Monday, 9 May 2011

All Things Bright & Beautiful

This vintage psychedelic silk dress was just one of the many fabulous things beautiful Sarah Misfit sent me from Australia a couple of weeks ago. Not being the tallest person in the world it needed turning up a couple of inches and the wet weekend meant I finally got around to doing it.

Vintage dress worn with Dune "Zinc" suede boots (£7 from a market stall selling seconds) and turquoise chandelier earrings (Colaba, Mumbai)

There's definitely a frugal theme currently running in some of my favourite blogs with both Christina and Kate discussing the need to reassess their spending. One of the biggest financial drains for many women I know are beauty products. When I worked for a living I was often shocked by how many of my normally intelligent female co-workers were brain-washed by advertising, believing that spending a fortune on the latest beauty innovation would change their lives and their looks. During  lunch breaks they'd run up a small fortune in Boots buying whatever they'd seen featured in magazines and on the tv.

If you can afford to buy expensive products that's fine but this is my tried and tested cheapskate beauty regime.
  • Johnson's baby oil. I use this for removing eye-makeup (even waterproof mascara) and add it to my bath along with a couple of drops of Patchouli oil. Also good as a body moisturiser.
  • Classics nail varnish remover from Poundland
  • Botanics day time moisturiser with factor 15 suncream, £5.10 from Boots.
  • Botanics night time moisturiser (because at 44 I need extra help), £5.10 from Boots.
  • Derma V10 paraben-free face wash. I bought this because it was cheap, I'm not too concerned with chemicals in my products, with the amount of alcohol I consume I'd be daft to worry about the addition of a few more chemicals in my daily routine. I use a muslin face cloth for a more exfoliating wash. £1 from Poundland.
  • Pit Rok solid crystal deodorant. I hate sticky deodorants and it doesn't leave any white residue on my clothes either. It's £6.59 from Boots but I've been using the same one for over two years.
  • Boots Colour semi-permanent hair colour in Ebony Black. I only colour my roots so can get three applications out of a box. £3.05 from Boots.
  • St Moritz self tanning mousse. A great alternative to St Tropez and at £2.99 it's a fraction of the price. As I swim a couple of times a week I use it throughout the winter so I don't scare the public at the council baths.
  • Ayurvedic soap and toothpaste, which I stock up on when I'm in India.
  • Dental floss. Two packs for £1 from Poundland.
  • Philips electric toothbrush. I get the heads from eBay or from our local market as they are lots cheaper.
  • Lush solid Karma shampoo and Jungle conditioner. I'm addicted to both, liquid hair products are really gloopy in comparison. Each bar lasts several months and smell divine.
  • Wilkinson Sword ladies razors. £1 for a four pack from Poundland. I can usually get a fortnight's use out of each razor.
  • Patchouli and tea tree essential oils. Tea tree is brilliant for spots and cuts and being an old hippy patchouli is my favourite fragrance.

Apart from the Indian soap and toothpaste I only buy as and when I need anything. The shops are never going to run out so it's not worth stockpiling products.

Whilst having posh labels and beautifully packaged products do look lovely on the bathroom shelves who apart from you and your nearest and dearest gets to see them? Personally I'll skip the pretty glass jars and posh labels and put the extra cash aside for something far more fun.


  1. I have to admit that I usually don't spend money on mascara but someone gave me a free Dior mascara and I loooooove it. It goes on so smoothly!

  2. I'm with you here! I buy Aldi toiletries, on my way home from work, their 1.99 Q10 anti wrinkle cream lasts me for over a month and other than a swish with mild home made soap and a flannel, that's my face done!

  3. That dress is UH-MAY-ZING, but I am also rather interested in the deodorant you mention. I can't stand sticky ones, either.

  4. Im def with you on not buying posh lotions and potions, I only use water to wash my face and as i dont wear make up very often,prob 3-4times a year so I find I dont need any special removing stuff. I use moisturiser but thats Boots after sun and I always stock up when its on offer. I do have Kneipp bath oils which I get from Germany just from there local supemarkets but it lasts years. Superdrug is another good shop but then again I only get whats on offer too.

  5. I am pretty low maintenance when it comes to beauty products - some people might say I should spend more money! I'm not fooled by fancy labels or expensive wrinkle creams, I prefer a bargain.

  6. You can always buy pretty glass jars and perfume bottles in junk shops.. I love them.. I also am a fan of patchouli xx

  7. PS.. max factor is the best mascara as it never flakes xx

  8. I've just been to google Pit Rock, I think I might give that a go.

    Love the dress on you, great colours.

  9. I so agree with you on rather putting the extra money to something more fun. I buy a lot from £ land its great for loads of things. I don't spend a lot on my beauty products either but i do have a good beauty routine i think it is important to look after your skin. And i have to say that with having long hair i save myself a fortune at the hairdressers as i only have my hair cut once a year ;-)) I adore your dress i would love that those colors are gorgeous ;-)) dee xx

  10. Does the Pit Rok work, though? A daft question really as you said you've used it for two years! I've thought about it as I hate sticky deoderants too but I made the mistake of trying the Lush ones and they just don't work. I'm loving your beauty regime. I love Cold Cream, £2.49 from Boots. Lasts years! xxx

  11. I completely agree. The amounts people spend, and then waste when the products don't work, is almost offensive. I so rarely go to Boots, only to buy cheap basics like eye make-up remover/Simple 'eczema friendly' moisturiser/razors etc, but when I do I try to time it with their Boots No.7 promotions (the £5 vouchers) and stock up on decent make-up to go alongside the cheaper fun stuff and a few investment pieces (like MAC eyeliner, quality foundations etc).

    Lush is, despite the seemingly high prices, the place to go for a budget beauty queen. Shower gels last me for MONTHS, £8 for months and months of showers versus £5 on nasty chemically things from Boots which barely last a few question. That Karma shampoo bar is AMAZING, the cleansers only require tiny amounts each time, the bubble bars can be used very moderately and last for months as well (and they make your undies smell amazing if you store them in there).

    I think the fact is, magazines are a bit evil. They make you want to spend money on pointless clothes, make-up, beauty products, shoes, homewares. And the magazines cost bloody £4 in the first place. £4 to be told my life isn't complete if I don't spend £££ on more crap I don't need....sheesh

    The only thing I consider worth getting into so much debt for is something as beautiful as an Ossie dress ;)

  12. We have the same philosophy on beauty Vix. I stick to Olay for moisturiser now as I find it works best, but always try to buy it on sale. I tried that pitrock stuff a few times but it made me smelly :( xx

  13. I like these living on a budget posts. I do like to buy make-ups and other beauty products but mine are cheaper rangers. I like Rimmel, which is not too expensive and I use Superdrug's MUA.
    And your dress looks delicious, like a candy.

  14. I don't wear much makeup - not through some feminist principles, just cos I like the extra time in bed and can just about get away with it - but I seem to have accumulated tons. However, most of it is via wins and presents. The price of most makeup and beauty stuff gives me palpitations! I just opened a one of those Lancome battery operated mascaras I was given 2 Christmases ago - it's quite fun, but I'm quite sure I managed without vibrating lashes up until now!

    I do have a minor *cough* problem with nail varnishes though, and given my extensive testing have concluded that Chanel is NOT worth the money, but Nails inc. most certainly is (get them when Glamour or similar mags are giving them away, they're £11 usually)

  15. Thanks for posting your beauty buys Vix. I`m going to try some of the Lush shampoo and conditioner. I usually buy whatever is on offer at the supermarket for my beauty regime. My expensive goodies are usually presents I have been bought. I love Dove tanning moisturiser for a lovely glow in the summer.

  16. I only buy as and when I need items. I do love my olay which I buy after Xmas as all the gift sets get reduced after Xmas for pennies!

    X x

  17. Hi my dear-like you,I'm very low maintenance on the beauty front and don't spend a lot on products. Thankfully my skin is quite nice and trouble free, so for the moment I don't have to worry too much. I love your dress, a very gorgeous and thoughtful present that looks totally amazing on, the colours are wonderful and very vibrant. Hope you're having a lovely week too xx

  18. oh, I love patchouli!
    have you ever tried jojoba oil essence for your hair? it is my fave hair care product ever! very cheep to get and your hair will get a lot of moisture and will shine very nicely :)

  19. oh, totally forgot: I don't wear a lot of make up, too, as I think most products are definitely overprized. I only use 4 products: concealer to hide some blemish or dark circles under the eyes, mascara, some warm toned lipstick and soft brown kajal.
    I love the products of max factor. the concealer lasts forever and I only buy 2 of them in one year :)

  20. I tend to buy as many toiletries as I can from car boot sales - I get some wonderfully up-market items from as little as 10p each. Love your psychedelic silk dress - really beautiful.

  21. Another great post full of tips that we could all do with using!

    Can I give a quick shout out for a brand that it always in Poundland. It is called ENLIVEN and it is brilliant! But more than this, it is made in Stratford Upon avon, England and not tested on animals! hey have a huge array of products too!

  22. Just like most of the other ladies that had commented before me; I do buy the cheapest brand of make up in the market and I don't care about fancy labels or designers labels. I usually buy a good night cream (about $18.00) and a cheap day cream. I use honey on my face, neck and any other area that gets exposed to the elements and I use the best type of olive oil to cook and to put in my entire body and hair before washing.
    (Be careful if you try this; make sure that you clean your bathtub afterwards).

  23. I use 'Savers', Wilkinsons and poundland to get branded products at cut price - £3.99 shower gels for £1 because they're in last year's packaging. It's silly not to.

  24. My hubby works in the estee lauder warehouse so he gets that,clinique and MAC makeup and products quite cheap*big woo hoo*i wouldn't bother buying it otherwise,some of the really expensive jars of cream can go for upto £500 in shops!!!!!who buys that stuff,really??!!
    i'm a poundland fan if i dont get any of the above,they do quite nice things when i get the time to actually look.
    I do love the dress on you,bright colours suit.

  25. Cor, love those turquoise shoes - they're bang on my favourite shade. As for skincare, I love Superdrug's Vitamin E range, its cheap and does the job for me.

  26. Your dress is fab, such a great pattern and colours!

    Razors four for a pound show me the way baby! I am much better with the amount of money I spend on facial products now...I used to be at the Lancome counter all the time. Silly waste of money. xx

  27. Great post, being an ex-lush employee Im so with you on the lush shampoo bars, they are amazing as is nearly all the lush stuff. I got intoduced to Aldi moisturiser and its amazing! More money to spend on tack/treasure at the booty for me :o) Scarlett x

  28. Firstly that is a lovely frock and what a bargain those boots were! I used to be a skincare freak I've used everything from dermalogica, ren, clarins to simple and boots own brand. Now I use Boots No7 version of Liz Earle's hot polish cleanser - which is half the price and I reckon it's much better too!

  29. I like that dress on you. Great colors.
    Thank you very much for stopping by my page.

    I am having Vivienne Westwood dress giveaway so enter if you like.

    xxx from Greece

  30. I hate spending money on things that you can get which are the same without the brand name. Like I get anti dandruff shampoo for my husband from asda for 89p or you can get the head and shoulders one which is exactly the same for £2 more. They both have the same ingredients. Whats the point on spending money when you don't have to.

  31. No one can make saving money look as good as you do! I agree, most products don't do what they claim and are just a waste of money! And I am a fan of jungle conditioner too, it smells great, does the job and lasts and lasts!

  32. Lush Karma. Heavenly.
    Great dress. I'm sure I had something rather like it once.
    Are you not tall? I always imagine you must be with those long legs of yours!

  33. I heartily agree with you Vix, and all the other sensible ladies who can see past the advertising hype and beauty editors' endless fawning. Bahh, don't believe a word!
    I keep things so much simpler now, and as others have said, go to Poundland and Wilkinsons for cheap'n'cheerful stuff. Will try the Lush products you've mentioned tho.
    Keep up the sound advice - just shows good sense can be glamorous!
    Curtise x

  34. Guess what ?,I had that very dress back in the late 60's...I am interested in the lush shampoo ,where can I buy it ? and when you say you just do your roots ,so three aplications etc etc ..I always have quite alot of colour left but throw it away ,didnt know you can keep it Jan xx

  35. I love coconut oil as both a body moisturiser and as a once in a while deep hair conditioner (You pop it on before washing your hair, pop an old carrier bag over the hair then wrap in a towel - leave for at least 1 hour then wash out. Don't buy the teentsy jars from the chemist though, they're overpriced but get a big jar from the ethnic food aisle at Tesco - it lasts ages too.

  36. I've got my beauty product business on the go and sell luxury items at a fraction of the price because I would waste so much money on beauty products otherwise

    I only buy what I use and don't stockpile.

    And you are so right the marketing ploys it is all about money. I'm following firmly in your footsteps now - my first success was today and am blogging about it tomorrow xx

  37. I sweat my Johnson's Baby oil too! :) And a lot of stuff on your list is on mine too. i feel a little better knowing I have something in common with the fabulous Vix! :)

    ♡ from ©

  38. Loving that funly,fruity frock!! great choice,Sarah!!! The colours and the shape are divine,darl!!!
    Great food for thought,this post.I reckon it's all bollocks,all these flash products.I use natural stuff,or inexpensive stuff.I might have to mention it on my blog too.Our fabulous good looks are in OUR hands,not these nasty manufacturers hands! We need to tkae responsibility for our ourselves and not give it up!Brainwashing? Pah!
    LOVE YOU like a crazy thing,Helga xxxXXXxx

  39. Great tips, Vix! I'm also not one for stacking up on the cosmetics and buy only what I need - but I have times when I can get slightly over-enthusiastic with the expensive anti-aging stuff. (and I do like pretty packaging...) One of my tricks is always to wait until 'promotion time' which means I get some free extras (can't remember when I bought my last mascara or soap - I just expect them to come as freebies).

    Great job on the dress! Love the beautiful colours and pattern.


  40. I try to buy make-up, skincare products and toiletries as cheaply as possible and just stick with the basics - Nivea, Vaseline etc. The things that have been tried and tested over the years. I don't believe any of the claims/hype made by any of the more expensive brands and don't get any kind of thrill out of buying or owning them. xx

  41. I totally agree. I use what works, and I don't care for department store products. Most are just overpriced, and do the same thing as my cheaper versions. I love the baby oil trick too, it's so much cheaper than make up remover.
    My Heart Blogged

  42. I agree that it is very easy to get sucked in and spend a fortune on products that can easily end up sat in the cupboard barely used because they did not do as they promised. I have been there as I am sure most of us have and now stick to my tried and tested products, although if I am at home for the day I do try and use up products such as shampoo that did not work well etc, as I wash my hair every day and no-one is going to see so I don't mind, and it saves them from being wasted. I went through the cupboard over winter and have now used up nearly all my old products and free samples. If something works, I am more than happy to pay for it but still try and stock up when it is on offer such as Boots £5 off vouchers. I buy one product, get a voucher, and repeat until I have a few for the cupboard as whilst the Time Delay day cream and Lee Stafford Sea Salt spray that I use is not bank breaking, it is not cheap as chips either so it makes good sense to save where I can. A great post and I apologise for the long response but it is a good topic to discuss :) x

  43. Dearest Vixy,
    Great post!
    I’ve never been a spendthrift when it comes to these things but I have to admit that on the odd occasion I’ve bought something that has ended up sitting on the bathroom shelf for months & months before finally being tossed out, shocking behaviour I know!
    A couple of years ago I did quite a lot of research into toxic ingredients in hygiene product and cosmetics, what I found scared the pants off me.
    Since then I’ve tried to buy organic/vegan products only but they are as a rule quite expensive.
    When I do come across organic products at the market I stockpile but only cause I know that I will use them & that I’m saving lots money by doing so.
    I simply don’t believe in miracle lotions & potions, in my opinion looking young has far more to do with attitude, lifestyle choices & genes.
    It actually makes me feel quite nauseous when I see these Hollywood celebrities that have been plumped, pumped, stretched, hitched, injected, dissected & botox-bombed, to me that’s not youthful beauty, that’s Frankenstein’s bride!
    I also find it laughable to see a certain “nation’s sweetheart” writhe around with her mane of harvested hair (extensions) in that disgusting L’Oreal advert, projecting a completely unrealistic image and promoting a product she herself probably wouldn’t even use to shampoo a dog and then to top it all off uttering that galling phrase “because we’re worth it”. It seems that in today’s vanity ridden society we have forgotten the true meaning of beauty.
    To me beauty extends far beyond the body and no matter how much expensive snail mucus, tiger placenta or snake oil ointment that a hopelessly one-dimensional person lavishes on their wretched hide, if you are ugly on the inside it will inevitably bleed through.
    You my lovely Vix, have light in your heart & happiness in your mind and that to me is real beauty!
    Take care luv,

  44. Luckily I've never been sucked into the whole "buy yourself beautiful" thing. I have a day moisturiser (cheapo Olay one) and a night moisturiser (either from Aldi or Lidl - it's brilliant!) and whichever body butter type stuff is on special offer at the supermarket but that's about it. All my stuff from Lush lasts for ages and I barely go into Boots. It's all so expensive and I can't make the leap of faith to spend £20on something in the vain hope that it'll work. I want a guarantee before I spend that sort of money.

  45. Well said, as always! I can't be spending big $$, or in fact any $$, on such things these days- they really don't make much difference anyway when one is over 40!

  46. Oh you look GORGEOUS in that frock Vix - as I knew you would! Totally inspired, wearing it with those fab boots too. Bloody beautiful, you are!

    I totally agree - I have a few basic products that I use (all cheap supermarket brands) and my one big splurge is a lovely rich night cream (which probably does the exact same thing as the $10 stuff) that is $40 a jar - and lasts more than a year! The best thing you can do for your face is to wear sunscreen and get good sleep.

    Thanks for another fab post Vix - when are you going to put all of this into a book? I would totally buy it!

    Sarah xxx

  47. Dearest Vix, the dress is lovely. Sarah got it just right. You are the perfect 60's chick in it.

    I totally trust your judgement so will definitely check out Lush. I actually went to Poundland today and bought some shower gel. I have tons of beauty products, a lot of them are freebies but I need to sort my cupboard out and use up what I have. No spends for me! I was lucky enough to win my first blog giveaway on Friday which was face cream. I was chuffed as I'd written that post inspired by you and was eeking out the last of that Dior cream they sent me (which was fantastic but way out of my price range). Love you xx

  48. what a cute dress! love the colors! your post about living simply was AMAZING! so many people fritter away their money on worthelss crap, thinking that "a few bucks" here and there won't matter. in time, expenses add up! great advice! =)

  49. Love the dress, why don't people wear colour more?!!

    I agree I have never bought into advertising, however I have used Clinique moisturiser forever (I first tried it on holiday in Vegas $2 to the pound, super cheap!!), it may cost but it's lasts a really really long time, in fact I don't remember the last time i bought it. I think you should find what suits you and not waste money, I never feel like it's a waste as it really lasts, I know others who try something new constantly, such a waste!

    I think this is the biggest waste of money, I don't buy anything I don't use, I think experimenting with loads of different products and not using them is the biggest waste of money!

  50. I have to say I think make up / beauty products are the one area where I really don't spend too much, I barely wear any make up, just eyeliner and mascara which are bought as needed and only whichever is on offer. I use supermarket brand shampoos, shower gels, etc and sometimes splash out on a body scrub but that's usually a supermarket one too.
    I've recently been steered in the direction of cold cream as a go-to for all moisturising, make up removal etc, so bought some with my boots points and will give it a try!

  51. I tell you, you should start giving talks about fiscal responsibility.

    If the former labour government did as you live your life , then we wouldn't have all these austerity measures, cuts and all.

  52. its so refreshing to know that im not the only woman who hasnt got a cupboard full of products.. somtimes i think i must be the only one!!
    i wear the cheapest moisteriser i can find.. any body lotions are usually the cheapest or on offer..
    i have quite long eyelashes so dont need fancy mascara so its usually a cheapo one and ive been using the same eyeliner for about 2 years!!
    i use the family sensitive soap from asda which doubles up as shaving foam when im doing me legs!..
    everything i buy is the cheapest on offer, having been a shopaholic in my early twenties and getting into so much debt i can confirm that you really cant tell the difference in fancy products or the cheaper option..apart from lipstick.. i hate the smell of a cheap lippy but as i really only wear gloss and lipliner anyways ( lipliner ive been using for years!) a good lipstick will last me years!.
    i have found that when ive had money in my pocket to spend or to get something treaty for me . i just cant justify spending it anyways.. i think im totally programmed to be cheap these days!!!


  53. Amazing bright summery dress! It's making me want to drink some pineapple juice for some reason?!

    I normally take showers so I have no need to buy bubble bath, I leave that to my bf's mum as she always buys me those huge bottles of Avon bubble bath for Christmas and they last me YONKS! I have a pile up on them in my cupboard!

    In the shower I use Simple refreshing shower gel as it has no perfume or added chemicals which I need as I have sensitive skin! That's only £2!

    For skincare I also use a few tried and tested products that I stick to. Simple Kind To Skin Moisturising Facial Wash which lasts me a couple months at just £3. Simple Kind To Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser also lasts me quite a while at around £3. St Ives Invigorating Apricot Facial Scrub, at around £4.30 it's probably my most expensive skin care product but it works a treat and lasts me a long time.

    For my hair I use Aussie shampoo and conditioners which are usually around £4 but I think it's well worth the money for the smell of them alone! Gorgeous!

    I never buy hair sprays or hair mousse or any other hair products like that on a regular basis, I only ever have 1 can of each and they usually last me about 6 months or more as I use them rarely. I like to keep my hair routine as simple as possible!

    My un-guilty pleasure is probably cosmetics. Don't get me wrong I like to buy things when they are on sale or on offer as we all like saving money when we can but I do enjoy MAC cosmetics, they're probably the only higher end brand that I really love. I enjoy playing with makeup and coming up with different looks as you may know, I don't just buy makeup because I need a new mascara but because I enjoy using it like a painter enjoys painting, so I don't feel bad or guilty spending money on something that I enjoy. xxx

  54. Love the bright print on your dress Vix. I spend a fair bit on my face products as I've tried and tested EVERY brand to see what suits. Cheap or expensive. And I finally found the prefect one for my skin. People seem to think expensive brands are better, but not always. I know this for a fact. But hey, everyone has different skin.

  55. Love the frock! I also really love hearing about the ways that you live simply. I've started spending a lot less on beauty products as part of my resolution to cut down on needless spending - and when I stopped buying so much of it, I realised what a stockpile I had from overbuying & presents & such. It's going to take me a while to work through all of that stuff, haha.

  56. love the dress, it looks amazing. love the colors and the print. the shoes look smashing with the pink and the yellow. love the blue color of the boots

  57. It's gorgeous on you Vix!
    I had no idea you were vertically challenged (like myself) You look so svelte and leggy ;)


  58. Just as a matter of interest you can get razors now 15p for 4 in Sainsburys I was so shocked lol, unless they got the price wrong. Also Lidl do a good deoderant for 69p which is for sensitive skin and doesnt leave horrible white mark either. E45 for bath and deffo Jojoba oil for conditioning hair every so often. Am so in love with Lush shampoo Rehab a small bottle goes a real long way, then I go and spoil all this thriftiness and buy Clinique moisturiser and eye makeup remover hahahahaha. Silly me.

  59. Have you used any of FabIndia's ayurvedic soaps? They're simply lovely. Next time you're in India, please please buy'll love it, I guarantee.
    I'm a huge fan of products with tea tree extracts too. They have a calming effect which comes most handy in summer.
    You look like the summer itself in that dress. Which is to say, extremely nice!

  60. Beautiful pictures!
    Come to my blog, I made a new post :)

    The Yellow Ball

  61. I love your attitude Vix. You're so refreshing! I am definitely going to look at the amount of products I buy.

    Solid shampoo and conditioners I've never heard of! Where do you find them and what are they like to use? I am intrigued!

    Me and my mum always have a good sort through of our products and I always give her bits that I've maybe bought but don't use etc, and she does the same, so we do get more for our money this way!

    Brill post as ever!

    Much love beautiful lady xxxx

  62. I'm using Karma solid shampoo just now! Jungle is one of my favourite smells in the whole world but I don't get on with the product. Anyway, as my hair's so short I very rarely need to condition. All that said, I'm a total product sucker! I have stopped stockpiling so much in recent years though as stuff was going to waste. I get Lush's mudflats soap for my crap skin but otherwise tend to live off gifted shower gels etc. I'm on the eternal search for something to clear my congested skin though. I don't buy proper expensive stuff though. No, no.

  63. cette robe te vas vraiment très bien, et j'adore tes chaussures

  64. My bargain buys are St Ives apricot scrub its about £5 but lasts for ages and is amazing! Olay moisturiser, Aldi face wipes, serum and wrinkle eye cream - this is preactically identical to an YSL one I have for a fraction of the price. I love Lush too Karma and Flying fox are my fav smells, I use their toners and like Godiva solid shampoo, ooh and the patchuli scrubby soap they keep changing the name of!

  65. Wise words, gorgeous lady! I have been making concious decisions to buy products that aren't tested on animals or contain animal fats, but with that in mind I always go for the cheapest option. We are lucky to have a local company called 'Natures Organics' whose toiletries & household cleaners are not only bio-degradable and vegan, but they some of the cheapest products on the shelves!

    That dress is amazing on you! I love it! Apologies for being lazy with commenting and blogging lately, I've been ridiculously busy!

    Xoxox Claire

  66. That dress is awesome groovy, girl. The beauty care tips, perfect for this ex-hippie chick. Simple is often better.

  67. I admit, I do generally buy my stuff in Boots, but I have recently become quite addicted to checking Poundland first. However, for certain things, Boots with its Advantage Card always tempts me back...


  68. Yep - with you here all the way Vix. I'd still love to have a rummage through your bathroom cabinet though, as I love looking at all the tubes, creams and boxes of those Indian products you buy. Sometimes they're so pretty it's a shame to open them. I give my face a scrub with a cloth too and use a basic cleanser that is super cheap - great exfoliation. I buy $2 packets of sanitary products from our equivalent to Poundland instead of $6-8 a pack. No difference. Instead of getting my brows waxed in a salon for $15, I go to my local flea market on a Sunday and a lovely Hungarian woman does it for $5. I'm with you, I would much rather spend my money at flea markets or dinner. xoxoxo

  69. My Aunt has always read The Guardian. It's a great paper.

    I found your beauty selections very interesting. Thank you for sharing them. I am still waiting on a post about your diet and exercise habits, because I envy your slim figure.

    Love you so,


  70. I love all sorts of cosmetics and toiletries, but love a bargain even more! I get dental tape 2 for 60p from Tesco (that may have been an offer though) and I buy as much as I can from the £1 shop-they often do known cosmetic brands in there and I've discovered recently that supermarket brands these days are as good as their more expensive counterparts, even the face wipes. Asda are definitely worth a look.

  71. i love the st moriz mousse! they've brought out an extra dark version too now which is fantastic! ;)


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