Saturday 30 October 2010

Recycle - Reuse and The Rules Of The Jumble

Vintage Robert Newman maxi dress (£2.95 Acorn Hospice Shop)
I'm recycling this photograph from the summer as it's the dress I'll be wearing this evening. We're meeting friends at the real ale pub in the town centre then walking to the balti house via the off-licence for a few bottles of cheap plonk.

I've still got the brainpower of a gnat but as promised here's a few of the goodies I found at last night's jumble sale. 
I'm going to paint these Baroque frames and probably change the prints. 10p the pair
  • The great British jumble sale is usually held on a Thursday evening (traditionally a factory worker's weekly pay day), a Friday evening or during the day on a Saturday. Here in the badlands of the West Midlands we have jumbles during the week and in the daytime too, as it's a cheap way for the unemployed to clothe themselves and furnish their homes without having to rely on charity.

1960's SNAP game, hours of drunken Campervan fun for us during the summer (10p)
  • You can find jumbles by searching the Classifieds in the local press (look online if, like me, you're too tight to buy a local paper) and also by keeping your eyes peeled for notices in shop windows or outside community centres.

1950's brooch, very autumnal, a bit shabby but only 5p
  • Jumble sales start at a specific time and it's best to get there early to join the queue. There's no point in turning up later than 15 minutes after the advertised time, there won't be anything worth having left.

Can you believe nobody else wanted these fabulous black gothic mirrors? Matalan are selling one a similiar size to the smaller one for £60, jumble sale price - a £1 for the pair.
  • Have the right entrance fee ready so the man at the door isn't fumbling for change and holding everyone up. 
Vintage Dunn &Co gent's faux shearling overcoat. I know a mod who'd kill for this. How much? 40p
  • When you get in run to the table that looks most appealing, once you've found a gap in the crowd stay there, swapping places along the line with the person next to you. Once you leave the throng it's hard to battle your way back in.
Huge wool Aztec print scarf, just the thing to brighten up a dull winter's day (20p)
  • Don't be afraid to grab, pick things off the floor, rummage in boxes or use your elbows, it's a jungle jumble out there. She who hesitates misses out.
Two pairs of unworn high-waisted ladies' shorts, made in West Germany so pre-1989.
  • Grab whatever takes your fancy, don't waste time looking at labels, sizes or checking for flaws. It's rare anything is priced above 50p and as it's for charity who cares if it isn't quite right? There's always a zip or some buttons you can salvage before taking it to the recycling bank.
1940's annual

  • Carry your haul over your arm until you've finished then hand it to the helper to tot up your final total. Don't be tempted to put your treasures down to rummage further or you'll find someone's made off with your booty.
Are those Victory Rolls I see?
  • Don't moan at the prices, jumble sales are run by volunteers raising money for worthy causes. If you resent paying 40p for a quality coat then there's something wrong with you.
This is an illustrated plate from the tale of "Land Girl Laura"
  • Bring some sturdy black bin bags with you, you don't want to loose your treasures on the way out because there's only ripped bags available behind the counter.
Have a fabulous Saturday night!

Don't forget to visit me tomorrow to see what I found on my charity shopping mission to another Black Country town earlier today.


  1. Thanks for the tips. Very much needed for a jumble newby like me x

  2. How I would love get into a good carboot, jumble o charity shop, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Enjoy your evening my friend and get some pics.

  3. Amazing finds this time Vix! I think the prints inside the baroque frames are lovely - shame you aren't keeping them :(

    I think I have a bit of a style crush on Land Girl Laura.

  4. I think the dress is versatile, have fun tonight!:D

    SNAP looks cool and the brooch is an amazing find!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. I love the frames you found.

  6. Lovely dress and great tips. Have to say I did find some things I liked turning up an hour after a jumble had started and it was much quieter - great if you're a bit shy like me!

  7. I LOVE that maxy dress!!! it is gorgeous xxx

  8. Some amazing and fun goodies there!The prices are just stunning!!!Even church fairs here are never that bargainacious!!
    Valuable information-things like jumbles can be a bit daunting,if like me,you aren't too fond of crowds!!
    Looking forward to the next booty display!!(oooer missus!)
    Love Helga xxxXXXxxx

  9. My God is that how you go out dressed to have an Indian? I must raise my game!
    My mouth hit the floor when I saw those mirrors! Oh. My. God. What a bargain!!

    I would love to do this one day but it does sound like carnage once you're in!

  10. Greats buys from the jumble. Totally agree with your rules: another good one is to have your partner nearby, so you can fill their arms up and keep rummaging yourself!

    I did 2 car boots and a jumble today. I was very late to the jumble so was bloody amazed at what I came out with; and so civilised!

    Absolutely brilliant coat, 40p superb!! ... :0)

    Shirl xxx

  11. Excellent tips. Specially about the bags. I love those mirrors. I am looking for some good mirrors. Well, even one would do. Need to get out there...

  12. Another amazing haul! Those mirrors were a steal,and the sheepskin coat - wow! I am typical british, stand in line no pushing, I am rubbish at boot sales and wouldn't dare venture into a jumble sale, until now - I will go to the next one in your name :)
    Kandi x

  13. Great tips Vix. The green dress is gorgeous too.

  14. When my family were young I had two boys two girls ,the eldest is fity now ! I loved a friday night jumble ,new out fits for me and the kids ,never much for hubby, men are difficult to prise stuff off ,lots of woolies to pull down and knit up again ,and look at the material in that item ,I could make ?? with it ,my kids were the best dressed on the block ,cos necessity is the mother of invention ,I loved your mirrors what a great bargain

  15. I cannot believe those beautiful mirrors were a pound. I'm always checking out my local shop windows for notice of a jumble sale, I've not been to one in years purely because I never find one. I must start being more methodical about checking gumtree or something to hunt them out. xxx

  16. I adore that dress!

    You always find the best bargains - sprinkle your bargain busting fairy dust this way as I'm hoping to find some tomorrow. x

  17. Great tips, I know old ladies can be brutal!

  18. I was never even at a jumble sale before! There never seems to be any in Dublin even though I always check the papers.
    40p for a quality coat?! In my local charity shops, it's at least 6 euro for a not-so-great quality coat. I envy your below 1 pound finds!

    x x x

  19. Sounds like a jungle out there! (It's the same everywhere, I think.)

    The mirrors are Xceptional! We have a LOT of mirrors around our house.

  20. Thanks for the tips! Wow, those mirrors are fabulous, and I can't believe how much you got them for!

    How sweet that you thought of me when you found the receipt for the bunny!! I certainly have a bit of an obsession developing!!!!

    Have a lovely day Vix :)

    xx Claire

  21. I have fond memories of jumble sales in my youth, but they just don't seem to happen any more in my neck of the woods -wish they did. xxx

  22. Fab tips, Vix! You know what is so funny? I was reading the first paragraph of your post to my husband, about the off-license and plonk, and I was like "we both speak English but I need a translator for that sentence!" Love it! XX!

  23. Such great tips! I am going to google if we have such sales around here! :)

  24. Hi my dear-wow, fabulous finds indeed, the mirrors and the gents coat were just awesome prices, well done indeed! I wish my area had more jumbles. they are more rarer in East London/Essex. Can't wait to see your other finds!! xx

  25. Are those picture frames metal? If so what paint would you use to paint them? I've got a metal framed mirror from Oxfam I want to paint but am terrified of messing it up.

    Fantastic tips, like MyStyle says above, jumbles are a rather rare in Essex but maybe I'll have more joy when I head west

  26. those little frames are gorgeous, I can't wait to see how you paint them!

  27. I cant believe the prices of your finds, Thats mental !!
    Love the aztec print scarf.

  28. lol that post was brilliant and what you said was totally right.
    My Mother in law does jumble sales a lot in the aid of a Diabetic charity. I have volunteered to help before and people quibble over 20p for a top! Its shocking!
    What annoys me more is people trying to steal things.
    A) Stealing is bad enough in anyones book but from a charity is just terrible
    B) Stealing it when its only 20p!! Madness

  29. Thanks for sharing all these lovely finds - and the tips! You did pretty good for having the brainpower of a gnat. :-)

    Happy Halloween!

  30. Fab tips! I would love the go car booting with you. Sure I'd do well.

    Love the prints, can't wait to see what you do with them. And the mod coat is such a find!

    Happy halloween. xxx

  31. I've never been to a jumble sale because I can never seem to find any! I'll be having a good search of my local paper and internet tonight though! Yet again amazing finds, I love that annual, I have a soft spot for vintage childrens book illustrations! xx

  32. ton univers est vraiment plaisant et quelle silouhette !

  33. Great jumble tips, Vix! May I just say that turquoise looks fabulous on you (I've already noticed this in today's post.) xxx

  34. Ah all these comments are making me reminisce about all the jumbles I've been to! Swapping places with people next to you is a must!

  35. Wouah, elle est fantastique, ta robe turquoise !
    J'aime, j'aime, j'aime...
    Elle a un charmant décolleté, sa fluidité est féminine à souhait !

  36. Dear Vix, another great dress and a gorgeous colour on you.

    I love the jumble sale tips. You have an amazing eye. I bet the Black Country grannies wince when they see you in the queue!

    The mirrors are beautiful, £1 for the pair is unbelievable! Well done xx

  37. The baroque frames are stunning! I can imagine the detail really coming out once painted up. Equally love those gothic mirrors too, these are all over the high street for ridiculous prices!

    Oh my the SNAP game is so wonderful! I love the prints and its authentic condition. This has to be one of my favourite finds.

    The 5p brooch is ever so stunning too; you really do know how to find the right stuff at jumbles. I can’t say I’ve been to a jumble sale in a good 10years or so (pretty shameful I know) xx

  38. Dear Vix,
    I cannot believe YOUR luck in scoring those AMAZING mirrors for a quid...totally Billy Bonkers!
    I spotted a huge gilt framed mirror at yesterday's car boot sale but didn't even ask the price, cause there is not a cats chance in hell that I can carry stuff like that back home....sometimes I do so wish that I had a donkey ;)
    I also really love the Aztec print scarf & the snap game brings me right back to those fun days of playschool.
    Lots of love,

  39. love the frames!! These are great tips. we dont have a whole lot of jumble sales where I live but now I really need to find one and see for myself!!

  40. i loved these tips. . those mirrors are amazing! it's amazing to see how beautifully you've furnished your home with such steals. i'm impressed

  41. amazing find..especially the baroque prints and the mirros were a steal my dear..I need to find a weekday boot sale here in England.

  42. i am so much in love with your finds! I still feel so bad I missed out on probably the only jumble sale in a long time in my area 2 weeks ago!


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