Thursday, 24 December 2009

The Morning After The Night Before......

 Dress (Monsoon Fusion), Sparkly leggings (Car boot sale), Perfume bottle pendant & vintage high-heeled wellies (Charity shop), Silver jewellery (India), Stephen , one of our three cats (Present), 1950's chair (Salvaged from a skip)

After a wild night out and a surprisingly heavy snowfall we're off for a precarious walk into town to stock up on drinks and supplies to see us through the next few days. It seems only right to pop into a local pub to partake in a drop of festive spirit before we trudge back, after all don't they say "hair of the dog that bit you"?

Glass Chandelier (Laura Ashley), Curtains (Jumble sale), Papier mache trinkets (Indian street markets)

See you later!


  1. You have the best taste! :) Merry Christmas to you! Emma :)

  2. Fab outfit, hope your expedition wasn't too testing!
    Wishing you a truly magical christmas xxx


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