Friday, 15 October 2010

A Quiet Night In

My plans for this evening are:

1. A long, luxurious soak in the bath. 

2. A bottle of wine.

3. Painting my nails.

4. Eating chocolate.

Lounging on the settee in front of Come Dine With Me and Law and Order.

What are you up to?


  1. what a lovely post, vix. i may have to do something similar in the future if you don't mind?

    this evening i'll also be having a quiet night in too, i will be:
    1. writing a new blog post
    2. watching television
    3. having a long bath
    4. reading my latest v&a magazine
    5. deciding what to wear for tomorrow

    have a wonderful, relaxing evening! enjoy the wine :) xx

  2. Lovely! I'm doing something similar; snuggled up on the sofa with Lily (the dog), fire on, Shape choc dessert in hand while watching Thorne; Sleepyhead x

  3. Hi Vix, I'll be having a quiet night in too, doing very similar things, because tomorrow we're having friends over for a night of fun and frolics. Woo hoo! Enjoy your w/end!

  4. Love it!! Wow, sounds like you have a great night of relaxing in store for you!!
    Im not too sure what ill be doing...Im still @ work....I have the house to myself, THAT I know:)

    Stop by and say Hello♥
    Statements in Fashion Blog

  5. What a fab lazy evening! I am writing a blog post, drinking Prosecco and about to paint my nails (spooky huh?). I don't have quite the Barry M collection you have but I'll find something lovely no doubt :)

  6. You've got it all set up, Vix - sounds lovely. I'll take it easy, too. The blasted cold has come back, but I'm not alone, the cats are under the weather, too (Hot paws!). So we'll all cuddle up. xxx

  7. That's the way Vix. Sounds a perfect evening. I've got QI, a nice cuppa and a cat on my lap lined up! Have a lovely weekend. xxx

  8. Sounds lovely Vix. What a lovely stash of nail polish. I tidied mine out yesterday and must have about 50! I love fun nail colours. I`ve just created some sugarpaste butterflies for some cupcakes I`m making. They are drying nicely now ready for tomorrow. Thomas is in bed so I`m relaxing reading blogs and going have some pizza.
    Enjoy your evening.

  9. I am catching up with my blog reading, drinking wine, eating minstrels and trying to pretend that the sound of gun fire from some new game Lord Cherry is besotted with is not ringing in my ears ;-) I am trying to be nice to him, he has lost his wedding ring and is really gutted. xx

  10. love the nail polish! what nice colors!

  11. A quiet night at home as well.
    Tomorrow we are off to a wedding, so must keep the strength.
    It will be nice to get out again after 10 days in hospitals and house.Plan to take plenty photos , yeh, yeah, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  12. Sounds fab! What a luxe lounger you are too in that glam dress. Love that clawfoot bath. I want one of those!! I've been (just for a change ha!) - now worn out and staying in too.

  13. Budge up ,Im coming to join you on the couch ,shall I bring my own nail polish remover ? lol Jan xx

  14. Looks like you will be having a super evening! I spy a Barry M addict.... I am one too! I couldn't pick my favourite shade, often I wear a few at the same time :)
    I'm not doing much this evening, a quiet night in for me too just blogging, sorting photos into album and maybe i'll watch a film in a bit x

  15. Dear Vix, that sounds like a perfect Friday night. I'm doing much the same. It's just started pouring with rain outside and I'm in my pyjamas watching Come Dine With Me. Have a wonderful, relaxing evening xx

  16. Similar night here, pizza and a bath after watching TV with kids, too exhausted for anything else!
    Have a fab weekend.
    Kandi x

  17. Sounds like a good night!!! I was working til 8 so it's just been home, dinner, chat with hubby cos he's away at the moment, blog and catch up. And bed very soon cos I'm a big sleepy head. x

  18. What a faaabulous plan. I think you're the only person I know whose nail varnish collection includes six greens and a mere two pinks and two reds.

    My plan is more mundane, alas, before a hectic several days begins. Waiting for the delivery person to bring a heavily pepperoni-laden pizza and cheese bread, and drinking a Leinenkugel's "Octoberfest" brew from an autumn sampler pack we bought. If I have energy after the kids go to bed, I'll catch Thursday's recorded episode of Project Runway.

  19. sounds like a glamorous self-love time! i'm having a lazy weekend too. . enjoy yourself loads

  20. You look divine, and that wine glass is beautiful! I imagine you might have a set of them?

    Yummm, chocolate!! I love nothing more :)

    Xox Claire

  21. I love your bath. I love your dress. I love your couch. I love your life. If I were to have any life but my own (though I wouldn't trade my own for the world), I'd pick yours. You are just such a lovely and inspiring person. Much love!

    heart: Kimberellie

  22. Dear Vix,
    Unfortunately I've just been working...buhu!
    Not really that bad though cause I was working with the really fun & fabulous crew tonight, so monkey business & chuckles galore which always makes time go a whole lot quicker :)
    When I got back home Mark had made me some din dins; I know it’s really bad eating at midnight but I’m usually absolutely ravenous when I get back home from a long arduous slog & I have to wind down for several hours before I can even contemplate hitting the hay…one of the major drawbacks of working in hospitality, besides being paid in peanuts & having to deal with twatted twits.
    You look wonderful in that fabulous frock & you have a gorgeous glow today…must be that Friday feeling shining through ;)
    Hope you had a lovely night in my love!
    Take care,

  23. You forgot to add-Looking Hot!!!
    Sounds like my ideal kinda evening,in fact,we'll be doing something similar tonight!
    Love Helga xxxXXXxxx

  24. Oh my, this is my favorite outfit so far! I love the patterns and the colors. You make me want to go buy chocolate, don't tempt me lol xD

    It's a Saturday here, I'm just waiting for Grey's Anatomy :)

    Riding a cloud,

  25. Prexactly the same Vix!
    love the first hot, you look like you belong in Abigail's up tony...
    love that film xxx

  26. Oh.
    You have my dream bath. It's amazing!! You'd never fit it in my tiny excuse of a bathroom right enough but I love it nontheless and, really, what are we without a dream, eh? ;-)
    Evening sounded great too - you canNOT go wrong with wine, chocolate, CDWM and nail polish! Loving the ever so chic dress for lounging too - you put me to shame!

  27. I love your bath area and this sounds like a perfectly relaxing evening. I was awfully tired last night and was in bed terribly early, but it means i'm feeling a lot better today.
    I love seeing snippets from your home, always fascinating xx

  28. And I'm sure it's all done in super Vix style:). Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!! xo

  29. Ahhh your night sounded perfect. PERFECT

  30. Sounds like my day yesterday :) Except I spent time catching up on Mad Men & the Big Bang Theory.

  31. Hi my dear-hope you had a lovely evening and a good start to the weekend, this dress is just gorgeous too! x

  32. Sounds like a great cozy nite in, and you look very glamourous on your sofa. Love the color and pattern of your dress. I enjoy watching Come Dine With Me when I can remember when it's on. One of my fave episodes was when this lady scored someone really low because she didn't like her home - a really beautiful manor home - she was just jealous!

    Lovely evening you had, Bonnie

  33. Sounds great, hope you had a lovely night. We had curry, drank wine, and watched The Bride of Frankenstein!

  34. Thanks for the comment Vix. Yes it does feel odd and invasive, especially when things hold memories but you're limited in what you have space to keep x

  35. Hope you had a great night in, I too love nights in xx

  36. Sounds like a lovely Friday evening. My friend Paul was up visiting from Chester so we had Friday lunch out, lots of shopping, far too many cocktails and then chips on the way home - loads of fun! xx

  37. hi vix,

    your blog is soooo addictive! and i love the style of your photo on the sofa, it's very diane v. fuerstenberg ;)

    kisses from vienna,


  38. Ooooh...sounds lovely Vix! I do love your bathroom and you're such a glamorous woman. You look very Bond Girl circa 'The Spy Who Loved Me' years!

    Can't remember what I did now!


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