Thursday, 5 November 2009

Welcome to the jumble (Part 1)

The atrociously heavy rain over the last 24 hours certainly put the mockers on my car booting plans this morning but fortunately the monthly Thursday afternoon jumble sale gave me my vintage fix for the day.

Held in a one of the more deprived areas of our town it's always a surprise to unearth any real treasure from amongst the mass-produced Primark and George. I've never without hope though. I do a few circuits of the church hall, checking the floor and the areas by the door where people sort through their arm load and discard the bulk of it before paying.

Making a bit of an effort with a cute hat and a vintage coat sets me apart from the casually dressed buyers and the volunteers often toss interesting bits in my direction (and sometimes even keep bits aside for me).

This beautiful Paula Renoir of Mayfair cafe-au-lait evening dress was peeking out from beneath a pile of curtains where somebody obviously mistook it for a net curtain.


  1. What a truly stunning dress & what a fab find!
    Rummaging just never know what you are going to uncover.
    It makes me quite giddy with excitement just thinking about it :)

  2. Finding a beauty like this is well worth queuing in the pouring rain on a cold november afternoon! xxx


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