Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Reasons To Be Cheerful

What a miserable day! I dunno about "Flaming June", it's been one of those depressing days when I've lacked the motivation to do anything. What with torrential rain, a sky that's stayed grey all day and the sad demise of Stuart Cable, ex-Stereophonics drummer and Kerrang Radio's greatest DJ, it's enough to make you go back to bed. 

Still despite the greyness there's been a few things to smile about. 

Firstly, the arrival of these gorgeous blooms from a dear friend's mother :

Then the announcement of the flight sale at Air Asia starting at 5pm today which could mean another long-haul trip before the end of the year. We were thinking of a cheeky week away in Europe during the summer but perhaps I'll hold out for a return to India.

 This dress always makes me smile. I remade it from a 1960's jumble sale nightdress and it was all I had to wear when we pitched camp at the IndieTracks festival last year and discovered we've forgotten to pack our clothes. How hilarious that was! Well, it was after a few cans of cider...

....I rather liked it with my vintage high-heeled wellies (a 75p charity shop find), mind you I had little choice.

My wild garden always raises a grin, our rather murky pond is home to a huge family of frogs, newts and tadpoles. The bramble hedge has a plethora of juicy blackberries come late summer.

A couple of hours chatting on-line to the wondrous Helga always makes my day!

A shiny new interiors magazine, a chilled bottle of Pinot Grigio and some delicious nectarines....yum, yum.... a summer delight!

Finally, your wonderful comments always raise a smile! Thanks so much for reading, you dear people.


  1. I love your garden. Nothing better than touching trees. Maybe a few things better but tree-touching is definitely near the top of the list. I greet them some days when I walk the critters in the woods. They're very friendly.

  2. What a wonderful dress! How on earth did you manage with just that for a festival though?! Very impressive light packing, even if it was entirely accidental ;-)

    I'm going to rummage through my bookshelves when I get home - if I've got some spare Georgette Heyer books (and I should have!) then I'll pop them in the post to you and you can see if you like her stuff.

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  4. *garden jealousy*

    I love your reasons to be cheerful and the tales of ending up at a festival with no packed clothes. I love random festival experiences, they are always the most memorable, like the time I got adopted by two fairies and a man who insisted he was Jesus at Glastonbury because they liked my hat (this really happened, I may not have believed my own memory had I not had other witnesses).

  5. What a delightful garden you have, and how thoughtful your friend is to send such cheerful flower. Nectarines with wine - sounds like summer. I adore the happy colours of your dress - looks so Chic on you , too. Left you a little something on my blog;-)

  6. POlka dots always cheer me up:-) and the wine with nectarines sounds perfect on summer day!! I still cant believe u made it out of a nightdress!!

  7. Lovely stuff, dear Vix! Looking fab as always - those heeled wellies are so utterly YOU.

    Thank you for your kind comment on yesterday's post... I may take up your offer of a chat as I'm sure you'll fully endorse my plans! :) x

  8. OMG I adore that dress its stunning and I love the boots too xx

  9. Dear Vix,
    it is very disappointing indeed when the weather in June is ghastly.
    My main reason for adoring June, besides the delightful longer daylight hours, is the fact that the midgey season hasn’t yet gone cataclysmic & you can actually sit outside in the evening without being eaten alive by swarms of miniscule bloodsucking flying critters; it just seems such a shame when you can’t make the most of the light evenings because of pishy dreichness…. it’s just not fair!
    Love the candy coloured dress…it’s utterly adorable!

  10. You are so brave laughing off forgetting to pack stuff, that would have been a major crisis for me, I really should chill out more. Dress is really cheery even though the weather isn't.
    Kandi x

  11. Those wellies are amazing!! And I love that dress, it looks fab at you.

    Just been catching up on your earlier posts, I will look out for you at Glastonbury! :)

  12. I love that dress and your wellies are fantastic! Have a lovely evening xxx

  13. OMG how many ways do I adore that frock!!!Arrgh!!It is TOO DIE FOR!!!
    Mmmm,plonk,an interior decorating mag and fresh fruit-how delightful!
    darling,whiling away the hours chatting with you is what I live for right now!!!
    LOVE Helga xxx

  14. I lOVE this dress! You are my super-hero chicka!!! I'd love to chat about your trips to India some day. I'm off in 2 days to visit my MOM/DAD in west KY (bout 51/2 hr drive) at 85mph, so I will hopefully snag some goodies at the yard sales, a big tradition for my Mom and me in summer. I am gonna hug her x-tra tight this trip :) The wine and fruit look yummy. I am officially off meat again-an ongoing battle- and my doc. is glad. Growing up in the south, meat and potatoes were the usual meal of the day. Now my body (and soul) won't tolerate it. I'll pop some shots while there ;)

  15. That dress is absolutely adorable. The colors are so pretty and the design is so fun! You look fantastic. :)

    I'm sorry you were having such a bad day though. I hope you feel better now. Pinot Grigio and nectarines sound divine right now. I know that would cheer me up! ;)

  16. LOVE that dress! At least you got stranded with something beautiful to wear. I've never forgotten my clothes but I'm always forgetting underwear, whoops!


  17. With so much bad stuff going on, this post was fab.
    Great dress, and heeled wellies? only you!! :)
    Flowers in the house always make me smile, and from a friend even better.

    X xxx

  18. Strange, I also felt totally washed out yesterday - It must have been the westerly, moist breeze. So happy to see you are celebrating the little, good things in life - flowers, apples, a beautiful garden (not so little), a cheerful dress (love it!). Plus, vintage high-heeled wellies have to put a smile to your face! xxx

  19. Here in Germany it was pretty cloudy, windy and kind of cold for a looooooong time :) So much so that I was getting used to it, despite being born and having lived most of my life in beautiful trooical Brazil. Thank goodness the sun came back and we're having wonderful warm days :)
    You look lovely and your dress is very cute :)

  20. The weather's been awful the last couple of days. But I love, love, LOVE those boots. They're gorgeous!

  21. Lots and LOTS of reasons to be cheerful and your gorgeousness is the topmost!!

    I LOVE the arrangent on/of the telephone table! And high-heeled wellies? I want! I love wild gardens, ours is like that too, overly neat and cultivated gardens scare me!

  22. cute dress! and India or Europe?! what a "hard" decision! haha i'm sure you will have tons of fun!

  23. That dress is wonderful and the print certainly makes me cheerful.
    Sounds like lots of great ways to pass the time. I like nothing better than a good mag and a drink! x

  24. Oh my, I used to own a red dial telephone. I am in search of another one. Your dress is so playful and pretty.
    Pino Grigio and nectorines, Delicious.

  25. The weather may be awful, but at least you are wearing a pretty, cheerful dress!

  26. That circle dress with wellies is such a cute look. A bottle of pinot and a glossy mag as a treat - a woman after my own heart! (can't seem to leave any in the bottle for the next day though - is that possible??). xx

  27. Gorgeous dress! Imagine you still looked festival chic even with only one outfit!


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