Friday, 23 July 2010

The Devil's In The Detail

Vintage 1960's dress, Heeled patent brogues,Vintage Indian tote, Sheffield steel plated pendant, gents' black socks, Assorted plastic cocktail rings (All second-hand finds)

I nearly made myself late for my friday swim this morning all in a tizz about what to wear with my green frock.

Knee-high boots were too wintery, sandals showed a tad too much leg, ankle books looked too clunky so I went for some charity-shopped black patent heeled brogues and more socks stolen from the old man's drawer.

The dress is an "Almedahl of Sweden" and another £2.50 find on Ebay this week. I'm not familiar with the maker, perhaps my favourite Scandanavian minx, Calamity Jem, knows of it? 

My oversized velvet tote was just the right size to carry my swimming togs and any charity shop bargains I found along the way (just a groovy teeshirt for Jon).

I found this fab pendant in amongst a box of house clearance tat at the car boot sale yesterday morning. It's stamped "Lord Python Designs Ltd., Sheffield, England". I thought 50p was a fair price so didn't bother haggling.

I've just got time to clear away the mess I created this morning during my wardrobe crisis before I go out. We're introducing a friend's Spanish boyfriend to the delights of the Black Country boozer. Care to join us for a pint of mild, a pickled egg and a pork scatching, anyone?


  1. Love the bag. Want to see those shoes better though.

    Hold the pork scratchings. What about grey peas?

  2. Ooh i love pickled eggs. Yes please. The green dress is gorgeous.

  3. Yay, I love it when you wear green. You look super in 60's dresses and I really like the pairing of it with those funky brogues.

    I'd love a pub session with you but you can keep the pickled egg - bleurgh!!

  4. You look great, love the green on you. I might invite myself to join you at the pub but not sure what pork scratching is. Do I want to know?

    XO, Bonnie

    PS - loved all the funny comments on ugly art!

  5. I love that green on you! Looking fabulous as ever Vix - I'm always looking forward to reading about your new finds!

    Lou x -

  6. You don't half suit that colour! Must say that your hair is looking very fab today!
    Kandi x

  7. I love the color of this dress. The bag and necklace are also fab..hey, whats pork scatching??

  8. What a gorgeous dress. You look amazing. Enjoy your weekend. xx

  9. Some people can show that fashion is an art.Fashion doesn't mean trend. I don't like trends or dressing like so many other womens.
    I'm so thankful that secondhand and vintage stores exist! ;))
    Vix,by the way you dress,you can call yourself an artist.
    My hair is short now.I wanted this way,but I kind of miss my long hair.It was longer than you saw it in the pic.By the way,thank you!

  10. Fab colour on you Vix and looks great with your lovely dark hair.

  11. See Vix, you are a real lady in the best sense of the word because even when you go swimming everything is just perfect - I would probably slopped to the pool in a pair of old treckies...
    Enjoy your English evening mit Spanish guest! Hola! xxx

  12. Mmm pork scratchings! That green is a gorgeous shade and you, and look at your lovely legs xxx

  13. Hi there Vix,
    I have a serious case of ebay/CS envy! The CS here in Cambridge never have anything for 50p more like £7! and I never see any thing on ebay thats a bargain - I need help! Do you bid ahead or get into bidding wars - also, how do you search for items. Whenever i search for a vintage dress it seems the word'vintage' makes the price twice the price.
    Loving your outfits, especially the price for total lot. I could sniff out the items at a push but I'm sure it would cost more like £50 a pop!
    Jilly Cambridge UK

  14. Ooh just love that dress, what gorgeous sleeves, fab find!

  15. Well I could do without the pickled egg, but would love a pint of mild and some pork scratchings. That shade of green really suits you - I do so love coming on here everyday and seeing all your bargains. Linda xx

  16. Indeedy you really suit this colour Vix, bloody gorgeous!
    Might have to nip over to steal that bag too...och i may as well nab that fab dress while i'm there ;)


  17. How on earth do you with swim with such fantabulous hair? I'd have much admiration for your non-stop glamour.

    I'm not sure if this is just an Essex thing, but the ONLY way to eat a pickled egg is to pop it in a bag of ready salted crisps with a dash of worcestershire sauce (vegetarians can use Hendersons). Divine. Your Spanish friend will never go back to tapas after such a delight

  18. very lux look!!

  19. You're definitely a 'green goddess', it's a great colour on you.
    I was wondering if you're a vegetarian (after the dinner party post)? If so, what are your thoughts on vintage leather and suede (shoes and/or clothes) - would you wear them? I see lots of nice old leather/suede shoes, but I'm not sure whether to go for them as I won't wear new ones in animal skin.

  20. O...I love your black bag, great embroidery, and the green fabulous.

  21. Yes, I shall join you. Sounds lovely! As is your outfit! LOVELY!! And a wardrobe tizzy I oft have...too oft really. I think I ought to start laying my clothes out the night before like a good girl!

  22. Yes,I'd love to join you,darling!!!
    Ha,I go mad when I have a wardrobe malfunction like that,which is fairly frequently,as I am such a matchy matchy girl!!I never have the right shade of pink shoes!!!Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!
    That green frock rocks!O-I got my parcel,darling!!!!Thank you!!!!I love it ALL,and G is rather impressed with his "foulard"!!!!
    LOVE Helga xxxXXXxxx

  23. Count me in. As if you didn't know that.x.

  24. love this green outfit paired with this gorgeous embroided bag!
    i'm really looking forward to see more new of your thirft and vintage finds! looking at you finds is alway so inspiring...

  25. The green is such a great color on you! And lovely bag :)

  26. Love the long sleeved/short length dress on you!

  27. I am glad to hear it's not just me who has a wardrobe crisis every now and again.
    I love the velvet tote, perfect for hidden treasures xx

  28. ur outfits make us smile... a happy smile! lovin the peaceful green:))

  29. Dear Vix,
    That is a truly lush dress!
    I can’t say that it’s a name I’m familiar with as a Swedish vintage clothing label but I know of 'Almedahl' the textile manufacturer; a company with a history going back to the mid 1800, that is still going today.
    I love the retro pattern on the dress & the colour is totally mesmerising…
    awesome score my dear & you wear it so fabulously well!

  30. Thank you so much!!
    @ jaljen: Along with the faggots and mushy peas they stop serving the bacon and grey peas at 5pm.
    @Bonnie and Bollywood: scratching information in the next post....
    @Sabine: My swimming group tell me that they look forward to my outfits so I can't disappoint my old dears!
    @Jill: I swear by using a sniping tool when I'm after something on eBay. I put in my maximum bid and walk away, stops me being caught up in a bidding frenzy. Never search using buzz-words like "vintage" or "maxi" because everyone finds them.
    @Roo P: Interesting concept. I'll have to try it out.
    @Rose&Bird: Yes, a veggie for most of my life. I do wear vintage leather and suede, I've wrestled with the hypocracy of it but figure that as it's out there it's a crime to leave it for landfill. It's the buying of new hide products that I avoid as it's fuelling the need to kill more animals.

  31. you nailed it with the black lace ups and the socks are perfect. my gold python sandles would have been dandy too. here they


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