Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Instant Karma and Good Vibes

 It may have been freezing cold this morning but the sun was shining and I couldn't see any reason not to wear one of my favourite festival dresses. Worn with a faux fur coat, arm warmers and a vintage angora beret I was as warm as toast.


DRESS: Sample stall on local market £2

Thrifted Turquoise URBAN OUTFITTERS tights worn under black lace tights I'd had for years.

Taupe "BARDOT" Boots: TopShop sale buy

JEWELLERY: TopShop, Car boot sales and presents.

Following a pre-holiday clearout at the weekend I managed to stuff two bin bags full of clothes, kitchenware and paperback books which I duly donated to one of my favourite charity shops this morning. My efforts were rewarded as within an hour I'd found (amongst other things) a vintage wool waistcoat, a pretty new blusher, a Givenchy wallet and some fantastic deadstock 1980's Dent's gloves in jade leather.

Instant karma and less than a tenner spent!


  1. Hi,

    Cool outfit ! I have that exact same blue and red disk necklace from topshop-its stunning , I waited for it to come in the sale at £2-haha. the original price was hefty!

    :) G

  2. He!He! Me, too! I love TopShop but I know that everything gets reduced so I bide my time, it pays to be patient. xxx

  3. Those clashing prints are fab! And I love the dress. You're so right - layering is definitely the key!


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