Monday, 1 March 2010

Snapshots Of Our Home

Jon's been round the house today being all arty-farty with his camera.

Glass chandelier

Banksy print

More glass from our collection.

Early 19th century Neo-Classical vases.

Evidence of the rock star life
Stephen Squirrel

Vintage jars in the bathroom
Indian kitsch

Our Lomography mural
  One of our many crates of vinyl
Original artwork from a friend

A photo of a photo of us at the Indie Tracks festival '08
More music stuff

An arty-farty shot of a light-bulb


  1. I love all the artwork you have around you house. It's an area where I'm utterly clueless and majorly lacking in! I love the Banksy print.

  2. Lovely photos Vix, I love all your glass and bits and bobs. You can tell there are no toddlers living in your home!
    Vicki xx

  3. I like the new look of the blog, Vix! What a fab house you have. I had a bit of a thing for glass bottles, but moving rather winnowed my collection (unintentionally!) and I've not been able to replace them yet. The original artwork is lovely.

  4. Love the stacks of vinyl, and the Banksy print.
    And the lomography mural is fab!
    Such a stylish house.

    x x

  5. Hi there-lovely pictures, you've certainly got an eye for stylish vintage and art pieces, very nice indeed!

  6. I left my job last week and they gave me some vouchers to buy one of those cameras. The fish eye one looks good.

  7. Yay! A house post! :) What beautiful things. I do feel rather inspired to dust off the fisheye camera and make something for my new place, it is rather neglected. I'm afraid I have no patience with film anymore, a shame because it is a dying art

  8. That's a brilliant shot of Stephen Squirrel! Loving your lomography mural, I bought a lomograph camera once but it was faulty, I didn't return it as the website was such a nightmare and have been scared to buy another one since. Getting more and more tempted each day though!


  9. Stephen Squirrel,I want to squeeze you!
    Nice arty farty shots,J.Really loving that tall green bottle.........

  10. Your home looks amazing, it always look brilliant in your outfit photos too. I love it xx

  11. Oooh the vintage jars are amazing! Love these photos! x

  12. Thanks for the wonderful sneaky-peek :)
    I have a penchant for arty-farty as you know & I really like that shot of a light-bulb, it reminds me of an extreme close-up of a yellow plum that I snapped last year, looks a bit like a bloated Harvest Moon...brilliant ;)
    I think I'd feel quite at home in your house as it's full of interesting bits and pieces much the same as our pad.
    If there's one thing I simply cannot stand, it's one of those sterile interiors; devoid of personality.

  13. Oh wow ... so many interesting things in your home ... your hubby has an eye for beauty!

  14. Wonderful shots, check out Jons camera skills. Your house looks amazing. x

  15. Fabulous pictures ! I adore your home !

  16. Beautiful photos & amazing artwork & pieces :)

  17. Thanks, lovely people! You're welcome round here anytime.


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