.


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