Thursday, 4 March 2010

In Praise Of The Clash

The Clash, what a great band. Jon saw them live and puts that gig up there along with The Sex Pistols as one of his most epic band nights ever. What was mine? Tricky one.

My first ever gig was the Stray Cats at Birmingham Odeon in 1980 and I've seen so many legendary acts over the years .....The Smiths, The Cult, The Cure, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Echo & The Bunnymen, Pulp, Prodigy, The Specials, Stone Roses, Hawkwind, Gong and Muse to name but a tiny few. Best of recent years has to be Pendulum. 

What about you, dear readers - first gig, best band?

Anyway, back to clothes. What kind of crazy person puts purple with orange? Well, me and the person who made this coat for a start off. 

What am I wearing today?
1960's shift dress (Jumble sale) 20p
Coccinelle shades (Charity shop) £3.95
Two pairs of purple tights (Present from a pal) Free
Vintage checked wool coat (Jumble sale) 20p
1980's orange stretch belt (Charity shop) 99p
Assorted costume jewellery from a car booter selling Accessorize seconds for 10p a pop
Purple patent platforms (Local market) £5

Total: Around the cost of a CD

There's been a couple of attempts at photographs this morning. I've realised that a late night, half a bottle of Pondicherry white rum (at £1.20 a litre) and big screen footie don't make for pretty peepers.


  1. I do love the colours in that coat. My eyes are a bit yellow and crinkled today as well!
    The first gig I ever went to was Motorhead when I was 14, it was quite intimidating to say the least.
    I'm totally with you on Pendulum, I saw them a couple of years ago, I skulked at the back of the crowd and they were completely fantastic, definitely my best recent(ish) gig. I saw Lily Allen twice last year, I have a bit of a weakness for her, she really can do it live. I suppose the fact that it was in smaller venues helped.


  2. Love love love The Clash and that coat :) First concert I ever went to was being taken to see Eric Clapton in the Albert Hall when I was 7, first proper 'gig' was the Manic Street Preachers at Cambridge Corn Exchange aged about 13. Nicky Wire wore a flowery dress, happy happy days... Recently the best live act I have seen in The Prodigy, good old Essex boys

  3. I'm abit sad really and haven't been to many gigs at all. I am hoping to take the kids to the Isle of Wight festival in the next couple of years when they are big enough to appreciate it. First event I went to was a Fast Forward fun day when I saw boyzone (in their early days) amongst others and I was about 12. I went to see the Levellers at Rock City in Notts last year and they were ace. More my hubbys type of music but I must admit I did enjoy it. Just want to add am really lusting after those shoes, though not sure they are practicle with the kids!!
    Catherine xx

  4. Love the Clash, Andy my partner has seen the Sex Pistols and said they were such a great live band.
    Um my first gig/concert...Peter Andre when I was about 9!! oh the shame. My first decent gig, Muse at the Colston Hall in Bristol, was the release of Plug in Baby. They had UV bubbles coming down from the ceiling, amazing. I've seen them 3 times now, latest at O2 arena. They just get better. Pendulum are a great band to go out and go a little crazy to.

    Love the outfit, the coat is gorgeous, and I love how you've compared the cost to something you might buy.

    X x

  5. Oooh great post Vix. I love purple and orange together!
    First gig - Blur at Wembely when I was 15, my best friend and I literally ran out of Physics when the teacher wasn't looking into the getaway car (my Mum!) off to get the coach there. It was awesome and made up for the trouble we then got in at school the next day!
    Best one? Hmm, there have been so many great ones. I became a pro at blagging my way backstag so have good memories of chilling out with the bands. Nothing groupie like involved though, just acting cool and nonchalant!

  6. Hi there-I adore this checked coat and you really look gorgeous in purple and orange, great colour combination!!

  7. I adore The Clash, The Stray Cats, and your adorable coat !

  8. Great colour combinations. Well, we must be on the same wavelength as I too went to many of the gigs you mentioned and spent quite a bit of my youth at the Marquee club - my first ever gig was The Jam at the Rainbow (probably flats now), my parents thought I was studying at a friends - that must explain the poor exam results!!

  9. Colour combining is great - I wish I was brave enough.

    First gig was INXS,best gig...seen too many bands to whittle it down. Manics, Muse and Placebo are great live bands - I've seen all of them a few times. David Bowie was magic too.

    I like smaller venues - I've seen bands like Mecury Rev, Blur and Radiohead in tiny venues.

    I love Flaming Lips as they are mad - I got asked to go on stage as one of the animals the first I saw them but it was my first date with my hubby so I turned them down as I thought he would be annoyed. He was more annoyed at me for not going.


  10. The colours in this are amazing. My first gig was oh...some awful 90s pop group hahaha. I think I was 8.

    Favourite isn't one per say, but my entire time spent at a little folk festival near Oxford. The atmosphere and company made it.

  11. You've seen The Smiths in concert?! I am so jealous. :P I have seen Morrissey numerous times but I have a feeling its not the same as seeing the entire bad together creating magic on stage. Sigh.

    You are so stylish it kills me. I love those purple tights and your coat is FABULOUS!!

    I also wanted to thank you for your sweet comment the other day to me. I have been so depressed lately and it is because of friends like you that I am getting by...xoxo.

  12. I'm crazy for purple and orange together!!They are a perfect combination,darling!!
    My first gig was Slim Dusty at the Cootamundra Town Hall when I was 11.He is(was?)an Australian country legend,my parents were really into him.Cootamundra is in southwest NSW,Australia,incidentally.I'm an Aussie by birth.
    Second gig was Duran Duran in Sydney.Living in Sydney I saw quite a few good gigs,Public Image Limited,Simple Minds,Eurythmics,Inxs,The Damned,Shriekback,Diamanda Christchurch we don't get a lot,bands mostly go to Auckland or Wellington,but I have seen Portishead,Sonic Youth,Iron Maiden, and David Bowie here in Chch.I went to Auckloand for The Misssion in 1992.Oooo,I saw Nina Hagen in LA,that was fab.And Naz Nomad and the Nightmares and Black Sabbath(with Dio) in London.Siouxsie & the Banshees is one band I will always be bummed at not seeing.The best gig?Public Image Limited in Coogee Bay,Sydeny in 1985,I think.
    Nowadays,I can't be bothered going to bands much.It is so expensive here,and usually,you have to travel north.Feckers.I wanted to go to ACDC,but fuck going to the North Island.
    Helga XXX

  13. You look great! One of my most epic band moments is when I ended up drinking plum wine and whiskey with Delta Spirit one late night in Berlin after their gig. I fell in love with their music and everytime I hear them I think of that night. ( and I'm still trying to remember which one of them I kissed)

  14. First gig was Razorlight back in the day and my favourite would have to have been some of the little in store signings I use to go to - most before the band ever got "big". I guess if I had to narrow it down it would have to be a Maximo Park signing in Newcastle with only 50 people in the crowd - was really fun!

  15. Gosh so jealous you've seen the Siouxsie and The Cure! My first gig was Bon Jovi, LOLZ, and my favourite hmmm. Either the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Death Cab for Cutie or a shoegaze band called Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

    Love gigs so much :) Almost as much as I love that coat! x

  16. WOW you totally pulled off this outfit! loves!

  17. Blimey, you're a cool lot, aren't you?
    Thanks for taking the time to reply, I love hearing gig stories.


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