Thursday 28 April 2011

Flying The Flag

Unless it's the World Cup I'm not patriotic in the slightest, in fact I love it when I go abroad and people don't believe I'm British. When we moved into our house it already had a flagpole and we regularly hoist an assortment of flags to annoy our posh neighbours.

The last time I celebrated a royal occasion was the Queen's Silver Jubilee when we were allowed to go to school in non-uniform as long as we wore red, white and blue so I thought I'd recreate those heady days of 1977 by dressing in the colours of the flag. I spent Charlie and Di's wedding day skulking in a grotty back street pub sending my then boyfriend up to the bar for Babycham and Smiths' Salt & Shake crisps as I was underage. We're planning a party tomorrow but I doubt the TV will be on, I'm not keen on weddings at the best of times but we never need an excuse for a party.

Did I mention I was going jumble sale-ing and car booting today? Here's a few purchases.

How fantastic is this 1960's MABU Swiss Hand Made leather fashion doll? She was £1.50 at the car boot sale.

With her long legs, flowing blonde locks and huge doe eyes I've christened her Christina in honour of my gorgeous friend.

This trashy 1980's bleached denim jacket is ideal for throwing on over a maxi dress when there's a nip in the air. 35p

This navy and white striped 1960's St Michael nylon swimsuit was 25p. I picked up one of these from last month's jumble, I bet the same lady donated this one, too.

Our male friends are always asking us to look out for vintage Harris Tweed jackets. They used to be ten a penny at the jumble sales of my youth but as rare as hen's teeth these days. I reckon I'll have a fight on my hands when I show them this leather buttoned beauty. 35p 

This suedette American Indian fringed dress is ideal for harnessing my inner Cher, perfect for karaoke silliness and festival fun. 25p

A set of gaudy 1950's coasters complete and in their original box. I have two sets of place mats to match these in my retro buffet collection. So hideous they are almost attractive. 50p

I could have wept when I spotted this huge make-up mirror. I grew up with the very same Danish designed piece as a child and even stored my Sindy dolls in the box. My parents had theirs as a wedding present in 1966. This knocked me back £1.50 but it's worth it for nostalgia value alone.

This peach satin bridesmaid's dress is boned with a huge bow at the back. I've never been a bridesmaid and I don't plan on ever being one but this fits beautifully and looks rather like something Cyndi Lauper would have worn back in the day. I might wear it tomorrow if I'm feeling the wedding vibe and I can be bothered to get the iron out. 35p.

Good old Jon spotted this 1950's Scottish mohair cape at the jumble sale in amongst the curtains and bedding. It's in smashing condition and a snip at 35p. Knowing our British summers I'll probably be wearing it at Glastonbury.

1970's dagger collar shirt (20p jumble sale), high-waisted vintage brushed denim shorts (today's jumble 25p), 1960's red and white vinyl belt (Acorn's Hospice 75p), 1960's white leather disc bag (£1 car boot sale), silk Union flag hankerchief (family heirloom)
Whatever you get up to tomorrow make sure it's a right royal knees-up.


  1. I knew you didn't need any luck to find fabulous things!

    Like you, I can't really be bothered with the whole thing. I wish them well, but I doubt I'll be watching the shindig. I'm celebrating my own wedding anniversary tonight anyway!

  2. I will seize any chance to brighten up my day and the Wedding of Wills and Kate is too good a chance to pass up. I will be at a tea-party with all the Englishness that a bunch of Scots can muster. There will be a flat screen telly in a marquee where my cupcakes will be force fed to all the guests.

    This is my second go at piping icing tonight....

    You look fabulous and I really think that tomorrow you would be able to wear that bridesmaid's dress with a bold dash of irony!

    Your tanned legs are to die for.

    Ali x

  3. Have fun tomorrow. I'm off to a a family party in a navy and white polka dot sailor style dress, victory roll and red head scarf. Lily will be wearing her union jack collar x

  4. well no matter what you have on you look fab! And why don't people believe your British??

  5. Wonderful finds, Love the denim jacket! Have a great day tomorrow xxx

  6. Gorgeous set of pins Vix! Love the jumble buys, you have such a good eye!
    I am going to a two street parties tomorrow, one with my family and then one in the late afternoon with my friends. So excited to have a good knees up!

  7. Such great bargains, I knew you and Jon wouldn't let us down!

    I love that doll with her pre-Kiss era make-up! Gaudy is good, especially in the form of those mats and I used to have one of those mirrors too.


  8. First of all I am dead impressed with the flag pole in the garden!! Very rock n roll and I would have so much fun with my neighbours with that one. You are looking as fabulous as ever in your outfit, I'd kill for legs like yours! And I need to seriously come to your jumble sale - loving your buys and yes the flower coasters are so up my street! Scarlett x

  9. Fabulous finds as always Vix. That doll is very unique.
    Hope you have a good party tomorrow. Dx

  10. Freakin' hell,I am always stunned ANEW by just how frigging HOT you are! Those LEGS! EEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!
    Now, I haven't said a word on my blog,but I am really rather excited about the wedding,as you well know! I am accidentally wearing red,white and blue today!
    Hurrah for those fantastic jumble scores! The coasters actually make me quite frisky!!! They're my favourite!
    Loving you and your fabulousness!!!
    Helga xxxXXXxxx

  11. love that doll, how I wish I could do my eyes like her. lets not mention the legs:(
    I had that same mirror when I was a child, I graduated to sleek Danish modern from rose encrusted china at age 11.

  12. I very much doubt that I shall see the wedding either. We are going to a garden party to celebrate the fact our friends' garden is complete. They got married last year and everyone gave them garden vouchers as a present. Hope the British weather holds out! x

  13. I cant believe your house came with a flag pole, brilliant!! That doll is very christina I have to say xx

  14. I don't like weddings either, let alone weddings where I really don't care about the people involved. To me it's the same sh*t, different hotel/church and I'm so over the boring old strapless white dress look that everyone seems to be wearing. If I do ever get married I'd like to at least make it bit different to the 'wedding in a boxes' you see! Still, I don't understand the negativity around the Royal Wedding - it should be a bit of fun. :-) You look great in red and blue. Mind you, you'd look good in a bin liner. :-)

  15. Look at your lovely legs! So tanned!

    I love the fact that you annoy your neighbours with flags! Haha!

    That doll is really strange looking which makes it great in my books!

    Woah at the peach bridesmaids dress for 35p! I think you should rock it up 80s style tomorrow night! xxx

  16. I detest wedding, but I am planning to watch this one on Sky news heheheh.
    The doll is definitly Christina, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    I wonder if she thinks so???

  17. You have legs that were built for shorts and short skirts. Seriously. You look fantastic in these photos. I love the blue shorts and wish I owned a similar pair. The red shirt goes perfectly with it. :)

    I'm not surprised the royal wedding hype is bigger in the US than across the pond. After all, you have to put up with royals all the time. To us, they are a novelty. Lol. So I totally understand your boredom regarding the wedding...

  18. You looking all revolutionary amor!
    I love you in shorts, that doll does look like Christina, love her big lashes and huge rack.
    ppph St. Michael bathing suit.
    me wants rose coasters and prom dress,cant wait to see how you dress it up.
    have fun amor!

  19. I love that your house has a flagpole - what's the issue with the neighbours? Do you get mistaken for an embassy and they have passport clutching foreigners on their lawn?

    I'm not a royalist, although I do find the whole institution quite fascinating. I'm digging out my tiara for a tea-party tomorrow and am busy making gingerbread crowns with stained glass effect sweetie jewels. I asked if I should bring booze but was told 10.30am a little early

    Love that cape, Jon is brilliant.

  20. I'm quite bored about all that wedding stuff!, but I will keep an eye on dresses!, I'm always ready to see some pretty dresses!
    And you're stunning in your shorts and lovely red-blue outfit! and so funny that you use flags to annoy your neighbours!, you're awesome!

  21. That doll is great, can she be put in different positions?
    Love your outfit, you look fantastic in shorts.

  22. Love you Vix! Have fun. I know you will. I'll be getting up around 5:00 a.m. (before work) to watch a bit of the festivities. I'll have to record the rest on BBC America.

  23. everybody is waiting with baited breath...for the dress.

  24. The shoes! You didn't mention the lovely shoes...

  25. I don't know what I love more - those coasters or just the fact that you have a 'retro buffet collection'!!

  26. That doll


    O, the envy.

  27. I'm sorry but that doll scares the hell out of me!


  28. Ooooh! I love the peach brideamaid dress Vix. What a gorgeous colour. I bet all you Brits are over this royal wedding... It's all over the news here in Oz. xxx

  29. Those shorts are fab on you and I love the colour of the top on you xx

  30. love the outfit.. you manage to make everything look fab.. the red looks lovely against your dark hair..

    im loving the swimsuit .. i bet it is so flattering on !
    that mirror is gorgeous so chic in its design..
    jelous of your bargains as always.. ( but in a good way!!)


  31. I'm with you - not into weddings, despite somehow being a bridesmaid 3times! But any excuse for a party! Love the denim jacket and mohair cape. xx

  32. You rock shorts! I'm not one for patriotism either but I do like the Union Jack as a flag. I'm off to France for the long weekend - have a great time partying Vix!

  33. Just look at your fabulous legs! Enjoy your party tomorrow - we won't be bothering at all with all the royal wedding palaver, we're off to Fife for one of our motorbike rallies. slumming it in a field with lots of booze and good music - can't wait. xxx

  34. Hi Vix and lovely ladies all,
    Had a glass or two of wine so have the courage to ask if I can join in, blog-commenting virgin that I am! Be gentle, it's my first time...
    Vix, I have recently discovered your blog and I'm loving it. You are inspiring me to release my inner vintage goddess which has lain dormant for years, so thank you!
    Btw, I know Thursday is your fave car boot day, but if you ever venture north, Chesterfield has a great flea market every Thursday, been today and got the most fab vintage maxi dress.
    Lovely to meet all of you,
    Curtise x

  35. All those gorgeous treasures were screaming "Vix, Vix, buy me, love me!" when they spotted you in their vicinity. I nearly fell off my perch when I saw the swimsuit *ga!*. I would love to be a fly on the wall when you wave the tweed jacket around - it'll be a rugby scrum! You look gorgeous Vix and I just know you'll have a wonderful party. BTW I wouldn't iron the frock, I'd just wear it as is if it were my party. "It's my party and I'll wear what I want to!" xoxoxoxoxo

  36. I couldn't give a crap about this wedding between two people I don't know, any more than any other wedding happening in the world... isn't it funny how fired up people get about it!

    Oh your jumbo finds are fab as always - I especially adore the coasters, the doll, the swimmers, the mirror and that peachy frock is fab!

    You look amazing - beautiful as always, relaxed, happy and totally chilled.

    Sarah xxx

  37. Dearest Vix, you look stunning! You do have a blinding set of pins!

    I'm very honoured to have the doll named after me. Isn't it fabulous? What a find! When I had extra long eyelash extensions and slapped an inch of mascara on top it was similar effect. More is more and all that.

    That cape is stunning! And I love the 70's make-up mirror.

    Can't wait to see what you wear tomorrow!

    I've had a small practice run with my hedgehog and there's been a tiny technical hitch where I bought cheddar of too good a quality. I've had to buy some rubber from the corner shop, strictly for the pictures only - I'll swap it over afterwards.

    I love weddings (as you say, any excuse for a party), not enough to have one myself but I have to admit I am rather excited about this one, especially as she's wearing McQueen. At least it won't be dull. Sarah Burton's a genius.

    Love you xx

  38. WOW !
    the Cher outfit is super and I LOVE the mary jane's with the shorts!
    I saw a jacket similar to this one on another blogger yesterday and she'd cut and "fringed" the arms, then chopped it into a vest length.
    it looked faboo with maxi's!!!!
    You always amaze me at your finds!
    i love you so much, you always give me a huge smile!

  39. Dearest Vix,
    I agree with Christina, you do have a blinding set of pins!
    I'm not a fan of the traditional wedding either, I just find them intensely boring...the long winded speeches, the (usually) shit catering, the distressingly awful wedding band/singer and the drunken punch-ups at the end of the evening (or maybe that's just a Highland thing?)...however I'm sure there will be none of the above at Wills & Kate do.
    Oh, that would be so much fun; Elton John having a cat fight with Camilla...I'd pay to watch that!
    Take care luv,

  40. You look stunning as usual, Vix <3

    The denim jacket and swimsuit are so perfect. I'm on the lookout for some denim jackets in charity shops because we all know that 24/7 all-round sunshine that the Irish and English summer weather has...

    x x x

  41. You annoying your posh neighbours made me giggle. Good on you! Love today's outfit. The doll is super cute.

  42. I think I love everything you bought! But especially the mohair cape and the makeup mirror. Can't wait to go out 'hunting' with you one day.xx.

  43. Definitely NOT waking up to see th ewedding but don't mind catching snippets later which I AM SURE I will find all over the blogs and web and tv ... I envy your legs! Sigh!

    ♡ from ©
    Apothica Giveaway

  44. I am super duper excited about the wedding. I always liked Kate and love fairy tale marriages!

  45. You look like you should be driving and walking around South Florida with this lovely outfit!
    Love the fact that you guys " hoist an assortment of flags to annoy our posh neighbours". This is so rock-and-roll!!!!

  46. You look great in your shorts love the top to. I am off to a garden party with my lovely bitch and stitch friends and we are all dressing up i am actually really excited and proud to watch it with my children and be a part of our history I am not a follower of the royal family but at times like this i am really proud to be English we do the pomp and ceremony so well ;-) Great finds love those little coasters. Enjoy your party, dee xx

  47. Hi my dear-wow, the shirt and shorts look hot , what a gorgeous outfit, love it!! The Christina doll is so cute and your other finds are amazing too, the prices you manage to pay are just awesome-well done on these fab finds! Enjoy your day xxx
    PS-thanks for your lovely comment about the Jean Varon dress too!!

  48. You look as fantastic as ever, love the shorts. I'm constantly searching for Harris tweed jackets too, that is a great find.

  49. I've just popped back for another perve at your amazing legs!


  50. Hope you have a wonderful party.Our neighbours each have flagpoles and try each time to out-do each other, has me in hysterics!Thankyou for watching my video too xx

  51. Didn't make it up early to watch but knew I'd have to drop in and see what you had to say about the big day... and what you'd be wearing!The outift is perfect, as always. Expected a big hat (dare I say I big silly hat? some of those wedding hats made my eyes boggle) Have a lovely party.

  52. Fabulous outfit (and your killer legs *grin*). I have become quite patriotic after moving to UK (towards Finland that is) realising what a great country it is. Then again moving abroad isn't very patriotic :)
    I watched the wedding, it was lovely and that's it. My plas for celebration (after sending hubby out with his friends) a bag of Wotsits & soda and Sons Of Anarchy on dvd!

  53. You look gorgeous in the blue and red combo! I really enjoyed today's wedding, though as always, wedding fashion is so.... meh! xxxx

  54. You look fantastic in those shorts! And that American Fringed dress is perfect, I love it. There's an award for you over at my blog by the way, since you've become my new favourite. I love all of your fantastic outfits. Hope you had a good party today! xxx

  55. Ooh I loved the wedding! Altho I'm not especially patriotic either, just love a good wedding! Great finds at the jumble sale, loving the swimsuit! :)

  56. love this look. your legs are perfect for shorts. adorable.

    i hope you wore this cute bridesmaid dress today.
    my boss and i spent our lunchbreak in front of an internet livebroadcast to see the main part of the wedding. we both had tears in our eyes, yes, we were crying... and laughing at the same time. my boss(he's gay)is very into royal things - normally i don't care much about these things. this time i really wanted to see the dress, the kiss, blahbla. best lunchbreak ever.

  57. I hope your party went well. We didn't do a whole lot really, but we did see the wedding. Great bargains. xx

  58. Vix, the colour of your legs! If we ever do get to meet up, can it please be before you go away rather than after? I'll look like a ghost standing next to you!

    I've had a lovely day today. It's been so nice to just enjoy all the fun and enthusiasm and happiness that's in the air.

    ps - pretty please find your Christina doll a suitably sequinned and marabou trimmed outfit.

  59. I just had a lovely mental picture of a perfect Halloween costume for you.

    pochahontas in that beautiful suedette American Indian fringed dress! You even have the hair for it!! ;)

  60. England is a special and creative country like only Islands can be, and you're a treasure of it !

  61. Ah you did good - especially with finding the wonderful Christina!! Love the outfit and the finds.

    I had a fab time at the wedding, I surprised myself. We only did it for petit garcon but even I got caught up in it.


  62. Love the name Vintage Vixon! Such a cool idea! I would love to be more vintage but I struggle with finding things that fit me. Can't wait to get some ideas from your blog.

    Get Up & Go

  63. Yet, again, blown away by the bragins to be had where you are. Crazy!

  64. cant wait to see u in that swim suite


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