Monday, 5 July 2010

Vintage Vanity

My official photographer's got car trouble today so I'm being green and recycling a couple of old photos.

I was thrilled to find this fabulous 1960's Lady Schick hairdryer at yesterday's car boot for a princely sum of £2. It's in perfect working order and even has a setting for wigs.

I don't intend to use it, we have plans for an alternative use.

Such a marvellous beast.

More vintage grooming girlie bits I own:

1950's Stratton compact and Stratton pocket ashtray (I don't smoke but it's just too cute)

My 1930's leather vanity case bought from a car boot sale.

1930's framed photograph believed to be from a hair salon

Monogrammed silver dressing table set and perfume bottle which belonged to my late Grandma

Boxed 1950's powder puff from a jumble sale. The lady charged me 50p because it was "vintage".

The 1960's Elizabeth Arden "Introductory Set" was £1. I'm itching to try the shell pink lippie and the eyeliner but it seems a shame to open them.


  1. Too much beautiful stuff there! The vanity case is so beautiful. It's great that your Lady Schlick hair thingy has a setting for wigs :)
    I love that last photo of you what a gorgeous wrap.
    Kandi x

  2. Love the kimono. The dome shape of those hairdryers is just perfect. Official photographer. Chauffeur. You aren't half grand, Missus.

  3. Love the hairdryer - there's a bar in New York called The Beauty Bar which basically is an old hairdressing salon with all the original dryers. It's fab. You'd love it!

  4. I have a similar kimono in Red. Your official phootgrapher has car trouble? Poor thing. Hope he gets car sorted as quickly as possible. I adore the vintage case, silver dressing table set, and your girlie bits;-)

  5. what lovely photographs, i want your lifestyle, vix! you have the most wonderful family heirlooms, the dressing table set is just beautiful. i also adore the elizabeth arden set, if it was mine i probably wouldn't want to open it either. but wouldn't it just be amazing to try it on?!

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  6. I love the stratton compact and ashtray. I must get around to showing my little collection of compacts, those things are addictive!

  7. I love that wallpaper in the background of the leather vanity case shot - so fab. Love the wee ashtray too - the pic on the top is delightful. xx

  8. Crikey-that vanity case is a dream!!And the compact!!!I'm kicking myself,as I saw a QEII compact a while back,but didn't get it cos it was $25....but I do wish I'd bought it despite the price.
    Love the hairdryer!It's too cool!!And that flamingo wallpaper is giving me a wide on.Drool!
    You look beautiful as you primp,my darling!beautiful!!!
    LOVE Helga XXX

  9. I love those hairdryers, what are you going to use it for? That powder puff is swansdown, by far the best type, I recently sold one for heaps, they're lovely.

  10. Hi Vix,
    I just love the name 'Lady Schtick' :)
    I've never come across one of those before but I've seen vintage curling tongs aplenty on my travels; never actually bought one though.
    I think my hubby would start crying if I started bringing home old electrical odds & sods as well but I have to say that it is ever so tempting especially when there is a pristine original box involved too.
    Alas I have to draw the line somewhere as space is a sparse commodity in this house; I don't want to end up another freak headline in 'The Sun' "Woman crushed to death by car boot clutter avalanche".
    I can't wait to find out what your alternative use for it will be...very exciting :)

  11. thats so awesome, I love the hair dryer, so cool! I totally want to do a photoshoot with all that!
    Yeah was a shame about martha trust, I enjoyed that blog, but it has given me the opportunity to resurrect my Illusration and personal one, which I am enjoying :)
    Thanks xx

  12. The vintage hair-dryer looks amazing; I just hope it won't fry your hair! xxx

  13. I remember those hairdryers, Vix, I even had a portable one myself, a blue one. Love all the pictures and I also enjoyed the pic of you in your great gran's wedding dress. Lovely.

  14. Everything is so lovely! xo

  15. I really hope you're going to tell us what this alternative use for the hairdryer is...

  16. Hi Vix, fantastic finds! I love the hairdryer.
    Your Great Grandmothers wedding dress is stunning. I have my Great Grandmothers veil, but i have no intention of getting married so i just unwrap it and look at it every now and again :) Have a lovely day xxx

  17. the vanity case is to die for! and the first portrait with you on a fur coat looks like a vintage poster :D

  18. I'm jealous, I'm jealous, I'm jealous !!!!

  19. Wonderful pictures! Love that bathroom mirror and the hair dryer looks amazing :)

  20. Hi Vix,

    I love your vintage finds! They are all so adorable, your house is probably my ideal of decoration too!
    Hope you have been well doll! And thanks so much for voting for me I really appreciate it.

    Love xoxoxoxox

  21. That hairdryer is amazing!! Are you going to turn it into a reading lamp?! :)
    Love the beauty bits you've got. And the picture at the end with you in your kimono is beautiful.

    x xx

  22. Kel gets the award for guessing what I'm planning to do with the hairdryer!!

    Kitty - so the powder puff is swansdown? How swanky! Shall have to invest in some posh talc.

  23. Love the treaures!
    You are so creative!

  24. Great Hairdryer! I found on that is a plastic bag-like hat with a hose coming out of it. I still use my original lighted make-up mirror from the 70's. The things back then were so much better quality. I'd go for it and use the make-up before it goes bad, as I have no doubt the booty gods will send you more :) I also adore the compact and ashtray and the puff with the really long handle!

  25. Can't blame you for wanting to open that Elizabeth Arden set, I would be desperate to have a play with it! I love that 30s vanity case!

  26. My Nan had exactly that same hairdryer! It was in regular use until it finally gave up the ghost probably about ten years ago, it was ancient!


  27. I'm sure I had an Elizabeth Arden set like that as a young girl in the 60s. Showing my age now! I love reading your blogs. They're so interesting.

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