Monday, 7 December 2009

Short and Sweet!

Thanks for the birthday greetings, you lovely people!

1960's "Dolly Rockers" dress (eBay, 99p) Vintage gillet, Paisley print leather bag, Purple knee-high boots, vintage purple suede waist belt (Charity shops), silver tassel earrings (Car boot sale) Urban Outfitters Peacock bangles (Car boot sale) Silver jewellery (India)

Just in from The Clothes Show Live, my first visit in 10 years and boy, has it changed! I was really impressed by the choreography and video backdrops during the live show and the Company High Street Award show was also interesting although being a TopShop fan I was surprised that they were only awarded "Best Model Collaboration" and no mention of their fabulous shoes.

In addition to the mainstream fashion I was thrilled with the "Vintage Village" where there were some amazing clothes (including an Ossie Clark original) as well as lots of quirky accessories at pocket money prices. It goes without saying that this is where I spent my birthday money and I'll upload some pictures tomorrow. It was also great to see Oxfam exhibiting.

Off for a long soak in the bath - this shopping lark's exhausting! 


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  2. So cool! :D

    I guess rain is not that fun in England, it's another story here in LA

  3. I bet everything's more fun in LA!

  4. You're literally just through the door in this picture - love it!

    You look beyond fabulous. I LOVE everything about this - you remind me of a 60s flower girl. So beautiful.

  5. Aw, thanks! I was exhausted after 8 hours of solid shopping but it was so worth it.


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