Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Purple Rain

I found this lovely English-made vintage wool coat in the Acorns Hospice charity shop this morning. It was marked up at a rather costly £7.95 but I knew it was a good buy by the number of elderly people who stopped to admire it when I tried it on. The older generation certainly appreciate great British quality when they see it.

The pussy bow blouse (30p), brass earrings (25p) and vintage Escada lion's head belt (10p) were car boot sale buys and the vintage umbrella (20p) was found at a jumble sale. The Furla bag (£1) and Edwardian-lady leather lace up boots (£5) were some of Saturday's charity shop bargains.
I didn't notice the bag's designer label until I got it home.
 Thanks to super-blogger Em at Passion For Fashion for this award. 

I'll be tagging some bloggers later this week!


  1. How do you always manage to look so good and find such bargains? I am in awe - and I never use that word lightly!

    Do you umm and ahh? I ummed and ahhed about a scarf today and it was only £1. I wish I'd got it now.

  2. What a bargain! Lovely coat, and I love those boots.

    Oh and the door sign, nice touch!

    x x

  3. You buy some good bargains!, that whole outfit inc accessories is like less that £20?!, dunno how you do it' but its fantastic! The area that i live in-London, is wayyy over priced, overmarked-they take advantage of the fact that 'vintage' is in vogue so increase by crazy amounts. You'd be hard pushed to find a good quality wool coat like the one you are wearing for less than £30/40.

    I need to be looking in more downmarket areas methinks :)

    Great post as always,

  4. Yes, you always seem to get the best bargains, Vix. The car boot sales around here seem just full of rubbishy old baby toys and sandwich makers - never any vintage bargains :(

  5. You just keep on amazing me with your bargain hunting skills vix! And the way you put together your outfits you just make it look so effortless. You are rocking my favourtite colour again today with the blouse and tights!

  6. that coat is amazing! i love the hood. and the furla bag, another brilliant find! :) xx

  7. You are so glamourous! Those boots are amazing x

  8. So many things to salivate over today! The boots! The bag! The coat! Love each and everything about today's post and am once again totally inspired by you. xx

  9. Ah, if only the charity shops around me had such good finds!

  10. wonderful bargain! I love finding a good Charity shop coat

  11. Your coat is beautiful ! You're very, very pretty on the pictures !

  12. What wonderful finds, but for some reason it's the tights matching the blouse that make the whole thing for me. Coordinating genius!

  13. I wish I could find anything so great in my local charity shops! I did find a rather nice pair of shoes in mine which I snapped up last weekend though.

    Looking fantastic :o)


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