Thursday 30 December 2010

Best Bar None

Vintage dralon tub chair (Car boot sale), Edwardian Indian rug (eBay)

Ever since I was a kid I've longed for a wooden globe drinks cabinet. Along with Jean Varon frocks and pineapple ice buckets to me they are the very epitome of 1960's cocktail party chic. 

I spotted a vintage beauty in our local branch of Banardos' charity shop a while ago but, as I'm often accused of bringing home tat, I thought I'd run it by Jon first before splashing out. Surprisingly he was all for it and offered to pop into town and buy it but returned home empty-handed claiming that it had already been sold.

What do you know? The sneaky little monkey had actually bought it and squirreled it away in Gilbert (our VW camper) since September.

Best Christmas present ever? I'll let our friends decide at tomorrow nights' New Years' Eve party once it's stocked with tasty alcoholic delights.

Vintage Dollyrockers maxi (eBay), Cobalt suede boots (TopShop), Jewellery (India)

What on earth am I going to wear?

Tuesday 28 December 2010

Hi Honey, I'm Home!

Namaste! We arrived back home on Christmas night and the last few days has been a whirlwind of visiting friends and catching up on gossip. We've been battling jet lag (waking at 4am...aargh!) by having a post-holiday blitz on clutter and a much needed spring clean ready for the New Year's Eve bash we drunkenly offered to host when we were out on Boxing Day.

The water pipe in the bathroom decided to explode yesterday which meant a mercy dash to B&Q for spares. Looks like we'll be re-decorating in the next few weeks.

Goa was as wonderful, as always. Three weeks with no internet, no shopping, wearing no shoes, having no news....perfection. What did we do other than lie on the sand catching a few rays?

Admired the view from our room.

  Went on long walks

Got blessed by the priest.

Celebrated my birthday - thanks for the well-wishes. It's a shame both my Dad and brother forgot. 

 Hung out with the beautiful people.

Attended our friends' baby's christening. Welcome to the world, Presley Fernandes.

Hitched a lift in a local fisherman's boat for some early morning dolphin spotting.

Watched the sunset.

It's tradition for us that on the last night in Goa we climb up the cliff to the tiny Shiva shrine on the border of the jungle, share a kiss and a small bottle of rum and watch the sun set over the Arabian Sea one last time.

I was back on-line on Boxing Day looking for a return trip in March, I've found a couple of potential flights but haven't booked just yet.

Vintage chiffon tunic (Courtesy of the fabulous Kitty, who also sent me the maxi dress I wore almost every day), Cut-off Levi's (jumble sale), Devore maxi coat (My friend, Janne), Peacock feather pendant and silver earrings (Birthday pressies), Suede boots (car boot sale)
Hope you've all had a wonderfully festive time, I'm gradually catching up with all I've missed in Blogland, I think I've read all the blogs I follow but haven't got my brain in gear for commenting just yet. Thanks for sticking around.

Thursday 2 December 2010

Cheers My Dears!

Cheers to all my lovely friends in Blogland! I'm just finishing off the last of the red wine whilst I wait for the waiter from our favourite Indian restaurant to trudge through the snow and deliver our takeaway. I'm bare-faced this evening, don't be scared.

Vintage Dollyrockers kaftan (eBay), Silver jewellery (India)
Jon's just surprised me with an early birthday present:

Gasp! I've wanted a Twiggy head forever, I'm so excited!
See you in three weeks (unless I find an internet connection sooner).

Miss you already, have fun!

Wednesday 1 December 2010


Vintage skirt (Antique shop £3) Vest (Car boot 50p) Silk scarf (Charity shop £1)

I've finally packed my bag, touched up my roots and I'm almost ready for Friday. We've invited a friend with a huge appetite for tea tonight so he can help eat up the contents of the fridge and I'll spend tomorrow applying my eyelash extensions and painting my toe nails (and watching trashy tv).

 I just hope this snow's going to stop falling and the airport will be open on Friday. It hasn't stopped all day, there's a bus stuck at the end of the road and children going past the gates on sledges, which isn't a great sign.

Here's our travel toiletries and first aid supplies

This is my reading pile. This won't last three weeks but there's a book exchange in the village so I can trade the finished ones in.

My jewellery and hair accessories. I like bags that can be hung up, our guest house room's not the biggest so these help keep clutter to a minimum and if we decide to travel around we don't need to keep repacking. This bag is a leather Oscar De La Renta one which was 10p from a jumble sale. Our toiletries go in a similar one.

What am I taking? Four maxi dresses......

Two vintage maxi skirts, two pairs of cotton harem pants (bought in India and replaced when they fall apart) two pairs of leather sandals, a leather money belt...

My trusty denim waistcoat (usually worn with just a bikini top underneath), two embroidered and mirrored Lamani tops, two vests....

Two bikinis, two kaftan tops and my flamingo beach dress plus a handful of silk scarves for my hair.

Jon's padlocked the bags so there's no chance of me sneaking in anything extra.
Have a lovely evening, I'm going to be eating for England.