Thursday 25 November 2010

Wall Flower

Like my wardrobe, our home is filled with an ecclectic mish-mash of second hand, rescued, handmade and inherited pieces. 

No real thought goes into how we hang pictures, we just put them all together and hope for the best. There's no theme, we own them because we love them and that's good enough for us.

All these are car boot sale buys. There's an unknown lady in 1950's era evening dress, an 1920's advert from a hair salon and a Boots' The Chemist framed print.

Vernon Ward's "An Enchanted Glade" was 69p from the British Heart Foundation, there's a framed black and white photo of Raquel Welch as a saloon girl in The Virginian (one of my favourite TV shows when I was a child) just above it.

These cute kitsch plaster poodle heads from the 1950's were £1 from a car boot sale last year. One of my friends says that poodles and peacocks sum me up perfectly, it's the kitsch and the exotic rolled into one.

1940's china Larry The Lamb of Toytown (Inherited from Mum)

1970's hippy chick wood plaques (My dearest Helga)

Naive family portrait dated 1821 (Inherited)

Travel photos (taken in Madras 2006) in jumble sale frames
Great Auntie Maud's long service certificate

And have I done anything creative today? Yes, I've pimped up my brass chandelier (liberated from a skip) with millinery feathers (50p from a charity shop) and some junk jewellery strung on to fishing wire (borrowed from Jon's tool kit).

What am I wearing?

Vintage nylon midi dress (Courtesy of my dear Helga), a lace basque (hoisery stall on the market), Bib necklace and ethnic earrings (Courtesy of the fabulous Kelly)

Underwear as outerwear? The postman had a bit of a turn when he delivered two more parcels earlier but it's keeping me warm (and this house is a cardi-free zone)


  1. i love these, and the poodles yesterday were amazing! :)xx

  2. oh how fantastic that chandelier is! Love the dress you're wearing too.

    I want to collect small tapestries like those! So pretty.x

  3. I approve of the lace basque but am still disappointed you don't feel the cardi-love. They are so snuggly! How can you not like snuggles?

    Love the poodle and peacock comment, so true xx

  4. The basque works amazing with the dress this has to be the best example of underwear as outerwear I have seen x

  5. Wowza! That basque is fabulous on you! Ah, your home is vintage heaven!
    xxx Comtesse xxx

  6. Poodles and peacocks!How fabulous and very astute!!!
    Gawd,but I love sniffing around your amazing pad!!So many wonderous things!I love those poodles,incidentally!And pimping a chandelier with feathers?! GENIUS!!!
    That frock does look lovely!!The corset works really well!The bodice on that frock looked weirdly short,that's what I wasn't sure about,but the colour and print is gorge!
    Ah,I adore you!
    LOVE! Helga xxxXXXxxx

  7. The basque works brilliantly. It never occurred to me it was anything other than a funky fashion item.

    Btw, the fan above the mirror makes you look as if you're an old-time Western goodtime girl. Know what I mean? Since it rather looks as if you are wearing it. I see you in a Clint Eastwood film.

  8. Looking lovely and I love the china Larry the Lamb xx

  9. Like Larry the Lamb and the poodles - do they have names?

  10. Your home is full of so many wonderful treasures, the more I see the more I am enchanted. I think a wall full of matching frames and themed pictures would look ridiculous, this way is far more beautiful and lets the individual pieces speak for themselves. I love those framed tapestries, and the poodle heads, oh goodness so delightful.

    Thank-you for your comment, I wouldn’t expect you to find me a pair of those floral DM boots, but if you happen to ever stumble on a pair on your many travels, I would be eternally grateful. I see them flit up on eBay, but bidding always goes a little bit crazy, who knew they were so sought after.
    I think the reason I’m so besotted with them is because I wore them as a child, and loved them all them years ago.

    I am a size 4/5 in footwear, I’m generally a size 4 but I’m sure a size 5 would comfortably fit too. I would of course pay you for them. Thank-you so much xx

    p.s Fabulous chandelier

  11. I bet I could spend hours or days looking at every single picture and detail. After all a home is made from thing you love, more than things you should.

  12. I am in awwed with your casa..reminds of a museum so many beautiful treasures to see..those vintage fab frames are so look very vampy wearing your basque..I love corsets..thats a great idea feathers reminds me of dream catchers.why dont u like cardis..I have so many cardis.

  13. Dear Vix, what brilliant things you have! There's so much I love it's hard to choose but the poodles (obviously, loving the kitsch and exotic together), the family portrait and the hippy chick plaques are great. The basque looks gorgeous with that dress. Sod the postman, I've answered the door in all sorts! Have a lovely evening, it is freezing here! xx

  14. Love your portrait wall, have you got any Tretchikoff? I always thought it was great to be able to buy art at Boots.

  15. I love it all but Larry Lamb and the dogs are the tops! xx

  16. Ohh I'm in love with Larry Lamb :D I'm a great believer that your home should be as individual as you are and a reflection of the people who live there, and your home is certaintly that, I love it. It is so much more interesting and fun than any "fashionable" show home. The use of the basque worn on the outside of that dress is inspired, my first thought on seeing the photo was definately WOW! xxx

  17. your house is a real wonderland!

  18. your house is just so fabulous and interesting. Love the feathers on the light. I like your travel pictures in those oval frames...I like that you haven't conformed to having the picture the same shape as the frame. You are so clever! I am on the hunt for some decanters in the charity shops tomorrow, I was utterly inspired by the fact you put bubble bath in yours! why didn't I think of that??! Genius woman, you are genius! xx

  19. Gorgeous house stuff as always, love the frames, I'm on the hunt for some for the bedroom. You are my inspiration. :)

    Necklace looks fab, as do earrings.


  20. this outfit is sooooo gorgeous! i also love your lovely dacorated home...

  21. Basque!?!? Excuse my ignorance but what on earth is a Basque?? Whatever it is, sure does work for you, Vix! You look gorgeous.
    Also Larry the Lamb is the awwwwness.

    Oh, and trust me this isn't an attempt to intrude upon your privacy ;) but could you maybe write a post committed entirely to the interiors of your house?? I'd so love it!

  22. Vix, you look stunning!

    Ah, the candelier is killing me. I'm in love with it. I must try and do something with my boring (plain brown.eck) lampshade!

    x x x

  23. What, no cardies? You are one tough girl, Vix. Naturally the corset looks SO much better. Your eclectic picture mix fits perfectly to your eclectic wardrobe mix. xxx

  24. 1. Brilliant dress

    2. Those poodles...AMAZE


  25. Your beautiful house is amazing. Lace basque out! I would hug you for that, Vix. And, that chandelier looks like a lit dreamcatcher now.

  26. Awww Larry the Lamb is so cute. I love all the frames in your house Vix. You have a great knack for lovely vintage things.

  27. Cardi-free zone?! I couldn't live without my cardies! Ooh, I'd love a good root around your home, everything is so interesting! (in a good way - that's not a euphemism!!)

  28. Love what you did with the chandeleir!!

    We always get lots of positive comments about our furniture and collection of sweet old things, and I'm always proud to boast that most of it either came from op-shops, markets or off the side of the road during hard-rubbish collection time.

    Buying things new is so boring! I love seeing your house, even if just in the back ground of your outfit shots!

    Looking gorgeous Xx

  29. I love this post. Fascinating. Loved the poodles and the Indian photos in those oval frames look wonderful.

  30. What an amazing house (and life) you have Vix! It's like a gallery! I am impressed your place is a cardi free zone - that is hard core! Looking ravishing as usual - I'm sure you made the postman's day in that gorgeous corset.

  31. Have I ever told you I love your house? Well, I do. LOVE it. It is lovely. And your outfit is so so terrific times ten!! Such a great mix!

    heart: Kimberellie

  32. You always amaze me at your craftiness and your home.......SOOOO cozy and wonderful as is the boustier' over the dress. gorgous!!!!
    I hope my thaksgiving 'story' wasn't too jumbled.
    I actually don't care for the holidays much anymore.........
    They wear me out and i miss the wonder of it all.
    I think thhe stock-mkt,thingy was black tuesday?
    I'll have to look it up ;)
    Love always

  33. I'm sure the postie would have needed an early tea break and a lie down after seeing you looking utterly gorgeous in your 70s dress and corset - what an amazing look!! I love your house so much and enjoy coveting all of its delightful trinkets within - the chandelier is superb! xoxo

  34. Lordy I love it all but especiallly that divine little pale blue bird hanging off the drawer handle. LOVE IT!

    Vix - you look so beautiful. Will you be updating us all while you are in India? (Please say yes - how would we cope without you??)

    Sarah xxx

  35. I'm a big fan of haphazard picture hanging. Very dull to just have a row of pictures on the wall - I say squish them in wherever you can fit them.

    The basque over the dress is inspired! Bet the postie couldn't believe his luck.

  36. A cardi-free zone?? I LOVE IT!!!!!!

  37. Like you, your wardrobe and home are spectacular works of art!

    we too have an 'eccentric art gallery' wall! Sometimes not overthinking the placement makes for the best look!

    LOVE this look... it's very Morgana le Fay!

    Vix... how do you do this??? How do you manage to post everyday and yet visit and comment on all the other blogs?? How??? No wonder I'm losing followers and visitors!!! I just can't find the time!!!!! I am going to have to give up on sleep!!

  38. Looking very sultry and seductive today Vix, love the basque over a maxi, i may steal that one ;)
    Yes, i must find out *exactly* where her unit is when she rings tomorrow night. I know it's not in Warwick but close-by and it's in a big collective space, but she only mans it from time to time....i think it's really just to get away from my uncle now and then...shhhh, i didn't say that!

  39. I absolutely love your interiors posts and this one is no exception. A lovely eclectic selection of artwork. The problem with renting means we can't put much (if anything) up but that'll all be changing soon. We've already collected a bit of a selection and am looking forward to getting some of the Aussie's photography printed and up on view where it should be.

    No cardies? No cardies?! This wannabe beach bum is horrified at such a prospect x

  40. I am just adoring your house decor!


  41. It's amazing how some of the things are second hand but still look personal together.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  42. hello lovely blog and fantastic photos your finds are fantastic
    xx fee

  43. Omg I have a feeling if I ever saw your house in person, my jaw would drop to the floor. Your style just kills me, it's so fabulous.

    I also really love your outfit in these photos. The dress is lovely.

    And I really wish I could have been a fly on the wall when the mailman arrived at your house. LOL! ;)

  44. Thats what I love, love about u -- "we own them because we love them and that's good enough for us."

  45. Love your home and you! Be different and be proud of who you are :) Loving the lace basque worn out. ;)

  46. You must have very high ceilings...

  47. Dear Vixy,
    Huzzah for the retro boombox in the second pic, those were the days, eh :)
    I love all your beautiful, interesting & quirky pictures, your home is like a veritable art gallery.


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