Thursday, 8 July 2010

Kate, Stevie and Alice too

Despite the showery start the weekly car boot sale was in full swing when we arrived at just after 8am this morning. Today's bargains included these still tagged Kate Moss at TopShop shorts which I'd been lusting after for ages. I probably wouldn't wear them for a trip into town but in cidered-up festival mode I'd be more than ready to face the public.

Kate Moss shorts (£1), Vintage broderie-anglaise blouse (50p), 1980's leather pirate boots (25p) All car boot sale finds. 

Total cost: £1.75. My cheapest outfit yet?

This leather "Longchamp" cartridge bag does need some TLC but for £1 I thought it was worth a gamble. I recognised the name and Googled it when I got back. By an uncanny coincidence Kate Moss also designs a range for them.

I spotted this vintage lurex "Third Eye" frock on an elderly eccentrically dressed lady's stall.
She only wanted £2 for it. Teamed with some chunky ankle boots, curled hair and a floppy hat I'll be unleashing my inner Stevie Nicks.

This hardback edition of Alice In Wonderland was 50p. The cover's quite tatty which can only mean that it was much loved by the child who was awarded it as a Sunday School attendence prize in 1935.

The illustrations are very sweet and worthy of framing.

I love Alice's flapper-style bobbed hair-do.

My roots looked horrendous on Tuesday's blog post. Here's another Vix tip, don't use Garnier's HerbaShine hair colour, it only lasted a fortnight.


  1. Fabulous finds, Vix! I LOVE that Longchamp bag, they're one of the my favorite designers! You did great! XO!

  2. I can't say I'd noticed your roots but your hair is looking deliciously shiny in today's pics.

    The book is amazing but please don't frame the illustrations! It makes me sad when people chop up books :(

    The clothing finds are just fab. Your legs look amazing in those stripy shorts and the dress is so ott it's incredible!

  3. What a bloody cheap outfit, not that it looks it!! Round of applause for you. :)
    Those illustrations will look so cute framed (I'm thinking in different designed gold/brass/antique looking frames)

    Herbashine was always a winner with Red, but if your hair grows as quick as it seems to then I'm a/ jealous, and b/ not surprised.

    X x

  4. The Lurex Stevie Nicks outfit would be perfect for my Stevie Nicks tribute shows, can I have? LOL! Love the blog, Cheers!

    Sister Of the Moon

  5. Great potential in that book.
    That broderie anglaise top has been a complete wardrobe staple this summer. Amazing that we've had the weather for it!

  6. The shorts! The legs! *Fans self* Just don't wear them near any busy roads alright? Yowsers.

    Not sure what kind Herbashine is, but I swear by Casting semi-permenant. Everytime I've tried something different (semi and permenant) I've always gone back.

    TAFKA Roo Paprika (unable to remember her password. Again)

  7. Your outfit is fab... love the shorts!
    The bag is gorgeous I have a real thing for tan satchels.


  8. Oh Vixen! You make want to follow you to that boot sale of yours. You the best things!
    Love this look. The sleeves are so big and puffy <3
    And third eye frock is such an insane name :O
    I love it!

  9. Fab bargains, i have to say this, you have the most fabulos figure and would look great in anything!!

    Sharron xxxx

  10. brilliant bargains, you look absolutely stunning, vix! your legs are simply amazing, you look lovely in these shorts!

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  11. Great finds. xxx

  12. u have really great legs!! love ur shoes and the whole outfit..I am dying to see u wear that vintage lurex frock!! u will totally rock:-)

  13. I love the shorts Vix! Fab! I used to have one of those Longchamp handbags. We are still deciding whether to go to Camper Jam. If we do, we won't be camping this time and we would probably do Sunday. Lynda xxx

  14. Great outfit and those shorts are fab! Fantastic bargain outfit.

    I've been moaning about my hair colour recently - can't seem to find one that lasts more than a couple of weeks and they are supposed to be permanent!

  15. you always find such unbelievable pieces! you look amazing as well!

  16. fab outfit my dear, and the hair is looking marvelous today, I use schwarzkopf live color xxl cyber blue on my hair and it has good staying power, I think they do a jet black if you don't fancy a navy tinge to your hair.

    Am loving the 80's boots and vintage leather bag, and those hot pants look fab on you :) xx

  17. I can't believe you got those Kate Moss shorts for that price - soooo jealous! You most definitely have the legs for them (cider or no cider). That lurex dres is really fab too.

    Alice in Wonderland was the first book I managed to read on my own. My dad says I was 3 but I think his memory is playing tricks on him (either that or I was a child prodigy that has failed to live up to youthful potential!).


  18. You look TOO hot in those shorts!!!FOXY MINX!!!
    What fabbo scores,those Alice illustrations are brill!
    I love Stevie Nicks,you be divine swanning around in that lurex number!Lurex is FAB!

    LOVE Helga XXX

  19. WOW! you got some great bargins, especially the outfit. The blouse looks so good with the shorts. x

  20. want the boots and the shorts (in same price a you paid)
    it is all so wonderful!

  21. Dear Vix,
    SNAP...I found some shorts today too ;)
    Not of the Kate Moss variety but still rather dandy in my opinion anyway.
    The 'Third Eye' frock is a vision to behold, I totally love that & can see you lounging in the garden of an evening wearing that drinking Pimms & lemonade.
    I don't think the Longchamp bag looks worse for wear at all...anyway the well travelled & slightly battered look seems to be quite 'du jour' at the moment, judging from the prices some of those vintage satchels on eBay are fetching...totally bonkers!

  22. you're truly the queen of vintage!! lol i can't believe you pulled that look together for less than £2!!! i love the blouse a lot, the large flip is amazing!

  23. The illustrations in the hardback edition of Alice In Wonderland are amazing. Love used books!

  24. I love this "off the shoulder" look. You look great as usual!


  25. The shorts look brilliant on you and I don't think you need to wait until you're at a festival at all. What a completely fab dress, you really can't beat a bit of lurex! Can't wait to see how you style it.


  26. Beautiful outfit as always, I really love those shorts!

  27. Smoking HOT!
    Thanx for the heads up on the garnier, I was thinking of changing brands, hmm, maybe not.
    Loving the Lurex dress, can not wait to see you style it up, Vixen style!

  28. Great bargains .. again!!!

    I have a an Alice in wonderland book like that, that was my mums so I presume from the 50's! The pictures are great!

    Strange thing is I was only thinking about finding it out y'day to re-read!

    Sal xXx

  29. Oh I love that top. And a Longchamp bag for £11???? WOW! Bargain Gods were smiling on you!
    ....your legs...dayam woman...!


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