Sunday 20 June 2010

Fun With Curtains!

Maxi skirt (Hand-made), Vintage Broiderie-Anglaise blouse (Yesterday's car boot sale), 1980's statement earrings and assorted wood and silver bangles, Platform clogs (Local high street boutique)
I can't resist snapping up old curtains at jumble sales and car boot sales. 
As well as being cheap and versatile, 1960's screen prints are so vibrant and gorgeous, far too fabulous to confine to interior design projects.

I made this maxi skirt a couple of years ago using a 1969 dress-making pattern and a pair of vintage jumble sale curtains made from a 1960's Terence Conran (Pre-Habitat) fabric.

My completed patchwork curtains in situ. Eagle-eyed readers may spot some remnants from my skirt. The French mannequin is wearing Great-Great Grandfather's Cheshire Rifleman's jacket which saw active service in the Boer War. The table and chair are both jumble sale finds. The green glass chandelier was a birthday treat.

The lime "Firecracker" print is more 1960's Terence Conran fabric, originally curtains from my first house over 20 years ago. 

There's also some Shantung silk salvaged from a ruined kimono, a pillowcase from a set my parents had as a wedding present and some antique embroidered anti-macassars.

My next project is to utilise this groovy flamengo shower curtain I bought at the car boot sale yesterday for £1. 

I'm thinking of a mac using this early-1950's Butterick pattern. I don't think I'll complete it before Glastonbury, but there's plenty more festivals lined up this summer.


  1. Wow!!! FANTASTIC skirt, AMAZING curtains and I'll be so jealous of your mac once it is done!


  2. Wow, awesome skirt, awesome curtains, and I love flamingos so awesome shower curtain!

  3. I cannot wait to see what you turn the flamingo mac into :)

    Btw, I got that dress yesterday - from my last post? The purple maxi dress.. now I need to find the courage to actually wear it!

  4. Thanks for the comment - we must have been leaving each other comments at about the same time!
    Cheers for the tip, I'll have to remember to check that out :)

  5. Those finished curtains are a treasure!
    Kandi x

  6. You look beautiful Vix, that top is stunning on you.
    And the curtains, they are fab!! Clever you.

    X x

  7. Beautiful, beautiful top.
    Your life is like one of those homes & gardens/interiors magazines.

  8. AW! the skirt used to be a curtain?? so beautiful

  9. omg i love those curtains, they are stunning!, well done you! :0)


  10. Ahh Vix looking lovely as ever!
    So creative, I'm so keen to start making my own clothes - you've inspired me!
    Lou x -

  11. It's a very beautiful skirt :) !

  12. Ohh, wonderful. Absolutely loving the curtain. I really need to finish making some stuff for my flat, I'm great at starting things, just awful at finishing...

    How do you stitch the shower curtain? Do you just run it through the machine with normal thread?

  13. That's exceptionally resourceful, and to fabulous effect. I worry about making curtains into clothes in case they look like I've turned curtains into clothes... but your skirt has convinced me. That's if my sewing abilities can rise to the challenge. x

  14. I'm in total and utter awe. Your home is just DIVINE. Those curtains BLOW MY MIND! And I cannot WAIT to see how the pink flamingo mac turns out!

    Love you and your blog more and more each day. xx

  15. The maxi skirt looks great! I really want live in your house, have a spare bedroom? haha
    Those curtains are amazing! Can't wait to see what you make out of the shower curtain! I see you joined the 'ad free' blogs club ha

    Much love
    x x x x x

  16. Your DIY is amazing, Vix. I've started a similar curtain once... It's somewhere in a cupboard waiting patiently to be finished (one day). And a big YES to the transformation of curtains to skirts. xxx

  17. Dear Vix,
    WOW times a million!
    As you know I’m a complete fabric & print geek so I’m nigh on wetting myself looking at those curtains.
    All the fabrics you’ve used are utterly lovely & the curtains look stunning with the light permeating through them; you’ve done a great job :)
    The skirt is also utterly splendid & it would be a great shame to keep a fabric with such a divine print for interior design projects only.
    Vintage curtains, cloths & bedding form a great fabric resource that I myself often tap into; it’s inexpensive & frequently of very good quality/colour intensity.
    Regarding the refashioning of the flamingo shower curtain, it’s uncanny how our thought processes seemingly almost mirror image each other every now & again.
    Just the other day I bought a skull print shower curtain from the £1 shop with the intention of making a rain poncho out of it, however when I got it home I realized that it was unfit for this purpose :(
    I think you will have more joy with your £1 buy as I have no doubt the quality of your shower curtain reigns supreme over my poundland blunder; once finished it will look stonking & I will be ever so envious as I love flamingos ;)

  18. OMG I ADORE those curtains-the pic is framed so beautifully,with the peep of chandelier & all the light!!I LOVE THEM!!And I love your maxi!Retro sheets,and general furnishing fabrics are so fabulous,I have some tucked away for frock/coat projects,and I have a gorgeous yellow/green single set I use for guests.(On the daybed in mys ewing/dressing room.)
    I freakin love flamingo prints,so am rather envious of that shower curtain!What a great mac that'll make!Just that over some frilly pink knickers would be sublime!!!
    LOVE Helga XXX

  19. The curtains are incredible! I could look at them for hours and still not see all the detail. What a stunning, memorable creation!

    And your house! I need a tour! Vix, you really are an amazing person! Keep those creative juices flowing & engaged!

  20. I love how each piece of your curtain is sentimental in it's own way...and they look groovey! Love the skirt, you wear maxis so well!

  21. You are so amazingly creative. I love your house. And I love your style. And I so much so much love all the history and family connection you have! That must be so cool! Thank you for sharing with us! You are awesome.

  22. Hi Vix, you look absolutely stunning in this outfit and I love the patchwork curtains. Such a great idea.

    I've enjoyed catching up with you. I love your home it's beautiful and historical AND I loved your green day post. I'm sure I had a skirt like that at one time. Love your green nails!

    You have such a fun blog!


  23. I am so totally feeling that skirt! Very cute.

  24. Those patchwork curtains are to die for!! I love them!!!

  25. Ooo, you diod such a great job on the Maxi skirt. It's so nice.

  26. That shower curtain is immense! Cannot wait to see what you end up making from it.

    The patchwork curtains are absolutely gorgeous. How long did they take to make? Must have been a real labour of love!

  27. That's such a beautiful skirt! I love the colors.

  28. this curtain-turned-skirt post is very inspiring. while the skirt is a work in itself the curtains are absolutely original and very exciting!

  29. Hi Vix, I love your skirt and those curtains look fantastic they are really gorgeous. Love the mac pattern too. Have a great week xxx

  30. Vix, Vix, Vix !!! You're so beautiful ! I adore your outfit !

  31. Oh you beautiful clever Woman you! I LOVE this outfit... you're so Cher when she was Cher!!
    ...your house is such a treasure chest!!! Love that jacket and love the curtains! and gasp! Cannot wait to see that flamingo mac!! xo

  32. Holy, Moly! Perfection!!! Dream curtains and a chandelier . Your home should be on one of those home-tour shows. It totally rocks. You are so awesome!!!

  33. Wow! Those patchwork curtains are the loveliest thing I've seen in a long time. They're beautiful and sooooo original and unique. Love love love them. xx

  34. Hello honey,

    Hope you are well. I am really loving this outfit! Is absolutely perfect and great post too.

    Thanks so much for all your lovely messages, see you soon.

  35. Your outfit is amazing, so gypsy chic! Am in love with those curtains, love how each patch has a little story behind it!

  36. Those curtains turned out fantastic. What a talented miss you are. Look forward to seeing the mac, I'm sure it will be amazing. x


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