Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Kitchen Sink Drama

I'm not a regular Primark shopper but I spotted this dress in a magazine and fell in love. I tracked it down on eBay and won it for 99p. Being a hippy chick I adore paisley print (known in India as "Mango Leaf").
Taupe leather jacket (Charity shop), Mongolian lamb scarf and Dent's leather gloves (Both jumble sale finds)

It's very odd wearing gloves and a scarf after three weeks of cotton dresses, flip flops and bikinis. I bought the jacket nearly four years ago and re-discovered it in our below-the-stairs cubby hole this morning.

Leather boots (Vintage), Black crochet waistcoat (River Island sale reduced from £34.99 down to £5)

We found our shabby chic cupboard in a local junk shop, it's circa 1900 and Hungarian in origin. A fitted kitchen would look inappropriate in our Georgian house so we've opted for freestanding pieces painted in similiar tones. The gorgeous black and white quarry tiles are original but a nightmare to keep clean.


  1. I love the colour of the gloves!
    Great outfit, and from what I've seen in your posts, great house!!

    X x

  2. Great outfit- lov the cat on top of the cupboard too! :) Emma x

  3. I love purple, really suits you.

  4. LOVE this outfit, purple works so well for you x

  5. Hi there,
    good to have you back!
    I trust you had a fabulous holiday :)
    That cupboard is amazing & I really love your outfit too.

  6. You make Primark look vintage - now that's a REAL chic compliment.

    So glad you're back giving us sneak peeks inside your wonderful home. Those tiles are so wonderful - despite the impracticalities of cleaning them!

  7. glad you had a fab time out in India and thanks so much for sharing your photos!, its looks stunning. :)

    G :)


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