Tuesday, 30 March 2010

I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself...

Blimey, my organisational skills have surpassed all expectations. I'd started the day with a huge "To-Do" list and I've already finished it, even managing to squeeze in a long chat with my darling Helga and popping out for coffee with a mate.

The cats are acting like they know we're leaving them, following us around the house and playing weird. Stephen Squirrel managed to get himself stuck between the duvet and the cover whilst I was changing the bed whilst Polly Piglet has tried to get into my holdall.

I've sorted my holiday jewellery....

Three tribal chokers, toe rings, tribal anklets, 10 pairs of earrings plus my usual silver bangles & rings.

...and my make-up bag.

Clarins make-up mirror, No 7 highlighter, Bourjois pencil sharpener, No 7 black eyeliner, Indian kohl pencil, 2 x Benefit lipglosses and a Bobbi Brown creme blush/lip pencil packed away in my vintage toilet bag.

The holdalls are locked, luggage tags written and we've got a whole day left!
My roots are tinted, toe nails painted and eyebrows plucked. I've just got to apply some semi-permanent eyelashes and I'm good to go.

So it's chilling out, hippy-style, resisting the temptation to tear open my bag and squeeze another frock in the gap.

Crimplene maxi, knee-high boots and vintage leather jacket (all charity shop finds).


  1. I'm very envious, hope you have a lovely time!!

  2. i really like todays outfit! lovely striking colours in the dress.

    p.s your bed is gorgeous! i think that would fill my entire room lol

  3. Wow, wow, wow! I adore your bed! Secondhand? :)

    Love, Jazzabelle.

  4. Hi there-you are looking so lovely whilst you wait for your holidays, wishing you a totally fabulous time away my dear!!

  5. Hope you have an amazing time - I can't wait to hear about it & hopefully see some pics of course!
    I have to admit, your holiday jewellery makes me go slightly weak at the knees..!

    Thanks for the comment :)
    I'll still enter you for the giveaway - & if you win, I'll just hang on till you're back - not a problem at all.


  6. I am so excited for you.... I will miss your posts but hope you have the most amazing time! You must share some photos when you get back!

    I love that dress, my favourite so far I think! x

  7. Well done on getting your packing done so efficiently! I hope you have a fab time. xx

  8. Oh Vix - please stop making us all so insanely jealous! I'm coveting your trip AND your maxi dress today. Damn you woman! ;)

    Have a lovely time if I don't speak to you before. Much love xxx

  9. Cats can always tell!

    Hope you have an amazing time on your hols - we'll miss you!

  10. The wee darling kitties!!!They love their parents!!
    Well,don't you look a treat,laxing out in your fab crimpelene maxi!!!Nice choices for holiday jewellry!!Sigh,I want to come too.....you did so well to get so much done AND chat with me!!!(Did Jon find you in the end?!)
    Chat later,LOVE HelgaXXX

  11. Have a lovely time Vix :) You seem to have everything thought of and sorted! xx

  12. Well done - have a great holiday and do tell me what you think of the Will Self book - would be interested to know! Look forward to the snaps xx

  13. How do you manage to be impossibly organized and chic all at the same time?!

  14. you look so adorable! i love the floral maxi dress!

  15. Brilliant! I love you're lounging around pic. you must teach me those organizational skills, i'm in dire need!!


  16. That's such an unusual outfit! You have such a rare/great style.

    When do you actually leave for Goa, then?

  17. Aren't you so very organised Vix. I bow down to your skills... I usually pack half an hour before leaving in cos I hate packing.

    Looks like you are all set for a fabulous holiday. Have an amazing time and make sure you have a blast and take lots of pictures to make us all thoroughly jealous on your return. x

  18. Have a wonderful time, try not to miss us all too much.
    Vicki xxx

  19. Thanks for your lovely comments! See you in a month! Don't forget me.

  20. Love the necklaces! :)



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