Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Striped jacket (£1.25), Vintage hat (50p) and 1970's scarf (50p) All car boot sale finds. Charity shopped men's dress pants revamped into shorts by me (£1), Birthday pressie bag (Marks & Spencer)

The super-glamorous Christina and the lovely Sal tagged me recently, here's my answers, hope you don't get bored with all the writing and images.

What's your favourite fashion accessory?
Jewellery! I've probably got enough to keep me going for years but I can't resist picking up even more trinkets from abroad and interesting vintage pieces at boot sales and charity shops. When I realised that I'd left my holdall at home when we got to IndieTracks last year I was more gutted about having to wearing the same pair of earrings all weekend than I was about having no clean knickers.
Some of my jewellery
Who's your fashion role model?
I don't have a role model. I like anyone who looks cool without looking like they've tried too hard. Give me mismatched street-style over an over-styled wag any day of the week.

What do you always carry with you?
Black eyeliner, cash, lipstick, house keys and shocking pink blusher.
Vintage maxi (£5 charity shop), Red denim clogs (75p car boot sale), Hat (50p car boot sale)
How would you describe your style?
1970's Rolling Stones groupie meets Woodstock refugee. It's all about smudged black eyeliner,bed-head hair, vintage maxis, killer heels, fake fur, big hats and lashings of ethnic jewellery.
Vintage maxi dress (20p Car boot sale)
What's your favourite?  Jeans, sunglasses or heels?
I can take or leave jeans but I'd struggle to choose between the specs and the shoes.
I've got a huge collection of vintage sunglasses which I've found in charity shops and at car boot sales. Here's some of my stash:

 My high heel collection is similarly extensive.

Some of my killer heels but don't tell my orthopaedic surgeon.
What inspired you to blog about fashion?
I wouldn't say my blog was fashion-based. I love clothes but not fashion, as soon as something becomes mainstream it bores me. I started my blog as my friends always love to see my bargain finds and I wanted to show it was possible to be unique and stylish without spending a fortune.
My kind of shop
What is your favourite fashion store?
I hate the high street, at one time each shop had it's own individual style but now you can find exactly the same everywhere you go just in varying degrees of quality. It's beyond me why anyone would want their clothes to be instantly identifiable as H&M or Primark. Give me a pile-it-high-sell-it-cheap charity shop any day of the week or eBay, of course.

This silk maxi dress was less than £3 from a street market in Tamil Nadu
What is your favourite fabric in clothing?
I'm not fussy! I do have a fondness for crimplene and other 1960's man-made fabric, the colours are so vibrant and they drip dry in less than an hour. When I'm travelling I do like silk, it's so cheap in India so I stock up on it each time I go.

Me in a Dollyrockers maxi (found for £9.99 on eBay) with the beautiful Jem
Who are your favourite designers?
To be honest I buy stuff I like and rarely bother looking at labels. I haven't a clue about contemporary designers. I love Dollyrockers if I can find it cheaply enough. I also love John Bate for Jean Varon, vintage Biba and I dream of finding an original Ossie Clark/Celia Birtwell collaboration piece.
More Dollyrockers, this skirt was 99p from eBay last December
Who or what inspires your style?
No-one really. My heart rules my head and I buy what I love. What suits others isn't necessarily going to suit me, I wear what I like in a way that feels right.

Would you choose to buy something high quality or make it yourself if you could?
I'm a novice dressmaker but love having a go at making or revamping stuff.

I made this maxi skirt from Terence Conran screen printed fabric I bought at a jumble sale

I made my festival poncho and rainhat out of a groovy flamingo shower curtain

I pass this tag onto ten of the blogs I love to read
(In no particular order)


  1. I love that jacket in the first pic. It has ruching. Ruching flatters everyone. Can we see that jacket again, please?

  2. You saved the best for last - that flamingo rain cape is amazing! Very inspiring, I am going to look out for groovy old shower curtains now. Really interesting reading your answers, and glad to find another lover of crimplene!

  3. Lovely post, Vix! I love that poncho. xxx

  4. Love the fact you made your poncho from a shower curtain - it's so cute! :) xx

  5. Ahh, thank you for tagging me, Vix. I love 'talking blog'. It's great to read all your answers - can't decide what I'd like to own more: Your sunglasses collection or your jewellery - or the fabulous diy rain poncho. xxx

  6. Hello sweet friend!
    What a lovely tagging game and I so enjoyed reading your responses too. it's a bit like a bird's eye view into your mind, thoughts and world. Greatly appreciated, and I do admire Dusk's and Sabine's blog, too;-)

  7. Some lovely outfits, no-one did the 70s IN the 1970s in my home town as well as you do it now, perhaps its the way you mix different trends that works so well.

  8. I enjoyed reading all your answers!! And Thank You for tagging me ... I have a feeling a lot of my answers will be similar to yours. I too like clothes and dressing up but not necessarily 'fashion' :) Loved all your pictures too!!! And your enviable jewelry collection!

  9. You are so funny and true. Wow, I could,n agree more with you in so many points...

  10. loved ur answers as well as all ur ur dollyrocker skirt and how u mixed up prints in that outfit. u have a very unique and individualistic style and its very apparent u love clothes and u wear what u love. thats what I like about u. dont ever change:-)

  11. Great answers hunnie...and love the photos of all of your collections.....:)

    Enter my F21 Giftcard Giveaway!!
    Statements in Fashion Blog

  12. I love your style and love the fact that you show us that you don't have to spend a fortune to look gorgeous and comfortable in your ow skin ;)
    I've been a follower long before I started blogging and I've gotten inspiration from many many posts :)
    Thank you for sharing!

    Have a lovely evening :)

  13. super un florilege de jolies tenues ;O)

  14. Vix, is that first photo a new one? I love everything about it esp. the jacket and hat.

    How fun that you have featured your ingenious flamingo poncho again. It's one of my favorites and your collection of specs would make even Jackie O envious!

    Here is a great idea - I think you should conduct charity shop/boot sale tours for us. I am always so impressed with your more than affordable finds. I would sign up immediately!

    The reason I really enjoy your blog is that you share the heart of Vix with us. We get to know about you through your own sensibilities and your own brand of personal style. I love it!

    Carry on, Bonnie :)

  15. Wow... what about your earring collection?!?! lol. That's great. Thanks for tagging me. I'll post before the week is out. You gave great answers, your such an individual. xx

  16. love the the whole thing!!! ur my kinda girl!!

  17. great sense of fashion! check out my new posts! and follow if you please! xoxo!

  18. I think you described exactly how I feel about the high street! The only places I really go now are M&S (undies!) and places where I can get Tall clothes, shocking.

  19. Dear Vix, You are FABULOUS.

    I keep saying the same thing about how much I admire your style but I do! You put looks together so well. And your bargains are something else.

    My absolute favourite on this post are - The hat in the first picture, the 20p maxi dress! I adore that print. The silk maxi dress from Tamil Nadu and the poncho and hat are inspired!!!

    Thank you too for your lovely comments at mine. Please get in touch through my profile and you can come and have a dressing up appointment at Mrs J whenever you like. You will have a field day in there xx

  20. Bored?! NEVER!!! You are such an inspiration,and are so unique and fabulous!!! Great reading,this post.Just proving yet again that you run rings around everyone as far as style.FAB pix.
    Ooo,I look forward to doing this!!!
    LOVE Helga xxxXXXxxx

  21. WOW ... you've found some amazing bargains!! Your maxi's are gorgeous. The silk one for £3 is my fav - what a steal!!

  22. What a treat to see so many of your lovely outfits in one post, I love your maxi dresses and all the those fab shoes. xxx

  23. Oh Viv you are you and brilliant! Love the photos and answers. Very inspiring xx

  24. I love this post Vix, i really do love your poncho! xxx

  25. Why thank you Miss Vix for tagging me! This looks like a fun post. I absolutely adore your first outfit, it's s cute and funky. you are very inspiring. Oh, and the poncho is AWESOME!!! xxx

  26. Such a great post! Loved reading your answers and loved seeing your wardrobe pics. That's quite a shoe and sunglasses collection there! I just seeing love your maxi dresses and that flamingo poncho is amazing!

    I was just reading all your answers thinking how difficult I'd find answering these questions then I get to the end of the post to see you've tagged me! Doh! Better get my thinking cap on (and the camera ready)...

  27. Love this post and love peeps with great individual style(bit envious with your fabulous bargain steals too:)!

  28. SAY WHAT!?! - this is some of THE most fabulous stuff! - the sunglasses, the shoes, the jewlery, the dresses *to die for*

    PS - GIVE-AWAY going on - just wanna spread the love!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  29. Hi Vix,

    Great post, I really loved your sunglasses collection, very cool!
    And your kind of shop is my kind of shop too ;-)


  30. I love jewelery too, and you have such an interesting collection there! A shop with individual style is just great.

    I can't stop staring at your bag. And the poncho is sweet!

    Thank you for your comment :)

    Swirls and twirls,

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  32. Gosh I just adore you Vix!! Seriously, you are awesome times ten. You are gorgeous and clever and delightful and cheerful and wonderful. And the first outfit is so very awesome indeed.


  33. I love these kinda posts, and any post that mentions your jewellery is alright by me. :)
    Love your outfit today, you really suit a hat, and that bag is gorgeous.


  34. you are such an inspiring person, vix! love the answers you provided!

  35. Oh I love this post so much! I love seeing your collections of wonderful things. When I think of maxi-dresses I think of you instantly, you have such an amazing collection.
    The homemade poncho is completely after my own heart, I’m so mesmerized xx

  36. Amazing Vix, I love learning more about you x

  37. Oh Vix, I could read these sorts of posts all day long. I love learning more about you and your fab life and wardrobe. Your description of your style is just perfection - I wish that I knew myself so well.

    Your high st answer really interests me. I think it's really hard for people who don't have such an eye for a bargain as you to shop outside the high st. I suppose I try and get around it by just picking up individual pieces that I really like and that work for me - I don't really care what shop they happen to come from.

  38. sunglass heaven........the pink flamingo hat and cape combo is truly inspired, brilliant!!

  39. Great post, Vix - and totally agree about charity shops being the best sort of shops - my favourite buys are always from car boots /charity shops. x


  41. I love the blue maxi you are wearing with the hat - fab!!

    Sal xXx

  42. NEVER ever get bored reading what you write and seeing photos of you and your wonderful style!! You are just AWESOME Vix!
    ...and thank you! I will play!

  43. Fantastic post! I love 'interview' type thingies!

    =) xx

  44. great post! this was a fun ride! my favorites are the skirt you made that is purple and blue and of course the flamingo rain poncho and hat! i also love your authentic style.

  45. Oh my goodness, I've missed a few of your posts and see that you've tagged me. Thank you so much, that's a first for me. I really enjoyed reading this - aaaahhhh, you are a breath of fresh air Vix! xoxo

  46. I love the Dolly rockers dress! Seems like a pretty rare label to find. Plus, it's a great Syd Barrett song : ).

    I too hoard vintage sunglasses, and am starting to amass a large collection of jewelry too.

    Nice to see someone who dares to wear maxi's.

  47. Wowzers! I love love love your flamingo stuff plus, basically, all your finds. The UK has the most fantastic charity shops in the world! Sigh! Delighted to stumble upon your blog too.
    x Comtesse x

  48. Great post! That silk maxi dress is amazing, I think I am in love with it!!


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