Monday, 26 September 2011

Indian Summer & An A to Z Of Me

Summer's arrived, albeit a tad late. 
The UK's set to reach the heady heights of 26 degrees by Wednesday so the vintage capes and my Kerrang boots are going to have to wait a few more weeks. Not that I'm complaining, it gives me a chance to wear some of the goodies I scored on Friday.

This monochrome dress is actually 1960s St Michael bri-nylon nightie. As you know I'm no stranger to wearing vintage bed wear as outer wear. It almost seems a crime not to share such gorgeousness with the world.

Ganesh pendant made by the glorious Helga
An Indian summer, any excuse to wear my Indian stuff, bindii and all.

Earrings (Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Auroville, Near Pondicherry, India))

I'm loving everyone's A to Z of me posts so here's mine: 

44 & three-quarters, vintage and loving it.
B- Bed Size
King size, by accident rather than design. We bought both of our beds via eBay and never checked the measurements.

C - Chore you hate
All of them. I'm a domestic slattern.

D - Dogs
I'm a cat woman but partial to the odd plaster poodle.

E - Essential start to your day
A pint of water and at least half-an-hour of exercise.
F - Favourite colour
Turquoise, green, purple, orange, hot pink, canary yellow.

G - Gold or silver
Silver but don't object to bit of 1970s gilt.

H - Height
Sadly lacking, although I did gain 1.5inches after my hip was replaced.

I - Instruments you play
None, I'm tone deaf.
J - Job title
Queen of vintage

K - Kids
Don't be daft.

L - Live
Life to the full
M - Mother's name
Jenni. RIP.

N - Nickname
Smiler, Cher and Oi Hippy! by random strangers.
O - Overnight hospital stays
The first ill-fated hip replacement (they discovered no-one had ordered the right socket when I was with the anaesthetist and had to send me home) and then 8 nights following the hip op proper.
P - Pet peeves
Racism, bigotry, litter louts, ill mannered people, magazines, most TV, fast food, shopping centres, any mention of Christmas prior to mid-December, package tourism, poor timekeeping, mobile phone junkies, sportswear worn outside of the gym, queue jumping, adverts, people who haggle in charity shops........

Q - Quote from a film

"I've crossed oceans of time to find you." Bram Stoker's Dracula 
"Bring me the finest wines known to humanity." Withnail & I
"I love the smell of napalm in the morning." Apocalypse Now
R - Right or left handed?
S - Siblings
Marcus, 20 months my junior.

T - Time you wake up
Around 6.50am
U - Underwear 
Only if I really, really have to.

V - Vegetable you hate
Celery and savoy cabbage.

W - What makes you run late
I'm never late.
X - X-Rays you've had
Hip (yearly since 2004), teeth, lumbar spine, cervical spine, thoracic spine, knee, arm and a brain scan. No wonder I'm radiant.

Y - Yummy food that you make
I'm a qualified chef so hopefully everything.

Taken in Trivanadrum, Kerala, 2007
Z - Zoo animal
Richard Parker, the tiger from Life Of Pi.

Vintage nightie (£3.20, Walsall Hospice), 1960s lime green vinyl bag (£2.95, Walsall Hospice)
 If you haven't already had a go at this then please do, I'm a nosey so and so.


  1. I'm so with you on the vintage nightie as day dress front, most are far too pretty to hide away

  2. Adore that dress that was anightie looks fab.

    I am going to do the a-z thing I love some of your answers xx

  3. It's difficult to believe that dress was originally a nightie! Earrings, so, so pretty, you lovely as always and I love your AZ answers.

  4. Hoorah for domestic slatternliness. I'm one of those too! Excellent answers. xx

  5. Now that frock doesn't even look CLOSE to actually being a nightie!!! Yeah,if it's fabric and fabulous,then why not wear it!!? That one in particular is extemely divine!!
    I'm really enjoying this A-Z thingy,hope lots more peeps do it!!Nosey is fun!! And yoy for domestic sluttery!!
    LOVE YOU!!!
    Helga xxxXXXxxx

  6. Love that idea. sadly i have already posted for today but will putting hits one on the back burner.
    Isnt it so weird that summer is making a come back?

    p.s that necklace!!!!

  7. That Dracula quote is enough to make any woman melt. He's the sexiest vamp ever! I'm sorry to tell you this,but I start watching X-mas in November. My question for you would be H-How many maxi dresses do you own. I know that they too many to count though.

  8. Yay! You did the A to Z. Half an hour's exercise when you get up though? Does stumbling from bed to bathroom to kitchen count? I'm guessing not.

    I can't believe that frock is a nightie - all the ones I see are hideous bobbly nightshirts with Snoopy or those nauseating blue nosed bears they put on greetings cards.

  9. you're stunning in that nightie: no matter what was its original purpose, it's a pretty dress!!, and I'm a huge fan of wearing nighties as dresses!!
    And love to read your words and thoughts, so funny and really genuine!

  10. Brilliant use of a nightie as a frock! Love it. Great Q's and fab answers xx

  11. what a cute nightie/ dress.Love your A to Z.I need to do one.

  12. I love all your answers. I didn´t know you were a qualified chef, wowwwwwwwwwwwww, and vegetaria... Youhave it all.
    I have just been in Málaga 4 days. it is still very hot here. I am so glad that you are getting good weather.
    Mil besos.

  13. oh vix you look so gorgous again, this dress is so lovely and fabulous and you look a little bit like a greek godess in it;) love it and also your a to z!!
    love and kiss,mary

  14. Very cute dress Vix. I do hope we are gettin this hot weather. I was just about to pack away the Summer clothes.

  15. Fabulous frock and I totally thought of you today soaking up the sun when someone at work commented that it was an 'Indian Summer' - just imagined you doning your beautiful jewels :o)
    Love the A-Z really going to have a go at it, and yup in a nosey one too. Scarlett x

  16. aawww im so loving the nightdress you wear them with so much style and class you would never know it looks amazing ;-)) Awww im loving reading everyones A-Z thanks for sharing. dee xxx

  17. gorgeous dress/nightie, and great a-z vix!
    I may need to do one...


  18. These A-Z's are brilliant aren't they?, and I loved reading yours, especially with all the photos you've included. Super nightie by the way, you wouldn't know it was one. Just goes to show that vintage nightwear is much more glam than its modern counterparts.

  19. You'd never think that was a nighty. I must remember to check out the nightwear section of my local charity shops. Can you believe it? Summer decides to come the day after I pack my summer wardrobe away! Xx

  20. The nightie looks wonderful. It's always a bit of a shock to see you in monochrome but the little pop of lime green and your gorgeous jewels makes it Vixacious!
    Love your A-Z. "Oi hippy" indeed! Your pet peeves made me smile. I could list hundreds but I'd sound like a dreadful grumpy old woman... I love that you're a good time keeper, despite your witchy watch thing! xxxx

  21. Brilliant dress/nightie - you'd never know it was a nightie! I'm seriously coveting those earrings! Love reading your a-z, always interested to know more about my fellow bloggers x

  22. Love your dress/nighty,
    great abc's :)

  23. Oh I'm glad you did an A-Z, I'm getting to know a little more about my favourite bloggers and it's great.

    No wonder you look so toned, exercising every morning like that, you deserve your fab body.

    Nightwear isn't what it used to be is it? Vile cheap jersey nighties with a slogan and a 'cute' animal on the front? No thanks!
    I used to wear vintage petticoats and nightdresses in the daytime as a teen, and if I found one as gorgeous as that, I'd wear it too.

    I don't agree with haggling in charity shops, but some need to get their pricing sorted if they want to shift the clobber. £4,99 for bobbly Bon Marche joggers? NO WAY!

  24. Vixcita,
    can be believe your gorgeous striped frock is a nightie. you look espetacular.
    love the bit about kids and underwear part,lol :)
    I also thought of you when I took a walk to the village today. I thoght its hot Vixcita must be happy.

  25. what a fabulous nightie and what a fabulous post! Loved all your answers - Withnail and I - excellent choice!

  26. Loving your nightie / dress - way too pretty not to be worn as daywear. I'm so with you on hating celery too - absolutely digusting stuff with a vile taste and texture.

  27. I have my A-z of me written up and soon to be posted.

    I like your nightie and it can totally pass as a dress. Because I did not have the slightest clue it was not until you mentioned it.

    I like how you wake up so early. I would like to (Go to bed earlier, so I can in turn wake up earlier. My sleep time is 2 a.m. - 10 a.m.)
    I remember back when I did have early mornings that I loved it!

  28. I am in awe of your nightie.

    Love the A-Z too. :-)

  29. Love your A-Z - I think I might attempt one of these soon.

    Am also loving that green handbag - tis gorgeous :)

  30. Love the list, Vix. I'm so enjoying these.
    Love that bag too!xxx

  31. You look lovely, who would believe it's nearly October, lets make the most of it.
    Great A-Z, as a rule I am never late either xxx

  32. Love that nightie as a dress and thoroughly enjoyed your A to Z ... I think if I had a hip replacement I'd be unlucky and lose a couple of inches ! Great reading as always xx Ava

  33. Best dress ever !!!
    I love the A-Z and must do it tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration and I have been on a DIY quest to make those necklaces, as i LOVE them!

  34. Love the A-Z, I'm a nosey so and so too! :D You look great as usual

  35. Your outfit shots always make me soo happy! So love this nightie!!!
    Oooh, I'd like to go to Kerala, I have friends from there! And I love Life of Pi!!! I just ate Savoy cabbage for dinner- it was delicious! ;-)
    Slattern is a great word- surely it must be my word of the day!

  36. I think I'm going to have to do one of the A-Z as I've really enjoyed everyone elses too!
    I especially agree with every single point on your pet peeves!

  37. I love your a-z list! Especially your answer for children!! I know I've said this before but I'm just in love with your boots!

  38. Beauty of a nighty, you would never guess! far too lovely to hide away to go to bed in!

    Who would has throughout the weather would be this nice when it's nearly October? Not that I am complaining, it's great.

    Loving the a to z. Probably cause I'm a little nosey too.

    X x

  39. Vix you look so pretty and glowing in that summer tan. Love this dress/nightie whatever on you! I am happy to see the sun is burning bright in England. YEAH!!! I love all the random facts about you...I admit I am an iPhone junkie, you quoted one of my favorite movies, "Charlie don't surf!" and you are a qualified chef, well feed me darling please!!!!


  40. Yeah for nighties. You've given me permission to wear my pink one on the blog soon. Had not realized you had a brother.

  41. Fabulous Vix, I love reading these A-Z posts! I love the Cher outfit, you look like a little pocahontis girl in it!

  42. The nightie is perfect for day!

  43. love withnail & i, & i absolutely cannot stand people who haggle in charity shops!

    love the nightie also, far too pretty to be kept indoors!


  44. I'm massively nosey so I'm really enjoying reading all of these A to Z posts. Must bosh on and do my own soon. The pet peeves one will take hours!

  45. Oh you've made me want to do this A-Z thing now, your answers are always interesting! Underwear as outerwear is always fun, yours does really look like a dress though, very cool. "heady heights of 26 degrees' sorry but thats just hilarious...lots of people here start turning on heaters when it gets down to 25...and we wonder why we're running out of fossil fuels :

  46. Interesting to read all those facts about you, dear Cher ;)
    Totally love the Dracula quote, what a beautiful movie and book...

  47. A whole alphabet soup of fun! Love the poodles and as always, you look fab!

  48. I too like to wear vintage lingerie as outerwear - bed jackets, slips, etc. Loved learning more about you. And the rings are great!

  49. What a stunner of a "nightie" - its WAY too good not to wear as day wear:)

  50. You are too good. Your necklace, that dress, everything. You are such inspiration to me!
    strawberry freckleface

  51. Hello Vix,
    you have a fond reader in Italy too, I really love that Ganesh pendant!

  52. Love the striped dress, is there anything that doesn't look good on you?! Loved the A to Z, thanks for sharing :)

  53. Hi my dear-yes,the undisputed Queen of Vintage and a qualified chef, Jon is a very lucky man indeed, lol!! Love these facts about you and looking fabulous too! xx

  54. I love a nightie-as-a-dress too.

    I didn't know you weren't tall! I always imagine you tall with your elegant ways!

  55. I so want to do this! Love reading your A-Z, and the Dracula quote is also one of my faves! :)
    Gorgeous shot of the rings I adore.
    And you've had a lot of x-rays!!


  56. Loved the A-z.

    And I want that green handbag!!

    Enjoy the last of the Summer wine.


  57. I couldn't even tell it was a nightie! I'm loving this A-Z I get to be nosy and learn these random facts about my fav bloggers.

    Enjoy your weather it's storming here again.

    Em x

  58. I'm loving reading all these A-Z posts, they are really interesting! Yes, it annoys me when people haggle in charity shops too! I might just have a go at this, it looks quite fun! xx

  59. Dearest Vix,
    I love the stripes and I agree with Helga, it really looks nothing like a nighty and it would be a real shame to confine it to the bedroom especially as it looks so darn fab on you! Great A-Z too, you are a master at these things :)
    Lot's of love,

  60. I'm a nosey so-and-so as well! I love that everyone is filling out these A-Z's. You look fabulous as well, I love you in vintage bed wear as outerwear.

  61. Richard Parker is a great character isn't he. Finding it hard to type right now as Miss Elsa has her head resting betwee my thumb and fingers! xx

  62. You are so pretty, I can only marvel and wish I could rock a nightie as daywear - Lovely!

    Thanks for your A to Z of Me, I shall have a go at this tomorrow - Thanks, as ever, for bloggingspiration, Vix! xxx

  63. Love your answers chick, always nice to know more about you!

  64. your pet peeves are perfection. they are all mine too.

  65. You look beautiful in that dress/nightie! I love seeing you in maxi dresses. LOVED the A-Z. You always make me smile. Lottie -x-

  66. Such fun! I'm glad you took the time to do A-Z.

  67. What a great post, Vix! Queen of Vintage sounds like a wonderful job title to me, and I'm with you on the underwear :)

  68. love getting to know you through A-Z! also love that you a wearing that lovely nite gown as day is so pretty with the stripes!

  69. I'm a nosey so-and-so too and love reading your A-Z - I didn't know you're a chef! Makes perfect sense with all your amazing dinner parties. I would never have guessed your dress is a nightie, it's absolutely amazing and you look so damn banding hot in it with the gorgeous Ganesh necklace! Yay for summer's return!!!!! xoxoxoxo

  70. For fuck's sake - just when I think you can't get any more fabulous you wear this INCREDIBLE NIGHTIE/FROCK and BLOW MY MIND!! You look just beautiful, amor - I love your HAIR and I love your A-Z. Richard Parker is my fave too!

    Love, Sarah xxx

  71. I've really enjoyed reading this Vix, I'll have to do mine over the next few days. You are ruddy lovely. x


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