Saturday, 12 December 2009

Run Through The Jumble

Tooled leather belt with kitsch hand-painted Flamenco dancers.

I was so happy to find a jumble sale listed in last night's local paper. December tends to be a poor month for jumble sales as most folk are more concerned with Christmas shopping and far too busy for a wardrobe clearout.
Ladies' vintage sheepskin hat - super warm and cosy.

When we arrived the hall was virtually empty of punters and the helpers were swaddled in gloves, hats and fur-collared coats. At 10p per item prices were even lower than usual, possibly so the volunteers could make a quick getaway.

 1960's vinyl Kelly bag, "Monet" simulated pearl three-strand necklace, original 1980's beaded choker, leopard print hair band and retro-inspired sunflower hair clip

Find of the day has to be the 1980's wool & cashmere swing coat by "Mansfield". With batwing sleeves, leather buttons and the glorious leather snake-effect epaulettes it could be straight from the page of a fashion magazine. 

So retro it's high fashion. It just goes to prove my Grandma was right, if you keep something for long enough it'll eventually come back into fashion.


  1. The coat could've literally been plucked from the pages of Vogue. I adore it. It would look amazing with those leather brogues you picked up a few weeks ago!

  2. WOW what a fab haul, i love the coat and the belt x

  3. Wow, amazing haul girl. I swear I need to move cities.


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