Friday, 30 October 2009

Radical Chic

It's pay day this week, which means the shops are going to be heaving with folk wanting to spend their hard-earned cash this weekend but why not try thinking radically and take a break from the tyranny of the high street?

Second-hand shopping - it's infinitely more fun than normal shopping, stepping into the unknown, entering uncharted territory, spend-thrift without the spending. By going to the car boot sale, charity shop or an open-air market your wardrobe opens up and shapes to you. It's doors reveal sequins and leopard print, sumptuous fabrics and floaty florals, fabulous retro prints, military, lace, tweed and cheesecloth, all tempting you in.

Going thrifting is all about the activity, using your senses, joining a community and being outside, the feel, the look and the excitement of finding something unique and lovely and shouting inwardly "It's mine!"

It's a personal and independent pastime which ,strangely, some people think of as radical or even subversive, but most charity shops and jumble sales are run by the least radical people on the planet and any stigma attached to buying second-hand is surely irrational!


  1. Yes, as my halloween plans have just been foiled by a job interview tomorrow evening, i shall be having an early night in order to get up early and visit the car boot sunday!! :)

  2. Oh good luck on the job interview front and I can't wait to hear about any bargains you get at the boot sale! XXX

  3. One word for that cape: GORGEOUS!
    I love the colour, buttons & epaulets...simply - Wow!


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