Sunday, 13 June 2010

A Constructive Sunday

I gave the car boot sale a miss this morning and decided to spend my time constructively between footie matches. First off, using a length of vintage crimplene fabric I bought at the boot sale yesterday for 20p, I made this bikini following a 1969 "Woman" Easy-Make pattern.

It was pretty easy as dressmaking patterns go and I quite impressed myself. I did think about modelling it myself but I didn't want to scare you.

Fits me (and Mildred) like a dream.

I also knocked up this necklace storage thing-y. The gold coloured frame was one of a set of five bought from a car boot sale ages ago. I painted it in some antique white paint left over from a decorating project, covered a piece of plyboard with a Neisha Crossland wallpaper sample and screwed in six cup hooks.

The rest of the day was spent decluttering the bedroom. These vintage cases contain my winter clobber and my travelling gear.

The vanity case contains nail polish and hair accessories.

Some of my shoe collection, tucked away in the fireplace.

My dress and jumpsuit wardrobe......

and my separates.

My bedside table. We've got two of these Lloyd Loom Lusty cupboards. Jon was driving down the road when he spotted a lady about to chuck them in a skip, he asked nicely and was given them for free. The bedcover was a jumble sale purchase. I'm currently working my way through Steigg Larsson's trilogy.

A few hats on the fireplace and one of my many kitsch pictures.

A strange reindeer hide holdall I found at Mum's house which I've now stuffed with scarves and shawls. My car-booted Lusty Lloyd Loom laundry hamper is just peeking out underneath it.

I bought this bohemian black crystal chandelier with some 40th birthday money. It got a rare dusting today.

All the cats love this bentwood chair I bought from a jumble sale earlier this year for a few quid.


  1. I love ALL of your furniture!

  2. What a lovely room! You have many more clothes than me to store! Ooh, are you enjoying the Millenium trilogy as much as I am? We saw the film of THwtDT last night - brilliant! Come over to my blog and see my VW pics. There's one especially for you. Lynda xxx

  3. I love your home - so many lovely things to look at. I'm almost at the end of the 2nd Girl with the Dragon Tattoo book, should finish it tonight. Everyone says the 3rd one is brilliant. xx

  4. You even make storage look amazing. What kind of a genius are you? You inherited this gift I think you said. A family trait. You are gifted.

  5. I looks like you have been very productive today and can I just say WOW - what a bedroom! Hubby's recently finished the Larsson trilogy, he can't praise them highly enough!

  6. That is a very productive way of spending a Sunday, or any day in fact!
    I've done absolutely nothing today - not even get dressed, so you've definitely put my Sunday antics to shame..

    Love the peeks we get into your amazing house & all your interesting bits & pieces :)

  7. Envy!! We've been looking for years for the perfect bedside tables!!Love them! AND,you sleep on the same side of the bed as me-no surprise there!
    The bikini is amazing,and I may just have to steal that idea for jewellry....!!
    Your bedroom really is a beautiful place!I'm gagging to hang out and rummage around in there! We are planning to get a slightly smaller version of your chandelier for our loungeroom!
    LOVE Helga XXX

  8. I always love seeing photos of your home, its the kind of place i dream of living in one day. You're so clever making the bikini, i'll happily admit to being useless at things like that!

  9. You have some amazing furniture! I'm so jealous of your chandelier and the lloyd loom pieces! Brilliant.

    Also, yay for the Larrson trilogy! x

  10. What a clever pup you are making a bikini! I adore your home you have such a lovely style and I bet the home has a fabulous feel to it.
    Kandi x

  11. Wow. I love your house. Thank you for these photos. SO AWESOME. It is beautiful, and suprisngly clutter free! What are your secrets? I mean, clutter: bought, usually equals: clutter in the house! At least for me it does!

    Oh, and can't wait to show you my place once it is done!

    Heart: ME!

  12. The bikini is amazing, your room is amazing, your clothes are amazing, YOU are AMAZING.

    Enough said.


    x x x x

  13. Wow! That vintage bathing suit pattern in amazing! You are so talented!!! I also loved getting a peak into your closet and living environment, it is so uniquely you! I love it!

  14. Scary would be seeing me in that bikini, not you! I'm sure you'd wear it well :) Btw thanks for following my new blog!

  15. Your home is just perfect !
    I love everything !

  16. Love the bikini..u are creative!! love those vintage cases and like the idea of hanging jewelry in old frames.. am going to try that, ur house so clean and boho chic:-)

  17. Wow that bikini is great! well done!!

    Lovely room, and storage is fab - I've just put my winter stuff in the lift (all packed up nice) but just know it'll be back in a month.
    I really want some heads for my hats - have to keep searching.

    X x

  18. Wow, wish i could fit my sunday like that! One day, I WILL!!!! Got so many crafting and sewing and shabby chicing things I want to do! Love that necklace idea!Another thing on my to make list!

  19. Lovely things, gorgeous black chandelier!

  20. Wow, this was so much fun to see!

  21. How productive!

    I have a "hat stand" that we made out of an old frame, a lot like your jewellery holder.

  22. I love your eclectic house! Still really want that bed!

  23. your bedroom is a wonderland! you have excellent taste!

  24. Vixen! This has got to be one of your best posts.
    The painting is really something.
    It goes very well with the rest of your decor!
    I can see a part of a pink chandelier in one of the pictures.
    It looks gorgeous.
    Please upload a picture of that in the next post.

    As for the accesories, you have a great taste.
    I'm loving the new accesory display and the bangles around your wrist.


  25. Thanks for the tour round your lovely room and a peek at your wardrobe! x

  26. Oh, oh, oh! I think (next to cottage-style gardens) my next favorite thing to see is how people store their clothes & accessories. I really loved this peek into your closet and "personal" spaces! I liked your suitcases on top of your wardrobe. I have a few suitcases (filled) out in plain view, too.

  27. That's all so organised, I'm extremely impressed. Such a good job on the bikini, I think it'll look fab on you!


  28. your style and decorating is just beautiful!

  29. Now I know - I've seen the picture over your bed! Love your bikini (and no, you wouldn't scare me, but I know what you mean, we need to keep our dignity - at least a bit, or do we?)
    Lovely, lovey home, Vix. So much style!

  30. Aw not reindeer. That seems terrible, I'm really irrational when it comes to fluffy animals and juicy steak!

    I love you home and all the wonderful things you have and a great job on the bikini although I think it would look better on you,
    Vicki xxx

  31. What a fantastically productive day. I'm very impressed. I love your bed its so pretty. x


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